desire in depravity.

i whispered your name, as the sounds fall gently off my lips.
my palms are outstretched, as if awaiting,
a tender caress, to once again, warm the skin.
i stood still, not a single tear; for the agony superseded,
like a plague, incarcerate.
Ubiquitous, your presence, it haunts and yet delight.
I prayed for an end, like a waking dream
And yet, fate has us entwined.
Never had I, a desire so abysmal
it crept beneath my soul, marring every cell.
My broken mind, has blurred your face
for it too, could not deal with the torment.
a lasting remembrance, of you standing next to me,
the form of your shadow, it danced within my memory.
I reminisce, your fingers interlacing mine
i need to leave you behind.

You, a desire in depravity, my nocturnal obsession.