Sweet deceit,
weathered thin.
off your beguiling lips
tattooed on my skin

half a tide,
saccharine rhymes
soured into blight
I breathed for the last time.

painted red,
and blues and black,
bittersweet fate
no regrets…

violent tremors
i made a monster
pero, sigue siendo, mi amor.

Was out with an obnoxious man last night (a friend’s friend) who mocked me for having my extremely sweet scripted tattoo on my right thigh (which is by far the best decision I have inked) simply because he felt my tattoo bore a dumbfuck meaning. He rolled his eyes at me and muttered words that suggested I was retarded.

I am not going to write out what it says because I know some of you have been dying to find out and I want to keep intriguing you HAHA.

Its all fun and games to make fun of people with cheap or really stupid tattoos, but they do them. – However, you, bro. You don’t respect love. and for that, I don’t respect you.

This tattoo is the memory of my younger self, who once loved so much that I lost myself. When he left me, I thought I was going to die. But I lived.

These words, are words of the greatest grace I can ever give to him – Well wishes.

I never loved the same again.

I pity you, because love is casual talk to you.

Inspo for next tattoo and the poem above: