Introducing to you guys…

CO2 LASER treatment for your face.

co2 plant

BE LIKE A PLANT. have you ever seen a plant grow acne or scars? Look at their luscious leaves and beautiful flowers and fruit. SMOOTH AND .. LUSH

I’m just kidding don’t go and look at your flower pot now. But then again, I am pretty positive your plant rocks better skin than you.

Previously, I did Venus viva laser in the Korean Clinic, Aeon remember? It was beautifully done but recently after my awesome nose threadlift done by Doctor Ryan at TCS aesthetics I was keen to see if a stronger laser treatment can help me with my scars.

Yes… its not just my heart that is scarred. 😥 LOL

Okay basically this CO2 laser is like a gigantic high tech alien weapon that blasts your face off and burns you in hell for a few days whilst your skin regenerates after the attack.

weapon of fire

Ok Im juz jokin it doesn’t look like that. Its just a freaking small lil pen that heats up insanely hot and burns you. But yes the hair on Dr Ryan has been accurately drawn. HAHAHA.

It is much stronger and more effective at targeting scars caused by acne than Venus. Hence, the downtime is 5-7days whereas I only had to rest 3 days for Venus.

You may go to TCS website here where they have a variety of lasers to choose from depending on what you want.


They can target aging skin, oil seeds, scars, pores, whatever you can ever imagine.


co 1

Beautiful day couches and lots of light. Yum yum picturesque.

co 2

That’s just the bed they use to administer appropriate numbing creams etc. and For photo taking. Yes my forehead is fucking shiny. My knees and shoulders shine too btw.


Numbing cream on, waited quite abit. Had to eat some medicine as well. Then finally, went into the Operating room 😉 to see my handsome Dr Ryan.

ITS FUCKING PAINFUL. I could feel my soul being scalded away. But its bearable. There’s no pain greater than an empty wallet.

So basically the laser pen just goes over your face covering the areas you want to target. Just like Venus. but this one really pain factor 6/10. Venus was 0/10.

IT WUZ OVER DAMN FAST LIEK 20 MINS and my handsome doc went off already. Sad.


Right after the treatment. I couldn’t feel any pain yet because of the numbing effects yet to wear off. I was given a cream to prevent infections.

3 hours later:


co 6

co 7

I sprayed AVENE water on my face and it helped to lessen the angry pain.

Day 2:

Considerably less red and does not hurt anymore.

co 8


Day 4:

Started to dry up and flake. Redness subsided.

Day 6:

No more redness but see My flakes. LOL I AM A FUCKING ANACONDA.

co 11


Day 8:

I finally dared to put on light blusher. No foundation, no correctors. Just blush, eyebrow, lipstick.

co 12

co 13

No more peeling!!! 😀 Don’t you think I look absolutely radiant in that full face pic. HEHEHE. My face is shining!!!

Nice nice ma? 😀

If you guys are interested in it please do drop me a message on FB or Insta or pigeon courier whatever. Alternatively, you can drop by the clinic and say “Valeisky’s friend here!” who knows maybe the doctor will give you special incentive like a lap dance.

I’d take it any day.

This is their number: 6221 8221

Hope you guys find this post useful for those thinking of doing laser treatments!


Coming, leaving, letting go.

It soothes me. The sound of rain, pitter pattering against the pavement. The slight glimpse of a lightning flash, preparing your heart, to anticipate the hearty boom of thunder.

I used to be scared of it. But she was always there for me. Since I was young. She will take me in her arms, cradling me like a little baby. “Hush Hush. It’s ok. I am here. There’s nothing to worry.”

It’s weird though. How I couldn’t comprehend anything that came out of her lips. But I could feel the security she provided. The comfort that spread through like wildfire. Like an invisible barrier, shielding me from harm. Like light of heaven.

The storm is brewing like a witch’s cauldron today. I curled up more tightly in the make shift tent I found, under the bridge, deserted by some homeless man who probably found a cozier abode.

Reminiscence of my childhood is blurry. I can’t really remember much. I only know I was taken from my mother when young. Thrown into a filthy place where a man with the smell of stale cigarettes and cheap whiskey would constantly come to terrorize me and the others, young and petrified. Probably all taken from their mothers too.

And then I met her. She felt like the mother I never had. Or even, a lover from my past life? What do I even know about it? Somehow. It’s just a feeling.

She has the most beautiful smile you know? Always smiling. Well. Most of the time. Sometimes I know she would cry because Jake hits her. There was once I lost control and tried to defend her from his cruel, drunken blows. But I was still young and helpless. He threw me off with just one swipe from his tattooed, muscular arm. I recall banging into the kitchen door, wounded from the impact.

She would then plead for him to let me go. “He’s just a little boy. Let him go. Let him go please Jake.” From then on, when she looked at me with pleading eyes, eyes cried swollen, I knew I will only hurt her more if I tried to speak up. So I learnt to just hide in a corner, trying not to even make a whimper whenever he hits her again.

I miss her so much.

I drifted off to a slumber, before waking up by default. It’s the time of the day again. I raced to the tracks I knew too well, past the railroads, to the familiar house by the stream. I would have stayed on there if I could. But the place was taped up by some men in navy uniform.

I am waiting for her to come back. I think this is the 68th day since she’s gone. I know that she will! Because I love her so much. I am sure she will…..

Footsteps approached me. I maintained a defensive stance, eyeing whoever that was approaching me. It was a kind looking lady, accompanied by a rather handsome man. She held out some food in a paper bag. It was macdonald’s! The irresistible scent wafted so strongly through my nostrils. I tried to keep a stoic expression. But my stomach growled.

“Hey kiddo. It’s ok. I know you must be hungry. Please, take it.” Her hand was outstretched. I went forward to accept the food and devoured it ravenously. The pair sat together with me by the sidewalk.

“I am Jane, and this is my buddy Walter. We are here to help you okay?” She said gently, holding out her hand again, affectionately.

I started to cry. All that pain, all that longing. It came crashing down on me. Jane held me in her arms, just like how she would.

“Hey kiddo. I would like to bring you to see someone you will love to meet.” I nodded, and followed.

I got into their car, and Jane sat with me while Walter drove. I looked out of the window, my heart palpitating. Are they bringing me to see her?

We got out to a grassy place. The sweet scent of flowers delighted my senses as I followed them anxiously. We stopped in front of what appears to be a large stone.

Its her!!! That beautiful face. It’s a photo stuck onto the stone. I went forward to inspect the stone. A weird feeling washed over me. Somehow… I could sense her. I could feel that she’s around. But where???

I turned to look in bewilderment.

Jane knelt down, beside me. She cupped my face in her warm palms. And I saw a tear roll down her cheek. She’s crying.

“Kiddo… she didn’t leave you on purpose. You know that right? She’s an angel kiddo. She’s in heaven now because… Because heaven needs her help. And you are a good boy isn’t it? Surely you will allow her to help out?”

The words came to me in a blur. I could not really understand it. But I know the word “heaven”. She always told me that I came from there, and that one day we will be there together.

Can I follow her then?

“Look kiddo. She wants you to be strong. You gotta be strong for her okay? She wants someone to look after you. And one day when you are ready, she will be waiting for you.”

I glanced down, trying to register what Jane said. I looked at her beautiful photo once more… and I, I think I understood.

Weeks later, I was introduced to a new home. A kindly young man, probably not much older than she was, took me in.

“Hey boy! Wait here. Someone coming through the door any minute would be SO happy to have you.”

So I stood right in front of the door, slightly nervous. And waited.

I heard soft footsteps approaching. And the door swung open.

“SURPRISE!” The kindly man shouted happily. It was a woman, with a nice smell, and the same kind of dazzling smile that she used to have.

“Oh my god Gerald!!!! HE’S SO AMAZING. HE’S PERFECT!!!” She knelt down and reached out her hand.

“Bob, is that? Bobby?” My eyes grew wider at that familiar name. That’s right. That’s what she always called me!

The woman had tears in her eyes too. But she was still smiling. “Bobby, I promise to love you forever.

Coming… leaving… letting go. I will go to heaven and She’ll be there waiting. I’m sure.

With an excited yelp, I wagged my tail and jumped into her arms.

I love you too.



For Nosy people, Nosy business here!


Good evening my darlings.

SO, I’m sure facebook followers of mine have recently noticed a photo I uploaded, mentioning I am on my way to try out a non invasive surgery.

M presented this to me as a birthday present (extremely late but still appreciated) and introduced me to this great clinic which his friends have patronized and found to be great. I went to the clinic and asked for recommendations. Guess which I chose?

Yes you got it. It’s time for me to learn to be NOSE-Y like all dem bitches.


Getting into the high ridges, brah. I have seen a lot of my friends trying it out, and honestly, despite myself never having been a fan of plastic surgery, the “non invasive” and “non permanent” terms came across as extremely attractive.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is an old time fad. It’s like a Kardashian. Looks good, ain’t really practical, but very controversial.

“微整容” or “Minimal facial enhancements” as they call it, grew seemingly popular. Many celebrities/popular social media influencers turn to it as a more feasible idea because Plastic surgery is simply just too passe. And besides, there’s just simply no way out if someone calls you plastic because. U are.




8 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central, Office 1. #11-90


Having played too much Sims 3 I really love to appreciate great interior design. And the clinic really did a fantastic job with the lovely warm hues off the earthen color palette. The staff were also extremely friendly.

Have you ever been to those beauty shops/clinics where the staff appear to be super judgmental and bitchy? THAT FUCKING ANNOYS ME.

But TCS staff despite being all female (You know your goddess don’t click with girls xD) they were really really friendly and made me feel welcome.

I explained to them that I came here through my friend’s recommendation and would like to see the doctor for his advice on what should I do to make myself HOTTER AND PRETTIER SO I CAN KILL EVERYONE WITH A STARE INSTEAD OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.


consultation 2


consultation 1

consultation 3

They carry their own line of skincare that they use in their clinic.




My Doctor is called Ryan. He’s extremely handsome and cool. HES 40 OVER BY THE WAY. DAYUM SON LOOKIN FINE. His skin is fucking flawless.

Well to nobody’s surprise, he told me that he does the skin enhancements on himself. And does it on his wife too. (*disappointments…)


b4 surgery 1

So Ryan told me Nose threadlift OK. V Popular choice, and he will even help me to add a tad bit of botox on my forehead cuz he said I frown too much.


b4 surgery 2

Sorry, I look like a fucking bobo. Sitting on the bed waiting for numbing cream to be applied on my nose.

b4 surgery 3

No Filter, no make up. (Except for eyebrows. DO NOT LEAVE HOUSE WITHOUT EYEBROWS.)



Ok, so basically there are no photos for this, but I am gonna fucking type it out for you guys to imagine it in your own twisted ways. HEHEHE.

SO, firstly, its gonna fucking hurt but I am a masochist so that’s fine by me. INJECTIONS go in and I tell ya that needle stings like a hornet. Then, Ryan made a hole at the tip of my nose. That’s where the threads would go into.

Once the numbness from the syringe sets in, the threads goes in. TWO LONG THREADS, one along each side of the nose. And 1 more at the bottom, like dis <——> to support the nose, to make it look more perky.

The pain…. is bearable for me but I can tell you, even a Norwegian warrior is going to cry. Tears rolled down from my eyes but it’s a natural reaction because your nose is really sensitive especially at your philtrum (the indention between your nose and mouth) AND THE GOD DAMN HOLE IS JUST RIGHT NEAR IT AT THE TIP OF UR NOSE.

Then a few jabs of botox on my forehead, and tadah! I am good to go. Lololol.

Faster than sex bro.



aft surgey 1

aft surgery 2

The nose bridge looks really sharp. And you can already see the bruising on my nose. Second pic, the red dot in between my nostrils is the Hole that I am talking about.

You gotta take good care of it. DO NOT CONTAMINATE IT as it will cause infection. No make up, no fingers, no nosing around dirty affairs. NO PUN INTENDED 😛


Below: Botox marks.

aft surgery 5aft surgery 6

I have really serious frown lines on my forehead because I squint alot since young. And yes I frown alot when playing cancer SEA dota games.

ARNIKA tablets given to me to reduce swelling and promote healing!

after surgery 2.3


Feeling all numb and flaky I said my goodbyes to the friendly staff and went for lunch.



30 mins after surgery

aft surgery 4


Day 2 to Day 8


If you notice the first two pics, My eyes are actually swollen. YOU WILL NOT GET THE SWELLING FROM THE THREADLIFT. Your nose will also swell abit. Just look at my koala bear nose. I look like I ran away from the zoo.

The reason why my eyes are swollen is because I am allergic to the antibiotic. LOL. FUCKING UGLY BRO.

Plz dont unfollo. plz.

After recovery, it looks really natural and it doesn’t hurt! and don’t worry you can do your pig snout, or go fighting, its fine your nose won’t drop off.






I tried to recapture the photos under the same light and in same environment. LOL. IN AN UBER IN THE AFTERNOON.

Talk about effort bro.

I tilted my face a little more so you can see clearer. Look at dat ridge…. higher than the Wall donald trump wants to build.



You can visit their website here:


For anyone interested to go over and take a look, or even just ask a few questions, Please do ask away! They are really friendly. 😀

*Disclaimer: I have explained to the clinic that I like to blog and I will be featuring my journey on my website. Although I am not directly affiliated with them, you may mention my name when you pay them a visit! 🙂

You can also drop me a message at voirvaleisky@gmail.com if you are keen to try it but have more questions.

I’m always willing to help out a fellow girl WHO IS SICK OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.




So Fucking Op


So, your geographically dumb goddess went to SFO a couple of weeks back. I KNOW. I ONLY POST IT NOW. SORRY.

And I didn’t know SFO is smaller than Singapore. HAHA. Hey, it made me feel proud for a moment there. I also didn’t know they had so many homeless people 😦 and it made me feel sad. I think we Singaporeans have it too comfy here and this luxury gets into most of our heads.

*Think egoistic Singaporean men.*

I don’t think I can ever date a Singaporean man anymore. Somehow some part in me just died when it comes to love.


For some unknown reason, despite the SFO air being really crisp and bloody cold, My skin was pretty bad. I know, sorry u cant really tell from this shitty Iphone captured selfie.


So as you can imagine I almost died.


Behold the most iconic “Everyone has to come here and take a pic” Golden Gate Bridge.

Call me hipster from another planet but I think people overhype stuff like that. I mean okay, we went to the bridge, everyone was taking pics. And then I’m like “So…. that’s it? Nothing to do here?”


I was admiring the vast body of water and also dying from the cold more than anything. Was trying to picture how my body would be…. falling to the bottom of the sea… in this freezing water. Maybe there’s a school of fish that will devour my sad remains.


Everything is big in SFO. B I G


SFO 3.5





“Gud weather, just lion around mate.”

AND THE FOOD ALSO BIG PORTION. So are the prices………………….






SFO 3.5


SFO 3.2

If you do visit Pier 39, you must go to this mechanic arcade. Its a fucking waste of money but cheap thrills brah.

Everything is so vintage and quite mesmerizing. It makes me wish I was able to be there in one of the actual “Circus” during their glory days.

SFO 11

SFO 12

IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE SHOWING A VIDEO BUT IM NOT SURE. TOO DUMB FOR THIS SHIT. This “Smart editor” thingy is too modern for me. Ol fashioned me still trying to use the HTML code to embed my video.

And some geese/ducks/birds just because I love animals.

SFO 15SFO 14

So, besides pigging on the Mac n Cheetos which is absolutely god damn delicious, the only food I find laudable there is this breakfast place.


Brenda’s French Soul food

652 Polk St @ Eddy
San Francisco, CA 94102

Must try: Shrimp and Grits!

I loved it so much I am gonna make my own rendition at home.

Its the kind of food you want to be eating when your boyfriend cheated on you, you lost your job, you gained 5 kgs and you want to end your life.

Eat this. Because it’s so warm, runny, cheesy and comforting that you will realise


Will be uploading my attempt on this dish as soon as I get it up BUT THIS FUCKING WORDPRESS WOULDN’T EMBED MY VIDEOS.

Anyway I want to thank my amazing friend A and R for bringing me around in SFO. Thanks for making everything fun and memorable. :3 I appreciated your time and I want to see you again! Especially A, (because R came back to sg 2 weeks after I left. LMAO)




Had to stop over at HK because SFO is just so bloody far and ain’t nobody wants to miss out on HK because SASA.

So my friend wuz liek cum 0n bby I bring u Gud dimsum



And boy was I right.

SFO 21

SFO 22

SFO 23

SFO 25

SFO 24

SFO 25.5

It costed about 40 SGD PER PERSON and I mostly only ate what I showed you in the pics above. It was really really tasty, especially the lotus rice. But my stomach can’t stomach the exorbitant prices man.

I don’t love HK so much anymore. Until the day I become rich. Till then…

its gonna be HK cafe.

SFO 29

SFO 28

A fucking big plate of fried rice + 2 toasts = 10 SGD. Stab me……..

Ok, at least they have Pret A Manger which is also overpriced. -_-

SFO 30




I went back to SG and the first thing I wanted to eat was Cai Fan because I am down to earth and it feels good to only pay 3 dollars for this shit.

SFO 31

SFO 32

Not to mention my skin got better even though Singapore was so hot that even Elsa would melt. But as usual you can’t see the fucking difference because Iphone.

Guess Lycan wasn’t really looking forward to me coming back because I shaved him botak and then proceeded to paste falsies on his eyes for fun.




And also was almost going to purchase my first ever skink until I received news that the Hawk.G sponsor was pulling out, giving the boys only a week to evacuate. Which I find highly inhumane.

SFO 36

The last pic I took of them. </3 The team officially disbanded. Only March, Faded and the newcomer WL going to continue but their efforts to find a new sponsor hasn’t been going great.

SFO 37

Nonetheless I wish them all the best. And I’m gonna miss them greatly.


Will be updating with another post by the end of this week.

Love ya!

Now or never

hawk group photo

So, I had to deal with the pain of watching a teammate leave and needing to ready myself on welcoming a new one.

In case you do not know, These are the boys from HAWK GAMING. Currently tier 2 and based in KL, Malaysia.

Although I am just their “babysitter” cum Team analyst but these boys are just so endearing and I have grown to like each and every one of them. However the position 5 player has proven to be more favored by me because he says and does the sweetest things for me.

You know the law of life. The one you like the most just happens to be the one you will lose. Ha ha.

I remember on the team retreat, we were acting touristy and all, wandering into the souvenir shop where they sold some local products. I saw a coconut oil and it was freaking priced at 69.90. I only found out when I asked the cashier and thus left it at the counter cuz AINT NO BODY WASTING SO MUCH MONEY FOR SOME DUBIOUS CLEAR LIQUID THAT MAY NOT HAVE ANY HEALTH PROPERTIES AS ADVERTISED.

Went out of the shop, and suddenly he came up to me, holding the overpriced bottle in his hand. “Take it. You always treat us dinner and buy things for us. This is the least I can do for you.”

God did my heart melt into an entire soppy mess. And the part I love the most? He respects and actually take the feedback I give about their games into actual consideration and ACTION. Not just games. literally the life advices I always dish out because I am a naggy old aunty.

This post is dedicated to you CSL. The team and I wish you all the best with your career.
And as for I, I wish you can now find a balance in your family commitments and your passion. Remember to keep your promise to drop by whenever I am around!. And, yes blessings to find a girlfriend. 😛

*Yes I picked the photo where I am standing right beside him because if not whats the point. XD


Will be updating with an interesting post of my San Francisco happenings. Stay tuned guys.

Sorrow dues


Hello readers. I have something that I want you guys to watch. I think the Chinese will be familiar with this song. Irregardless, for those who have not heard this song, give it a go.

Here is the English translation for my Non-chi readers 🙂


You stopped in your tracks, on the street we are both familiar with.

And read out the speech you have prepared in your head

我還在逞強 說著謊
I’m still putting on a front, I’m still lying.

也沒能力遮擋 你去的方向
However I have no means to stop you… from the direction you wish to go

But I guess… at least I graciously let you go

After which, I still choose to stop by that road

Wishing and hoping, that I could bump into you on the other street.

思念在逞強 不肯忘
My heart is unwilling to forget the memories

怪我沒能力跟隨 你去的方向
I blame myself for being so weak, failing to follow the path you went on.

若越愛越被動 越要落落大方
The more we love, the more gracious we have to me.

你還要我怎樣 要怎樣
What else do you want from me.. what else??

Your sudden Text to me was enough to break me.

我沒能力遺忘 你不用提醒我
Its impossible for me to forget. So there’s no need to remind me

I guess this is the end.

我還能怎樣 能怎樣
What else do you want from me.. what else??

In the end, I still got the role of a heartbroken lover.

你從來不會想 我何必這樣
You have never thought of why am I this way.

Gradually, I began to move on and get back to living.

My heart slowly, accepted new candidates

愛你到最後 不痛不癢
I loved you, till the end, till it reached a neutral state. It doesnt hurt, I no longer crave.

留言在計較 誰愛過一場
We still exchanged texts, debating who was the one who really loved.

我剩下一張 沒後悔的模樣
The only expression on my face of which, is a stoic one, with no regrets.

你還要我怎樣 要怎樣
What else do you want from me.. what else??

I beg you please, don’t show up at my wedding.

我聽完你愛的歌 就上了車
I got in the car after listening to the song you love

It was worth loving you

我不要你怎樣 沒怎樣
I don’t want anything else from you. No need for anything.

Just don’t forget the journeys we went on together

因為那是我 最快樂的時光
Because those, were the happiest times of my life.

My life after you.. I guess is still quite alright

At least I didn’t end up being lonely because of you.

有一天晚上 夢一場
I had a dream.. one night

你白髮蒼蒼 說帶我流浪
You had long, white hair, and you beckoned me to roam with you

我還是沒猶豫 就隨你去天堂
As like before, with no hesitation, I followed you….. to heaven.

不管能怎樣 我能陪你到天亮
Regardless…. of whatever… I can accompany you till daybreak.


For you literature idiots this song is about a man whose love of his life left him. But he felt that if you truly love someone, you have to let her go even if you don’t want to. He spent his entire life loving her, kept in his heart are memories of them, the happiest he ever had.

The woman still texts him randomly, to argue that she may have loved him more/or telling him she was the one who really loved. But she never really thought about it from his point of view.

He still held no regrets loving her, and kept this love until it no longer hurt, until it becomes no longer a wound, he simply just lived with it.

He begged her please don’t come around his wedding because he knows in his heart, it still belongs to her. Even until he became old, the last dream he had was her, the image of an old woman, with her hand out, asking him to follow her.

With no hesitation of course, he followed her to heaven. (Meaning he fucking died brah)
But can you imagine, even before he died, his last vision was still her.

He spent his whole life loving her, and died still loving her.
I just can’t. One of the youtube comments spoke exactly what I felt:

> 這心要受多少傷才能寫出的歌

It means, how hurt, how much pain did this heart endure to be able for the person to write such a song?

Its like you can feel the pain. because its so real, so relatable. And I doubt people who feel the same as me can listen to it without tearing up. But I literally burst into tears.
I hope you guys enjoy this emo nemo episode. I will return with a short prose inspired by this song. Let me know your thoughts about this song!






















Ebony and carnal desires

He was marched into the large palace, where pillars loomed into majestic view in their finest marbling and gold shimmer.

And there she was, perched on her divine throne, with two lions side by side. The carpet woven with gold seemed to stretch on endlessly as he made his way right in front of her, where he stood, clearly besotted with her heavenly beauty.

“Are you not going to kneel, before me?” She spoke, the words played like music on a well tuned harp. Her eyes were so beguiling, they sparkled like glowing amber. Her hair was slightly tousled, and perfectly ebony. Her skin was pale as the first snow, so fair that she glistened.

Her gown was a mere white silken cloth, fashioned into a dress held together by a braid. The scarce fabric revealed her ample bosom, which was still taut and ripe despite having no support beneath it.

The cleavage split beautifully like a carved divergent; a smirk snaked across her face as she caught him feasting on the sight before him.

Moments later, the words finally got registered in his brain. He bowed his head in embarrassment from having such a vulgar stare. The guards retreated as he dropped his knees to the sacred ground, right before her.

His head was still hung low.

“What is your name, mortal?” She stared down, clearly amused by his guilt of unintentional contempt, instead of taking offence.

“I… I am Edgar, your highness.” He spoke softly with a slight tremble in between.

“You can call me Vera.”

Edgar looked up slowly, as though afraid he was unable to handle the sight before him. The goddess stood up, drapes falling gracefully into place, shielding her modesty.

She reached out her left hand, waiting for him to offer his palm. Edgar rushed up the pedestal and helped her down the steps.

“Do you know why you are here, Edgar?” The goddess’s tiny hand rested on his outstretched one. He was trembling subtly, as though afraid with any greater force, his burly movements may shatter her like porcelain.

He shook his head in reply. heart thudding brutally against his chest.

Vera smiled, a smile so enchanting that even the grim reaper will drop his scythe.