Rejuran 2nd visit + Nose threadlift.

Hello there lovelies, it’s been awhile.

Was so preoccupied with setting up my exclusive telegram group and making sure everything is on track. Things are getting along fine now so here I am again on my writings. Please do drop me an email if you are keen on joining the paid telegroup.




I have just done my second treatment of REJURAN, as some of you beauty lovers may know- been wanting to try that out since last year and I only managed to do the 2nd treatment late last month.

NOTE: SLIGHTLY DISTURBING PICS/GIFS if you have phobia of needles.


Just to jog the memory for those of you who are interested in getting this treatment, that you are required to do it in this sequence:

You need 3-4 treatments per month for the first 4 months. After which, you will only need 1 maintenance visit between the next 6-9 months and thereafter.

I do actually personally recommend this for the matured ladies. I think that’s when you can feel the maximum effectiveness of this treatment.

I also did a nose threadlift together with my rejuran, because why not right? I done it under Ryan as well (from the same clinic I am featuring here) before and I really love the results because its so natural and beautiful. I received comments from followers that I shouldn’t be doing the threadlift because my nose is already nice and sharp but I personally felt that the threadlift helped me make it look just alittle slimmer and perkier, and the best is that

Your nose structure permanently adheres to this shape as time goes by.

Meaning even if you don’t go for the annual touch-ups anymore, it will always maintain the shape. Which is awesome! And I love that it isn’t a permanent nose job. The kind where you need to worry if someone punches you in the face.

So let’s begin our journey –


PARDON MY UGLY PHOTOS LMAO. So, I am in the holding room where the nurse will apply the numbing gel onto my face.







You then go into the waiting room to lounge and wait for the gel to take effect. The staff here are so friendly it always makes me feel like I am at home.

I literally just slept there. On the couch HAHAHA.



The wait is about 30-40mins depending on your absorption and HOW MUCH OF A PUSSY ARE YOU.







Since the nose threadlift is going to require more numbness, Ryan applied the anesthetic syringes onto my nose first. I’m telling you this pain is so unreal.








Once the injections are set, the Rejuran injections commences.






As mentioned in my first rejuran post, they have that handy dildo/vibrator thing to distract you while the doc pierces your fucking face multiple times. It’s really quite effective lol. However you will still feel the sting. After awhile, you just get used to the pain.

USED TO, not NUMB. you will still feel it and cringe internally every single time.

This entire process probably takes less than 5 minutes. And ta dah!!! You will soon have fish DNA coursing through ur face, trying to make you turn from a 5/10 to a 10/10 babe. HAHAHAHA.



The rejuran healer at this clinic is on promotion now, you can get it at 388$ excl.gst for the first time trial. Go book an appointment now or call if you are interested to know more.


NOTE, this is not an advertisement for the clinic!

I just really like what service I have been getting, and 388$ is way below the market price for such a 5 star clinic that I decided to blog about it. 



My favorite guilty indulgence of all time – Because I never liked my nose even though yes its already quite nice on its own. I just really am obsessed with the sharpness and defined outline of the Caucasians – especially Russian girls. They hella hot.


Your nose should already be numb by now. Syringe anesthesia is freaking strong and fast. Nurse will pad up your eyes so you will not be tempted to get cock-eyed from looking at your own nose. And also because it’s fucking scary.



Ryan then begins with making a hole in the center of the nose – That’s where the threads are going to be inserted into.


I am actually having goosebumps right now looking at the gif LOL FUCK. So after the threads are inserted, (U WILL NOT FEEL ANYTHING other than pressure, because of the numbness)

Thank the great heavens. And thus, the number of threads inserted also depends on how “Jialat” your nose is or if you wanna end up looking like a Plastic doll from korea then hell yeah, insert 1000 threads.

I only got a few because I do not require that many to achieve a nice look.

Lastly, Ryan will press press your nose as if its PLAY-DOH and try to shape it up to look higher and more defined.


10 mins – and you are done. It’s no wonder they call this threadlift the “Lunch-time Nose job” LOL. You can still make it in time to grab a subway before heading back to work. Science is motherfucking amazing.



Remove the pads, and you good to go GIRL.

You will definitely bruise, but the bruising is up to individuals. Ryan is really amazing and I don’t have much of a bruise on my 2nd and 3rd threadlift. (This is my 3rd).





Pro tip: Do a mask over a few consecutive days while your pores are raw and open from the multiple injections. This way, all the guuuud stuff goes in easily.

I used SK II clear lotion and the overpriced SK II Mask on the first night, and DR MORITA on the subsequent nights.


Day 2:


Can you see that my face is actually glowing? It’s not oil. It’s matt and bouncy.

Day 5:



Notice the wound on the nose tip has healed and waiting to scab and fall off. My skin is still glowing. But I think its the effect of the SK II Mask as well.


Day 9:





The wounds are all healed and look at the fucking quality of my skin after my first wash in the morning.

Please note all these healing photos are taken on my iPhone without filters. 


2 weeks:


Other than my eye bags, My skin is really immaculate. I have several pits on my cheeks due to a bad acne outbreak during my younger years. But I could see visible change on the overall texture of my face. The glow is still there, and I think its the slow build up of the rejuran’s effect.


3 weeks:


Sorry, my eye bags are crazy because I have been lacking sleep due to work. HAHAHA. But yes. I am extremely happy about the results of the Rejuran.

I recommend this for people who have dull and yellow skin like me with ageing problems. I am an old auntie liao… hehe.

With filter. IM TELLING YA, SNOW APP is absolut-fucking-amazing. And can you see my god damn nose bridge. HAHAHA.



Save your money girls, THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Feel free to email me if you have additional questions regarding either of the treatments.

TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic,
8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90
Singapore 059818

Phone: (+65) 6221 8221

The friendly staff 😀
So shy to take a pic but i kinda forced them LMAO.



Will update another post this week, a short erotic prose for my cheeky followers.

Rejuvenate with Rejuran :D

Hola mi amigos

ESTOY TAN FELIZ Porque alcance mi meta para Febrero. I worked hard and pushed harder. Well, everything except the working out and keeping fit part. Ugh. Cannot stop eating potatoes.

So this post today is for beauty-fanatics out there, don’t think my pervvy fans will like this much. Sorry, lewd posts coming your way before 1st week of March okay?



It is basically a treatment of multiple jabs into your face to trick your skin into thinking there’s severe damage and forces your body to work hard to “regenerate” skin cells. The results?

Radiant skin that has lesser fine lines, scars, pores and radiates a baby-like softness and glow.

You can read about it here:

Aesthetics Central Clinic is my favorite choice as usual – Located right at the Central, Clarke Quay. The nurses and doctors are friendly and the prices are reasonable.

After you are done acknowledging all the paperwork, the nurse calls you into the treatment room to apply numbing cream. Please note that this procedure is known to sting quite abit because you will get

40-50 jabs on your face.

I have a super high threshold for pain thus I only needed numbing cream. Some people need oral medication and even nerve blocks. So please do not be garang if you aren’t. Just eat and do everything you can if you are scared of the pain.



Waiting in the holding room for the numbing cream to set.


You are not allowed to have any make up remaining for the procedure, but I do not need any around my eyes so I left my eye make up on.

The white stuff you see is the numbing cream. It smells like corn.



Dr Ryan is my usual go-to in the clinic cuz he is very detailed in his explanation of how things work and I really appreciate that. He was shocked at how I can tahan all the pain. Well, this treatment was an invitation by the clinic manager who’s a friend of mine. So I figured friends are worth going thru the pain for 😛

You lie down, he eases you into the procedure, and it begins.

If you are scared of needles, this is definitely not a good idea because the pain does not go away or numbs with the multiple jabs. Each time feels the same – Stinging, and quite painful.

The only difference is some areas hurt more than the others.

Notice the dildo at my lower jaw area? The nurse uses that as a distraction for you so that you will focus less on the actual injections. ITS NOT ACTUALLY A DILDO BUT YES YOU MAY USE IT AS ONE. It has one hell of a vibration.



Yes I reserved a larger image for you to relish in the bloody sight. Ha Ha Ha




I had the time to snap a quick pic. HAHAHA



My face right after the treatment:




After 3 hours:



After 1 day:



NOT EVERYONE HEALS THE SAME, I am considered super fast. Some people will get redness that don’t reside for many days. So make sure you scheduled your work perfectly to allow the healing.

You need to note that for the complete wholesome effect of Rejuran, you have to do it:

Once every month for 3 consecutive months,
1 more time 4 months later,
and 1.5 years once subsequently for maintenance.

It costs approx 399++ at this clinic for FIRST TIME TRIALS.

You may consult the Clinic managers who will work out a suitable budget and ideal skin treatment for yourself.

I will upload more photos after I have completed my “3 consecutive months” injections. However, I do advise in my own opinion, women who need this treatment more are those of matured age like in their 40s and above.

If you have a budget, I recommend Venus laser (for skin problems) or nose threadlift (really good). I have a post on my nose threadlift done in this clinic in the archives.

You may read it here.

The nose threadlift is approximately 1200 SGD. But the effect is there, its natural looking and it stays on for months. The good thing about it? Your skin cells releases DNA around the threads, giving it the extra bridge even after the threads are gone. So after a few times (You may do it once annually), you do not even require it anymore because your DNA has structured itself in your nose bridge, giving it the defined look without the help of the threads.

Feel free to call the clinic or email me if you have any inquiries.


For my pervvy or wanderlusty fans, my Banjaran Hot springs review is coming up next. So if you want bikini pics, stay tuned. HAHAHA.




Introducing to you guys…

CO2 LASER treatment for your face.

co2 plant

BE LIKE A PLANT. have you ever seen a plant grow acne or scars? Look at their luscious leaves and beautiful flowers and fruit. SMOOTH AND .. LUSH

I’m just kidding don’t go and look at your flower pot now. But then again, I am pretty positive your plant rocks better skin than you.

Previously, I did Venus viva laser in the Korean Clinic, Aeon remember? It was beautifully done but recently after my awesome nose threadlift done by Doctor Ryan at TCS aesthetics I was keen to see if a stronger laser treatment can help me with my scars.

Yes… its not just my heart that is scarred. 😥 LOL

Okay basically this CO2 laser is like a gigantic high tech alien weapon that blasts your face off and burns you in hell for a few days whilst your skin regenerates after the attack.

weapon of fire

Ok Im juz jokin it doesn’t look like that. Its just a freaking small lil pen that heats up insanely hot and burns you. But yes the hair on Dr Ryan has been accurately drawn. HAHAHA.

It is much stronger and more effective at targeting scars caused by acne than Venus. Hence, the downtime is 5-7days whereas I only had to rest 3 days for Venus.

You may go to TCS website here where they have a variety of lasers to choose from depending on what you want.

They can target aging skin, oil seeds, scars, pores, whatever you can ever imagine.


co 1

Beautiful day couches and lots of light. Yum yum picturesque.

co 2

That’s just the bed they use to administer appropriate numbing creams etc. and For photo taking. Yes my forehead is fucking shiny. My knees and shoulders shine too btw.


Numbing cream on, waited quite abit. Had to eat some medicine as well. Then finally, went into the Operating room 😉 to see my handsome Dr Ryan.

ITS FUCKING PAINFUL. I could feel my soul being scalded away. But its bearable. There’s no pain greater than an empty wallet.

So basically the laser pen just goes over your face covering the areas you want to target. Just like Venus. but this one really pain factor 6/10. Venus was 0/10.

IT WUZ OVER DAMN FAST LIEK 20 MINS and my handsome doc went off already. Sad.


Right after the treatment. I couldn’t feel any pain yet because of the numbing effects yet to wear off. I was given a cream to prevent infections.

3 hours later:


co 6

co 7

I sprayed AVENE water on my face and it helped to lessen the angry pain.

Day 2:

Considerably less red and does not hurt anymore.

co 8


Day 4:

Started to dry up and flake. Redness subsided.

Day 6:

No more redness but see My flakes. LOL I AM A FUCKING ANACONDA.

co 11


Day 8:

I finally dared to put on light blusher. No foundation, no correctors. Just blush, eyebrow, lipstick.

co 12

co 13

No more peeling!!! 😀 Don’t you think I look absolutely radiant in that full face pic. HEHEHE. My face is shining!!!

Nice nice ma? 😀

If you guys are interested in it please do drop me a message on FB or Insta or pigeon courier whatever. Alternatively, you can drop by the clinic and say “Valeisky’s friend here!” who knows maybe the doctor will give you special incentive like a lap dance.

I’d take it any day.

This is their number: 6221 8221

Hope you guys find this post useful for those thinking of doing laser treatments!

For Nosy people, Nosy business here!


Good evening my darlings.

SO, I’m sure facebook followers of mine have recently noticed a photo I uploaded, mentioning I am on my way to try out a non invasive surgery.

M presented this to me as a birthday present (extremely late but still appreciated) and introduced me to this great clinic which his friends have patronized and found to be great. I went to the clinic and asked for recommendations. Guess which I chose?

Yes you got it. It’s time for me to learn to be NOSE-Y like all dem bitches.


Getting into the high ridges, brah. I have seen a lot of my friends trying it out, and honestly, despite myself never having been a fan of plastic surgery, the “non invasive” and “non permanent” terms came across as extremely attractive.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is an old time fad. It’s like a Kardashian. Looks good, ain’t really practical, but very controversial.

“微整容” or “Minimal facial enhancements” as they call it, grew seemingly popular. Many celebrities/popular social media influencers turn to it as a more feasible idea because Plastic surgery is simply just too passe. And besides, there’s just simply no way out if someone calls you plastic because. U are.




8 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central, Office 1. #11-90


Having played too much Sims 3 I really love to appreciate great interior design. And the clinic really did a fantastic job with the lovely warm hues off the earthen color palette. The staff were also extremely friendly.

Have you ever been to those beauty shops/clinics where the staff appear to be super judgmental and bitchy? THAT FUCKING ANNOYS ME.

But TCS staff despite being all female (You know your goddess don’t click with girls xD) they were really really friendly and made me feel welcome.

I explained to them that I came here through my friend’s recommendation and would like to see the doctor for his advice on what should I do to make myself HOTTER AND PRETTIER SO I CAN KILL EVERYONE WITH A STARE INSTEAD OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.


consultation 2


consultation 1

consultation 3

They carry their own line of skincare that they use in their clinic.




My Doctor is called Ryan. He’s extremely handsome and cool. HES 40 OVER BY THE WAY. DAYUM SON LOOKIN FINE. His skin is fucking flawless.

Well to nobody’s surprise, he told me that he does the skin enhancements on himself. And does it on his wife too. (*disappointments…)


b4 surgery 1

So Ryan told me Nose threadlift OK. V Popular choice, and he will even help me to add a tad bit of botox on my forehead cuz he said I frown too much.


b4 surgery 2

Sorry, I look like a fucking bobo. Sitting on the bed waiting for numbing cream to be applied on my nose.

b4 surgery 3

No Filter, no make up. (Except for eyebrows. DO NOT LEAVE HOUSE WITHOUT EYEBROWS.)



Ok, so basically there are no photos for this, but I am gonna fucking type it out for you guys to imagine it in your own twisted ways. HEHEHE.

SO, firstly, its gonna fucking hurt but I am a masochist so that’s fine by me. INJECTIONS go in and I tell ya that needle stings like a hornet. Then, Ryan made a hole at the tip of my nose. That’s where the threads would go into.

Once the numbness from the syringe sets in, the threads goes in. TWO LONG THREADS, one along each side of the nose. And 1 more at the bottom, like dis <——> to support the nose, to make it look more perky.

The pain…. is bearable for me but I can tell you, even a Norwegian warrior is going to cry. Tears rolled down from my eyes but it’s a natural reaction because your nose is really sensitive especially at your philtrum (the indention between your nose and mouth) AND THE GOD DAMN HOLE IS JUST RIGHT NEAR IT AT THE TIP OF UR NOSE.

Then a few jabs of botox on my forehead, and tadah! I am good to go. Lololol.

Faster than sex bro.



aft surgey 1

aft surgery 2

The nose bridge looks really sharp. And you can already see the bruising on my nose. Second pic, the red dot in between my nostrils is the Hole that I am talking about.

You gotta take good care of it. DO NOT CONTAMINATE IT as it will cause infection. No make up, no fingers, no nosing around dirty affairs. NO PUN INTENDED 😛


Below: Botox marks.

aft surgery 5aft surgery 6

I have really serious frown lines on my forehead because I squint alot since young. And yes I frown alot when playing cancer SEA dota games.

ARNIKA tablets given to me to reduce swelling and promote healing!

after surgery 2.3


Feeling all numb and flaky I said my goodbyes to the friendly staff and went for lunch.



30 mins after surgery

aft surgery 4


Day 2 to Day 8


If you notice the first two pics, My eyes are actually swollen. YOU WILL NOT GET THE SWELLING FROM THE THREADLIFT. Your nose will also swell abit. Just look at my koala bear nose. I look like I ran away from the zoo.

The reason why my eyes are swollen is because I am allergic to the antibiotic. LOL. FUCKING UGLY BRO.

Plz dont unfollo. plz.

After recovery, it looks really natural and it doesn’t hurt! and don’t worry you can do your pig snout, or go fighting, its fine your nose won’t drop off.






I tried to recapture the photos under the same light and in same environment. LOL. IN AN UBER IN THE AFTERNOON.

Talk about effort bro.

I tilted my face a little more so you can see clearer. Look at dat ridge…. higher than the Wall donald trump wants to build.



You can visit their website here:

For anyone interested to go over and take a look, or even just ask a few questions, Please do ask away! They are really friendly. 😀

*Disclaimer: I have explained to the clinic that I like to blog and I will be featuring my journey on my website. Although I am not directly affiliated with them, you may mention my name when you pay them a visit! 🙂

You can also drop me a message at if you are keen to try it but have more questions.

I’m always willing to help out a fellow girl WHO IS SICK OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.




Food gracious me

I swear I feel like I am the world’s laziest person ever whenever I see the gigantic gap of the days in between each post.

I have been having too much fun every day after leaving the terrible office life that its getting criminal. So here I present to you my food findings just, you know, to make you envious and wishing you’ll have some time off to slack.

Its surprising how some people have this concept that people who “throw letter” (tender resignation) before finding another job are just being lazy and try to make up excuses. My standard reply to people like that, I tell them “Being unemployed is a luxury in Singapore. Bitch, I’m luxurious.”

You gotta admit, its true. HAHAHAHA. When I was stuck in the office job, I always go to work 35 mins earlier, and leave later than stipulated. And every single day I am desperately crawling towards the weekend. Some people like that routine and stability, but I can’t.


Anyway yes I have been trying to cram in as many activities as I can into these 2 short months before the review (for my next job) date is due, end May. I mentioned in my previous post that I will be going to Boracay BUT WHAT THE FUCK the plane timings are so weird and they don’t cater flights every other day.


So yes sadly I changed it to Phuket. Boracay will have to wait till I find a PH boyfriend. ;D

My first stop will be Melaka this weekend. So, wait for me 😀


So yes some goddess reviews. I love to eat but I am not hipster enough to do cafe hopping all the time (because most of these  places ulu as fuck and I only got my legs and an ezlink)

The hugely raved Spathe (Yes I did my online homework)

8 Mohamed Sultan Rd #01-01, 238958



The exterior looks like some taiwanese eatery that sells pork buns and stuff. HAHAHA.

I love the interior though. Bricks. I just have this really unexplained fetish for all kinds of bricks. LOL.


Yes, I just wanted to take a selfie with the brick wall behind. JUST HAD TO.


It’s a simple menu with just a few choices. I, obviously took the most gluttonous one which was the heartiest full American breakfast and eggs done scrambled. Paired it with a strawberry lime cider.

I personally prefer Rekorderlig to Kopparberg.



The highlight was the scrambled. It was done really really well. I still can’t really figure what did they put inside. But I’m sure there some sort of cooking cream/ milk kind of dairy. How else is it so moist and creamy!?!?!?!? :O

Everything else was so-so. The bread was the most O.O I didn’t touch it after one bite. The mushrooms were also really rich and creamy, and bacon was really salty thus if you add everything up you feel abit sick halfway through the meal.


And of course we just had to have it served on some sort of a hipsterish wooden serving board.

I R8 it 7/10 for decor, 6/10 for value, and 7/10 for food.


Just in case you guys have not realized it Sherlocks is here to inform he discovered that your goddess really likes brunches. All day breakfasts ; the creamy scrambled eggs, the smell of freshly brewed tea and coffee + daily made bread with snowy butter. GOD DAMN FOOOD. WHY AM I SO FAT, I JUST WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING.

The exercise that you need to do after that….

i cant do this

But who cares right.


My next stop:

Fourty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, 163078

One of the really super ulu places. Thank god my friend drove. But even so we had to find it using GPS.



I really really liked the decor of this place. All the little ornaments reminded me of the little trinkets that i will download in my sims 3 to spruce up the place. Everything there had a rustic feel and that’s my favorite.

I was seated right in front of the daily made goods. Looks really pleasing.

I ordered fresh orange juice with OF COURSE, THE BREAKFAST PLATTER. My friend ordered eggs Benedict with steak and potatoes.


I prefer this one to the one at Spathe because I like my food to be comfort-ish. (Like, wet and sloppy). They have the beef sauce here which I really love as it seem to wonderfully complete the otherwise rather dry food items.

Loved the sausage, bacon was not too salty. Tomatoes were well grilled, you can still taste that charcoal.Mushrooms and scrambled were good, however the ones at Spathe were creamier and more flavorful.

And as for the flatbread/ pita.. it was O.O as well. I didn’t eat it after one bite. SOUNDS FAMILIAR. LOL. I think it would have been better if the dough was spread out thinner or maybe just hotter. This one was cold and the spread given was too little.

I wouldn’t have minded just traditional bread slices or a bun.


Eggs Benedict was really good. Steak was nice, bun was soft and well toasted. The eggs…. Well I daresay it was done to perfection. Both eggs were round and beautifully shaped. Just the right temperature.

Potatoes were extremely delicious.


I R8 8/10 for decor, 8/10 for value, 8/10 for food. It is definitely worth a visit. DESPITE IT BEING AT SOME REALLY RANDOM PLACE IN SINGAPORE. Just when you think Singapore is really small……


After brunch, obviously it’s time to show somewhere to bring your girlfriend to for a fancy dinner. You know, just to show that you really love her and all.

I finally got to try Morton’s.

Morton’s, The Steakhouse
6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, 039797

It’s located inside Mandarin Oriental. And yes it’s pricey af.




This is the Morton’s bar, famous for their cocktails.




I swear you could feel your wallet crying when you step into the restaurant.

flippin money
You can find their full menu on their website as well.


My friend and I shared a Signature cut new york strip 20 Oz. He had shrimp alexander for starters whilst I had a crab cake.

Our meat was accompanied by sauteed mushrooms with spinach and mashed potatoes. MY ABSOLUTE FAV.

Restaurant was dimly lit and I was shooting with my shitty Iphone so yes I had to artificially brighten all the photos. The ambiance was good. We had some obnoxious Singaporean guy making alot of fuss next table but other than that it was all good.

The shrimps were fresh and FREAKING ASS HUGE. LIKE REALLY.



JUST LOOK IT CAN FILL UP THE ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BREAD ROLL PLATE. I’M NOT SHITTING YOU. But then again for such a hefty price I kinda expected the prawns to get up and dance jazz.

My crab cake:


It was tasty, but the one I had in HongKong “The steakhouse” is much much better.

One half of the steak, medium rare; accompanied by mash with sour cream, a thick slab of butter and bacon. And of course, the spinach with mushrooms.




It was good steak. I felt it was well prepared. It was balanced, and done-ness was on point. My chef friend said it wasn’t well rested after searing which resulted in alot of juice but hell I liked it anyway. As you know, I like stuff wet 😉

Potatoes were so sinful you’d be in heaven after a taste. Spinach was good but a tad too salty.

My friend had Crème brûlée for dessert which I opted for an extremely light one. Fresh strawberries with whipped cream. It doesn’t get any better than this.

It was really delicious.


Give this place a try if you are just like me, REALLY LOVE YOUR STEAKS. And if you have extra to spare.

I R8 9/10 for ambiance, 9/10 for food.


Ok that’s enough of food for now.

ate too much meme.jpg

I went to Aeon ( My regular Korean doctor for my laser ) to do a much hyped Hydro facial. The trial price was affordable. It was really good. *UPDATED as of 6/8* They no longer offer the trial due to overwhelming response but it is really good guys. I highly recommend it.


They use a suction kind of tool to extract dirt instead of the old fashioned metal stick (remember my previous post I told you how the metal stick caused all the scars that I have till today)


So this suction method is actually painless and scarless. Which is what you want. Weather is so bad recently so this hydro facial really worked so well. Just look at my skin. Shiny and fresh. HAHAHA.

If you are interested in the trial, please do drop by the clinic at


9 Scotts Road #06-02/03 Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza, 228210

This is their official website:


If you are interested in the laser or any other services, you can quote my name or just name my blog Voir Valeisky and they will give you a good price.

I bought a CC cream from them. 45 Dollars. Ok for sensitive and oily skin.

Before and after: (Sorry lighting is fucked as usual)

It sorts out the discoloration and uneven skin tone + gives extremely good coverage.


So yes, I promise I will blog about my Melaka trip as soon as I am back. I PROMISE. OMG NO, YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH IN ME.


Here, have some pics of me and lycan if you miss me whilst Im gone.




Bye for now guys. Love ya.



VIVA fractional laser ZAP ZAP ZAP!

Hi guys.

Note: This post will be boring for guys who are not interested in beauty care, but please do share it with your girl friends if you think it will help!


I am here to plague you with photos of my ugly, bare skin after the laser treatment. So as I mentioned in my previous post, (even provided a photo) I did my gold toning treatment at the same clinic last year. It wasn’t that it took 1 year for the gold toning to take effect. Actually the effect of the gold toning was perpetual and very noticeable. It doesn’t stop improving even after months. (Remember to go to the first post of my archives to read about my experience)

The reason why I waited a year was because I didn’t think there was a need to do laser… due to the cost of course, girls in the know will agree with me on this. Fractional laser is not cheap and there is downtime (term used to describe a period whereby you can only stay home and not be able to work/go outside). However, it is true that I am still lacking confidence whenever I look into the mirror or when I edit the photos from the photoshoots I did and I zoom in to see how visible my scars are.

The scars left on my face left a deep emotional insecurity in my heart because well, every girl wants to be beautiful. In the last interview that I attended, I met a girl (whom of course breezed through every round of the interview and made it through) who had everything that the company looked for. And most importantly, her skin was beautiful. It was neither oily nor dry, had no blemishes and especially, smooth with no holes like mine.

In case you are wondering how the scars come about, it is not only because of Acne. It is true that Acne leaves scars and redness, but holes (pockmarks) like mine are left because I was gullible and fell for the facial scams. I spent thousands of dollars allowing beauticians to “purify” my face by squeezing the zits by force even though I was young and my skin was too sensitive. The result of this; are all these deep holes that can’t be concealed (even by makeup) and they will not heal over time.

I’m sure you girls know what that is. Its the feared beautician tool used to clean out blackheads. The sharp end is used to make a cut on the surface of your zit, and then tissue over, the beautician will squeeze out the pus and the blood. I am not certified to say that this method is 100% wrong and ineffective. What I am saying is that I guess, it is not for everyone, and you are leaving your face in the hands of someone you barely know.

Anyway, so, the holes weren’t that obvious initially because of my acne, but the moment all my acne is cleared up, they started to be noticeable. Especially after the gold toning when all the redness is gone, I realized there wasn’t a need for concealer because even the strongest concealer can’t cover the marks.

So…. laser it is.



Aeon Medical is set in Pacific Plaza, (Opposite far east Plaza) so it’s really convenient even for a road idiot like me. All the non invasive surgeries are conducted by the Korean doctor himself (which is what I like actually) as he is the owner of the clinic.

Since it has been a year since I last visited, so I wasn’t expecting the Dr to remember me. But he did! He still remembered the things I spoke to him about like my dreams and hobbies etc. Every staff in the clinic is Korean, and they are smiley and friendly. Alot of rich taitais go there too. Lololol.

So this is my nude face sans make up,  before the treatment:

Some parts are still abit pink, but other than that, most of the AOE (area of effect) redness is gone. I know you can see a conspicuous green vein on my face. LOLOL my family said its due to me raging too much in dota. So anyway can you see the very obvious holes?



This is close up, but it isn’t noticeable when you look at me at conversational distance.


Alright! Off we go. Doctor instructed for his helper to help me wash my face (she’s extremely beautiful and young!) and oh man her finger strokes really relaxes my facial muscles. She then applies a numbing cream that smells like corn (LEGIT) all over my face and covers it up with some plastic sheet. Whilst I lie there like a disabled potato, she then brings in tea and a painkiller pill for me to pop prior to the laser.

OMG IS IT SO PAINFUL. NEED NUMBING CREAM + PILL. I was honestly abit frightened!


Can’t see much its fucking dark in the room LOL i was told to lie there for an hour to let the cream take effect.



The friendly doctor held friendly conversations with me. Hes a genuinely nice person so you don’t feel awkward or like hes out to scam your money like dem beauticians (no offense really). Makes me wonder how it feels like to date a Korean man. hmmm.. HAHAHAHAHA

So MOVING ON, I am made to lie down on the chair that they use at the dentist. My eyes are taped to be protected. Then the Dr said “Okay, are you ready? We are about to start

To be honest I didnt feel a thing when he went over my whole face for the first time. He was patient and he never stopped asking “Does it hurt?” “On a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt?” And I told him none.

I was really happy because he said that my face wasn’t as red as many other patients he did the laser on. He said this is an indication of healthy skin 😀

Then the doctor said “I will now go over the areas with the deep scars the second time.” That was when it did prick quite abit. BUT SURE AS HELL IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE FACIALS I DID. And then just like that, my laser session was over!

Mr Doctor helped me to take photos of my skin right after the laser session because I told him I wish to have the photos. Hahaha. He even got his secretary to email me so I will be able to see them the moment I got back home. How nice is that?

(can you see the lip balm? The laser is so strong that my lips were peeling)







It wasn’t as red as I expected.

After the laser as my skin is probably raw and hurting alot (just that I dont feel it), I was ushered into a room and the pretty Korean lady gave me a calming mask and massage using some special machine.

Then she helped to put on sunblock and I was good to go. I took a photo after the whole thing:


Isn’t that bad isn’t it? LOL I was expecting like:

I am just going to say it again, according to Doctor, some peoples’ faces were really really red unlike mine. So it really depends on your skin. And most importantly, Stay away from the sun!

I was instructed to use a special cleanser for the next few days :


It smells really good and it’s so gentle that I don’t feel a thing when I was washing my face. In fact, I felt pain when I was drying my face with the towel. My skin was so sensitive that I could feel every single strand of fabric on the towel.


Day 2:

FT24 FT25

I looked like I had a sun burn. Its really hard to capture the exact intensity of the laser effect because I don’t have those micro lens camera. But all I can describe to you is that there are hundreds of thousands of tiny holes all over my entire face. They are open pores and they are struggling to heal. Thus I obediently stayed at home, avoided make up and the sun.

I mean just imagine putting makeup on your open pores… Doesn’t sound good eh?


Day 3:


It actually got abit redder on the third day. Hard to tell from the photo because my room is so bright xD Also, my face started to peel. I felt like a snake and I slapped on alot of sunblock. I recommend using the AVENE Spring thermal water to spray on your face. It really cooled me down alot as well as soothed the face.

Close up:


Not sure if you can tell from this picture but my entire face was really tender and all the “thousands of holes” started to scab, forming noticeable brown “skin” over, especially so on my nose area. The cheeks were just red.

Day 5: 

My skin looks normal already! 😀 But when I touch my cheeks, I can still feel the raised “dots” that show that the lasered pores are healing.

I will have to wait a month for my next laser session which will inevitably be more painful as the Doctor will increase the intensity of the laser. Doctor said it may take 5 sessions to start seeing visible improvement on the parts with the deep holes.


I hope this post helped you guys alittle bit. Please do consider Aeon Medical if you are thinking of doing some non invasive surgeries. here’s his website:

Feel free to quote my name or my website! I did tell him I want to write a review for him even though I am not a popular blogger. But he has agreed to give benefits for those readers who do come across my review 🙂

See ya guys 😀


I hope you guys read my Sea Nymph story! I have the best feedback from a reader and that’s none other than CKY2. After reading my story he said : “Is it wrong that all that I imagined was Dragon Knight making some sweet love to Naga Siren”

My life is now complete. HAHAHAHHA




Did you know, when I was in University, I had to endure a 1.5 hour bus ride every day to Queenstown. I know some people have it worse than me, but really. Look at this map. 5 stops to Sixth Avenue, just change a bus and i’d be there in 15mins. JESUS.



3 Pickering Street, #01-31 Nankin Row


I finally had the chance to taste their yummy crustacean goodness for myself. Mr Lawyer took me out on a date!

The bar is smaller than I thought, but tastefully decorated. It is cozy and modernistic.


Good food stays on your mind longer than you’d actually realize it. Even till now, I cannot stop reminiscing about the taste of dat lobster roooooooooll. We ordered a salad because they ran out of all the hot appetizers and soups. DON’T ORDER THE SALAD.

We had lobster roll set, the spicy one, with burnt cheddar (extra cost). Comes with greens and chips sprayed with truffle oil, the Nope salad and the crustacean bowl.




JUST    LOOK     AT     THAT              OMGGGGG

Crustacean bowl:


This is supposedly one of their popular items. Mr lawyer mentioned it used to taste better though. In my opinion it was good for sharing, it’s not too good to have it all by yourself because the rice is kinda like sushi rice, so it’s really filling and the dish is sweet, not savory. I believe the sweetness comes from the seafood broth? and maybe some special sauce that I don’t know. But because of the overwhelming sweetness and sushi rice, it will only taste orgasmic for the first few spoonfuls.

But dat lobster roll tho. I can’t wait to go back there, hopefully the soups and appetizers will be available 🙂

Goddess rating: 4.5/5!

Very value for money. They use generous amounts of lobster (goes by weight). The lobster roll set is 22++

I definitely recommend this. You have to try it especially if you are a staunch shellfish lover.

But make reservations!!!


I went on a food trip at Geylang 😀 Well.. not really a food trip. But I just made random stops to feed myself. Like hell, I did not even know where are all the “Famous stalls” at. Let’s not forget I am a road idiot. So i just to random coffeeshops. DAMN. :O I FOUND SOME AMAZING STUFFFFFFFF

FT14 FT15

I walked into this random kopitiam and they served the old fashioned cai fan omggggg. My favorite potatoes, salted veg (reminds me of my ahma’s one) and steamed egg.

Along the main road between Lorong 8 and 6 there’s this dim sum place. I really hate dimsum but damn, their porridge is delicious. And dat crabmeat dumpling…. bigger and juicier than Din Tai Feng’s one. EXPLOSION when you stuff the whole thing into your mouth. It’s quite big so I had to nibble alittle bit first. I think it’s quite famous? I don’t know the name lOLLLL

But i saw many OLs and those office uncles coming to eat for lunch.

Had a good chicken rice too. Somewhere along Lorong 23. In this super plain and japalang coffeeshop. The rice, so fantastic bro. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC I WAS TOO HUNGRY SORRY.


I have been eating so much recently. So fat, but who cares. D: Life is too short to be kate moss! How can you give up on truffle fries? On Macspicy? On FUCKING PORK BELLY???? HOW CAN YOU NOT EAT ROAST DUCK AND DEVOUR ALL THE CRISPY SKIN? HOW TO NOT BUTTER YOUR ENTIRE PANCAKE TILL THE YELLOW GOODNESS FLOWS DOWN LIKE A WATERFALL OF CHOLESTEROL?

This is proof that I have been eating like a starved beast. I went to IKEA and like we all know no one really goes there to buy furniture. Its the fucking meatballs man.


Z didn’t eat much SO I HAD like 10 MEATBALLS, THE WHOLE PLATE OF SALMON, MUSHROOM SOUP AND 2/3 OF THE CURRY CHICKEN.  See he didn’t even finish his rice.

Eh it’s really awesome the curry. Omg.

Anyone wants to go Ikea to eat? Please BRING ME



It’s freaking 80rm per person. FOR BLOODY KIDS. For that price you thought there will be red carpet and Magical talking cats but Hell it was the worst waste of 80rm ever.



And the merchandise is like … A freaking t shirt that says “Hello Kitty” Is priced at 280 RM. PLEASE BRO. Will the shirt give me the figure of Miranda Kerr or what?

FT10 FT11 FT12 FT13

The only few decent looking statues.

If you are thinking of going there, ABORT MISSION. It’s really not worth the trip and money!!!! ABORT ABORT ABORT.


For you guys who have been reading my blog since the first post when I moved to this current domain, should know that I did Gold toning treatment for my face at Aeon Aesthetic Clinic, (at Pacific Plaza). Those of you who have seen me before and after the treatment, Im sure all of you agree that my skin has improved greatly!

I used to have really really bad skin previously because of hormonal imbalance. So what the gold toning does is, it helps to soothe the redness left by pimples and scars. The picture below, on the left, is how my face was after being ravaged by a ferocious pimple outbreak. So as you can see, the picture on the right, that’s taken about 3 weeks back. The redness has is gone, like 100%. All that’s left are the holes left by the scars.

aeon before after 1

I blogged about my gold toning experience. If you have not read it, and would like to, simply go to my archives 🙂

So anyway, I just went to do the VIVA laser on my face this Monday. What the laser does is to help rejuvenate your skin, giving it radiance, lightens scars, decreases the deepness of the holes as well as tighten your pores. Currently at home recuperating now. I will be doing a post about my experience there by this week. If you are convinced and will like to give it a try, just simply quote my name (my Chinese name. Hahaha) and the friendly doctor will give you a discount 😉


I am not sponsored by the clinic to write this review. I am not paid in any way. This is solely for my own personal benefit and I am only sharing it because as like all good things to be shared, I want the best for you guys as well as for the doctor because he’s a fantastic guy.

Stay tuned! 😀 😀 😀


Guys, 2015 is coming. Let’s just tell ourselves that we will have no ragrets even though we really made alot of shitty ass mistakes. At least we didn’t get a huge mistake tattooed on our chests. See? Some people have it worse than us 😉 😉



rog1OSEA 2014

I look like a retard. Don’t mind it. But hey I mean I was offered the rarest opportunity to like, learn about sea steel and hydrohammers and hydraulics okay.


Here’s a drawing for reference. HAHAHAHA. It’s actually pretty interesting, I read all the brochures from IHC whilst I was working at the booth with the Caucasians there. I made so many cups of coffee in that 2 days I worked, I think I can now work at Starbucks for double pay.






I did a shoot at studio M and L was kind enough to get the executive room! The view is amazing and well yes it did bring back some memories. I hate myself for only remembering the happy ones. If I too remember the bad ones as well just like he did maybe I can move on completely instead of weeping around like a scotch brite sponge that’s too soaked up.



HAHA. IKR. My description is fucking accurate and relatable.

Anyway if you guys are planning to bring the bae to somewhere nice for an overnight ( I kno watchu wanna do in there 😉 )
Then you should give Studio M a try if you haven’t. It’s actually cheaper on weekends instead of weekdays because it is a business hotel.

Bring your bae there and show her YOU MEAN BUSINESS 😉 😉 😉

Book early, get 25% off. They have a festive sale right now as well. 25% off, with buffet breakfast for two. Don’t get the patio one. Get the deluxe and above. Your bed will be on the second floor. Which is better … right? You can do her from the door, to the tv, to the stairs, and then finally, on the bed. I’ve got it all mapped out for ya!




One of the photos taken during the shoot. No, I wasn’t actually naked. It’s photoshopped la. Why else do you think I will have cleavage???? HAHAHAHA.




Z bought me this whilst I was at work. And he’s so nice to buy the extra cheese :’) He told me this last night when I was still trying to get over the sadness: Cherish the ones in front of you…

Lol. It’s actually funny to hear it because its in Mandarin. And even funnier because lycan walked past when he said that.


The only one who will love me forever 🙂 ok, at least until he dies. or sees an insect. HE WILL RUN AWAY AND LEAVE ME IN THE LURCH.


Mr lawyer and I ordered 6 crabmeat+pork dumplings and 6 pork ones. So the crab ones arrived first AND THEY FUCKING CAME WITH THIS







Speaking of food, I am pretty sure I am a certified food art-ist now.




So anyway question for you guys.





😉 HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. please still continue to love me. PLZ.



Anyway before watching Mamma Mia, IV has suggested that he want to bring me to try Sky 57. YES I AM A LUCKY GIRL I KNOW.

SKY on 57

 (By celebrity chef Justin Quek)


In the lift on the way up to 57. Pardon my make-up. I tried using kohl on the undereye AND I WON’T DO IT AGAIN. I look like I am 38 married with kids in this photo.



To be honest what’s so fantastic about this view? It’s all just skyscrapers. Lmao. And yes, because Singapore needs us to remind her that shes fucking old, 50 years old grandma. I sure as hell think my mother will violently burn me alive on a stake if I ever so proudly announce her age publicly with a word art on the river.




The restaurant is tucked away at the corner of level 57. It was raining that day, so it was quite a pity.



I did not ask IV how much was the bill, but I assume it should be about 200+ for two of us, without any drinks. For that price, I kind of expected gold plated cutlery or a rare fire breathing orchid on my table. HA HA.


IV did the ordering being the foodie that he is. Basically, Chef’s signature.


For starters, we had a cappuccino Mushroom soup. It was good, (once again, I like to drink soup so my opinion may be biased) So you just drink it like how the queen’d do her tea. Sip it with an air of elegance and British dignity, savor the flavorful mushrooms and yes! It is just like cappuccino with a light froth and easy on the palate.





Then we had the much raved about Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. My verdict? well it’s really very err,,, duck. You can say it ruffled my feathers. HA HA HA. did anyone get it >.>

But I have to say, the dumpling’s skin is extremely soft, and the filling is warm with a good broth. I’d say the skin definitely beats Din Tai Feng’s one hands down. DTF’s one gets really hard if you don’t finish eating the dumplings fast enough.

Sorry. I just read DTF as Down To Fuck. Let’s not abbreviate that anymore. LOL

And do we want to know how much does 5 pieces of dumplings cost? Nope, we don’t. HAHAHA



For my main, IV got me the Baked miso black cod with lime and ginger butter because I love fish. And Cod is one of my favorite fish.

Verdict? I give 9/10 for the fish. There’s hardly any fault to pick with the fish. It’s a superb cut, fresh and plump too. The size is just right, not too tiny to make you think it’s stingy, but not too big that you can’t finish it.

However, I am not a fan of the sauce because it becomes a chore to eat after awhile since it is tangy and has a sweet after taste. And everything is soaked in the sauce. So you have sweet lime flavored fish and vegetables swimming around on your plate.

Sauce: 3/10
Presentation: 4/10

It really looks unappetizing as the specks of green floating around in the thick yellow pool + 2 strands of veg + some chopped veg (those that you feed ur kids) + raw greens on top just makes for a really overcrowded image that confuses your brain how the dish may taste like instead of delivering a clear, welcoming message.

I finished the fish by scraping the sauce off it actually. The fish is really excellent. I hope the Chef can come up with newer fusion options although I don’t think I can ever afford going there again. Maybe, if I marry a rich man with one foot in his grave. HAHA.



IV had the pan roasted Sakura Chicken Supreme. So as you can see, the presentation again is really cluttered. Maybe its just my OCD kicking in.

So err… I am not a Chicken fillet/breast person (unless its women’s breasts) thus I can’t give a fair verdict about the taste. I had some of the Chicken and to be honest it tastes extremely ordinary like those you can get from your 3$ chicken rice stall at the kopitiam.
We went out to take a look at the view after dinner, but only for a short while as we were already late for our show (thus couldn’t afford to have dessert)



No one was out sitting around and sipping on their 20++ glasses of wine as it was raining. But the view is breathtaking because now the boring sky scrapers light up like christmas trees.





Great view really. 8/10
Value for Money (How does this even apply here lol)
Creativity: 7.5/10
Taste: 6/10
Presentation: 4/10

I guess you can say I am a kampong girl who don’t know how to appreciate fine dining, but nonetheless IV and I had a good time chatting and he was so worried I wouldn’t like the food. However, he doesn’t know that its not the food but the company that matters 🙂



It turns out IV is a true ABBA fan! He knows most of the lyrics and we were singing along to the fantastic show. They are no longer showing anymore however if they come back to MBS again you really have to give the show a go.

Our tickets were the standard ones, 168 each. Ouch. HAHA.

The cast is amazing, great vocals and extremely good acting. It was funny, emotional and at the same time easy to understand. But if you are planning to bring your ah gong ah ma who can’t really understand slang then better not because there are no subtitles… obviously. Its a play. hahaha.

Everyone was grooving along and dancing at the end. It was a nice feeling because everyone around us was so happy.



IV bought me a pack of sweets from my favorite confectionery company to nibble on during the show. My favorite is TANGY BLISS where the jellies are sour on the outside, and has a gooey surprise center. Why is it my favorite? Because my favorite flavor is Lime, and in TANGY BLISS, its a 50-50 of orange and lime. So normally, I will eat all the lime and leave the orange ones in the fridge for my family (mainly my sister) LOL.



IV bought us the Mamma Mia booklet to keep as memory 🙂


Here, have a blurred image of your goddess in her electric blue maxi in front of a gigantic tree.



My dog is the reason why I am not ranked 1 in the world for laziness.




I CANT BELIEVE I AM FINALLY GETTING MY HANDS ON THIS BABY. The newest! Asus Rog G751. Touted one of the best on the market now, with desktop equivalent performances. The Asus JY model features the new 980M Nvidia graphic card, 4GB DDR5 with 16 gb of RAM + 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD.

I realized the specs differ on different websites. but this info I have is found on the Asus product guide.

What’s amazing is that it has dual fans with impeccably designed heat vents to make sure this gaming monster is always kept cool to the touch and not to mention it fucking looks like a Ferrari on the exterior.


Sadly, I did not get the JY because its 2.9k. Even though most of the money for the laptop is kindly sponsored by one of my lovely peasants, (will dedicate the post to him once the laptop is here) I decided that the extra 700$ from my own pocket will murder my bank account.

I got the JT model, which is the 2nd tier of the Asus gaming series. Basically everything is the same as the JY model, except that its running on the 970M graphic card (but still awesome) only 3gb DDR5, 8Gb ram and fucking 8gb SSD.

But after much contemplation despite the gaming freak in me calling out nastily for me to just punch digits into the ATM and get the JY, I decided not to because I am not playing battlefield nor Assassins creed nor anything that’s really extremely hardcore graphic dependent.

I’m fucking playing dota 2 for fuck’s sake. It’s not like with the JY model the walrus punch in game will become 3D and hit me in the face. HAHAHA.

This is how poor people console themselves and to always be contented with what they have. NO RAGRETS BRO.

And i am already a very lucky girl to be given a sponsored gaming laptop 🙂

Here, have a photo of it and grovel upon its presence.

My life will then be complete. OMG 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




Mr lawyer is going to kill me for this. BUT ITS JUST TOO ADORABLE AND I HAVE TO POST IT.



Almost as adorable as the blue tongue skink that I want to buy. However the main problem that I am facing is that there is no space in my tiny bedroom. I used to have all these happy fantasies of staying with J and keeping an assortment of pets in his spacey front yard. Haha.

Now that I know they can only ever be fantasies I guess its time for me to start putting my sims 2 building skills to use and draw up plans to buy a bed frame and a new cupboard which can substitute the mammoth 2nd cupboard (mind you, I have 3 cupboards in my room and 1 tub of clothes in the storeroom) and leave space to hold the tank for my skink.

Sigh. Given the fact that I intend to have a gigantic sulcata, a snake, 2 dogs, an iguna and a bird on top of my skink, I guess no guy’s gonna marry me and no girls are going to visit my house. 😥



And nope. I am not your usual party-goer clubber siao EDM fan. I worked for RIPCURL during zoukout as their dunking model and it sure as hell wasn’t all that glamorous. Like really, the guys were all just trying to get me wet.


LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no plz don’t think otherwise. HAHAHA.


Managed to find time to take a photo on the 2nd day. Are you wondering why my make up still looks immaculate even having submerged in the freezing water over and over again for 4 hours?



Okay, the fact aside, fret not. you can also look as fabulous as your goddess.

I am just using a CC cream which i bought from Watsons, called Visual Therapy by 1028. I think its a korean brand.

Then, I used the Colorstay concealer by Revlon. It is really lasting and delivers the long hours of locking as promised.

I complete the foundation by dusting on a nicely scented face powder which has no brand. HAHAHA. Its also from Watsons, priced at about 22$ usual price. It comes in 4 types, Matte&natural (the one i am using), Radiant, For acne and Youthful.

Comes in a compact round casing with a beautiful and smooth gliding puff.

I strongly recommend the eyeliner I am using. It stays on and its a gel type one for people like me who can’t handle precision point liquid liners. A huge range of colors too. I am using the GELPRESSO, korean brand and also can be found in watsons. Usual price is about 20+.

I used brown, for my upper lids, and silver for my lower.

My lipstick is also by Revlon, the very popular Revlon Colorburst, which Emma Stone was the Brand Ambassador for.

Brow pencil is also lasting, from the Body shop.



This was taken on the first day, and I did not put much make up because I thought I may end up looking like this:

And yes. Her boobs damn sexy. LOL. She’s Jesslyn, the other model who was working with me.



For those of you who couldn’t manage to get a ticket. Here’s a photo of mine. You can print it out and hang it on your wall.



And yes, also have a photo of what you missed. I wish Zoukout had the Mambo Jumbo tent. I guess that era of good music is dying off already.


Some things were just not meant to last. :(
And I need to remind myself that every day.

shitty lil weekend

HOLA GUYS~ after all that slogging in the sun I may have to head down to ICA to change my ethnicity soon. NO I AM NOT RACIST I AM JUST GOOD WITH COLORS.


cheez whiz yummy~



I am finally going to collect my delicious bottles of FUCKING CHEESE IN A JAR WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS LIFE SO BENT ON MAKING ME FAT. Just so you know, these cheeses are like common household snack equivalent of our margarine in Singapore. YET, its like a fucking snitch to locate in Singapore. Only tiny Pinoy shops sell them. And in limited quantities. Don’t worry babies mummy’s going to upload all the food porn I’m gonna make with dem cheez whiz.


cute dog


Your awesome goddess has finally managed to do something about lycan’s horrendous peeing spree. I am thinking it was probably attributed to the little talk that I had with him. It was a gloomy day. He peed at the cupboards and I sat him down, and had a conversation with him. I know, he didn’t understand anything I was saying, but I guess he understood what I meant. He hardly pees at the wrong places anymore. And quite a few times in the designated place, the toilet. Dogs are such intelligent things. And I wouldn’t want a life without him, even though he’s an annoying little shit. And ugly. Speaking of ugly Yama sent me this:

naked rabbit

I don’t know, its kind of ugly but cute at the same time. Especially that tuft of fur left around its mouth, looks like some hermit from lord of the rings or something. HAHA

Let’s talk about food. Knowing your goddess, her fussy palate simply just will not settle for terrible food. Because after all, those nasties are for you peasants.

smug haha



My mum bought this “white beehoon” for me and my sister the other day, and boy i’d tell ya over and over again, looks can be deceiving!


yummy beehoon


I know it looks like those crappy 2.50$ beehoon we usually see in those makeshift convenience stores, lumped together with the refried hotdogs, oily seaweed chickens and shit. It’s probably my terrible camera skills. But holy fuck, this man.

This beehoon is simmered in the broth of all the seafood goodness, soaking up every bit of natural sweetness. I like it especially because it is moist, every strand coated with a film of the rich flavourful broth and the chef is generous with his prawns and squids. I CAN’T PUT IT INTO WORDS. THE AROMA, THE FLAVORS, THE TEXTURES, simply ineffable.

Mum says there’s always a queue. Please do go try it if you have the time. I guarantee you some things are really worth the wait. 😉 (also order the ngoh hiong, sambal potato leaves and prawn paste chicken if you are eating there.)

Sembawang Jalan Tampang Coffeeshop


And as we all know, I hate dim sum. Especially har gao (it sounds weird) and siew mai and everything. It’s like a fully compliant dieting trip whenever I go for dim sum with my friends. Because I’d only have chicken feet, lor mai kai and hot tea. Not even porridge because I hate century egg.

So anyway, I do not know which nerve I must have snapped in my brain, but I actually allowed my sister to convince me to travel all the way to eat Swee Choon. According to her and a few people, it’s really popz, and really good.

And thus, our journey began, took 960 to Bugis, then 130, 5 stops to our final destination. (A pun really.)



Lol, my sis and her boyfriend waiting to get the queue number.



We waited for about a mere 10mins, about 30mins short of what I expected.



I had to upload this candid shot that my sister took of flappy bird and I because In my honest opinion, I finally have a photo where flappy bird looks more handsome than the other photos. Maybe because only half of his face was showing. HAHA. My hair was a mess and so was my face in the picture, tho.




We ordered like 95 bucks worth of dim sum. I think that was enough to feed 5-6. We ended up tabao-ing them home. Here’s your goddess’ review of Swee Choon:

2/5 stars.

Definitely won’t choose to go back there again! (Prolly because I hate dim sum)

The lor mai kai was bland and not moist enough. Spring Onion fritter tasted bad. (We wasted the whole basket) Liu-sar-pao was according to my sister, was not salty enough. Chicken feet, carrot cake, chee cheong fun and etc was average.

But I do recommend their signature spicy chicken, xiao long bao and watercress soup.




The whole “travel for great dim sum” fiasco had its grand finale by ending with us caught in a downpour with no cabs wanting to give us a ride. That was all too much to stomach. HA HA HA HA. (J and my punny conversations never could seem to go away.)


I guess dim sum all taste the same to me generally, but the ones I’ve had at KL seemed so much better. Must be due to the fact I felt the waiters walking around with a huge bamboo steamer containing a variety of dim sum for you to select was quite interesting and cute.


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 02 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 56 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 15 27 AM


These are from KL. The Lor Mai Kai was unforgettable. It was tasty and “oily”. Chicken was tender as well. As you can see, Lor Mai Kai, and chicken feet (at the back). All that I ate, literally. Well, and I tried quite a few of the others, like fishcake and some dumplings. Quite tasty!

I want to go back there again 😥 Mainly, for this:

Photo 2-9-13 2 48 59 PM



Had two photoshoots on saturday, and I almost died. Woke up at 5.30 to prepare and head off to marina barrage. Nightmare place. I remember my sister brought me there once to fly kite and I turned into an Indian. I almost had to change my surname. But it was quite awesome this time round because we went to catch the sunrise!






Some of the previews that Jason has sent me. Your goddess almost died from trying to feign a sporty attitude, doing kicks and runs and pushups and shit. Holy. It’s only lucky I did some yoga last time. Yes, my eyelashes look so gorgeous in the first photo. They are so beautiful my eyes were transfixed onto those slender black lines on the photo for about 5mins before moving on.

Headed off to changi beach to meet up with Yama for the next shoot.




How? My make up skills got improve right? I look so radiant and sporty and as though I just had a good workout. AHAHAHA.


longweekend17 longweekend18

Being an extremely loyal and faithful west-side girl, I have never ever been to changi beach (nor knew of its existence) but it was so beautiful!

Rushed over to fort canning after that, Not to get married… but for my second photoshoot. It started at 11.30 and ended at 4. Can you imagine 😥 all the sun and blisters I got…



A snap of all the clothes needed to be modelled in! We only completed half that day. The blogshop owner, Tracy was an incredibly beautiful and friendly woman. Check out her shop here:

I feel most of the clothes are catered to the working office crowd, but hell some of the dresses are really pretty!




Poor Yama was up all night looking at me 😉 😉 😉 LOL. on his computer doing the edits to make sure I have flawless skin. (or I will obviously murder him)



This mini tweed dress is so classy! I think she will be launching her next collection soon. Remember to subscribe to her mailing list if you like the cuts 😀


Neek got me INECTO, finally oh sweet camel jesus. If you people have shitty ass hair like me, do give this brand a try. The leave-in hair treatment spray is a must to get! But of course it is not available in Singapore, Mustafa only sells the shampoo and conditioner which I highly recommend as well. Only 4.90 per bottle.

Bangkok is the nearest country that carries this awesome coconut brand. The spray is about 11 sgd per bottle. I used to wash my hair with Aveda which costed me a bomb. 148 for one large bottle of shampoo and 165 for the conditioner. Inecto is like so much cheaper and you can really feel the difference. Once I lay my hands on the spray and the cream I have the complete set.

Check out their official website:

I suggest you get the shampoo and conditioner + the styling spray which are available at mustafa first. If you ever go to bangkok, just give BOOTS pharmacy a visit; definitely need to buy the leave-in treatment. Your hair will feel soft and silky after a few days of application.

How I found out about the miracle spray is when J’s mum came back from BKK and bought him one spray to use. I touched his hair on one occasion and asked him if he changed shampoo because his hair was so soft! Like really, baby soft and it was incredible because he had just dyed his hair. So I expected it to be rough and frizzly. So he told me must be due to the new spray that he just started using a few days back. I only used it twice at his house and I can already feel the difference.

Oh, coconut. I love you.

I know, its a waste I am not a salesperson.



Being Kiasu I got Neek to buy me 4 bottles of the amazing spray and 2 tubes of the hair repair treatment. If anyone wants to buy one spray from me… Quote your price and I will consider! HAHAHAHA.



Good night guys. I hope you had a great weekend.



Fresh start, literally. My first gold toning treatment!

Hi guys, I know I have moved from, But isn’t that a great start? I decided to give wordpress a shot, but hey, not because it reminds me of J! Hahaha.

So, in case you haven’t heard, being the vainpot that I am (do you honestly believe this statement), I dropped by Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Center for a look!

Background story: I went to the airline interview of my dreams (as like many other people’s dreams) and the interviewer at skin check round politely told me she has to reject me because I have open pores and acne scars.

I mean come on, they place this ridiculously large spotlight on the floor that shines up at your face. Even if your make up is as thick as Assault cuirass + shivas + meka + frost shield, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE YOUR FATE. so yeah I got rejected. For those whom are close to me, you guys’d know that I suffered a relapse of extremely bad break-out which escalated when I got my job as a cabin crew in one of the LCCs due to the make-up, stress and jet lag etc. So all the acne has subsided now thanks to the fact that I am back on the killer pill, isotretenoin.

For those of you with acne, fret not. It’s not the end of the world, and it will go away. I totally know how you feel. I hated when people stared at me like I am some kind of cockroach. And especially my ex colleagues from the airline, going all “OMG, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE” that kind of thing. U know, i know. and guess what? Don’t hate yourself for it. Go to a clinic, or go to skin center (as I did) and follow the skin care regime that they give you. Avoid too much fried food, and avoid balachan. (the asian chilli paste) You can still eat them, just cut down on it. Drink a fuck load of water every day and always use sunblock. ALWAYS! if you feel your sunblock is sticky and ur skin can’t breathe, change your sunblock. I recommend this one:



Clarins UV PLUS HP Spf 40 +++


It feels lightweight upon touch, and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Anyway the one I am holding now is the tester as I got a couple of the testers for free when I purchased the actual product. hehehe. Remember to buy sunblocks with the +++ , cannot kiamsiap and get the +, or ++. MUST BE +++. if you can find one +++++++++ even better. Im kidding. HAHAHAHA but really. +++.

and also, buy the natural spring water spray can, the small one and just spray your face with it when you are out. But use tissue to gently wipe off any sweat, oil or grease before doing so. Do this periodically if you are out for a long day. I use the Avene one!

Fun fact from, me la of course (HAHAHA): If you have rash or kena bitten by mosquito, you can spray this miracle water on the affected area and it will really feel better. I swear, bro. You can also spray it on after doing your make up to set your make up in place.

So, end of my very long and naggy story;

I am lucky enough to have a sponsored treatment so as to nurse my skin and transform it into the baby smooth skin that is the object of envy amongst women. I found this Aeon clinic through peiling’s blog from Agneselle, I’m sure many of you know who she is.


My first appointment was to go through a skin analysis, where you just have to let this machine capture photos of your face and it will then tell you what composite does your skin have. So i’ll skip that shit since many famous bloggers have already done so in great details. So anyway, the friendly doctor speaks immaculate English and is extremely polite and soft spoken. After analysis, he helped me to determine the best solution to help me achieve the flawless look I want within the stipulated time frame that I gave. 3 months!

Current problem I face:

Acne has resided and under control due to oral medicine, however, scars are seen on forehead, sides of brows and lower cheeks.
Unsightly holes and open pores are very obvious under light (thats why i failed the interview!) and can’t be perfectly concealed even with make up. The holes are made by a terrible beautician when I was younger and the holes will NEVER RECOVER! Take note of this so please, please exercise caution when you sign those facial packages next time. 

My given solution:

Laser gold toning, 5 sessions, 1000$ (after discount!)
Calming facial, 5 sessions, 1000$ (to be paired after the gold toning)

The above mentioned is to help reduce the redness from the acne scars. This will take about 1.5 months.

Then comes the other laser which is ViVa i think, not very sure as I need to wait until the 5 sessions are finished.
estimated cost: 1.2k.

This is to finally, smoothen out the holes and open pores by setting my face on fire… really. It will be a painful process, but it will ensure that my face has no, or lesser holes. 🙂


Laser Gold toning, session 1!



Me without make up before the treatment. I brushed this up alittle cuz my face looks black. holy fuck.




Waiting area



A cup of tea, and a magazine, overlooking Scotts Square.

Notice the magazine! The clinic and the friendly doctor is featured on HerWorld. He sat next to me on the couch and talked about, random stuffs. Everyone in the clinic is really friendly and I didn’t feel the least bit awkward. Hehehe.

I did not take the photos of me doing the laser because I am #foreveralone and thus had no one to help me take the photos. Anyway you’d feel a prickly sensation on your problem areas if you have sensitive skin like me but that’s about it. The calming facial was so calming that I fell into a deep slumber and woke up with my bladder about to burst.



Drinking the tea after the facial. (with my bladder still at full capacity)

But really this tea is fucking cute please just take a moment to appreciate this:



Cute teaset with overly adorable tea bag.

Here are some sibei ugly and graphic photos of my face, please do not scream. These are taken after the treatment and after I FUCKING RELEASED ALL THAT GLORIOUS GOLDEN SHOWER INTO THE TOILET BOWL.


image (6)

note the scars on my cheeks

image (7)

Left side


Front view, can’t see anything here cuz the lighting in this toilet is good. LOL

So as you can see, I look ok if you look at me from the front. So next time you see me, you know where to stand right? HAHAHAHA.

This is the end of my gold toning session 1, I have one due two weeks later. Remember to hit the follow if you want to know my progress and if you enjoy reading my nonsense. I will really appreciate it! 😀