Will marry for a pet lizard.


It has been 500000 years since I blogged. I apologize for that. Had been sum real crazy weeks so far. Here’s to many more blogposts ahead. I thank y’all for always being here reading my shit despite me being pretty non-existent.

I pray words don’t forsake me, I am repentant and i will blog more ok.

Been wanting to do this quick blog post on a really cute lil reptilian cafe in Bangkok, Pratunam area yeah boy cuz Im a fucking typical tourist.

Set inside Neon street, (Talad Neon Night market) It’s super near GLOW pratunam so you can’t miss it.


It’s right at the corner, so it’s easy to locate. You’ll see lil tortoises outside. The entire cafe is made out of containers.


You can buy “pets food” to feed the rabbits and tortoises outside. Pity you can’t put the hares vs torty to a race but they are cute as hell and will make your 30baht super worth it.



They have 1 beetle, 3 spiders, quite a few lizards, 1 frog, 4 noisy birds, some smelly porcupines and a lot of snakes.

If you are a reptile lover like me, you’d be thrilled to know the lizards are part of your guests at the tables.





Some lil hats for your scaly friends.


And yes, your tables are actually the snakes’ home. So you may enjoy looking at the snakes from your glass tables while chowing down on your waffles with icecream. Reasonable food – But DO order their coconut shake. Its fantastic.


You can also take out the snakes if you can’t just “LOOK, DONT TOUCH”. Because here, everything also can touch one. Except the staff.


Conquered my fear of spideys today by getting started with diz really friendly tarantula who did nothing but just stood still on my palm like a docile ornament.



Please visit this cute cafe’s facebook if you are interested to know more:


But No, I will not be going anywhere near Brown recluses or Goliath bird eaters or whatever shit.

NO spider.jpg




So yeah, I spent like 3k rm on this beautiful CM arcana costume. I really liked it and I felt it was money well spent despite abit of hiccups here and there. The material is awesome and every detail is intricate and accurate.

I think most importantly its super comfortable and I can wear it for the whole day. You know me, its practicability that comes first xD






Had a “fun and wild” night with Swifty from Signify, hailing from India. Signify represented India in PVP esports and pitted against teams like Team Secret, LGD and Fnatic.

The champion was claimed by Team secret.

I am open to cosplay shoots and event jobs, simply drop me a dm on instagram : valeisky
or email me at voirvaleisky@gmail.com


BIGO smallo


My viewer took this unglam photo of me But i find it funny as hell HAHAHA.
Anyway if you guys would like to catch me stream on bigo, I stream for 50 hours a month on bigo with the ID: Valeisky

Will be posting again soon with some new pics and updates on my hair.
BY NEXT WEEK. I have made a death pact on this. YES REALLY.

Signing off with love (for now but not FOREVER),
Your old and fat Goddess Valeisky



Magic cooking pot

Pardon my seemingly random and suspicious sounding blog post title; I ran out of creativity and my eyes zoomed into my cute little wonder cooker sitting snugly at the corner of the desk. Gah. It’s small, squarish and keeps me fed and contented during my lonely stays in overpriced countries earning underpaid allowance.


Can you spot the love of my life right there, glorious in its white and red, lying next to the rice that I brought with me cuz I’m cheena af and cannot survive on fries and burgers foreva.

So recently as yall know, I celebrated the “special” day that reminds me of how I am gradually morphing into an old fart. The only consolation is delicious cake and presents. It has always gotta be the presents. and the buttercream. 😉

Thank you for those of you who took the effort to (ship) (search) (save) (send) me all these presents. Sorry for this post, they came belated but important at the same time so I just have to post them up to show my gratitude.



I really really love all of my presents, have been using them to the maximum including those I received earlier.

Out of all that I want to thank, I want to thank that few viewers of mine who talked to me specially to check if I am okay, especially after that devastating break-up.

Thanks to all of you, for tuning in to my blog, to my stream and always supporting me with your generous compliments and response on my social media. You guys are such a great form of motivation. ❤

I love all of you!


Went to Manila recently.


I lugged my laptop like some retard only to realize I could not even stream a gif on facebook. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

So I spent my time eating fried chicken and playing with the police dog outside my hotel. Such is life.




I will be streaming in a couple of minutes and thus I can’t type too much bullshit right now. Stay tuned!

Ok stab me with a knife. I promised a video of some cooking tutorial for idiots for like THE LONGEST TIME and it has not materialized. I RECEIVED YOUR SLAP IN THE FACE and I swear to god and a lifetime of potatoes that I will do it the very next post WHICH WILL BE BEFORE 27th. I PROMISE OR MY BUTT WILL DOUBLE IN SIZE.

That aside, I am sure you guys saw that lame ass video I posted of “Why you should date a gamer boyfriend”.


I will be coming up with another one shortly. And also let you know what I think about the BEAUTY AND DA BEASTTTTTT. I hope I can manage to grab tickets. You know, I am not those kiasu people who buy 5 years in advance. So… fingers and twat crossed.


maomaocong draw


Vodka for you?


Greetings from the rarest and probably one and only trip of my life, Manchester and Houston. I mean I absolutely HAVE to find that chance to finally whisk out my Burberry trench coat and put it to good use right?


O Yeah check out my cute little furry boots that I have not worn since 50 million years ago. I am surprised the soles are still firmly stuck.



HAD TO LIVE LIFE LIKE AN AMERICAN so we went to The Cheesecake Factory, indulged in grotesquely large sized plates of pasta. It wasn’t too bad but to nobody’s surprise I couldn’t finish mine.



Hi may I have a slice of that Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake so that I may slog my ass off at the gym for 5 years? Thank you.

Don’t think anyone will ever regret eating cheesecake. Ever. I’m going to upload a video of myself baking an Oreo Cheesecake next year. (Like seriously, just 2 months later.) WAIT FOR IT. AND PREPARE THE FIRE BRIGADE.


So y’all know your goddess nearly died because her Asian roots stretch so deep down back to home that all the pastas, burger and fries every single meal made her cry out for … RICE. I never knew I could miss that fluffy white grain of Kilograms to your stomach so much.

So I did some exploration into the Room service menu and saw “Thai Green Curry with RICE” Getting so excited and all… ordered that with a fruit platter that costs QUITE LITTLE LIKE MAYBE ABOUT 10 SGD FOR SOME THIN SLICES OF FRUIT. AND THAT ANTI PREGNANCY PINEAPPLE THAT I DONT EVEN TOUCH.


If you have never seen Thai green curried risotto with random scraps of veg and thick, chunky chicken breasts that would make a girl ashamed of her assets, this is your chance.

TAKE IT ALL IN. 16 dollars.



I learnt my lesson, and will never order Chinese food in the European hotels again. It wasn’t that it’s bad… maybe because I was hungry. But their breakfast buffet was awesome af.

I just had to take a pic of these cute wooden bowls and scoops they use to display the cereal varieties man… Too adorable but totally impractical because more cereal landed on the Astro turf than in my bowl.


Here’s my sleepwear in the beautiful room… with them soft linen and plush pillows. I ADMIT, I rolled around and made contented cat noises to myself.




I finally got a strike off my lifelong wishlist. To own a Tumi. I love that brand ever since I walked into the shop during my trip to Hongkong. I swore my first paycheck would go to a Tumi. Well. To be exact, I wanted that check to go to a Tumi backpack but hell, this luggage is A FUCKING STEAL and its gorgeous as hell.

I must be fucking retarded to not get it.



Yes I pat it every time I use it and plant soft kisses on its soft smooth cover.



Enough of revealing the cheap thrills I do in my every day life. HAHAHA. Y. bought me some really cute little maomaocong stuff and I immediately put this cup to good use. HAHAHA.



Swaggeryolo69 get up at the MMU interschool Dota 2 competition in KUL. God damn cute young boys everywhere. I feel like their mother. No the cap is not to act cool or market myself to them I solemnly swear. I just did my laser. HAHAHA.


Went to get my very necessary Sushi Zenmai fix after the competition and ordered 3 Hotate Mentaiyaki because hell Im luxurious AF. Kidding. It’s divided by 3 why the hell not.



Just in case you guys think Singapore’s lanshop damn awesome you haven’t seen the shit they have in Malaysia. Serious business bro. Orange stadium.



Anything with ROG is hot. That’s a competition arena right there. And did I mention you can play the game in high graphics. AND THE HOURLY RATE ITS DIVIDED BY 3 LET ME REMIND YOU AGAIN. Malaysia is awesome. I admit it now after spending 3 years with Z. Hahahaha. (Ok… more like after more than 90% of the people I hang out with are Malaysians.)


Добро пожаловать в Москву

LOL Don’t blame me. I learnt it from the Russians.


Because going swimming when the weather outside is -10 degrees is the only logical thing to do. Came down with fever and flu because the heater in the room was trying to turn the place into a Sauna and so dry, it could dry up my tears in 0.01 second.





I finally got out of my hotel room to explore the Red Square in Moscow. Just had to take a photo of this beautiful church.


They were having a Christmas fair at the Square, and a huge assed ice skating rink. Not quite eager to show off my slipping skills so I passed.




Went to the museum and learnt quite abit about Russia’s history. Mostly… all about war



This is a herring and beetroot salad with potatoes and mayonnaise, served cold.


Sea Buckthorn tea…. supposedly good for boosting your body’s immunity and something for the winter.


Image result for sea buckthorn plant

Watch my video on it. HAHAHA.

I tried playing the video and the sound doesn’t work at times but who needs to hear my hoarse voice anyway….

Lastly, Borscht soup.


Yes… that pretty much sums up my Moscow trip. Hahaha. I bought a Russian doll. I always get them on the list when I’m playing Object seeking mystery games on my Ipad. So happy to finally own one in real life. Has that creepy, mysterious vibe to it.

However, Russian dolls are meant to symbolize family togetherness. Hahaha.

Will upload a video of me doing my Garlic butter prawns because some people have been asking. And Will try to stream from Australia if their internet allows. Sounds highly impossible though.

I love all of you! Christmas is coming. Spend some time squeezing in Orchard road with people because the lights are quite pretty. My favorite is the one at Orchard Central. Go take a look.

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Dosvidaniya ~





I will just start by showing you some pics of Asian food. (Ironically cooked in a Western country) BUT IT DOESNT MATTER.




I am already 3/4 done with my long haul in UK and US. However, I swear I will never touch another burger for the next 1 year. I never knew I could miss Chinese food so much. I PROMISE I WILL EAT MORE RICE WHEN I GET HOME.

These lovely photos are taken in a cosy little shop in Melbourne. 10.50 AUD per plate. Expensive as hell. I ordered the one in the middle. My favorite! Preserved veg with shredded pork over steamed rice with lots of chilli. That chilli is so fragrant. Reminds me of my grandmother. Very homemade and delicious. And after tasting the other plates I can safely say I made the right choice. LOL.

Went walking down King William’s street and just had to stop by this grilled cheese van. I always had a little dream to own something like that. I want to sell baked rice and soups. HAHAHA.

The guys manning the van has this “Feed the homeless” where you can pay it forward. I donated 2.50 😀 and a few moments later I saw an old man walking up to them to ask if they have any grilled cheese sandwich to spare. As he hobbled away to a small shady spot to have his lunch, I felt so contented inside.





Pretty cool huh? Anyway why the hell is cotton on more expensive in Australia than Singapore. I ended up buying cheeses and humongous strawberries home instead of the Sun Surf Summer-ish clothes that I was fantasizing of getting.

And let’s all remember Australia shops close at 5pm so I spent the whole day watching Friends. Do you know I have not watched the telly for like years? I fumbled with the control.


Ya, like with the mask and all.



Being the luxuriously indulgent little shit that I am, I popped in milk bath salts into the steaming tub. Opened the fresh strawberries and just took a long soak. I was picturing myself to be Goddess Elizabeth bathing in the fresh young virgin blood to maintain my deathly youth and beauty. HAHAHAHA.



Nothing else on your face truly matters when you have eyebrows. HAHAHA.


Here’s a mandatory scenery shot to show you that I really went there and not a photoshop genius. Because if I was, I wouldn’t look so bloody fat in this photo. It was just the jeans. Did I tell you? I threw em away. Buying it wasn’t the most jeanius shopping decision I made. HA HA HA.

Sorry, this shot is in Adelaide by the way.



Anyway enough of my trips. I went to Costal Settlement at that super ulu and super faraway place in Singapore. Opposite Changi hospital. What the fuck so expensive.

I ordered the mushroom soup and lamb racks. 14++ , 36 ++. The greens on the plate were largely confusing to my palate so I went full predator mode and only finished the lamb.

:/ Verdict? I think I rather visit the haunted hospital.

I miss my boyfriend. 5 more days to seeing him 😀 What if he forgot who I am. OMG. or he got a new owner. Insecurities……


Hehe. I will be updating again when I get home. PROMISE! 4th of December. Wait for itttt.

Streaming on 4th December, afternoon.

That’s a sunday okay. Don’t tell me you got no time.


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the best things in life are not free, they come at 2.2k in the shape of an ROG laptop.

I fucking swear,

it’s either I am a poor + stupid woman, or wordpress is really a fucked up piece of shit. For a start. YOU CANT,!!! YOU CAN’T go to the web template editor to edit your own layout using html codes.YOU NEED TO PAY LIKE 70 BUCKS TO DO THAT.

WHO THE FUCK WILL PAY 70 BUCKS just to change the font used in the blog??? OR 70 BUCKS just to CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE HEADER. I don’t see that happening at blogger.com.

Okay, forget it. You don’t let me customize my template, that’s fine. Let’s go over and see what other ready made ones we can use. OH WOW. 90% OF THE THEMES NEED TO BE PAID FOR USAGE.

It’s not 1 dollar. its not 5 dollars. ITS FUCKING 20-70 dollars for one bloody fucking theme AND THAT STILL DOES NOT INCLUDE the CUSTOMIZATION OF YOUR OWN HTML. I think. I don’t know. because ain’t nobody so stupid to buy the themes when I can make one myself.FOR FREE. IF ONLY.

I am seriously thinking about moving back to blogger.com but the transition will be a hassle because I already have so many posts and photos uploaded here.

The current font and color for my current theme seems to make it hard for you guys to read coherently. Trust me, I tried all of the free themes but they suck balls. I am so sorry. I will definitely try to see how to tweak the photo sizes and typing arrangements so its best for you guys to read with ease.

Now that my screen is 17.3″ I need to make sure I make the photos smaller even though it looks extra small on my screen.


Anyway, enough of whining. ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT MY ROG LAPTOP????
<inserts crappy music mix> But first, let me take a selfie. 

rog baby 1

Took this at the food hygiene course I attended. I really loved my eyeliner on this one because for the first time its actually balanced on both eyes. I kinda miss working at the small company that conducted the courses… It was a place where I can be creative, informal and still get to provide customer service. But really… the pay and the boss is like >.>

That was years ago tho. Time flies, as like everyone says but we all failed to fully see the power of every second. Now that I think about it, there’s only (theoretically) 5 working days in a week, 2 days for us to play. then it becomes a new week. There’s only 4 weeks in a month. Its really really fast. We only realize how fast it goes every Sunday, and every end of the year.

Your goddess is getting old, and not a fair bit more awesome than before. I need to change that.


OKAY, So before we get started

on my ROG lappy, here’s a quick pic of my favorite smoked duck. It’s from cold storage. There’s two types, one is the original, and one black pepper. Get the black pepper one because the other one tastes like fetus.

And yes, its really really good. Expensive though. 4.95 for one. But its large, tender, juicy, moist and flavorful. It’s the closest you can get to wetting your pants from food.

rog baby 3


The cute boy working at challenger called, and said MY FUCKING BABY IS WAITING FOR ME IN THE SHOP.

rog baby 10

I walked into the tiny shop and saw the beautiful box (extremely large too) waiting for me by the cashier. Cute boy offered to help me set the laptop up.

rog baby 11

rog baby 12

There’s the cerberus which is a gaming headset that comes included in the purchase. It’s a promotional item so it’s not available off the shelf.

rog baby 13

rog baby 14

rog baby 15

I squealed when he took the laptop out because it was so beautiful. My heart was pounding so fast! Omg.

rog baby 16

My hands were shaking when I took this pic. HAHAHA. I had work and a jb trip so I was only able to unpack and set it up at home like 4 days after bringing it back.

This is a comparison of my old laptop vs the rog:

rog baby 9

rog full size

Can you see the difference in the screen quality? It’s pretty hard to see the size comparison because my older one was already 15.6″ so not that much of a difference in size. But the rog baby is really heavy… about 4.3kgs as compared to 3kgs (my old acer one) It comes with a bigger and heavier battery too. God. Definitely not meant to be travel-friendly. Hahaha.

rog baby 18

Here’s a close up of the screen + the crimson keys.

It took me about 45mins to transfer my files from the old laptop into the HDD.

rog baby 17

But the ROGbaby only took about 20mins. But okay la, most of the new computers now already have USB 3.0.

I made a video as well, Sorry I look extremely ugly in the video. My face is somewhat distorted in there and I am not sure what the fuck happened as well. LOL.

Click here to go to the original youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGh0-azbLwo
if the fucking video above doesn’t work.

Okay, now that you have seen that really stupid ugly video of me and wasted 1.30 minutes of your life, here’s another photo of me to re-beautify that image of your goddess in your mind.

rog baby 19

Worked for this new dance club called The Stage. Its the old St James Powerhouse and oh my god, so nostalgic. I used to frequent there back when I was 18-19 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I love RNB and hiphop. Those were the days when music and dancing was more emphasized than drinking drinking drinking and girls pestering you to buy them shots because they earn commission from it. (That is basically every drinking place now)

The stage is actually a pretty good concept, and the boss is an extremely humble and friendly Korean guy. It has a live band playing all night, and a good mix of 80s, RnB and abit of edm. Very good ambience. However in my personal opinion… It’s not good to have “party girls” there who are overly pushy for shots. It deviates from the “Chill-out” concept. But well. I have decided that I won’t be working there anymore, But i may pop by for a drink one day.

I think one of the reasons why I can’t be successful in getting guys to buy me “ladies drink” so that I can earn from it is simply due to the fact I myself don’t endorse the idea of men spending 100-150 dollars for a tray of fruit juice. Of which, I only earn a small share of. Might as well give me the money….

Also, I never believed in asking/begging for something from a guy. I think that if he is sincerely and genuinely interested in wanting to make a good impression, he will buy you the drinks on his own.

rog baby 20

I worked during the soft launch of The Stage and the friendly boss bought this for another girl working there. 30 tequila shots. And nope, I really wanted to help her out but I hate tequila. Its the bane of my life.

Enough of nightlife and work and money. It’s fucking stressful to talk about them. LOL. Let’s destress and look at the resemblance Z has to chickens and ducks.

rog baby 21 rog baby 22

LOOOOOOOOOOOL i don’t think anyone of you will allow me to take photos of you guys the next time we go out together.

rog baby 23But hey, I do take normal photos with people too. I love the holiday season and will always wear the santa hat when I am out. Sorry, Look like shit here with only a face powder. Yes, I love this photo only because I look cute with the hat. LOL 😉 😉

Went Christmas shopping with Mr lawyer and he brought me to a yakitori place called Sumire Yakitori House at Bugis Junction. Stuffed our faces with an array of food. The cold tofu in Goma sauce damn fucking awesome. I also really liked their “chicken tail” and Mushroom sticks. Way cheaper than my favorite Yakitori place, Tori Tama.

rog baby 24 rog baby 25 rog baby 26

Notice that super fat potato croquette in the middle of the photo. If you haven’t watched the video of it I uploaded on Insta, please do. It’s fucking awesome. HAHAHA. my insta’s name is Valeisky if you haven’t already know.

So I chanced upon this whilst online. Now we know who to not offend if we want to stay alive.

rog baby 27

Looks like I better not drive Z crazy lest you find me one day with a razor embedded in my throat. No wonder he always told me he likes razer products. NOW I KNOW.

Here, have a pic of a fat and generous slab of foie gras.

rog baby 28

Don’t worry, your goddess didn’t have the privilege to eat it too. Mr lawyer sent it to me because Leos love to evoke jealousy in other people. HAHAHA. Fuck, i almost typed “invoke jealousy”

invoker lol

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Anyway I do not own this beautiful drawing of invoker. the original photo is accessible by clicking the photo.

I may upload a video of me playing invoker soon with Z screaming instructions at me as a mentor. But first I need to get a camera because fucking iphone.


I had to cancel work (fucking x1.5 pay $$$$) because of bad gastric. And I was being so sad and emo at home thus my sweet sister decided to ask me and Z to join her boyfriend and her for a mock-up christmas party at home.

She hung the glowstick on our very grumpy lycan:

rog baby 29

rog baby 30me: Waaaa mei,so romantic, you make heart shape for you and jasper ah?

Now we know. HAHA

rog baby 31

LOL. My sister bought this packet of fake snow and placed it into a container. It does actually feel like the real thing. Just that you can keep this for a long long time ;D

I prepared some last minute Christmas dishes and we had some wine. I couldn’t eat too much tho, But it was all great.

rog baby 32rog baby 33 rog baby 34

We had almond cheese crackers, Spinach pizza, gyoza nuggets as well as lychee+longans and even a mini logcake. HAHA.

rog baby 35

I guess money can always be earned. But nothing beats spending a special occasion with people/animals that love you. 😀

Yes, I am a very very lucky girl 😀 Thank you to all of you who bothered to buy me a present. It really means alot to me because I spend alot of my hard earned money buying presents for everyone who matter because I know it always feels nice to receive an Xmas gift!


Let’s end things on a wonderful and happy note with an essential oil that I came across whilst hunting for presents:

rog baby 38Quantum technology 😉

Goodbye guys. I hope you had a good Christmas and a coming-soon New year 🙂 It’s time to make those resolutions that we don’t fucking fulfill again, is it not? 😀

Thanks for reading thousands of words painstaking written by your goddess for 3 hours.

just another sad love story

I had a dream last night. it was a happy dream. Isn’t it sad how happy dreams will make you wake up feeling sad, whilst you are glad as fuck when you wake up from an unhappy one? They say that dreams are depictions of things you want the most, locked away in the darkest depths of your subconscious. So true. So anyway randomly and nonsensically the dream led to many thoughts and then to terrorblade. So, I was trying to look for cartoons of terrorblade on google to find some inspiration to draw. and then i realized: tb search 1

they are cute as fuck. and then there is this:

tb search 2      


WHY IS TERRORBLADE so artistically and beautifully drawn. #emoheroeshatebeingcutiefied.


So anyway that aside I thought when terrorblade first came out in dota2 and I was so obsessed with him cuz he’s so handsome. Like, so dark and so strong and all~ ya’kno. So I was introduced to the movie that was beautifully made by warcraft 3 characters! its 64mins long, so if you haven’t watched it and you have the time, please do. It’s quite nice and surprisingly touching. 😥


The video has a sad ending 😦 I cried. I CRIED OVER PIXELS MOVING ON A SCREEN! YES!   Thus, I have decided tb and mirana need a better love story.


terrorblade, mirana, dota2

married life

Forgive my tb drawing… It’s the closest I can get with reference to the images that show up on google :’D   I wrote a poem few weeks back. I know it will never reach the eyes of the intended, but I guess I should just post it up anyway :’)

I still remember, the way to your house, the warmth of the sun through the windows, As you buried your head in my blouse< I traced the shape of your brows to your nose.

It’s getting easier to be harder now, to let us go, as you’ve gone on the train with a stoic goodbye, I was left by the tracks crying I love you so, You left nothing but a suitcase of memories behind.

As I unpacked to neaten, my life got messier; the façade was broken and crumbling from overdrive, As the bag got lighter, my heart sank heavier, I wanted to be dead, but pride kept me alive.

How do I struggle, and learn to erase, to forget our Saturday suppers and bad puns, to wipe my memories of your beautiful face –

How do you pen the exact pain of losing someone?

  Oh the scales of emotions on this post just tipped real quick now. ITS OK I AM ALIVE AND KICKING COME ON. ITS FINE!!! 😀 By the way in case anyone cares, I missed mambo jumbo at Zouk again. Bloody people everywhere.

bitches on period

In view of my upcoming period I remember this incident where I had to chase a bus and it was like dem NIAGARA FALLS SPEWING FROM HEAVENS.

So, to help you guys understand better as to why girls behave like they have been bitch slapped into a whiny whore when we are on our period here is a picture for you.





yes, dont tell me. I know, this picture is really informative.