Sun and Moon

You were the sun and moon to me. 

Hello darlings. For those of you who followed me closely (Great thanks and appreciation to you out there, wherever you are.) I am sure you are aware that I just ended a devastating break-up. I guess when you get older, its not just the physical wounds that take longer to mend. And in order for me to keep myself in fit condition for work because hell, I can’t lose my job over emotions that I can’t control; I will be visiting my doctor regularly and hopefully some therapy can help me. I don’t care, he can try hypnotizing me like before and make me forget this like those large pieces of my childhood that went missing for the greater good.

Till then, I can only look forward to the little things in life. AND ONE OF WHICH,


Birthday is coming just round the corner!!!

As per usual drill, my friends have requested for my wishlist to be posted up. Because well, I guess they find me extremely picky when it comes to presents.

If you are getting me something off this list, please do let me know so I will cross it out. Thanks y’all I love you. HAHAHA. Some are impossible to get. It’s ok. We all have big dreams that never come true and unrequited love.


Birthday Wishlist:


Potent gaming laptop ON the GO. Weighing only 2.3KGS, uses GTX 1070. Fucking dreams come true bruh.
(Has to be preordered. RTP: S$2698 or MYR $6500)



SAMSUNG SSD (Solid State Drive) EVO 4TB.

Piecing my dream Desktop together, slowly but surely. Hahaha.



NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Graphic card.
(RTP: S$580)

Image result for razer hammerhead pro photo

Razer Hammerhead Pro
Only the PRO edition has microphone what the fuckery is that.
(RTP: $106)


Related image

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma
What’s a desktop without some flashy ahbeng-ish chroma lights man.
(RTP: S$ 289)


Image result for sumikko gurashi pouch

Image result for sumikko gurashi green penguin

Image result for sumikko gurashi green penguin

Sumikko Gurashi Maomaocong (Green Penguin) Pouch and Keychain.
And the plushie in the middle to replace the one that I left at B’s house. He probably threw it away 😥


WALLET - 1MH037_2E3K_F0002


Prada Saffiano letter wallet

I am gonna get it from an outlet store so it’s cheaper. Hahaha.  If you want to get this for me, just let me know and I will buy it on my own and send you the receipt with a kiss. ❤

Image result for tumi durban expandable duffel

Tumi Durban Expandable duffel.

Its no longer sold in retail stores. Hoping to find it via a reseller or at outlet stores.


Image result for nox dining

A dinner at N.O.X

I have always wanted to try that. It’s a pity that I have been so particular about who to bring to this really special place that in the end I never been. what the fuck.


Victoria’s Secret Ultimate leggings with mesh and Ultimate push-up sports bra, both S.

(SGD 88.84 + 36.97) I think it’s cheaper if I buy it in the US.

Related image

NAKED 2, From Urban Decay

Available at Sephora everywhere.


I would also like to take this moment to add that I have not passed DARKMOON on dota 2 and this uselessness I feel within me is driving me crazy.

I will be updating again by next week, probably finally feature a video of me cooking. Stay tuned if you would like to see me burn down the kitchen.


I’m never getting over you. 


If I had to choose again, I will still choose the same path. I would still have befriended her, and I would still have allowed myself to fall in love with you. And I will still accept the broken bits that lay floating in the sea of sorrow right now.

You know how some people always say they choose not to date for fear of losing the initial friendship? I finally understand that now. Because this is the first time I have fallen for a friend. My relationships have always been a love at first sight. And it’s shocking how fast and hard I could love so much. The same kind of irrational love that I feared the most of having.

And of course what hurts the most is, she still gets to be your friend while I deal with the pain of loss. Triple the agony. 2 friendships, and a love I held so dear. It all ended so abruptly, my heart was reeling only after experiencing the after shock 24 hours later.

Then it all fell apart.

But I know, I do not deserve to speak of love when it comes to you. For I have broken my promise. I promised to brave through whenever you are insecure and do my utmost to embrace the volatility with more love. But I am only human, and not to mention, a weak one that is. All the umpteen times of abandon, of careless words and heartless disparage took its toll on me and my only self defense was to strike an offense. My insecurity took over me. I was too afraid of how much I loved you. And I wanted to stop it in hopes that the hurting will stop.

What pains me is that I cause you to spend your days thinking I have let you down that way. And only I myself knows the truth. I have no way to prove, no way to argue. And for that, I will deal with the consequences of my own weakness.

I will choose to bear this dirty title, because anger makes you move on faster. And I wish for nothing but happiness for you baby.

I will trace the outline of your body in my sleep, until I smile in my dreams, only to wake up to helpless destitute.

I do not know how long I can hold out this strong facade before the illness takes over. But till then, I will hold the memories of you close to my heart.


I wish you could feel what I feel. But at the end of the day, I am going to get through knowing you are better off without me. Take good care and I will always keep the good memories.

I will be updating soon guys. Stay tuned 🙂

Vodka for you?


Greetings from the rarest and probably one and only trip of my life, Manchester and Houston. I mean I absolutely HAVE to find that chance to finally whisk out my Burberry trench coat and put it to good use right?


O Yeah check out my cute little furry boots that I have not worn since 50 million years ago. I am surprised the soles are still firmly stuck.



HAD TO LIVE LIFE LIKE AN AMERICAN so we went to The Cheesecake Factory, indulged in grotesquely large sized plates of pasta. It wasn’t too bad but to nobody’s surprise I couldn’t finish mine.



Hi may I have a slice of that Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake so that I may slog my ass off at the gym for 5 years? Thank you.

Don’t think anyone will ever regret eating cheesecake. Ever. I’m going to upload a video of myself baking an Oreo Cheesecake next year. (Like seriously, just 2 months later.) WAIT FOR IT. AND PREPARE THE FIRE BRIGADE.


So y’all know your goddess nearly died because her Asian roots stretch so deep down back to home that all the pastas, burger and fries every single meal made her cry out for … RICE. I never knew I could miss that fluffy white grain of Kilograms to your stomach so much.

So I did some exploration into the Room service menu and saw “Thai Green Curry with RICE” Getting so excited and all… ordered that with a fruit platter that costs QUITE LITTLE LIKE MAYBE ABOUT 10 SGD FOR SOME THIN SLICES OF FRUIT. AND THAT ANTI PREGNANCY PINEAPPLE THAT I DONT EVEN TOUCH.


If you have never seen Thai green curried risotto with random scraps of veg and thick, chunky chicken breasts that would make a girl ashamed of her assets, this is your chance.

TAKE IT ALL IN. 16 dollars.



I learnt my lesson, and will never order Chinese food in the European hotels again. It wasn’t that it’s bad… maybe because I was hungry. But their breakfast buffet was awesome af.

I just had to take a pic of these cute wooden bowls and scoops they use to display the cereal varieties man… Too adorable but totally impractical because more cereal landed on the Astro turf than in my bowl.


Here’s my sleepwear in the beautiful room… with them soft linen and plush pillows. I ADMIT, I rolled around and made contented cat noises to myself.




I finally got a strike off my lifelong wishlist. To own a Tumi. I love that brand ever since I walked into the shop during my trip to Hongkong. I swore my first paycheck would go to a Tumi. Well. To be exact, I wanted that check to go to a Tumi backpack but hell, this luggage is A FUCKING STEAL and its gorgeous as hell.

I must be fucking retarded to not get it.



Yes I pat it every time I use it and plant soft kisses on its soft smooth cover.



Enough of revealing the cheap thrills I do in my every day life. HAHAHA. Y. bought me some really cute little maomaocong stuff and I immediately put this cup to good use. HAHAHA.



Swaggeryolo69 get up at the MMU interschool Dota 2 competition in KUL. God damn cute young boys everywhere. I feel like their mother. No the cap is not to act cool or market myself to them I solemnly swear. I just did my laser. HAHAHA.


Went to get my very necessary Sushi Zenmai fix after the competition and ordered 3 Hotate Mentaiyaki because hell Im luxurious AF. Kidding. It’s divided by 3 why the hell not.



Just in case you guys think Singapore’s lanshop damn awesome you haven’t seen the shit they have in Malaysia. Serious business bro. Orange stadium.



Anything with ROG is hot. That’s a competition arena right there. And did I mention you can play the game in high graphics. AND THE HOURLY RATE ITS DIVIDED BY 3 LET ME REMIND YOU AGAIN. Malaysia is awesome. I admit it now after spending 3 years with Z. Hahahaha. (Ok… more like after more than 90% of the people I hang out with are Malaysians.)


Добро пожаловать в Москву

LOL Don’t blame me. I learnt it from the Russians.


Because going swimming when the weather outside is -10 degrees is the only logical thing to do. Came down with fever and flu because the heater in the room was trying to turn the place into a Sauna and so dry, it could dry up my tears in 0.01 second.





I finally got out of my hotel room to explore the Red Square in Moscow. Just had to take a photo of this beautiful church.


They were having a Christmas fair at the Square, and a huge assed ice skating rink. Not quite eager to show off my slipping skills so I passed.




Went to the museum and learnt quite abit about Russia’s history. Mostly… all about war



This is a herring and beetroot salad with potatoes and mayonnaise, served cold.


Sea Buckthorn tea…. supposedly good for boosting your body’s immunity and something for the winter.


Image result for sea buckthorn plant

Watch my video on it. HAHAHA.

I tried playing the video and the sound doesn’t work at times but who needs to hear my hoarse voice anyway….

Lastly, Borscht soup.


Yes… that pretty much sums up my Moscow trip. Hahaha. I bought a Russian doll. I always get them on the list when I’m playing Object seeking mystery games on my Ipad. So happy to finally own one in real life. Has that creepy, mysterious vibe to it.

However, Russian dolls are meant to symbolize family togetherness. Hahaha.

Will upload a video of me doing my Garlic butter prawns because some people have been asking. And Will try to stream from Australia if their internet allows. Sounds highly impossible though.

I love all of you! Christmas is coming. Spend some time squeezing in Orchard road with people because the lights are quite pretty. My favorite is the one at Orchard Central. Go take a look.

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Dosvidaniya ~





I will just start by showing you some pics of Asian food. (Ironically cooked in a Western country) BUT IT DOESNT MATTER.




I am already 3/4 done with my long haul in UK and US. However, I swear I will never touch another burger for the next 1 year. I never knew I could miss Chinese food so much. I PROMISE I WILL EAT MORE RICE WHEN I GET HOME.

These lovely photos are taken in a cosy little shop in Melbourne. 10.50 AUD per plate. Expensive as hell. I ordered the one in the middle. My favorite! Preserved veg with shredded pork over steamed rice with lots of chilli. That chilli is so fragrant. Reminds me of my grandmother. Very homemade and delicious. And after tasting the other plates I can safely say I made the right choice. LOL.

Went walking down King William’s street and just had to stop by this grilled cheese van. I always had a little dream to own something like that. I want to sell baked rice and soups. HAHAHA.

The guys manning the van has this “Feed the homeless” where you can pay it forward. I donated 2.50 😀 and a few moments later I saw an old man walking up to them to ask if they have any grilled cheese sandwich to spare. As he hobbled away to a small shady spot to have his lunch, I felt so contented inside.





Pretty cool huh? Anyway why the hell is cotton on more expensive in Australia than Singapore. I ended up buying cheeses and humongous strawberries home instead of the Sun Surf Summer-ish clothes that I was fantasizing of getting.

And let’s all remember Australia shops close at 5pm so I spent the whole day watching Friends. Do you know I have not watched the telly for like years? I fumbled with the control.


Ya, like with the mask and all.



Being the luxuriously indulgent little shit that I am, I popped in milk bath salts into the steaming tub. Opened the fresh strawberries and just took a long soak. I was picturing myself to be Goddess Elizabeth bathing in the fresh young virgin blood to maintain my deathly youth and beauty. HAHAHAHA.



Nothing else on your face truly matters when you have eyebrows. HAHAHA.


Here’s a mandatory scenery shot to show you that I really went there and not a photoshop genius. Because if I was, I wouldn’t look so bloody fat in this photo. It was just the jeans. Did I tell you? I threw em away. Buying it wasn’t the most jeanius shopping decision I made. HA HA HA.

Sorry, this shot is in Adelaide by the way.



Anyway enough of my trips. I went to Costal Settlement at that super ulu and super faraway place in Singapore. Opposite Changi hospital. What the fuck so expensive.

I ordered the mushroom soup and lamb racks. 14++ , 36 ++. The greens on the plate were largely confusing to my palate so I went full predator mode and only finished the lamb.

:/ Verdict? I think I rather visit the haunted hospital.

I miss my boyfriend. 5 more days to seeing him 😀 What if he forgot who I am. OMG. or he got a new owner. Insecurities……


Hehe. I will be updating again when I get home. PROMISE! 4th of December. Wait for itttt.

Streaming on 4th December, afternoon.

That’s a sunday okay. Don’t tell me you got no time.

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Post mortem

Things that bind will always vie, for crevices in your heart that lies.


Good afternoon everyone.

Sorry I disappeared for 5 billion years and almost witnessed World War III. It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I’m close to the end of my training so after some housekeeping I will be able to focus more on my “alter ego” social media. LOL.

I never had someone telling me Voir Valeisky is an alter ego that I created. So when my batchboy said that I wanted to laugh.

That isn’t my alter ego. That’s me. My alter ego is the one I bring to work… more like. HAHAHAHA.

That being said, thanks for subscribing to me guys. And once I graduate I will be able to blog more frequently with all the beautiful photos that I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO TAKE FOR YOU.


Let’s also pay tribute to the Thailand king. May our prayers be with him and the whole of Thailand.


La muerte del corazón


I witnessed myself die today. An illogical, irrational kind of death. 

It wasn’t exactly quiet because I was choked in tears before that, but right when my heart goes into cardiac arrest, yes. Everything froze. I clutched my heart as though the pain was physical.

In fact right at that moment I wished it was physical. I wanted it to be something that I could either treat at the doctor’s, or something that I could physically die from. But it wasn’t.

It was the worst kind of death. My heart wasn’t lain to rest. It just remained in its stricken state, plagued by such emotional epilepsy that wouldn’t seem to leave even after my heart was rendered motionless.

If breathing wasn’t voluntary, I believe it would have stopped too. Since a long time ago, I have asked myself; How do you describe a heartache?

There really isn’t an answer because this pain; this torment is so ineffable.

There are different kinds of love. But this kind of love, as I have experienced in my course of life, albeit still inexperienced; hurts the longest and cuts the deepest – When you lose yourself loving someone, only to realize that person no longer loves you.

It was a slow death. Eating away at your soul, and then finally, when your skin is tender from the gradual peeling, when your heart is knocked senseless, the sharp knife comes at you from the shadows.

You feel back flow of blood cascading, gushing past the valves. Your eyes widen with shock as the control of all 5 senses abandon you in a split second.

Immobility; and then the aftershock kicks your tear glands to an overdrive. The tears cloud your vision and you crumble into a pile, Fetal position, as though in meek attempt to protect your heart.

He has left. for good.

And what’s the worst? “The things belonging to me at your house, you can do whatever you want with it.”

But I loved you. And I think, I will be for a long long time.