I will just start by showing you some pics of Asian food. (Ironically cooked in a Western country) BUT IT DOESNT MATTER.




I am already 3/4 done with my long haul in UK and US. However, I swear I will never touch another burger for the next 1 year. I never knew I could miss Chinese food so much. I PROMISE I WILL EAT MORE RICE WHEN I GET HOME.

These lovely photos are taken in a cosy little shop in Melbourne. 10.50 AUD per plate. Expensive as hell. I ordered the one in the middle. My favorite! Preserved veg with shredded pork over steamed rice with lots of chilli. That chilli is so fragrant. Reminds me of my grandmother. Very homemade and delicious. And after tasting the other plates I can safely say I made the right choice. LOL.

Went walking down King William’s street and just had to stop by this grilled cheese van. I always had a little dream to own something like that. I want to sell baked rice and soups. HAHAHA.

The guys manning the van has this “Feed the homeless” where you can pay it forward. I donated 2.50 😀 and a few moments later I saw an old man walking up to them to ask if they have any grilled cheese sandwich to spare. As he hobbled away to a small shady spot to have his lunch, I felt so contented inside.





Pretty cool huh? Anyway why the hell is cotton on more expensive in Australia than Singapore. I ended up buying cheeses and humongous strawberries home instead of the Sun Surf Summer-ish clothes that I was fantasizing of getting.

And let’s all remember Australia shops close at 5pm so I spent the whole day watching Friends. Do you know I have not watched the telly for like years? I fumbled with the control.


Ya, like with the mask and all.



Being the luxuriously indulgent little shit that I am, I popped in milk bath salts into the steaming tub. Opened the fresh strawberries and just took a long soak. I was picturing myself to be Goddess Elizabeth bathing in the fresh young virgin blood to maintain my deathly youth and beauty. HAHAHAHA.



Nothing else on your face truly matters when you have eyebrows. HAHAHA.


Here’s a mandatory scenery shot to show you that I really went there and not a photoshop genius. Because if I was, I wouldn’t look so bloody fat in this photo. It was just the jeans. Did I tell you? I threw em away. Buying it wasn’t the most jeanius shopping decision I made. HA HA HA.

Sorry, this shot is in Adelaide by the way.



Anyway enough of my trips. I went to Costal Settlement at that super ulu and super faraway place in Singapore. Opposite Changi hospital. What the fuck so expensive.

I ordered the mushroom soup and lamb racks. 14++ , 36 ++. The greens on the plate were largely confusing to my palate so I went full predator mode and only finished the lamb.

:/ Verdict? I think I rather visit the haunted hospital.

I miss my boyfriend. 5 more days to seeing him 😀 What if he forgot who I am. OMG. or he got a new owner. Insecurities……


Hehe. I will be updating again when I get home. PROMISE! 4th of December. Wait for itttt.

Streaming on 4th December, afternoon.

That’s a sunday okay. Don’t tell me you got no time.


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