I think everyone has contemplated the intricate allure of death, if not many, at least once in their lives. We first enter this world, like a silken cloth, free from marring, from pollutants, from desecration. As we age, we start to grow. The growth of our physique may give our age away, but this aesthetic form; is just a mere facade, is it not?

At different phases of life, we birth many desires; some strange, some childish, some ridiculous. But in most phases of our life, we crave love.

That is one thing humans will never stop wanting. 

I reminisce sometimes, with a tinge of abhorrence, and pangs of disgust the one boy in my life that I spent 2 years of my life thinking he was what love really was about.

How wrong was I?

I am sure you have felt this before, your palms sweating, heart racing when the phone rings with a text from him. You schedule your every day around his ups and abouts, keeping time free and skipping your meals just to wait for his casual “Wanna meet for dinner?” You talk relentlessly to your friends about him, how cute he’d look in this 500$ shirt you just bought for him, and spend your days thinking of how to doll up better so he can finally say “you look nice.” (But obviously i never had the luxury to hear that from him.)

I have chased that guy, not only in a bid to get together with him, but also literally. Chased him down the streets publicly calling his name, tears strewn amok my cheeks, begging him to stop, but hell I wasn’t much of a runner but I sure was determined as fuck. What was I even chasing him for? What was I sorry about? Nothing. Evidently, I was sorry because that’s what he wanted to hear. I was chasing him because that was what he wanted to see.

My sister brought his name up again once during dinner days ago. She was laughing and joking about how amusing it is when I, the pathetic girl so madly in “love” with him, was mopping the floor with tears wetting the ground faster than the mop could do its work. I can, at that point, understood from her point of view, how comical it was. But the girl I once was, was so remotely shattered it felt like I died so many times over.

I remember that day, he had blocked me on all media. And back in those days there WEREN’T many platforms you could talk to someone on. He wanted a break up, for the millionth time, because he was in army and he has gotten bored of this plain jane with a flat chest who loved him so much, she gave him everything. With nothing left to offer.

The bed… felt like a coffin, with the ceiling closing in onto me. The computer was the devil’s advocate, whispering for me to do something crazy. And the window….. let’s not even go there.

So I tried to busy myself. I grabbed the mop and started cleaning like crazy. But this sadness it just wouldn’t leave me. And it felt like all purpose of living, all purpose of ME, myself, has forsaken me. If I could cry my heart out, that must have been that day I finally see how mine looks like.

But fast forward to 7 years till today, I finally realized that wasn’t love. I let him hang around even though he has “broken up” with me just because he wanted a quick outlet for sexual pleasures while I stupidly thought the physical contact could bring us closer on the emotional plane where he clearly didn’t want to co exist with me in.

If you are reading this and you find yourself in a similar situation, know your worth. It may be hard for you to leave, I tried a thousand times. But when he leaves, death is never the option.

Let me tell you what love is. Love is when you hold him close, for the 10000th time, but your heart doesn’t flutter. It calms. 



Keep fighting.



Some of you may know I disappeared for awhile to Auckland for a 10 day trip and came back with an empty wallet and a broken phone + 10 kgs to my body.

I am gonna write my itinerary cum experience here, just in case anyone of you would like to visit AUCKLAND, like me, at the worst time of the year : Winter


So, lovely to be at Changi Aiport Departure lounge as a tourist not a slave worker. Saw my husband on the Mont Blanc poster like wth sweet sex.

akl 1

And as you can see I have completed my Tumi Set. (The rest are at home and one cargo bag is currently being loaded into the plane.)

akl 2

I apologize in advance and for that point of time for having to take their photo BUT I JUST CANNOT RESIST IT. Everyone on the plane looks like that. I guess NZ is a place for Angmohs to retire, I can tell you guys firmly now, YES ITS TRUE. the whole fucking plane all the chillax old angmohs.

akl 3.5


akl 3


Forehead game strong but stylist says “If you cut bangs I think you see liao rather get car banged” Ok, point taken.

akl 4


Day 1-3, WAIHEKE island, AUCKLAND.

akl 5

Took a 50 NZD uber to the ferry terminal. (taxi price 75-90 NDZ) Went to the wrong ferry terminal btw. I went to Half moon bay.

If you want to go to Waiheke, best to go from the “Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal” They even have shuttle bus from the airport to the ferry. 



Sea looks freaking amazing but you wouldn’t want to jump in there cuz you’re gonna end up like JACK from Titanic.

akl 6

Its sunny but cold. Was freezing when I took this photo because my Trenchcoat was in the cargo bag. I took sealink and its not cheap. Around 75 sgd, round trip.

akl 7


I really love the house. It looks very well decorated and cheerful. The pathway of trees made it look like a mini island.

This stay however is the most expensive one, priced at 256 sgd for the mere 2 nights. I heard from the locals that only “Rich people” go to Waiheke because everything there is simply too expensive. I CANNOT AGREE MORE.

Winter day/night: At 4.30pm

akl 14

At 5.15pm

I had to trudge around with a flashlight because the car rental was only for Auckland city, not the island. And I wasn’t ready to try out the taxis. Walked to the nearest restaurant open in the dark, and found


Apart from another table, the entire restaurant was empty.

akl 15

akl 16

akl 17

The total damage really fucking damaging, bro.

Salmon Pizza, 29
Prawn Skewer (Note, 1 skewer. no S ), 28
Glass of Syrah, 17

This restaurant is called The Verandah. You may view their website here:
I dont know where they caught these 3 prawns from. But the pizza was pretty decent, so was the wine. However it was really pricey and I found it hard to stomach the prawns because for some reason it was under-cooked in the middle.

And so guys, they were kinda waiting to close the restaurant after the other couple left. You wouldn’t want to continue staying, do you?

Took a taxi back. Let me show you the meter:

IT FREAKING STARTS AT 6 DOLLARS are you kidding me? And please do note, I walked to the restaurant from the Airbnb by foot. That shows how short the total distance is.

My cab fare was 13 dollars for the quick 5mins ride.

And guess what I did after that? (Was only 8pm) Sleep.


It rained the whole day today. The depressing thing about Winter in NZ is that it’s not just fucking cold, its also super WET. 

Can you imagine having to dress up like a balloon and still have rain trickling down your face + your coat that can’t be washed, dry clean only. Fucking sian bro.

Had lunch at “The Oyster inn”

It seems to be a super popular restaurant. The interior design was nice. But also super pricey. Food was good.

The lemonade however, was Soda + a slice of lemon and a slice of cucumber for 7 NZD.

akl 18

akl 19

After lunch, strolled down the town area. Did nothing except buy a cheap shisha on stick. Went back to my room to sleep with my owl + high socks.

akl 20.5

akl 36

SAW THIS WHILE WALKING PAST SHOPS. My god I almost went into Cardiac arrest because I thought they were staring at me ready to kidnap me and lock me underneath in a dungeon, and re enact the film Grotesque.

It was just an advertisement for, swim wear or hiking gear I think.

akl 20

Dinner at MUDBRICK vineyard. 

This is probably the highlight of the entire Waiheke stay, because this restaurant is super duper famous and popular. (And sibei expensive) Kinda like Michelin starred fine dining. So good thing its Winter, the entire restaurant had no one. Only 3 other tables came halfway through the meal.


I reckoned the view from on top of here would have been spectacular in the day. But the interior of the restaurant was amazing too. It was rustic and very homey.

The dessert was pretty disappointing but everything else was quite delicious.

I’d say if you ever go down to Waiheke, do pay them a visit. But then again please don’t go to the beautiful island during winter like me. I believe they have alot of fun stuff to do during the summer, + the beaches look incredible in photos.



Had to catch the 1345 ferry, thus took lunch at some random cafe before I left. Most of the shops serve potato & leek soup, or Pumpkin soup. Its either of em two. I think I kinda hate potatoes now after leaving AKL.

The cafe had good interior as well. I am not sure if it’s just a countryside thing but all the shops look so beautiful and well decorated. They all had lots of light, many plants and awesome furnishing.

But the food here was well. Expensive and below decent. The usual.

akl 78

You had no idea. Waiheke looked like everyone’s gone elsewhere to escape the depressing winter. Either that or they turned into zombies. There were like probably 2-3 cars that passed by me the entire time and maybe 1-2 pedestrians.

And most importantly,


Was nearby a fish market by the terminal and went to take a browse. Everything was really fresh but certainly pricey. Didn’t buy anything because well

Where the fuck am I gonna go with a large assed ded fish.

akl 37.1

scared fish GIF by Cheezburger




How else better to experience Ponsonby, Auckland, than by eating some local Fish and chips?

akl 37.5

It was a small and tidy shop. Very clean and the shop man or boss, was very friendly.

akl 37

Just had to take a photo because I love my burberry trenchcoat and I just hardly see it. It’s like having a long distance relationship because I only see it when I travel to cold countries. HAHA.

akl 39

I kno it looks like shit in the photo but i tell ya


akl 40

AND CHEAP. One fish only 5 NZD + Onion Rings 6 NZD. You get to choose a sauce of your preference. Set meal: 10.50 NZD

The website looks fucking shady LMAOOOOOOOO but you should drop by if you visit this little town.

Idk was it because I kinda got jacked on the prices in Waiheke but finding this tasty and affordable fish and chips was like godsent.


britney spears crying GIF


Little studio separated from the main house. Damage: 155.32 for 2 nights.


I love the tasteful furniture as usual. Owner had a large grapefruit and avocado tree. My god I was so excited you have no idea.

Just in case any of you readers are alcoholics I have attached a piece of heaven for you.

akl 44

akl 45

But I would still prefer my 2 litres of 6dollars red wine from Milan’s supermarket. The new world wines here in Auckland is still bloody expensive.

black and white fly GIF by RocketJump



Just as I was about to resign to fate that Auckland’s city is going to be like Waiheke, I took a trip to the night market. At least there’s actually some legit activities going on there. Like with real people and real stalls. LMAO. At around 8pm.

akl 48

akl 46

akl 47

akl 49

Its damn smelly so be prepared to wash your fucking hair. And no matter what you do,


It tastes like the person has been cooking blindfolded.

team america vomit GIF



So, strategically choosing that particular AIRBNB, it’s like super near the zoo. Lmao. It’s about 50++ per ticket.

They have a bug exhibition at this time. I really like the Orchid mantis here.

However, none of the bugs were alive. They are either specimens or like the photo below, a constructed model.

akl 50

The bugs exhibition had lots of mini games and information that are great for entertaining school children.

Highlight of the day: This makeshift “press the button that lights up” mini arcade game.

akl 51

akl 52

Yes I just had to let you guys know I am MANTIS SPEED.

I am really good at this I wonder why. I set a highscore in BKK’s arcade at MBK center few months back.

HELLO You must have been created by


akl 53


Saw some children’s innocent writings on the boards.

akl 54

With like, A legit # hashtag.

The only time I used # when I was a kid was for tic tac toe.

akl 55

The zoo is still under construction and it’s pretty small. Now I know why they say Singapore has the best zoo. I will never doubt my smol island again.

akl 56

akl 57

akl 58

I saw more seagulls than zoo animals.

akl 59

akl 60

akl 61

New word: Putangitangi

Shall attempt to scold pinoys that one day.

akl 62


akl 63

Zoo trip finished by: 4pm
(It closes at 4pm so what do you expect)



Did a farmstay on the 5th day. It’s about a 2hour drive to the countryside, Warkworth.
Dropped by the Matakana Village Farmer’s market which is only available on Saturday mornings.

I fell in love with the picturesque view. Its really beautiful. One of the things I really love about Auckland.

akl 64

akl 65

akl 66

akl 67




akl 68

akl 69

akl 70

akl 71

akl 72

akl 73

Many guud boys.

I loved the farmer’s market experience. It was quite small, but it was really nice. Fresh handmade stuff from cakes to crepes and even home farmed honey. I bought the Matakana Honey for my mum. Not sure real or fake but whatever la.

akl 74


This AIRBNB stay is probably my favorite in the entire vacation. The owner was amazing and we even watched a rugby game together. And did a BBQ on the second day.

Total damage: 150.61 for 2 nights.

akl 75

akl 76akl 77



akl 79

My icloud’s storage was full at this point in time so I no longer have all the photos I took, even of the BBQ. 

Anyway the owner rears his own chicken, sheep and bees. And of course his own greens. Pretty much self sustaining. Well he had to because the fucking mountain is a one way road and really high up.

Images of “Wrong turn to dead end” Kept popping up in my head during the drive up.


One of the places I think you should visit would be the “Te Hana Te Ao Marama”. Its a tour that will introduce you to the rich heritage of the Maori people.

Its 28.50 per person for the tour. And I enjoyed listening to the guide talk about the story of Te Hana.

Related image

Sorry I lost my photos at this point so I took it from the web. HAHA. But well you get the gist. It’s really worth a visit!!!

maori tv week GIF by Māori Television

Help to keep the Maori spirit alive by supporting their tours 🙂

They aren’t funded by the government 😦

Was supposed to visit the WAIWERA SPA AND RESORTS but when I went there its fucking closed for renovations despite the website saying its still open for business IDK wtf lol

But It wasn’t a wasted trip. It’s right beside the beach, at the road called “The Strand”
The sun was setting, sky was dyed pink and it put my heart at such great ease with such ineffable beauty.

Had to take the pics from my instagram 😦






Lost all the photos completely for this one. Went to the Goat Island Marine Reserve

Paid a nominal fee to enter the mini exhibition where they show you how they conserve and protect the wild sealife. Had a mini touch pool which was quite fun. Played with a super cute sea slug.

Click on the link below if you are going during the summer. I think it would be fun.. They have snorkeling, diving, glass bottom paddle boats (60 NZD for 2 pax, 30mins)

Image result for goat island marine reserve

Did the BBQ with the owner at night. He grilled prawns and lamb chops, corn and potatoes for us. It was lovely.

Was eating happily until he said the lamb chops are part of the sheep he raised.

he raised.
part of the sheep he raised.

sad will ferrell GIF

sad andre johnson GIF



Had to say bye to the farm stay and the poor sheep. Headed back into city to visit their theme park, RAINBOW’s END.

Admission is about 59 NZD per person.

Image result for rainbow's end

(Not my photo)

It was quite fun to be honest. And the best part obviously is there is no queue. DUH. Winter.

But it was also the end of my life because my phone. You know. And that’s why all my photos are gone. I am sorry for not being able to show you guys all the rest of the awesome photos lol.

It’s impossibly hard to enjoy anything when you know you have to spit out 1000 dollars when you get back to SG to fix your broken ass phone.

But I still enjoyed the theme park.

Went to the casino at night.


Its 16 dollars PER HOUR.

Won like, 150 bucks in the casino. LMAO. Cheap thrills. Baccarat goddess right here, bitches.

model whatever GIF

Had dinner at Andy’s burgers & Bar.

It’s not TOOOOOOO expensive and it’s really good.

Image result for andy's burgers and bar

Image result for andy's burgers and bar

You have to try their spicy wings. It’s really good. And if you plan to head to the casino, Go to the casino’s premium member counter or some shit first. Because if you sign up (It’s free) you can even get discounted stuff for the restaurants there, as well as free parking WHICH IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.



This is probably the favorite day of the entire itinerary. Went to the Sealife place to see fishes, and then had the best dinner of the entire trip at Crab shack.

Image result for sea life kelly tarlton's

Its 42 NZD per person if you take the behind the scene tour + ticket. I suggest taking the tour, its really worth it. You get to feed the fishes from on top of the large aquarium, instead of viewing the fishes from the tube as per normal.

Image result for sea life kelly tarlton's

The penguins are uber cute… I stared at them waddling for like 5 million years. There are lots of them. Its freaking amazing.

Image result for sea life kelly tarlton's

They do have shark diving as well, I decided not to do it cuz its really out of my budget already. Besides, I rather save up and do a proper one in the open ocean in Australia.

Image result for sea life kelly tarlton's

I highly recommend visiting this Sealife.
Help to support the cause, and really, who can resist the penguins?


I really really enjoyed this Crab dinner. It was my favorite meal since I was getting so sick of burgers, and fish fish fish fish fish. MARKET FISH, PANFRIED, FISH AND CHIPS, my god. Snapper snapper snapper. snap your mother.

Image result for crab shack princes wharf


It was a Tuesday. From 3pm – 6pm, you get to enjoy



Sorry, can’t find the mussels photos anywhere. But I had crab cakes, mussels, 1 crab, and a glass of white at only 8 NZD per glass.

I really recommend it. The staff is friendly too.

Image result for crab shack princes wharf

– –

I ended the last night of the trip with a bang by visiting a stripclub.

It was fucking fantastic guys. It’s called The Penthouse if you are interested. 😉 Not too expensive don’t worry.

Girls are pretty hot too and they strip down to bare. WAAAAAAAA.

Sexy Scrubs GIF



I’d definitely visit NZ again next time, but in the Summer. And I want to go for the crab shack again. HEHE.

Thanks for reading this guys. And I hope this will be handy for anyone who wants to plan their itinerary.

By the way, car rental is really cheap and its also right hand driving. Its 107 SGD for 6 days which I find completely reasonable.
Stay tuned for a short prose coming up soon 🙂



I dreamed of him again.

I hate it when it happens. I wake up heart pounding, tears in my eyes and; the feeling of reality dawning upon you is like falling down an abyss. You hit the cold hard ground, except that you don’t die. You just start to continue living.

We were still together in this dream. As like most of the many other times I dreamed of him.

He was still so beautiful in my dream. I could touch him, feel his warmth and hear his voice. His quiet, soft spoken voice. Asking me questions that he always did, holding me like he always did.

But I guess people always say dreams carry some sort of truth that you fear facing in reality. It probably materialize in this dream plane. He’s still arguing with me in my dream. Trying to accuse me of hanging out with another guy, wanting to break up, over and over again.

And as usual, I was begging him, even in this make believe world. Begging him to stay, telling him I’d do anything and give up anything just so he would stop. STOP.

Stop constantly saying things to remind me that I am so easy to replace. Stop reminding me that I love you very much to the point I can allow you to trample all over my pride and the heart I acquiescently presented to you.

I was angry, yet at the same time, the yearning of wanting to go back to him, needing to hold him, is so, so strong. That was how I felt, every single second of my days spent with him. And apparently its no different in my dreams of him.

And then I woke up. My heart started to sting upon realizing it’s all fake and that I’ll never actually get to see him or hear his voice again. For a split moment, through a crack in my pride, I wished we still were. Even if it meant I had to beg.

There’s a saying – kinks not ironed out during a breakup, form a dead knot in your heart. When it is all over, the dead knot anchors to the bottom of your heart, ever tugging, ever cruelly reminding.

He is the first man who left this knot within me.

And I don’t think I’ll ever get over.

Too old to leap

My beautiful readers,

The abandonment of poetry in my head was rather hard to accept for the past few days. Through all the turmoil, I decided that the best way to let the river of happiness, of undaunted inspiration course through the meander once more, is to remove the obnoxious, destructive dam that the evil inklings of my deteriorated health, of bad people in my career have built.

I am resigning.

It has been a “dream job”. Not my dream. My grandfather’s dream. To see me don that beautiful kebaya and serve passengers high up in the air. Yes, for those of you who do not know, I am employed in Singapore Airlines. I kept it under wraps (or at least tried to) because I do not enjoy letting my work life / colleagues / personnels interfere with my own personal life.

Because I, in fact, love my personal life, this awesome profile that I have built and I will never let my career get in the way. If not better, my career should boost it, applaud it and celebrate it.

I have drafted a resignation letter, but I’m afraid its still in my draft box. I gradually realized the courage of swift and firm decisions that used to surge me in my younger days is no longer there.

Thoughts of adult problems crept into my mind, poisoning my heart, telling it that passion is going to cost me a fortune. Telling me that Happiness is secondary.

Can I say I am too old to just take a leap, and worry about the consequences later?

Man up Valeisky! Take the leap.

No ragrets.


Once this has been settled, I am bringing to you guys a nice little 3 series short proses along with 3 photos, 1 per prose. I am really excited about it. And I hope words won’t abandon me by then.

Love you guys. Thank you for supporting me so much.


If I could manipulate elements, time & space, matter, even;

I want not to save the world, but to put you in a little glass dome.

You can have it filled with crystalline snow that billows, dancing to the cold, singing with the howling wind. Fear not my love. Think not of it as fearsome as The Shining. I’ll make you feel warmth where the prick from ice would be. Fashion you a castle made of only the sturdiest from the frozen kingdom. Wolves will litter at your feet, for you to play or to kill. Crystal maidens will wait on you, presenting nothing but egregious robes and hot food. The nation will celebrate your beauty and my unyielding love for you, bitter like frost, undaunted.

Or even, laze eternally by the beach whose horizon can’t be fathomed. Endless waves, always sunny. I’ll conjure seashells of the finest, most exotic patterns, but none as amazing as you. I’ll make the mermaids sing of my love for you, in their hauntingly sweet melody. The crabs and lobsters, all sumptuous crustaceans line up to queue for their noble deaths upon a merry flame, served smoking hot on your golden plate. So that you, my queen, can have the freshest harvest still piquant of the roaring salty waves.

If you want it mythical, there’s nothing my imagination will stop at just for a smile across your porcelain face. Unicorns will prance for you, glistening in the sunlight with their majestic manes, sparkling like how they should be. The forest green and lush, sings a secret rhyme, wildflowers will wave at you with glee. Your footsteps will sprout endless cycles of spring – Of magnolias, roses, tall looming trees even. You will be the giver of life. Just like how you are, like my syncopated breath. I’d throw in a Snow White fantasy if you’d even just whisper for it. Rabbits, deer and the great grizzly bear; they will keep you company in happy banter. You will never be alone.

How about a New York city dream, the poshest penthouse in Manhattan. All that glitters awaits in a walk in wardrobe. Ceiling to floor windows that grant intoxicating view of the skyline, guarded by sweeping curtains of the finest silk and linen. Do you indulge in books? For I can bring stories of the entire universe to you. Everyday you can find yourself catapulting to a different time and place, all within the papyrus skimmed through your fingertips.  I can give you the entire city, if apple is your favorite fruit. A fancy car to tour the city, Maserati, Lamborghini or would you prefer a Ferrari?  I hope you like Need for speed.

The list would go on. But I’ll save that for later. Because its 5.58 and in 2 minutes you will walk in to the diner and pour me the coffee that I am waiting for… And I, will clutch the cup firmly, hoping for a brisk touch of your slender fingers.

Bound to you.

black garters 3

The night slip fell right off her, cascading like a silken waterfall. Her nipples stood rigid in the teasing breeze that sneaked in from the windows. The sheer curtains billowed like a gracious, heavenly hype.

It was 2 in the afternoon and she has led him to the hotel room that she was put up for the night. Meanwhile, the boring conference in the convention hall ensued.

“Would you like to have me one more time?” She walked towards him. His fingers were gripping the glass cup apprehensively. She pushed his frozen arms down gently, and made him put down the drink.

With a fleeting notion that was so well practiced, she rested her bare bum on the arm rest, and wrapped her hands around his neck like a mystic serpent. Her breasts encased his face softly in her tight embrace, begging to be caressed.

He wanted to remain antagonistic, but his lewd mind was spiraling out of control. His lips searched like a frantic man lost in the desert, and found its way to her nipple. With every flick of his tongue, she let out subtle cries, almost melodious. The atmosphere turned euphoric.

It was a frenzy.

He held onto her waist pulling her down onto his lap. as they synchronously rocked to the beats of lust, the overwhelming eroticism made her so wet, his pants were drenched right where his throbbing shaft was. With his free hand, he helped himself greedily to her flailing breast, groping, mashing and working in harmony with his tongue.

She then reached for his belt and zipper clumsily. He aided in that effort by tilting himself. The pants littered the floor in no time. He was half naked, and fully ready.

She gyrated her hips, feeling the length of him, warm and throbbing inside her. It was like ecstasy. Her muscles squeezed tight like a blushing clam, projecting him into delirium. Her juices flowed like a trickling stream, supplying to the chorus of sensual symphony.

With one sweep, He threw her onto the couch. He was so unlike himself. Her legs parted like a flower in spring, her nether lips in full bloom. Waiting for him. Hungry for him. He penetrated her furiously, one hand on her neck. He enjoyed the near asphyxiation that he granted her. Her face turned a petal pink, as she gasped so impertinently. Lips parted like she was ready to give a fellatio. The sight fueled his aggression as he pounded her like street choreography. Calculated, passionate and in bold strides.

He wasn’t done with her. He turned her over, Ass cheeks facing him. It was a gloriously brazen sight. He fed her swollen pussy with his manhood, making a callous entrance. His fingers then gathered her hair. He yanked as he pumped hard against her body. Her head tilted backwards from the brute force of his hair pull. Her moans were blocked, coming out in short hysterical notes.

!!!! He raised his hand, with dead accuracy, his palm landed on her butt. The spank was so loud it echoed across the spacious room. She screamed, body contracting from the shocking pain. She tightened even further.

A satisfied groan slipped through his lips. He couldn’t stop spanking her until her butt turned as red as her labia.

He was ready to come. He pushed her onto the coffee table. the fruit platter fell onto the carpet soundlessly, and still in perfect display. He knelt down carelessly, to nibble on her distended clitoris. His tongue lashed mercilessly against her wet crevice. He sucked hard, as if feasting upon her nectar. He inserted a finger, searching for the sweet spot.

He located it with sheer memory, plunging in and out relentlessly. Her eyes were unable to maintain sight. She gripped his head tightly, begging for him not to stop. The pleasure surmounted all her senses as all physical strength abandoned her. It was like a shockwave.

Her juices squirted, spewing in all directions. The liquid dribbled down his arm.

“Don’t stop!” She begged. Her grip deadlocked, the pleasure built up and then unfurled. It was an eruption. Her lower torso contorted to accommodate the violent bursts of fluid. The carpet was thoroughly doused.

He reveled at this audacious feast before his eyes. His shaft was so eager, the veins pulsed and dilated. He mounted her, giving her no time to recover. Both hands seized her pendulous breasts. Her arms thrashed wildly. The susceptibility drove her wild. He hammered her hard. The coffee table was sturdy, but it too was creaking just a bit.

“I’ll come now?” He asked. Manners apparently was so ingrained in him it did not forsake even the beast.

She nodded, eyes out of focus. She was panting heavily. In hard, angry strokes, he pushed, the sounds so loud it drowned her screams. He then came, like tidal waves. Spilling everything into her.

And then, too polite to flop motionlessly on top of her, he decided to get up. She cued in agreement as she then gently pushed him off before getting up and walking to the bathroom in a single, albeit slightly shaky, graceful gait.

He walked up to her “Don’t wash up. I want you to go like that. With my cum inside you.”
She did not raise an eyebrow but did as instructed. Her panty was soiled. His seeds were trickling out.

It was her turn to present at the conference.

“You still take the pill right?” He asked. It was a question he asked every day they fucked, from when they were dating, till they were married, and then…

She handed him the divorce papers. “There you go. It’s all done.”

“Yes. My boyfriend do not like children. Just like you.” She said as a matter of fact.

He tried to maintain a stoic expression, but wavered.

She on the contrary, was calm as a lake in the late of night. She picked her bag up and headed to the door.

“See you Wilson. You can shower before you go. Say hi to Rebecca for me. Thanks for the awesome fuck by the way. ”

She turned and never looked back. Just like the very first time she walked in to him banging her (ex) best friend.

The door closed shut. Just like the reality before him in form of papyrus. This binding…. will now slowly fade away, leaving nothing but regret and a stained panty.

Birthday Hype

Hello everyone sorry I am blogging about my birthday only after 1 month of the actual day. STILL HYPING ABOUT IT BECAUSE I’M AT THE AGE OF WEDLOCK AND I NEED A HUSBAND.

AND ALSO IF U CHINESE. my birthday fell on CNY day 3 this year.

X2 ANGBAO. BUT IF I GET MARRIED MUST GIVE ANGBAO INSTEAD OF TAKE. So better cherish all dem angbao whilst I still can.

I drew Lady and the Tramp to celebrate CNY. So talented y’all.

Just in case you ain’t as old as me and did not have such an awesome childhood and do not know what Lady and the Tramp is, Here’s a pic.

Image result for lady and the tramp

If you have never watched this animation before, please do. It’s so good. And also, the Tramp looks like Lycan. 😀

Yes, we form a heart shape in this pic with lycan. Sums up the things I love in life.
Thank you all for those lovely presents… I love every one of them.

One of my birthday treats this year includes a night’s stay at an AirBnB at Johor, AT DANGA BAYYYYYYYY. 

It’s really pretty and I just had to show you guys the pics of the room. Gave me some room decor ideas.

It’s a studio apartment kind but I’m really impressed with the kitchenette cuz you know I love cooking and was pleasantly surprised that the area is spacious enough to whip up a storm.




I love the white brick surface, it’s my dream to have white brick walls in my future house. (Wifey instincts sets in) IF I WILL EVEN HAVE A HOUSE 😥

Look at that space of the kitchenette!!! And I love the concept of counter top dining. Its EXACTLY what I want for myself.




My favorite part of the room; This shelf here. So hipster but really dreamy! I always spend alot of time decorating my Sims’ houses with all these quaint little decor cuz they just look too good.

They have a cute little book for you to write your “I WAS HERE” lol.




What can I say, the place is really gorgeous. This particular airbnb isnt the one with the sea view, But the actual Beach is a mere stone throw away.








J brought me to eat the famous abalone noodles for supper the night of our stay. Its really good! But there are many stores around… God’s tongue says this stall is the best. I have tasted many. I DONT KNOW WHAT’S THE ADDRESS JUST LOOK FOR THIS RED BOWLS. HAHA



The location is great, near to SG and near outlet shopping 😉
Yes….. outlet shopping is good.

And legoland. Didn’t get to go tho because your goddess is scared of turning black.

If you guys are interested to check out Danga bay, feel free to check out this Air BnB! Totally instagram-worthy.


Anyway to summarize this post as well as my entire birthday month:



THIS PHOTO SAYS IT ALL. Will be back with my Bintan Trip post, and review of the Canopi.

Gracias muchas everyone.