My honest Japan trip review



people talk about Japan and their vacations there, it’s always the same old cliche thing – “Oh, Japan is SO beautiful! The people are so polite and everything is so tasty!”

and they start showing you their Sakura blossoms photos on facebook. ^CUE Look at mine its so picturesque and I look like I am having fun.


I am not the Majority of these people.

And I am writing this post for whoever may join me as the minority and have not been to Japan yet. If you are someone who is getting old and tired, who jaywalks, hated your school rules, is an international foodie, is a road idiot who can’t walk from Bangkit to Panjang, like to go Bangkok to sleep till 12pm with no itinerary in mind, and most importantly, IF YOU hate people who smile and live their lives like a small leaf struggling to keep calm on the placid facade of societal laws set by their country, yet inside them are a boiling hot mess kept rampant by their jaded mindsets, 

READ THIS POST BEFORE YOU GO JAPAN! It’s a guide for us Minorities –

The background story: We did a 12 day trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, to Osaka, and then back to Tokyo to catch the flight back to Singapore.

We went on 2-13 APRIL. 
WEATHER: CHILLY BUT HOT. (Start of cherry blossoms)

I spent the least among my friends (AND IM A GIRL HELLOOO) – People be telling you they spent 5000 sgd like what the fuck. 

1700 SGD

That’s what I spent for the entire trip, excluding plane ticket and hotel, inclusive of PRESENTS for family and friends. 

so if you are looking to scrimp like me, continue reading.



Japan’s air is super dry – Like 100 year old virgin kind of dry. You will start developing cold sores and start peeling on your face. If you want to be money-wise, bring your water bottle because many train stations in Japan comes equipped with a water cooler.

Also, Japan has potable water everywhere. EVERY. WHERE.

I am not sure why my sister still insists on boiling her water cuz POTABLE. HELLO. MEANS DRINKABLE. I refilled my bottle at their toilets – LOOK! I am still alive. Really, once you have been to Russia and consumed their water there, anywhere with “Potable” water is godsend.



Image may contain: 2 people, including Charlene Tan, shoes and outdoor


As mentioned, the weather there is crazier than a Gemini. It’s cold – chilly, like a range of 2 – 17 degrees BUT THE SUN? MOTHERFUCKING BURN YOU LIKE A PRICK.

So, hot and cold. Boys be like “Used to it cuz mah girlfriend does it every day. ” YALL. If you are going to Disneyland/sea Tokyo, its near the sea and the scientist in me is reminding you guys that winds are stronger by the sea.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy yourselves at the kiddy place please wear a good windbreaker and cover up. Because the wind there is no joke. Back in Tokyo city, it’s fine. It ain’t that cold but you shiver when the wind blows.

Kyoto is slightly cooler, but the sun is all the same fucking radiance. You may bring an umbrella like China tourists, but my suggestion is:

YES TO STOCKINGS & Knee-length skirts (For females). 
LONG PANTS (For guys)
 SUNBLOCK. Lots of it. 
A Good jacket that is effective at wind-breaking but light enough to maintain airy when the sun is heating you up like a fried egg. 

It’s not just the sun that will make you heat up like a Tefal frying pan –

Remember, you are gonna travel alot by train. Japanese people like to be “warm and toasty” so their trains literally have no air ventilation nor any kind of wind. It’s super hot and stuffy. The kind that you won’t be able to breathe much if you are wearing Heat-tech or scarves.

So you need a super versatile outfit + Jacket that enables you to be both warm and toasty when wind blows, but not asphyxiating and perspiring when in their restaurants or trains.



Japan is one hour faster than Singapore’s time. For maths idiot, if now is 9 am in Singapore, its 10 am in Japan.

Image result for train map of tokyo


I got this map from a website saying “EASY GUIDE TO TRAINS IN TOKYO”



THERE ARE MANY LINES AND TRAIN COMPANIES. I know Singapore only got MRT and LRT but ya. So good luck to you.

We wake up every day at around 8am and go to bed at 11pm. (That’s 7am in Sg BUT ONLY 10 PM IN SG – WHICH WEAKLING SLEEPS AT 10 PM?)

But my eyebags got darker and bigger as though its hatching a joey inside. So why?

You feel tired from travelling all day, and you don’t even know it until you are back in your super fucking tiny hotel soaking and crying for your poor legs in the teenie weenie bath tub. Because of your jam-packed itinerary, you travel on the train alot and you do get to sit on the trains.


Because walking from one Line to another? It literally kills you. Think walking from Raffles MRT station through city link to Suntec city mall – 10 times a day. This is excluding you walking to and fro your places of interest. And if you go visit theme parks, WHO THE FUCK SITS DOWN?

The train rides aren’t cheap. A day of travelling usually costs us between 8 – 12 SGD. I bet you are going to start appreciating Ez-links now. People say “Buy JR pass la” Got so many different companies, you buy the JR Pass – but… how often you using JR train? PLAN AND CALCULATE FIRST!

We bought the Osaka day pass which includes 2 full days of unlimited train rides and some free and some discounted attractions.

Image result for osaka day pass

Something like that. But we got ours from Changi Recommends.

But that was for the last two days and I’m telling you… C and I were all wrapped up in our rooms sleeping for the last two days, unable to utilize the pass because we were too drained and too tired.


4. AVOID 4.30 – 7.30 pm at subways

I hate people and I wished Thanos snapped his fingers (Even if I disappeared then fuck yeah insurance for my parents). The train stations at this timing…..

It’s not that you cannot handle the crowd, its they cannot handle you.

If you are like me and you feel the Singapore’s CBD area have a lot of cold unfeeling businessmen rushing around, trust me, Japan’s one is x1000 worse. The people absolutely hate tourists (But they know their economy atm cannot survive without tourism) but their “polite” nature forces them to just live with it.

So what do you get? They push and they “Tsk” you (YES THEY DO THAT) when you get in their way.



(If you stop, your whole group stops with you, causing a traffic jam)

(Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto has different Keep left or Keep right if you not moving policy.)

Do not start a fight just because they scold you or they give u a fuck face. Trust me I was literally screaming inside. CUZ their fuck faces, really 10000x more fucked up than our 369 “U STARE SIMI” gang-fight starter face. 


5. Their food tastes the same after awhile.

People who travel a lot, especially cabin crew or jet-setting businessmen will tell you that out of all the airports they’ve been, Singapore’s one is unbeatable. And most importantly, that Malaysia and Singapore’s food is incomparable. (See, I do not say which of our nations’ is better. Don’t fight la)

Our nasi lemak, Hokkien mee, Chicken rice, hor fun, whatever fuck you want. Cai fan, meepok, want angmoh one also have, indian, malay, even turkish, japanese, Nyonya, Portuguese, Mexican

Really – I started craving for chicken rice on day 3.
COME ON. I miss Chicken rice every single fucking time I flew as a crew last time. We all have that one local dish you will miss like crazy – Time to find out yours!

So let’s see, what does Japan have. I can say it in one quick breath –

Udon, Curry rice, Sushi, Soba, BBQ beef, katsu don, ramen.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Repeat x 100000. The food is fucking delicious no doubt. But I cannot imagine eating all these for 3 meals a day non-stop 12 days.

Anyway, since yall gonna be in city/touristy areas, the meals are about 6 – 20 dollars per meal.

How i spend so little? I eat udon w. wakame (seaweed) only. And that’s already 7$ at the train station.

Japanese cooking culture emphasizes a lot on UMAMI.

Image result for umami

This is the 5th taste alongside sweet, sour, bitter, salty. This is the essence from mainly cooked meats and broths.

You can taste a lot of this in their cooking, but a lot of Japanese food has a sweet after taste. And also, prepare lots of water, you will feel thirsty after eating.



Breakfast – Sausage muffin with egg. Their MACDONALDS is fucking fantastic. The muffins are soft as fuck like a woman’s bosom. The sausage?

REMEMBER IKEA MEATBALLS? Why Singapore’s one tastes better than Malaysia’s? (Sorry Malaysians but this one we win)

Because our meatballs (non-halal) ones contains pork. Malaysians Ikea do not have a choice. ALL HALAL. (Want to laugh but I’m not racist)

Japan’s sausage contains pork. It’s so fucking tasty you sure be letting yourself down if you don’t try it. I cannot tell you enough of how tasty pork is because soon vegans will come after me too.


7. NATTO? NA-TO (not to) my taste.



See the pink pink thing surrounding the yolk? That’s Natto. Its fermented beans of some sort (And yes La Pi Xiao Xin eats it)

We tried it and we almost died. Definitely, if you do not like fermented stuff and you die from the smell of Smelly tofu in Taiwan


It has a super strong after taste that lingers in your mouth longer than a shot full of semen from your boyfriend.

Sorry – this comparison is necessary albeit being gross because that’s how fucked up Natto is.

C’s face after eating Natto:


Real time capture.



This is not to mock them or anything. Most of them cannot speak good English. Like you’d probably find 1 out of 1000 that can speak fluently and 1 out of 100 that can point point gesture gesture with simple words and 1 out of 50 that can play charades with you.

All of their staff are trained to be very polite, but….

Please do not be in the queue (ESP 7-11) , then when your turn at the cashier, your friend wants to “tompang” and combines his items with yours. The staff for some reason will get a bug in their system and will be unable to function. They start to speak to you rudely and keep gesturing asking your friend to fuck off from the queue.

Image result for robot malfunction gif


Actually it isn’t that we want to do that on purpose but the stuff in 7-11 is so tasty and we want to lug alot home but our small hands are small af and there ain’t a basket so we group up to pay. ALSO CANNOT.

Their minds are not programmed to work out of the box. 1 person, 1 queue, 1 person’s items only.

I was with C at 7-11 when I was ready to pay. I did not have 100 yen coin, so I asked him to give me the coin. His hands were full so he put his items on the table looking for the coin.

The Staff at the cashier immediately malfunctioned and thought he was going to “tompang” payment with me. She immediately shouted at him and kept repeating “NO NO NO NO NO NO” and gave me back all my change in coins, ignoring the fact that I had told her “Wait please, 100 yen coin from my friend”.

I wanted to breakdown and throw the cash register on the floor. I get that some Chinese tourists or even Singaporean tourists may have bulked up a lot of bad rep. But it’s kind of unfair that your brains do not choose to develop some logic and simply stereotype us all together and give us shitty attitudes that not all of us deserve. 

When the Japanese is giving you an instruction, such as

“This is the green car. Please exit. “(Green Cars in trains are like VIP carriages for selected passengers with the green card only)”

Please do not shun bian ask them “Ok ok we will leave, by the way where is the toilet?”

The staff will not entertain your question. She will pretend she did not hear it and keeps gesturing and repeating “Please leave, please leave, please leave” until all of you fuck off from the Green Car.

After you have fucked off, then you can repeat your question again. Suddenly, the bug clears and her mind is un-jammed and the smile returns to her face. She can then answer your question politely.

Sometimes I wonder if they are robots.




Do you know why? Because Japanese people will scold you and judge you if your luggage just MOVES A SLIGHT OR MERE BIT.

We had to take a lot of trains as we transited between the hotels.
Thus you can rest assure this Number 9 rule? ACCURATE AS FUCK.

Personal experience: I was holding on to both of my luggage when my phone suddenly dropped on the floor. As a reflex action, I let go of my small cabin luggage to retrieve the phone.

The train jerked suddenly, and my luggage rolled SUPER GENTLY to a woman nearby, and kissed her thigh. I swear upon my grandfather’s grave and on Donald trump’s hair that it was SUPER SOFT AND DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING HURT.

Instead of doing what a normal person will do WHICH WAS TO HELP ME HOLD ONTO MY LUGGAGE, she glared at me. She didn’t move an inch to help. And then, she opened her mouth to scold me.


I apologized profusely and retrieved my bag. She scolded non-stop in Japanese.

Sorry, not exaggerating here. But NON-STOP. She was still scolding past all the stops and until she disembarked.





  5. BUT NO.


So yes, hold on to it. Even if you doze off. But then again, WHO THE FUCK WOULDN’T HOLD ON. Stop reminding us man. ( Trust me. A lot of  them will keep staring and the moment you lift your hand up to stretch or use phone, they will open their mouths)

In the end? I kiap mine with my strong legs. YEAH.







The shrines and what-nots are packed with so many people. You will see a lot of super pretty plates and bowls and  shits there (If you are old like me, you’d start appreciating furniture and crockery)

DO NOT BUY IT THERE. Trust me. FIGHT THE TEMPTATION. You can find the same shit at those value dollar tax-free shops or even in some random shops at the MRT stations at a way lower price. Especially the chopsticks and bowls dude.

You want to get a good shot where the “coast is clear” of people? Go super early. Or you wait. wait and wait and wait and test your patience. And CLICK! when the crowd dies down for awhile.




Yes we were very patient because there isn’t anything else to do there except for spending money and eating.




Please don’t behave like a typical kongkam tourist and go camp or shake those cherry blossom trees where there are throngs of people. In fact, when it’s in season, the cherry blossoms are everywhere. By the drains, in front of schools, near houses, near toilets. Whatever.

All you need is a keen eye and creativity (which many people do not have) and most importantly, unorthodox methods (Which Japanese people do not have and do not condone obv) But please do not damage the trees! Don’t behave like the disgusting tourist that the Japanese and the rest of the world thinks you are.

By the drain:


Casual walk by the street: 



(I remember there were too many tourists by some common spot and i was telling the rest why not walk down a few streets and TADAH! Whole fucking empty street to ourselves with an even nicer view – cherry blossoms by the small river.)

Outside our hotel, in front of the school










Chances are, you are definitely gonna take the Shinkansen which is the bullet train. It will cost you a kidney (Lesser than iphone but still) its about 140$ 

if you are suay like us and the dates clash and you can’t buy the shinkansen pass then buy individually, just cry.

But moving on. You’d be thinking “Omg I wanna be like a Japanese and eat bento” FUCK. NONE OF THE JAPANESE PPL I SAW ON BOARD THE BULLET TRAINS BOUGHT THAT. They all either tabao from elsewhere, or bought bread.

Guess why?


And, its around 12-15 dollars for your Princess Elsa ice embedded meal. Sure, it still tastes good. But I can hear my stomach crying out like “ITS SNOWING!”.

My suggestion? Tabao from 7-11! They heat up their meals for you and their fried chicken? Super fantastic. Alternatively, buy from Macdonalds or just be like a thrifty Japanese and eat bread.



Make sure the Japanese behind you is not eating before you slowly and politely put your seat back and try to catch up on your rest. Good night.


Can you see the fatigue on my face.




Image result for japan famichiki


they have the crispy fried chicken, and it’s a must eat. Choose the most expensive one – I forgot whats the name. But its a whole tender juicy thigh.



Image result for japan family mart hashbrown

Their hashbrown.

So good. Can fight with Macdonalds. I DONT CARE what you say but Macdonald’s hashbrown 5/5. This one is 4/5.




Sorry I can’t remember if this is from FM or 7-11. But you have to try it for sure. It’s not easy to get because always sold out. You have to make sure you try the right one. It’s in a tray. There are small ones which are individually wrapped slices but this tray one is the best. The cream is super fragrant and fluffy. The roll is soft and moist. I r8 8/8 gr8 m8.


Image result for miso soup family mart japan


Clams, seaweed, tofu, beancurd shits, you name it. That’s how I save money too. I drank one for breakfast daily. About a dollar.






I think its pointless to go to Japan and not take up a class like that to appreciate their beautiful culture and historical delights. We found this enchanting shop along the crowded streets in Kyoto’s touristy attraction, and the lovely manager in her immaculate kimono and grace really encapsulated all of Japan’s rich heritage. It’s unbecoming not to give them a mention –


The Matcha appreciation class is at 24 SGD per person and its about 40 minutes in their quaint little tea room.

She speaks perfect English but shes super gentle and I felt like a bull in the china shop when fumbling around her.


Shop’s entrance. They only recently came up with “Matcha shaved ice” because they “discovered” that tourists love shaved ice. hahaha. So adorable.







She will explain to you all about the wonders of Matcha as well as how to properly prepare it. Being someone who isn’t a great fan of hipster stuff like Matcha waffles or Matcha cheesecake etc, I felt this was a truly enjoyable lesson as I really wanted to learn what was the proper and non hipster way of enjoying this green shit.



And she says its only right to give credit to the Matcha tea farmer, and he is one of the few left in Japan who uses only ORGANIC methods to grow his leaves.

Sunning and sheltering the leaves at the right timings will determine the Umami of the tea leaves. Whoa chim stuff.


Do visit them if you are free!





I really wanted the whisk for all reasons but of course please control your temptations to buy all things quaint and cutesy. Else how to spend within budget?

CHASANRAKU / +81 75 354 6533

You May email them at, the pretty manager is called Atsuko Suzuki. 

That summarizes my Japan trip. Harsh, crude, but nonetheless honest.
That being said, I look forward to visiting the other parts of Japan. but none the wiser.

My next post will be a short story. I guess, no one will disapprose?
sorry kill me for bad pun.



(HOT) Getaway – Banjaran Hot springs

Apologies for mini hiatus,

my laptop’s motherboard was fried for being too powerful – My power outlet and adapter couldn’t handle the power surge and fried the entire titanium beast.

I was whisked away to IPOH, Banjaran Hot springs retreat owned by Sunway. Did I tell you guys, I absolutely LOVE Sunway lagoon at Kuala Lumpur; always tried to find time to visit it. So imagine my thrill when I am about to visit this scenic getaway spot in Ipoh.

You can visit their website here:

I strongly recommend it. I am not a fan of mosquitoes and greens (Yes I have a phobia of grass). And being a city girl, this is not your usual wake-up setting. But I loved every second of this place. Only stayed for a night, but I think 2 nights will be just perfect because there are alot of things to do here.

Sunway Lost World (Kinda like lagoon) is just nearby to this resort. So your itinerary will be well packed.














The walkways and overall architecture of the place speaks of its native origins and you can see much care going into the upkeep of the plants and fishes.







You wouldn’t want to leap into this pool without a second thought in this hot weather; because this pool is filled with the natural thermal waters from the hot spring.





Own pool! The interior of the villa reminds me of the villa I stayed in at Bali. But this is so much cleaner and well maintained.





Was kinda hoping the furry friends would come and pay me a visit but NAH didn’t happen. Sad.








Guess why I took a photo of this drawer? BECAUSE I LOVE WOOD. (all kinds 😉 )
and this is really quaint.











When it got too hot, I ran to the private pool to cool off. This is life, i’m tellin ya.





A short nap on the cabana in this lethargic weather afterwards.


*The resort has yoga at 5pm. An actual yoga instructor, calming music and yoga mats. All done under the shelter of a traditional wooden hut.

I had a spa booking so couldn’t join. BUT YOU SHOULD!


For a city girl, this “mountain and trees” thing never gets old. I couldn’t stop staring at the environment because it’s so peaceful to look at.





The prices are of course pricier than your usual “Reflexology” centers but hey this place is amazing. The service is impeccable and LASTLY,


I have a set of my own oils from this brand at home. The quality of the scents and texture of the oils are a cut above. Try it for yourself 😀



Is this a mat? or a pillow. IDK. I took a pic just because.



The ultimate aromatherapy experience, 60mins


That’s the package I took. It comes with the usual foot bath, full body massage and head massage.




Tea for your enjoyment whilst you change and prepare for the treatment.








NOR THE DISPOSABLE UNDIES LOL. It’s a god damn C string guys. Can you believe it. How fucking sexy.


Took me awhile to realise its a heart but whatever it looks pretty.



Dinner was set at 7.30 but I got peckish after the massage so I ordered room service and swam in the pool again. So much for “Relaxing and de-stressing my muscles”


Nachos, deep fried calamari and crab bisque.

Absolutely delicious. But the price also……




(Fine dining)

This restaurant is nestled in a natural limestone cave. It was previously used to simply store Jeffery’s astounding wine collection, used to entertain his personal friends, and subsequently opened to public as a fine dining experience.



100/10 for the interior I’m telling you. By the way, it’s voted one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world!



LoOOOOl pardon the extremely huge assed pic. So that its clear for y’all to read. There’s an oriental set that’s like hugely Malaysian fusion but I am a sucker for Wagyu so Chairman’s favorite it is.

Interior of the cave:






This is god damn pretty and it had me staring transfixed on it for quite a few minutes lol. The little descending fountain bowls are sculpted by humans. But everything is au natural materials.





Waitress said this is the best photography spot. People proposed here! Well, how can you bear to say NO at such a pretty place?


Jeff’s wine collection

You take the stairs down, by the rocky anterior. The air gets cooler, and you know you’re there! The strong air conditioning is to keep the wines at optimum temperature.




Heaven for wine lovers.



Jackie Chan’s edition




Age old mao tai


1934 collection


Sorry, excited. Cuz the bottle so cute. Hahaha.

Dining spot. (Sat here for the pic. But this table only meant for two so I had to switch. This spot gets the best view though!)





Chef came out to chat with the dinner guests and was very open and friendly to feedback I gave. The lobster bisque was wonderfully curated. But I felt everything else was lacking that little extra. The lamb (oriental version) was good. But for MYR 550!!!

The music and environment… you could be eating roti prata and you’d still think you are having the best meal ever tho.


Alittle bit on Jeffery.


I know nothing much about him previously, and can’t say I do now since I only read this random clipping and watched the video interview. But I really appreciate his vision and  mission to protect the environment as well as retain the heritage that makes Malaysia. He turned this wasteland of a mining field into such a luxurious retreat without compromising nature, in fact, improving the landscape to make it even better. Instead of just metals and bricks, the natural foliage flourished under his great mission.

Does he have a single un-wedded son? HAHAHA 

Sky bar

Walking away from the cave –


Passed by the entire geo thermal pool


Take the flight of stairs carved out in the hill to reach the sky bar, which is tucked away in the middle of the mountain.





The skybar is pretty despite you looking into nothingness because its pretty dark. The staff will serve you freshly made popcorn on a ferris wheel LIKE WTF SO CUTE.

DR FISH – A cocktail with a literal toy fish. 70 MYR? fuck. I wanted to kidnap the toy fish and bring it home cuz the cocktails are just too pricey.


Had breakfast sent to my villa. I opted for the oriental choice because there’s congee lol. I ate too much and had indigestion the whole night.




Morning shots





I don’t know how can anyone not fall in love with this place. It’s so beautiful.

11/10 would come here again.

If you are interested in going for a stay there, I recommend you to come early to get great shots and stay at least 2 nights. Go for the yoga, visit the tree that gives free ice-cream. Meditation cave, crystal cave and Dr fish pool. Everything to restore your mojo and not listen to cars honking and your boss bitching at you for that 48 hours.

Splurge a little and have dinner at Jeff’s Cellar. It’s expensive but definitely giving you an experience worth your bucks.

Best to come as a couple or a double date.

They gave a handmade pot and cookies as a goodbye gift. Cookies was awesome, as according to my sister who devoured every piece.




Feel free to ask me anything!

Will update with another post this week. It’s Monday, i know. I hope this post will motivate you to work alittle harder and plan for a staycation that will keep you smiling when you countdown to the day it happens.



Rejuvenate with Rejuran :D

Hola mi amigos

ESTOY TAN FELIZ Porque alcance mi meta para Febrero. I worked hard and pushed harder. Well, everything except the working out and keeping fit part. Ugh. Cannot stop eating potatoes.

So this post today is for beauty-fanatics out there, don’t think my pervvy fans will like this much. Sorry, lewd posts coming your way before 1st week of March okay?



It is basically a treatment of multiple jabs into your face to trick your skin into thinking there’s severe damage and forces your body to work hard to “regenerate” skin cells. The results?

Radiant skin that has lesser fine lines, scars, pores and radiates a baby-like softness and glow.

You can read about it here:

Aesthetics Central Clinic is my favorite choice as usual – Located right at the Central, Clarke Quay. The nurses and doctors are friendly and the prices are reasonable.

After you are done acknowledging all the paperwork, the nurse calls you into the treatment room to apply numbing cream. Please note that this procedure is known to sting quite abit because you will get

40-50 jabs on your face.

I have a super high threshold for pain thus I only needed numbing cream. Some people need oral medication and even nerve blocks. So please do not be garang if you aren’t. Just eat and do everything you can if you are scared of the pain.



Waiting in the holding room for the numbing cream to set.


You are not allowed to have any make up remaining for the procedure, but I do not need any around my eyes so I left my eye make up on.

The white stuff you see is the numbing cream. It smells like corn.



Dr Ryan is my usual go-to in the clinic cuz he is very detailed in his explanation of how things work and I really appreciate that. He was shocked at how I can tahan all the pain. Well, this treatment was an invitation by the clinic manager who’s a friend of mine. So I figured friends are worth going thru the pain for 😛

You lie down, he eases you into the procedure, and it begins.

If you are scared of needles, this is definitely not a good idea because the pain does not go away or numbs with the multiple jabs. Each time feels the same – Stinging, and quite painful.

The only difference is some areas hurt more than the others.

Notice the dildo at my lower jaw area? The nurse uses that as a distraction for you so that you will focus less on the actual injections. ITS NOT ACTUALLY A DILDO BUT YES YOU MAY USE IT AS ONE. It has one hell of a vibration.



Yes I reserved a larger image for you to relish in the bloody sight. Ha Ha Ha




I had the time to snap a quick pic. HAHAHA



My face right after the treatment:




After 3 hours:



After 1 day:



NOT EVERYONE HEALS THE SAME, I am considered super fast. Some people will get redness that don’t reside for many days. So make sure you scheduled your work perfectly to allow the healing.

You need to note that for the complete wholesome effect of Rejuran, you have to do it:

Once every month for 3 consecutive months,
1 more time 4 months later,
and 1.5 years once subsequently for maintenance.

It costs approx 399++ at this clinic for FIRST TIME TRIALS.

You may consult the Clinic managers who will work out a suitable budget and ideal skin treatment for yourself.

I will upload more photos after I have completed my “3 consecutive months” injections. However, I do advise in my own opinion, women who need this treatment more are those of matured age like in their 40s and above.

If you have a budget, I recommend Venus laser (for skin problems) or nose threadlift (really good). I have a post on my nose threadlift done in this clinic in the archives.

You may read it here.

The nose threadlift is approximately 1200 SGD. But the effect is there, its natural looking and it stays on for months. The good thing about it? Your skin cells releases DNA around the threads, giving it the extra bridge even after the threads are gone. So after a few times (You may do it once annually), you do not even require it anymore because your DNA has structured itself in your nose bridge, giving it the defined look without the help of the threads.

Feel free to call the clinic or email me if you have any inquiries.


For my pervvy or wanderlusty fans, my Banjaran Hot springs review is coming up next. So if you want bikini pics, stay tuned. HAHAHA.



Birthday Wishlist :D

I am turning 28 soon. Is this real life 😥

Posting from a bad place…. feeling terrible recently. Demons in my head are getting me so dazed.

Here’s my birthday wishlist, please do not get me soft toys and decorative stuff mi amigos, I will wrap it and gift it back to u on your birthday HAHAHA.

Thank you to all my honey buns who always make it a point to do gift exchanges with me and bother to celebrate this not-so-happy day with me. Better enjoy the last two years of having the digit “2” in front.

Do not ask me when am I getting married. D:



L’Occitane Repairing Oil and Heat-protective control mist. 46+40, $86


Image result for loccitane hair oil


Image result for loccitane heat protecting mist

I’d be lying if I say these are a waste of money. Like hell, they are worth every single cent. Especially the mist. If you are a frequent user of hair dryers, this is the cult product. (Have been making full use of the Dyson dryer my sister received from us as a gift rather religiously.)

L’Occitane Almond supple skin oil. $75


Image result for loccitane almond supple skin oil

I cannot get over the smell of this. It’s fucking awesome hahaha.


L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing shampoo, conditioner + Almond Shower oil ECO-Refills. 45+49+54, $148


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Image result for loccitane almond shower oil eco refill

Need to repeat again that L’Occitane does magic to your hair.


APPLE Airpods. $238


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Not very sure why I want them. But I guess it’s fun.


APPLE 3M lightning to USB cable, Power adapter and 3 pin – Multi plug x2 (Get from Challenger). 60+25, $85 


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Image result for apple iphone cable 2m

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Olivia Burton Marble Florals, Silver Mesh, OB16MF09, $205

OLIVIA BURTON LONDON  Marble Floral Mesh, Rose Gold & Silver OB16MF09 – Big Dial Round in Silver , Rose Gold and Silver - Front view

Steam credits 200$ 😀



NO 7. Hermes Midsummer night’s dream silk scarf 36 x 36 600$


hermes scarf.png



Louis Vuitton Heart bag, New wave in Red. EST 3.6k 

lv heart bag

I need me this baby for all reasons.

Louis Vuitton Sully PM, in Beige Rose Creme. $3,600


sully pm lv

This is absolutely feminine and classy. I could die.

*NEEEEED* Chanel Boy Long Zipped wallet, Lambskin & Gold-tone Metal, $1500


chanel boy wallet

Chanel Pouch, Lambskin & Gold-tone Metal, Black. $3,490


chanel pouch

*NEEEEEED* Chanel’s Gabrielle hobo bag. Beige & Black. $6310


chanel gab

My absolute want.

chanel braid boy small

Would die for. Am not really able to focus and think properly because of my deteriorating health condition. Sorry. So it’s a really short list with only a few items that you can actually buy. Hahaha.


Faeries, stardust, eternities.

Welcome to 2019 everyone 😀

Made fresh new resolutions, it’s 3 weeks in, I am doing good (With the working out part) except that I loop holed myself – I didn’t state workout for how long so I am kinda doing 10mins each time and not feeling the slightest of guilt that I just upped myself in my own game.

Sharing some snaps of my Xmas gifts.

All of my gifts below. Would say most of the list was fulfilled and im soooo happy 😀 😀 😀 I am a lucky girl.




Finally managed to get my long emptied sk II…. -_-



The most beautiful packaging HAHAHA Yes I couldn’t stand not snapping an individual pic of this. I always loved their packaging. Every girl’s dream 🙂 Thanks to R



The logo is silver-toned, else would have matched my Jet-setter set to the T. Love it anyways. XD


It’s raining here. I have the urge to write my thoughts out.

I could feel some major shifts happening in my life.  Not a moment passes where I do not think and fear the unknown, but I know that time is like an immortal heart that beats – I have to prepare and brace for whatever that comes.

Here’s a poem that pretty much divulges one of the biggest hurdles in my life right now; I wish the melancholic souls out there who chance upon this, can feel some familiarity and hopefully find momentary solace in a common angst. 



An owl dips, into the blackest skies,
soft in flight, quiet he flies
alone was I, cold hands shaking
loud crisp tones, of my heart be breaking.

My scraped knees are weak, soon I’d falter,
her out-worldly heart, soon shall wander.
Hands bleeding, flailing, I tried to grasp,
her shadow, like a dying ember, turned to dust.

Of grim, of gloom, a hell bent desire,
Woven with deceit, so pleased Belial.
Had it been so, satire of lust,
Of grief, of doom, a martyr of trust.

I watch her leave. 

Laced with sweet magnolias, and deadly nightshade,
pertinent to love, an asphyxiated heartbreak.
My worship to her, in all false opulence,
was masking damp cheeks, and where she sought forgiveness.

She turns to leave.

The wind sang her goodbyes, saying :

Time, to which we’re enslaved, in its cruel movements,
grants no concession but a binding warrant;
Oh love, my heart it yearns, for an eternity with you,
yet our destiny, are two hearts that will never heal.



Yes I know, I am turning 28 soon. And CNY is coming. I am not ready and not going to be pleased to answer all the “When are you getting married” questions by my relatives. Birthday’s coming…. I haven’t thought of a wishlist but to prevent *cue laughter* color pencils from happening again, I guess I have to come up with the list soon.




Rider, lover – careless whispers

(Watch this mv for best effects before reading)

“Phoenix.” She cooed. Sitting by lawn, Grandma sipped on her teacup, her frame was pensive, but eyes so soft and distant. I spotted a little tattoo on the nook near her elbow. A really… obscure place for such an ink, I would think. I took her arm gently, and eased the wrinkly creases. It was indeed a Phoenix. Or rather, a hap hazard looking black botch of ink with a triangle for a beak.

Mum told me Grandma spouts nonsense most of the time but I was pretty sure it was because in-laws will never get along with the mothers.

“This is a cool tattoo Grammy.” I sat on the weathered sun deck, head cozy-ed on her lap. My cellphone was confiscated by mum and there was nothing to do. Grandma was really nice and would tuck dollars “for icecream” into my sweater after I greet her.

“Everyone has cool tattoos, child. But this tattoo bore the greatest, yet saddest memory of my life.” She replied, voice quavering but with this tinge of nostalgia so firm, and so bitter.

“Tell me.” I sat upright, eyes peaking with inquisition.

Grandma sat her tea down and re arranged her shawl. What was meant to be a casual “Show some love to Grammy” became the next best 30 minutes of my life.

It was a cold autumn night, weekend’s rolled out and pubs were lit. Back in those days, money was short but lives were happy. There were gangs, yes – but you could say some of em chaps are way more honest than the president; I’d be damned, that was the kind of life we were living.

Me and the girls, Lizzy, Betty and Mindy were dressed to the nines. Talk of the town you would say. I was new to the place. Daddy’s got a new job and we dropped everything to pursue his dream. A couple of beers in and we’ve got things good. Mindy was flamboyantly coy around some men at the bar.

We were young you know – thinking enrapturing of a few men was top of the bucket list. But things started getting heavy, a young lad had his tongue down Betty’s throat and I was just sitting around, hand clutching my beer, a tad unsure what to do. Another man then walked up, beer in hand. From his gait, I knew that fellow was drunk to the heavens but who am I, just a young girl, feet rooted, heart thumping like a rabbit in the heat of spring, to start a fight and risk getting my face smashed in.

His damn hand snaked around me, breath coated with liquor. I tried shrugging, trying to maintain a smile but I knew he had me good. I looked around and my girls were all wasted, looking like puppies in love, men in their arms.

He started kissing my neck and I could feel the stubs of his gingerly done morning shave piercing my skin. I clutched that bottle so tight that my knuckles turned white. I tried to move my legs but he grabbed em. So hard.

And then came along another man, taller, stronger and boy was he looking fine. He had tattoos all over and I could tell from a glance, he belonged to somewhere bad. It was almost out of a British telly episode. He had his grip tightened like a vice around the drunk man, with his free hand, clutching his black jacket.

The drunk man fought him off, movements askew.

Everything went past in a blur. The next thing I knew, chairs were projectiles across the bar and glass was shattered. I froze, what’s a girl to do??? I then felt his warm and steady hand grabbing mine, guiding me out of the hell hole.

“Get on.” He waved, cautioning me to a bike. I obediently followed as we rode away. Lights and noise were soon left behind, until the only sound I heard was the beating of my heart and the grunts from his super bike.

He stopped by a drive through, and got me some tea – English breakfast to be exact. Mind you, I was never a tea person. Could never get past a day without a cup of good old long black.

“You feeling ok? Drink it. sobers you up and I guess. It’s great for this chilly night.” That was the first time I actually heard him talk, like a normal person. Before that he was all yelling and cursing. His voice was deep but calming.

I took a long glance at him, face illuminated by the street light.

He had taut, tanned skin and impeccable frame. Am pretty sure he got so shapely from the fights every night but speculations my dear, some are better left unasked. He had these romantic eyes that could make a girl go weak in her knees. I was sure he knew that.

“Thank you.” I replied, hands wrapped around the warm Styrofoam cup.

“For the tea?” He quipped, giving a cheeky grin which I tried not to fall for.

But I did, anyway.

I then studied his arms, eruditely. Not for the biceps – Ok, maybe. But more for the ink.

“What’s the story?” I pointed to his right.

“That’s a tribal code. It’s the mark of the family.” He replied. And I did not ask more.

I stretched my hand towards him, and traced the lines with my finger.

“It’s nice, actually.” I glanced up and caught him looking right back. The distance between our faces narrowed. I could feel blood gushing to my cheek and I held my breath.

“I have many more, if you are really keen on seeing them, maam.” He whispered.

I took a step back, embarrassed and unsure of what I got myself into.

“Come on up, I’ll send you home.” He chuckled and handed me his black jacket. The smirk on his face was cheeky, but genuine. The jacket was soft, and it bore a phoenix in embroidered threads. Oh my god what was I thinking. I shook my thoughts away as though in fear he could read em.

“Hang tight princess.” He pulled my arms around his waist, much to my shock. What audacity this man! But I did anyway. And his back comforted me more than I expected.

It felt like mere seconds, before I arrived. I wished it lasted longer- As soon as my feet touched the sidewalk right by my house, he sped off into the dead of the night.

I was still wearing his jacket. It had this faint smell of cologne and cigarettes. I hid the jacket in my closet, afraid my mother would chance upon it. It was taboo for us to mix with people like him. But well that’s how all scripts were written right?

A few days passed, and my longing to see him grew bolder and stronger each day. I did not even know his name nor knew if I could see him again.

Then there he was, one night, exactly a week later. I had stayed home that weekend, down with a slight cold. Outside my gate. You’d think he’ll toss a rock or something like in movies but he didn’t. That man just stood, leaning against his bike, smoke in his hand. Like he knew I was hoping he’ll come by. Or maybe because no one could NOT hear his bike screaming down the alleyway.

I went out, robe covering my nightgown.

“Hi, did you enjoy staring at my jacket when you were thinking of me?” He flirted openly, without a single hiccup, smirking again.

“What? No???? It’s in my closet.” I was quick to deny. “Let me bring it for you now!” I added, making my way back through the gate. He grabbed my arm.

“No, you can keep it lest you miss me.” He pulled me towards his chest and locked me in an embrace.

I couldn’t react. What is this??? We barely met. I didn’t even get his damn name and there I was, body entangled with his.

I struggled a wee bit, but my body went flaccid, completely capitulated as he stroked my hair dreamily. I looked up and before I could speak, his lips were pressed against mine.

“I want to know more about you.” I finally freed myself from that captivating entrapment and demanded answers.

“Are you a bad guy? Are you in trouble?” I couldn’t contain myself anymore.

“No, I am not in trouble. But I am trouble.” He replied, hands still wrapped around my silken robe. “Will you still ride with me then?”

And just like how any girl in my shoes would, I replied “Yes. Why not?”

That yes prompted the best chapter of my life. I was a blessed woman, drunk on the happy dew of love’s most innocuous glory.

He had a phoenix tattooed on his right leg which I found out eventually. And his name on the left. I remember my fingers going over each tattoo, wanting to remember how exactly they look and wanting to imagine how he felt when he got em on.

But everywhere he went, chaos followed. He never used the name tattooed on his leg. It was his birth right, but something he had to bury deep within himself because he had a band of brothers to live for and die for. His pseudo name was kind of trashy if you’d ask me. Asher.

I have never met anyone like him. I was living and breathing a live soap opera in my own wake, and walked past his “men” with their heads bowed in deep respect. They would call me “Sister in law”.

He then tattooed my name right below his, on his thigh. That, according to him “was his canvas for all secrets he holds dear, and secrets  that kept him going.”

“Was that calculated?” I asked him the day at the tattoo parlor when he got my name inked. I pointed to the small space so conveniently made right below his name.

“Yes, I knew you were coming along and thank god you aren’t Indian”

I laughed.

But ya know, that’s what God does. The best things in life never came for free and will never stay with thee. One day, my dad told me he went bust. Bankrupt with his neck up in debts. Of course Asher couldn’t just sit around while the loan sharks trashed my house and beat my old man up. He came to me one day, looking aghast, but his gaze was firm and steady.

It was a briefcase of notes. I knew right away it was blood money. I refused it.

He then went straight to the debtors and settled it. My dad walked a free man and wanted to move away, to get away from all these.

“I know your boy did this for us. And daddy’s grateful. But now we have to go. because now, they know his weakness. Its you, Abby.”

I begged and begged for him to just go away with us, we could run a diner and make things work. I begged, or not, for me to be by his side.

But before either of us could decide, fate got us first. The money that he took belonged to an Arms dealer from the west side, but tippers had him exposed. Men were sent out to look for him, and I, but he had speculated that and made sure I was kept safe, under the protection of his brothers. I know naught of the fight, but all that I could not forget, was me, holding the love of my life in my arms, ravaged like cotton in an open field, gun shot to his chest.

He rested, in the nook of my arm, still with the smirk on his face. “You must live on baby doll. Don’t forget to wear the jacket when you miss me.”

That very night, my heart died, along with him.

Grandma closed her eyes, and I could see a single tear going down her cheek. I could barely hold back myself.

“You are really strong Grammy.” that was all I could reply.

“I have something to live for. Something that was a part of him.”

“The jacket?” I asked naively.

“No..” She laughed softly.

“Your dad.” She took up her tea again. English breakfast, read the label.

And that was when I realized I knew what was written on the left leg of the Protagonist in the story.

Jonathan Bennett.


( Listen to this after the story for best effects ❤ )


Hope you guys liked it. Abit cliche but Lana Del Rey’s songs inspire bad boys like that. YALL FEEL ME?





Malaysia, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Desa Sri Hartamas No:26-G, Jalan 24/70A,

Okay guys. More PICS, less talk. I think daaaas wat you guys like. I have a bunch of lazy readers. Shin Nihon is a Japanese BBQ beef heaven for all beef lovers like you and me. I wouldn’t call the price CRAZY, like you do not need to be a crazy rich asian to afford a slice. But it isn’t your casual chicken rice add rice $$$.

Two people + umeshu is about 700rm
(But luxurious cuts la)





I didn’t really like the casual dining layout of the first floor. Went up to the second floor. It was quaint and the interior exudes Japanese vibes. I really liked my seats as shown below.





(Pre lasik days. Sigh)

So this charcoal grill is really awesome like it’s small and cute and I really love food that’s bbq-ed over real charcoal. It has this good smokey taste that’s so awesome.


Didn’t realize it was CHOYA since everything was written in Japanese. So yeah well fuck but  its alcohol so just drink.


This is their “Taster menu” that consists of 4 parts of the beef. 1 PC for each pax. The ones on the black plate: Australian. White plate: Japanese.

If I may suggest, if you ever go, don’t take this taster platter unless you appreciate all different parts. I mean I am ok with it but I rather spend the money and my tummy space for something really fabulous and luxurious.

And, I always preferred the Japanese beef. Texture is softer, melts-in-ur-mouth and more fat content.

Australian beef is like a BUFF and strong super model… Japanese one is like, a MILF with heavy boobs and exercises by doing housework.




Tried their beef tartare as well. (Wagyu too)




I think it costs about 80-100 rm for the tartare I really do not remember. It was quite tasty and refreshing but I don’t recommend it if you scared of raw beef lmao.

Just a casual shot of me blowing.. meat.



DIZ MY BABY. It’s a whole slab of Japanese Wagyu beef. Look at that marbling. Yum yum.

I recommend spending your stomach space and moolahs on good stuff like this.




The staff will help you to grill the $$$ slab of goodness and cut it up into delectable bite sized pieces for you.




Can you see the fats at the bottom. I do not like the red sauce. I eat all of my meat with just the salt. So orgasmic.




I swear the beef don’t look photogenic here but it’s tasty as hell. Satan 10/10 approves.

Valeisky’s rating: 4.0/5

Yum Yum.

And btw, Happy new year to yall. Have you made your “I will lose weight” “I will cut down on smoking” and “I will save money” resolutions that no one ever fucking sticks to after 1 week?

Hot damn I made mine. And it certainly has “Pls work out 1x a week”.