the best things in life are not free, they come at 2.2k in the shape of an ROG laptop.

I fucking swear,

it’s either I am a poor + stupid woman, or wordpress is really a fucked up piece of shit. For a start. YOU CANT,!!! YOU CAN’T go to the web template editor to edit your own layout using html codes.YOU NEED TO PAY LIKE 70 BUCKS TO DO THAT.

WHO THE FUCK WILL PAY 70 BUCKS just to change the font used in the blog??? OR 70 BUCKS just to CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE HEADER. I don’t see that happening at

Okay, forget it. You don’t let me customize my template, that’s fine. Let’s go over and see what other ready made ones we can use. OH WOW. 90% OF THE THEMES NEED TO BE PAID FOR USAGE.

It’s not 1 dollar. its not 5 dollars. ITS FUCKING 20-70 dollars for one bloody fucking theme AND THAT STILL DOES NOT INCLUDE the CUSTOMIZATION OF YOUR OWN HTML. I think. I don’t know. because ain’t nobody so stupid to buy the themes when I can make one myself.FOR FREE. IF ONLY.

I am seriously thinking about moving back to but the transition will be a hassle because I already have so many posts and photos uploaded here.

The current font and color for my current theme seems to make it hard for you guys to read coherently. Trust me, I tried all of the free themes but they suck balls. I am so sorry. I will definitely try to see how to tweak the photo sizes and typing arrangements so its best for you guys to read with ease.

Now that my screen is 17.3″ I need to make sure I make the photos smaller even though it looks extra small on my screen.


Anyway, enough of whining. ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT MY ROG LAPTOP????
<inserts crappy music mix> But first, let me take a selfie. 

rog baby 1

Took this at the food hygiene course I attended. I really loved my eyeliner on this one because for the first time its actually balanced on both eyes. I kinda miss working at the small company that conducted the courses… It was a place where I can be creative, informal and still get to provide customer service. But really… the pay and the boss is like >.>

That was years ago tho. Time flies, as like everyone says but we all failed to fully see the power of every second. Now that I think about it, there’s only (theoretically) 5 working days in a week, 2 days for us to play. then it becomes a new week. There’s only 4 weeks in a month. Its really really fast. We only realize how fast it goes every Sunday, and every end of the year.

Your goddess is getting old, and not a fair bit more awesome than before. I need to change that.


OKAY, So before we get started

on my ROG lappy, here’s a quick pic of my favorite smoked duck. It’s from cold storage. There’s two types, one is the original, and one black pepper. Get the black pepper one because the other one tastes like fetus.

And yes, its really really good. Expensive though. 4.95 for one. But its large, tender, juicy, moist and flavorful. It’s the closest you can get to wetting your pants from food.

rog baby 3


The cute boy working at challenger called, and said MY FUCKING BABY IS WAITING FOR ME IN THE SHOP.

rog baby 10

I walked into the tiny shop and saw the beautiful box (extremely large too) waiting for me by the cashier. Cute boy offered to help me set the laptop up.

rog baby 11

rog baby 12

There’s the cerberus which is a gaming headset that comes included in the purchase. It’s a promotional item so it’s not available off the shelf.

rog baby 13

rog baby 14

rog baby 15

I squealed when he took the laptop out because it was so beautiful. My heart was pounding so fast! Omg.

rog baby 16

My hands were shaking when I took this pic. HAHAHA. I had work and a jb trip so I was only able to unpack and set it up at home like 4 days after bringing it back.

This is a comparison of my old laptop vs the rog:

rog baby 9

rog full size

Can you see the difference in the screen quality? It’s pretty hard to see the size comparison because my older one was already 15.6″ so not that much of a difference in size. But the rog baby is really heavy… about 4.3kgs as compared to 3kgs (my old acer one) It comes with a bigger and heavier battery too. God. Definitely not meant to be travel-friendly. Hahaha.

rog baby 18

Here’s a close up of the screen + the crimson keys.

It took me about 45mins to transfer my files from the old laptop into the HDD.

rog baby 17

But the ROGbaby only took about 20mins. But okay la, most of the new computers now already have USB 3.0.

I made a video as well, Sorry I look extremely ugly in the video. My face is somewhat distorted in there and I am not sure what the fuck happened as well. LOL.

Click here to go to the original youtube link :
if the fucking video above doesn’t work.

Okay, now that you have seen that really stupid ugly video of me and wasted 1.30 minutes of your life, here’s another photo of me to re-beautify that image of your goddess in your mind.

rog baby 19

Worked for this new dance club called The Stage. Its the old St James Powerhouse and oh my god, so nostalgic. I used to frequent there back when I was 18-19 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I love RNB and hiphop. Those were the days when music and dancing was more emphasized than drinking drinking drinking and girls pestering you to buy them shots because they earn commission from it. (That is basically every drinking place now)

The stage is actually a pretty good concept, and the boss is an extremely humble and friendly Korean guy. It has a live band playing all night, and a good mix of 80s, RnB and abit of edm. Very good ambience. However in my personal opinion… It’s not good to have “party girls” there who are overly pushy for shots. It deviates from the “Chill-out” concept. But well. I have decided that I won’t be working there anymore, But i may pop by for a drink one day.

I think one of the reasons why I can’t be successful in getting guys to buy me “ladies drink” so that I can earn from it is simply due to the fact I myself don’t endorse the idea of men spending 100-150 dollars for a tray of fruit juice. Of which, I only earn a small share of. Might as well give me the money….

Also, I never believed in asking/begging for something from a guy. I think that if he is sincerely and genuinely interested in wanting to make a good impression, he will buy you the drinks on his own.

rog baby 20

I worked during the soft launch of The Stage and the friendly boss bought this for another girl working there. 30 tequila shots. And nope, I really wanted to help her out but I hate tequila. Its the bane of my life.

Enough of nightlife and work and money. It’s fucking stressful to talk about them. LOL. Let’s destress and look at the resemblance Z has to chickens and ducks.

rog baby 21 rog baby 22

LOOOOOOOOOOOL i don’t think anyone of you will allow me to take photos of you guys the next time we go out together.

rog baby 23But hey, I do take normal photos with people too. I love the holiday season and will always wear the santa hat when I am out. Sorry, Look like shit here with only a face powder. Yes, I love this photo only because I look cute with the hat. LOL 😉 😉

Went Christmas shopping with Mr lawyer and he brought me to a yakitori place called Sumire Yakitori House at Bugis Junction. Stuffed our faces with an array of food. The cold tofu in Goma sauce damn fucking awesome. I also really liked their “chicken tail” and Mushroom sticks. Way cheaper than my favorite Yakitori place, Tori Tama.

rog baby 24 rog baby 25 rog baby 26

Notice that super fat potato croquette in the middle of the photo. If you haven’t watched the video of it I uploaded on Insta, please do. It’s fucking awesome. HAHAHA. my insta’s name is Valeisky if you haven’t already know.

So I chanced upon this whilst online. Now we know who to not offend if we want to stay alive.

rog baby 27

Looks like I better not drive Z crazy lest you find me one day with a razor embedded in my throat. No wonder he always told me he likes razer products. NOW I KNOW.

Here, have a pic of a fat and generous slab of foie gras.

rog baby 28

Don’t worry, your goddess didn’t have the privilege to eat it too. Mr lawyer sent it to me because Leos love to evoke jealousy in other people. HAHAHA. Fuck, i almost typed “invoke jealousy”

invoker lol

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Anyway I do not own this beautiful drawing of invoker. the original photo is accessible by clicking the photo.

I may upload a video of me playing invoker soon with Z screaming instructions at me as a mentor. But first I need to get a camera because fucking iphone.


I had to cancel work (fucking x1.5 pay $$$$) because of bad gastric. And I was being so sad and emo at home thus my sweet sister decided to ask me and Z to join her boyfriend and her for a mock-up christmas party at home.

She hung the glowstick on our very grumpy lycan:

rog baby 29

rog baby 30me: Waaaa mei,so romantic, you make heart shape for you and jasper ah?

Now we know. HAHA

rog baby 31

LOL. My sister bought this packet of fake snow and placed it into a container. It does actually feel like the real thing. Just that you can keep this for a long long time ;D

I prepared some last minute Christmas dishes and we had some wine. I couldn’t eat too much tho, But it was all great.

rog baby 32rog baby 33 rog baby 34

We had almond cheese crackers, Spinach pizza, gyoza nuggets as well as lychee+longans and even a mini logcake. HAHA.

rog baby 35

I guess money can always be earned. But nothing beats spending a special occasion with people/animals that love you. 😀

Yes, I am a very very lucky girl 😀 Thank you to all of you who bothered to buy me a present. It really means alot to me because I spend alot of my hard earned money buying presents for everyone who matter because I know it always feels nice to receive an Xmas gift!


Let’s end things on a wonderful and happy note with an essential oil that I came across whilst hunting for presents:

rog baby 38Quantum technology 😉

Goodbye guys. I hope you had a good Christmas and a coming-soon New year 🙂 It’s time to make those resolutions that we don’t fucking fulfill again, is it not? 😀

Thanks for reading thousands of words painstaking written by your goddess for 3 hours.


Guys, 2015 is coming. Let’s just tell ourselves that we will have no ragrets even though we really made alot of shitty ass mistakes. At least we didn’t get a huge mistake tattooed on our chests. See? Some people have it worse than us 😉 😉



rog1OSEA 2014

I look like a retard. Don’t mind it. But hey I mean I was offered the rarest opportunity to like, learn about sea steel and hydrohammers and hydraulics okay.


Here’s a drawing for reference. HAHAHAHA. It’s actually pretty interesting, I read all the brochures from IHC whilst I was working at the booth with the Caucasians there. I made so many cups of coffee in that 2 days I worked, I think I can now work at Starbucks for double pay.






I did a shoot at studio M and L was kind enough to get the executive room! The view is amazing and well yes it did bring back some memories. I hate myself for only remembering the happy ones. If I too remember the bad ones as well just like he did maybe I can move on completely instead of weeping around like a scotch brite sponge that’s too soaked up.



HAHA. IKR. My description is fucking accurate and relatable.

Anyway if you guys are planning to bring the bae to somewhere nice for an overnight ( I kno watchu wanna do in there 😉 )
Then you should give Studio M a try if you haven’t. It’s actually cheaper on weekends instead of weekdays because it is a business hotel.

Bring your bae there and show her YOU MEAN BUSINESS 😉 😉 😉

Book early, get 25% off. They have a festive sale right now as well. 25% off, with buffet breakfast for two. Don’t get the patio one. Get the deluxe and above. Your bed will be on the second floor. Which is better … right? You can do her from the door, to the tv, to the stairs, and then finally, on the bed. I’ve got it all mapped out for ya!




One of the photos taken during the shoot. No, I wasn’t actually naked. It’s photoshopped la. Why else do you think I will have cleavage???? HAHAHAHA.




Z bought me this whilst I was at work. And he’s so nice to buy the extra cheese :’) He told me this last night when I was still trying to get over the sadness: Cherish the ones in front of you…

Lol. It’s actually funny to hear it because its in Mandarin. And even funnier because lycan walked past when he said that.


The only one who will love me forever 🙂 ok, at least until he dies. or sees an insect. HE WILL RUN AWAY AND LEAVE ME IN THE LURCH.


Mr lawyer and I ordered 6 crabmeat+pork dumplings and 6 pork ones. So the crab ones arrived first AND THEY FUCKING CAME WITH THIS







Speaking of food, I am pretty sure I am a certified food art-ist now.




So anyway question for you guys.





😉 HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. please still continue to love me. PLZ.



Anyway before watching Mamma Mia, IV has suggested that he want to bring me to try Sky 57. YES I AM A LUCKY GIRL I KNOW.

SKY on 57

 (By celebrity chef Justin Quek)


In the lift on the way up to 57. Pardon my make-up. I tried using kohl on the undereye AND I WON’T DO IT AGAIN. I look like I am 38 married with kids in this photo.



To be honest what’s so fantastic about this view? It’s all just skyscrapers. Lmao. And yes, because Singapore needs us to remind her that shes fucking old, 50 years old grandma. I sure as hell think my mother will violently burn me alive on a stake if I ever so proudly announce her age publicly with a word art on the river.




The restaurant is tucked away at the corner of level 57. It was raining that day, so it was quite a pity.



I did not ask IV how much was the bill, but I assume it should be about 200+ for two of us, without any drinks. For that price, I kind of expected gold plated cutlery or a rare fire breathing orchid on my table. HA HA.


IV did the ordering being the foodie that he is. Basically, Chef’s signature.


For starters, we had a cappuccino Mushroom soup. It was good, (once again, I like to drink soup so my opinion may be biased) So you just drink it like how the queen’d do her tea. Sip it with an air of elegance and British dignity, savor the flavorful mushrooms and yes! It is just like cappuccino with a light froth and easy on the palate.





Then we had the much raved about Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. My verdict? well it’s really very err,,, duck. You can say it ruffled my feathers. HA HA HA. did anyone get it >.>

But I have to say, the dumpling’s skin is extremely soft, and the filling is warm with a good broth. I’d say the skin definitely beats Din Tai Feng’s one hands down. DTF’s one gets really hard if you don’t finish eating the dumplings fast enough.

Sorry. I just read DTF as Down To Fuck. Let’s not abbreviate that anymore. LOL

And do we want to know how much does 5 pieces of dumplings cost? Nope, we don’t. HAHAHA



For my main, IV got me the Baked miso black cod with lime and ginger butter because I love fish. And Cod is one of my favorite fish.

Verdict? I give 9/10 for the fish. There’s hardly any fault to pick with the fish. It’s a superb cut, fresh and plump too. The size is just right, not too tiny to make you think it’s stingy, but not too big that you can’t finish it.

However, I am not a fan of the sauce because it becomes a chore to eat after awhile since it is tangy and has a sweet after taste. And everything is soaked in the sauce. So you have sweet lime flavored fish and vegetables swimming around on your plate.

Sauce: 3/10
Presentation: 4/10

It really looks unappetizing as the specks of green floating around in the thick yellow pool + 2 strands of veg + some chopped veg (those that you feed ur kids) + raw greens on top just makes for a really overcrowded image that confuses your brain how the dish may taste like instead of delivering a clear, welcoming message.

I finished the fish by scraping the sauce off it actually. The fish is really excellent. I hope the Chef can come up with newer fusion options although I don’t think I can ever afford going there again. Maybe, if I marry a rich man with one foot in his grave. HAHA.



IV had the pan roasted Sakura Chicken Supreme. So as you can see, the presentation again is really cluttered. Maybe its just my OCD kicking in.

So err… I am not a Chicken fillet/breast person (unless its women’s breasts) thus I can’t give a fair verdict about the taste. I had some of the Chicken and to be honest it tastes extremely ordinary like those you can get from your 3$ chicken rice stall at the kopitiam.
We went out to take a look at the view after dinner, but only for a short while as we were already late for our show (thus couldn’t afford to have dessert)



No one was out sitting around and sipping on their 20++ glasses of wine as it was raining. But the view is breathtaking because now the boring sky scrapers light up like christmas trees.





Great view really. 8/10
Value for Money (How does this even apply here lol)
Creativity: 7.5/10
Taste: 6/10
Presentation: 4/10

I guess you can say I am a kampong girl who don’t know how to appreciate fine dining, but nonetheless IV and I had a good time chatting and he was so worried I wouldn’t like the food. However, he doesn’t know that its not the food but the company that matters 🙂



It turns out IV is a true ABBA fan! He knows most of the lyrics and we were singing along to the fantastic show. They are no longer showing anymore however if they come back to MBS again you really have to give the show a go.

Our tickets were the standard ones, 168 each. Ouch. HAHA.

The cast is amazing, great vocals and extremely good acting. It was funny, emotional and at the same time easy to understand. But if you are planning to bring your ah gong ah ma who can’t really understand slang then better not because there are no subtitles… obviously. Its a play. hahaha.

Everyone was grooving along and dancing at the end. It was a nice feeling because everyone around us was so happy.



IV bought me a pack of sweets from my favorite confectionery company to nibble on during the show. My favorite is TANGY BLISS where the jellies are sour on the outside, and has a gooey surprise center. Why is it my favorite? Because my favorite flavor is Lime, and in TANGY BLISS, its a 50-50 of orange and lime. So normally, I will eat all the lime and leave the orange ones in the fridge for my family (mainly my sister) LOL.



IV bought us the Mamma Mia booklet to keep as memory 🙂


Here, have a blurred image of your goddess in her electric blue maxi in front of a gigantic tree.



My dog is the reason why I am not ranked 1 in the world for laziness.




I CANT BELIEVE I AM FINALLY GETTING MY HANDS ON THIS BABY. The newest! Asus Rog G751. Touted one of the best on the market now, with desktop equivalent performances. The Asus JY model features the new 980M Nvidia graphic card, 4GB DDR5 with 16 gb of RAM + 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD.

I realized the specs differ on different websites. but this info I have is found on the Asus product guide.

What’s amazing is that it has dual fans with impeccably designed heat vents to make sure this gaming monster is always kept cool to the touch and not to mention it fucking looks like a Ferrari on the exterior.


Sadly, I did not get the JY because its 2.9k. Even though most of the money for the laptop is kindly sponsored by one of my lovely peasants, (will dedicate the post to him once the laptop is here) I decided that the extra 700$ from my own pocket will murder my bank account.

I got the JT model, which is the 2nd tier of the Asus gaming series. Basically everything is the same as the JY model, except that its running on the 970M graphic card (but still awesome) only 3gb DDR5, 8Gb ram and fucking 8gb SSD.

But after much contemplation despite the gaming freak in me calling out nastily for me to just punch digits into the ATM and get the JY, I decided not to because I am not playing battlefield nor Assassins creed nor anything that’s really extremely hardcore graphic dependent.

I’m fucking playing dota 2 for fuck’s sake. It’s not like with the JY model the walrus punch in game will become 3D and hit me in the face. HAHAHA.

This is how poor people console themselves and to always be contented with what they have. NO RAGRETS BRO.

And i am already a very lucky girl to be given a sponsored gaming laptop 🙂

Here, have a photo of it and grovel upon its presence.

My life will then be complete. OMG 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




Mr lawyer is going to kill me for this. BUT ITS JUST TOO ADORABLE AND I HAVE TO POST IT.



Almost as adorable as the blue tongue skink that I want to buy. However the main problem that I am facing is that there is no space in my tiny bedroom. I used to have all these happy fantasies of staying with J and keeping an assortment of pets in his spacey front yard. Haha.

Now that I know they can only ever be fantasies I guess its time for me to start putting my sims 2 building skills to use and draw up plans to buy a bed frame and a new cupboard which can substitute the mammoth 2nd cupboard (mind you, I have 3 cupboards in my room and 1 tub of clothes in the storeroom) and leave space to hold the tank for my skink.

Sigh. Given the fact that I intend to have a gigantic sulcata, a snake, 2 dogs, an iguna and a bird on top of my skink, I guess no guy’s gonna marry me and no girls are going to visit my house. 😥



And nope. I am not your usual party-goer clubber siao EDM fan. I worked for RIPCURL during zoukout as their dunking model and it sure as hell wasn’t all that glamorous. Like really, the guys were all just trying to get me wet.


LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no plz don’t think otherwise. HAHAHA.


Managed to find time to take a photo on the 2nd day. Are you wondering why my make up still looks immaculate even having submerged in the freezing water over and over again for 4 hours?



Okay, the fact aside, fret not. you can also look as fabulous as your goddess.

I am just using a CC cream which i bought from Watsons, called Visual Therapy by 1028. I think its a korean brand.

Then, I used the Colorstay concealer by Revlon. It is really lasting and delivers the long hours of locking as promised.

I complete the foundation by dusting on a nicely scented face powder which has no brand. HAHAHA. Its also from Watsons, priced at about 22$ usual price. It comes in 4 types, Matte&natural (the one i am using), Radiant, For acne and Youthful.

Comes in a compact round casing with a beautiful and smooth gliding puff.

I strongly recommend the eyeliner I am using. It stays on and its a gel type one for people like me who can’t handle precision point liquid liners. A huge range of colors too. I am using the GELPRESSO, korean brand and also can be found in watsons. Usual price is about 20+.

I used brown, for my upper lids, and silver for my lower.

My lipstick is also by Revlon, the very popular Revlon Colorburst, which Emma Stone was the Brand Ambassador for.

Brow pencil is also lasting, from the Body shop.



This was taken on the first day, and I did not put much make up because I thought I may end up looking like this:

And yes. Her boobs damn sexy. LOL. She’s Jesslyn, the other model who was working with me.



For those of you who couldn’t manage to get a ticket. Here’s a photo of mine. You can print it out and hang it on your wall.



And yes, also have a photo of what you missed. I wish Zoukout had the Mambo Jumbo tent. I guess that era of good music is dying off already.


Some things were just not meant to last. :(
And I need to remind myself that every day.