Mid July


Who would have thought, Mid July, in lazy summer air, I watched you leave. But I needed to find myself, and you needed the quiet you grew up with. Take care~ our story will always be neatly written, line after line, with a tinge of melancholy, well kept in my scrapbook of memories. 


It has come to my attention some faggot keeps posting my photos in Sammyboy forum. Whoever that is doing it, I hope your mother burns in hell. If you want to share photos cuz you a perv, then please ask me first. Even though my photos are PUBLIC, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU OWN THE PHOTOS. I NEED YOU TO HAVE SOME BASIC COURTESY. 

I have created a sammyboy account and I will go do some detective work. I am not happy at all. So from now on, all my photos that I upload will be watermarked.


This B&W photos are for you guys over at my blog. Thanks for reading and being so supportive all the time.

I will be releasing two more, one for my instagram followers and one for my fb followers. Both will be watermarked in the most hilarious way. Keep a look out!

Schedule kinda packed for me this week, I have some stuff to do and I need to be a peon on a few days. I will try to find time to draw my mermaid picture before I upload my short story onto the blog. Please be patient! I am open to anyone who can volunteer to proofread my story and give opinions. Just contact me or drop me a comment here 🙂


So just so you know, i went to a cruise. I will be uploading the photos onto fb soon. But no photos of me la. HAHA. Wait, Its more like kena forced to go on a cruise. Its bloody hell expensive. However admittedly despite there being nothing to do except sleep and eat, I enjoyed myself. Reminds me of the days with my grandfather. 😀

cruise 1 cruise 2

We got the more expensive rooms. Comes with a little living space and window that looks right out to the corridor. Alot of Indians on the ship. Every restaurant on board serves Indian food. I am not complaining, I like the cuisine.

Is it just me? Or are the beds really comfy. I couldn’t wake up in the mornings.

Had Sakae Teppanyaki the other day. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG Its my favorite although its expensive like fuck. My all time favorite used to be the one at the food junctions.. especially the one at Wisma. Its like so Taiwan-ish. But its now replaced by this company called He Niu. I don’t like it. The one I liked was tasty and affordable.

Sakae is so overpriced.

cruise 3 cruise 4

If you know any good teppanyaki place, let me know!!!

Stay tuned to my blog for my short story. Love ya ❤



Recent photo from a shoot. I really love the shadows and textures of this one so i made it black and white. Kinda like my signature. hahaha.

So in case you guys don’t know, I am learning diving!!! ITS DAMN FREAKING AWESOME I AM GOING TIOMAN THIS WEEKEND OK. Stay tuned for my diving trip update.

I love all of you.


So this guy sent me a photo of his penis. I have no idea why.


LOLOLOLOL.  Sorry i made you guys look at it. >.> BUT REALLY

a lloyd of mosquitoes.

Hi guys your goddess Is almost near the end of her crazy work week. 😀

I will be doing the same event at Cineleisure on 1,2,3 of May, and Jcube on 8,9,10th. Please do pop by to have a photo taken with me if you happen to be free 🙂

I have been down with a terrible stomach flu so please forgive me, this post won’t be my usual long and naggy one. (is that like a good thing? are you hoping i will always have stomach flu in this case? HAHA)

IV bought me a lovely belated birthday present. He got it from Japan. Oh my… I am a very very lucky girl. You know what, who the fuck cares what people want to say behind my back? (Reminds me of A’s brother in the past.) In the end, I am the one smiling happily with my presents in hand. Hateful words mean nothing.. especially on the internet xD

Its my dream bag! I have been staring at it for ages. Its the Samantha Thavasa Lady Azayle in light pink. OH MY GOD WHY ITS SO BEU TI FOO

st1 st2 st3

It has a freaking hidden slot for idk what u wanna put into (Look at the picture above) at the base of the bag. Maybe a secret credit card or some condoms LOL :’D




IV threw in some Japanese goodies for me as well. So adorable. HAHAHA.

YES tell me that you are in love with that bag too. Miranda Kerr has one! But yeah well fuck having the same bag doesn’t make me any step closer to being as hot as her. Damn.


Anyway yes I forgot to add that Mr Lawyer brought me to this lovely restaurant in the middle of nowhere that sells excellent cantonese food. Doesn’t agree with my sick stomach but who the fuck cares. MINCED MEAT OK. Please don’t ask me why are his eyes always semi closed I DON’T KNOW. It’s his signature pose. 5.4 jiu shi bu yi yang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA HES GOING TO KILL ME NOW.

I did a photoshoot at Lloyd’s Inn. Its at Killiney Road near Somerset 313. (It’s near LKY’s house)

Had some yoghurt before that and saw the little boy in front of me eating like… I don’t know if he was even trying to fit the spoon into his mouth. HAHAHA ITS SO ADORABLE OK SORRY I SNAPPED A SECRET PHOTO OF YOU. BUT I AM NOT A PEDO I JUST THINK ITS CUTE. DON’T REPORT ME TO THE POLICE. 

st7st8I can’t wait to receive the photos. The photographer and I had lots of fun. He was looking at the stethoscope and clipboard that I bought. And he said “No shit, nurse game so serious” HAHAHAHAHA.

We got the Patio room because the skyrooms were fully booked. It’s like those minimalist + earthy room design and it’s beautiful.

st9 st10 st11 st12

I really loved the outdoor toilet that has a touch of Nature. Abit hot la, but still very serene and calming. But really, the mosquitoes.. abit last warning. Maybe cuz it rained that night.

There’s nothing better than the photographer saying “Okay… you are allowed to keep the room” and then you wave goodbye to him, strip, shower, don the comfy bath robe and roll around on the soft bed. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

My life is complete.

st14Okay la, Not as complete without free breakfast right!? Lloyd has no kitchen thus they gave a breakfast voucher that allows you to pick either free traditional Chinese kaya toast + eggs + hot drink or top up 7 to have a fancy Angmoh breakfast at Freshly Baked. Its a shop at Dublin road.
Of course I chose the latter la. Z had some odd looking muffin with scrambled eggs, Emmental cheese and smoked salmon. Dat cheese tho… Feels weird with the bunz and all. And coffee instead of wine. HAHAHA.

st15 st16

I had the classic American breakfast, but I chose sausages instead of bacon. Like… you know, I love sausages. I MEAN PLS DON’T THINK OF IT IN THE SEXUAL WAY WHAT THE HELL LIKE I GENUINELY LIKE TO EAT SAUSAGES. LIKE, GERMANS, SPICY ITALIAN (I DON’T MEAN IT THAT WAY I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING”

Sometimes I think my peasants… You guys are really evil. I am such a pure soul. You guys tainted me.

I just want to say thanks to SW for buying such expensive Persimmons for me.. my favorite fruit. I don’t understand why the box so big, and only two tiny fruits inside.


Feel free to buy me more of them guys. I love it very much. DONT COME AND ASK ME “Wanna taste my fruit?” HAHAHAHAHA.

I’ll update again this week. ❤ Take care guys

the weather is hot.

Not as hot as me but ya’ll know its quite the contest.


Being happy…

My peasants, your goddess is here.

Not entirely recovered, but getting better. I used to think we should never give up something that makes us happy, until that something or someone has given up on wanting to make you happy. At this point, as much as my heart wants to give benefit of the doubt to that particular someone, I know whatever I am hoping for will only end in extreme anguish.

But it may not be a bad thing. It will be the direction to steer me ahead through this storm.




I look fugly here. I had to plait my hair because it was the most convenient way to achieve wavy locks, and it will look styled when I am there working for the F1 after party. my god. I really look fugly.

Any girl to your liking this photo? Pay me matchmaking fee of 50$ and I will consider. HAHAHA





Cecilia, Gladys and I in our uniforms for our F1 work.

Look at my hair! Natural wavy look. No need to use styling iron. I am not a fan of heat treatment for my hay(hair).

So, speaking of the after party. The only celebrities I actually recognized were Estelle (the one who sang American boy which coincidentally is one of my favorite songs) and Gordon Ramsay. And I had the honor of putting the wristband on him. Whilst I was there trying not to appear overly starstruck, I diverted my attention to looking at the cute f1 racers who came as well.

And no. I didn’t know they were racers until I realized they had all the VIP treatment. 2 hot 2 handle, bro.


Have you ever just stared at your dog shitting. I did, and I particularly enjoyed making Lycan feel awkward whilst he was trying to poop with eyes staring intensely at him and a camera shooting away.

Don’t ask me why he doesn’t poop on the newspaper. Somehow, he saves the newspaper only for pee.



I think that was what he felt whilst shitting. HA HA HA don’t hate me… it’s too cute not to show you guys.


Worked at Cuddles Cat Cafe the other day. I really do enjoy the work there. It’s idyllic and very fun. Time passes quick to my astonishment and LIKE WHO, wouldn’t want to work in a cafe filled with furry animals, with a floor covered in plush carpet and wearing a yukata, looking pretty. WHOOOO????



Just imagine the overwhelming cuteness. Random cats running around and some sleeping happily whilst you walk past.




Drew some cats on the papers used to record the customers’ check in times.
My lousy art should not be questioned.




Full length photo of my yukata. You get to pick from a variety in the cupboard! Omg. Geisha dream come true.


I still have trouble remembering the names… I think this is called snowflake. I find it really amusing the way cats look at you like you are their slaves.






Please do drop by to visit me!

I will be working this Friday, 3rd October from 12.30-6.30.

The lovely cafe is situated at Scape, (right beside Cineleisure), level 2.
Charges are as followed:

12$ for each hour, 3$ for each subsequent 15mins following the 1st hour.
Food and drinks are optional, but sold separately.
Main meals are to be ordered from FISH TALES, a cafe downstairs and it will be delivered up to you for consumption within the cafe.
Bottled/ Canned drinks and snacks are sold in the cafe, all below 2$.
Japanese sweet treats can be purchased separately or in boxes.

You are allowed to take as many photos as you want as long as there is no flash. Feel free to hug, carry, pat and rub the cats.


Okay, time for some food posts:



I had this kimchi ramen whilst at work in the cat cafe. It costs 6.80 and the menu said:

Kimchi ramen, (contains pork) 6.80.

I ONLY FOUND 1, MISERABLE PIECE OF PORK. Come on now please change your menu statement to: (contains A small piece of pork).
I think it justifies the price better. Was really spicy tho. And cooked quite well, I finished the entire bowl.

BUT THEN AGAIN, what can go wrong with freaking instant noodles.


Went for a boudoir photoshoot with Yama. That lil rich ass booked Swissotel , spent a bomb and then I told him boutique hotels are cheaper, and waaaay more beautiful. Guess we should be seeing photos done at Studio M soon. Its my favorite boutique hotel 😀

If you are looking for a rendezvous with your loved one, I think you can consider Studio M. Get the better rooms. Its double storied, with beautiful stairs and seamless full glass windows. The beds are located on the “2nd floor” which is more like a loft. Extremely cosy.

Being a business hotel, the rooms are actually cheaper if you book the weekends. They have lots of promotions going on as well.


So yeah halfway through the shoot both of us got fucking hungry and then you know ITS FUCKING ROOM SERVICE TIME!!!
Like who the fuck can resist just making a phone call, and then food gets delivered right up to your face.



I had beef lasagna whilst Yama, being a Fan tong (rice bucket) as he is had nasi goreng EXTRA RICE. We ordered onion rings and wedges, as well as a chocolate mousse-esque cheesecake for dessert.




Hotel food… Overpriced and over-rated. the lasagna wasn’t to my liking, but the dessert and onion rings were alright. And thanks Yama for the treat 🙂

They gave this complimentary bread basket and me being the fucking butter whore peeked inside the basket to look for some dough to go with my butter:



behappy14 behappy15




I can’t believe i had the stomach for it. pun intended. HA HA HA.


Menya Musashi @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-16




Ambience: 8/10

I loved the feel and decor of the place. Traditional, yet snazzy.
They have 3 types of soup base, White, Red and Black.

White (Shoyu) Probably symbolizes the light, delicate flavor.

Red (Spicy) No explanation needed for this!

Black (Garlic oil) Flavorful, rich and bold.

I ordered the Black ramen with 4pcs of Chashu. It’s a set and it comes with side dishes of your choice. I picked the cold tofu.

behappy19Cold tofu drenched in sesame sauce.

The sesame sauce was awesome. Paired with the green garnishes, it was perfect.

Goddess meter: 9/10









I read many reviews that people found the ramen soup base to be too salty. I think they are unaware that ramen soup is meant to be this way. The flavors of the broth are strong and distinct, seeping into the ramen and with the slight density of the broth, every strand of the ramen is coated with a thin film of the viscous soup.

I liked the soup, you can feel the effort spent in the actual making and slow simmering of the broth. It was a strong taste, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt it went well with the noodles and chashu.

Quite disappointed with the noodles, I think maybe because the waiter did not enquire/we forgot to request that I wanted my noodles to be of hard texture. It is a common practice in Ramen shops in Singapore nowadays for the waiters to ask you how you like your noodles done. Because it seems that Japanese enjoy their ramen to be QQ and abit hard, whilst Singaporeans are believed to have a penchant for soggier, softer noodles.

The noodles I got was pretty soft and soaked through, there was hardly that “Chewy” effect when you sink your teeth into em. You can tell from the photos above.

Chashu was grilled, and the burnt bits were definitely to perfection. However, the meat was too hard, and there were no fatty parts. I always preferred my Chashu to have a little slab of fats over its edge. This however is probably just the style of the shop, and my own personal preference.

The egg was done quite well, and looks good. I am not a fan of eggs so… :’D can’t really comment much here. But its definitely soft and watery, which is enough to drive the egg lovers crazy.

I really liked the presentation, with the wooden tray in contrast with the beautiful porcelain bowl. The cutlery was also served horizontal, traditional Jap style. Chashu and everything was placed in an appetizing way. Good colors.

I’d say its definitely value for money, because it costs just alittle more than your average icky Ajisen (no intended hate here), comes with a side dish with actual promising quality.

Soup base: 8/10
Noodles: 5/10
Chashu: 6/10
Tamago: 7/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10


Yama’s pick:





You can tell by looking at the cha shu that the grilled parts are freaking awesome… but there’s no presence of any fats.

They are having this cute little promotion now, that if you spend 50$ and above you are entitled to a small lucky charm which has a samurai on it. I picked the red one.




I really hope this lucky charm will indeed bring me the luck I so desperately need.

Its the end of my ramen review, I would say, go and give it a shot if you haven’t. It’s definitely worth it.




I received this drawing as a present. Such art. many cute, so skill

The “kimono” drape/shawl/overcoat is like probably at the end of the hype right now but i just can’t freaking get over the one I just bought.

behappy26 behappy27


Its too pretty and I’ll upload a photo of me in it during the photoshoot soon.


Went to celebrate my dad’s birthday at ChompChomp, I almost asphyxiated from the smoke. Watched my sister eating the cockles so happily and I told her that her fingers look as tho she just stuck them into a vagina on period. But that didn’t stop her from consuming dem gross shellfish at an alarming rate.


behappy28 behappy29


Satan’s minions, i’d say.

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, I can’t upload the rest anywhere because its NSFW and I really do not wish to attract more perverts than I already am now.

black garters 3

Its super gorgeous because 1) can’t see my fuck face 2) isn’t too sleazy 3) black and white 4) shows my undying affection for drow ranger. 5) I actually look like i have some boobs finally.

In case any of you have yet to know, the tattooed words read : Pride of the drow.
Its taken from one of the phrases said by my favorite dota 2 character. Talk about virtual obsession….


Good bye guys. 🙂

shitty lil weekend

HOLA GUYS~ after all that slogging in the sun I may have to head down to ICA to change my ethnicity soon. NO I AM NOT RACIST I AM JUST GOOD WITH COLORS.


cheez whiz yummy~



I am finally going to collect my delicious bottles of FUCKING CHEESE IN A JAR WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS LIFE SO BENT ON MAKING ME FAT. Just so you know, these cheeses are like common household snack equivalent of our margarine in Singapore. YET, its like a fucking snitch to locate in Singapore. Only tiny Pinoy shops sell them. And in limited quantities. Don’t worry babies mummy’s going to upload all the food porn I’m gonna make with dem cheez whiz.


cute dog


Your awesome goddess has finally managed to do something about lycan’s horrendous peeing spree. I am thinking it was probably attributed to the little talk that I had with him. It was a gloomy day. He peed at the cupboards and I sat him down, and had a conversation with him. I know, he didn’t understand anything I was saying, but I guess he understood what I meant. He hardly pees at the wrong places anymore. And quite a few times in the designated place, the toilet. Dogs are such intelligent things. And I wouldn’t want a life without him, even though he’s an annoying little shit. And ugly. Speaking of ugly Yama sent me this:

naked rabbit

I don’t know, its kind of ugly but cute at the same time. Especially that tuft of fur left around its mouth, looks like some hermit from lord of the rings or something. HAHA

Let’s talk about food. Knowing your goddess, her fussy palate simply just will not settle for terrible food. Because after all, those nasties are for you peasants.

smug haha



My mum bought this “white beehoon” for me and my sister the other day, and boy i’d tell ya over and over again, looks can be deceiving!


yummy beehoon


I know it looks like those crappy 2.50$ beehoon we usually see in those makeshift convenience stores, lumped together with the refried hotdogs, oily seaweed chickens and shit. It’s probably my terrible camera skills. But holy fuck, this man.

This beehoon is simmered in the broth of all the seafood goodness, soaking up every bit of natural sweetness. I like it especially because it is moist, every strand coated with a film of the rich flavourful broth and the chef is generous with his prawns and squids. I CAN’T PUT IT INTO WORDS. THE AROMA, THE FLAVORS, THE TEXTURES, simply ineffable.

Mum says there’s always a queue. Please do go try it if you have the time. I guarantee you some things are really worth the wait. 😉 (also order the ngoh hiong, sambal potato leaves and prawn paste chicken if you are eating there.)

Sembawang Jalan Tampang Coffeeshop


And as we all know, I hate dim sum. Especially har gao (it sounds weird) and siew mai and everything. It’s like a fully compliant dieting trip whenever I go for dim sum with my friends. Because I’d only have chicken feet, lor mai kai and hot tea. Not even porridge because I hate century egg.

So anyway, I do not know which nerve I must have snapped in my brain, but I actually allowed my sister to convince me to travel all the way to eat Swee Choon. According to her and a few people, it’s really popz, and really good.

And thus, our journey began, took 960 to Bugis, then 130, 5 stops to our final destination. (A pun really.)



Lol, my sis and her boyfriend waiting to get the queue number.



We waited for about a mere 10mins, about 30mins short of what I expected.



I had to upload this candid shot that my sister took of flappy bird and I because In my honest opinion, I finally have a photo where flappy bird looks more handsome than the other photos. Maybe because only half of his face was showing. HAHA. My hair was a mess and so was my face in the picture, tho.




We ordered like 95 bucks worth of dim sum. I think that was enough to feed 5-6. We ended up tabao-ing them home. Here’s your goddess’ review of Swee Choon:

2/5 stars.

Definitely won’t choose to go back there again! (Prolly because I hate dim sum)

The lor mai kai was bland and not moist enough. Spring Onion fritter tasted bad. (We wasted the whole basket) Liu-sar-pao was according to my sister, was not salty enough. Chicken feet, carrot cake, chee cheong fun and etc was average.

But I do recommend their signature spicy chicken, xiao long bao and watercress soup.




The whole “travel for great dim sum” fiasco had its grand finale by ending with us caught in a downpour with no cabs wanting to give us a ride. That was all too much to stomach. HA HA HA HA. (J and my punny conversations never could seem to go away.)


I guess dim sum all taste the same to me generally, but the ones I’ve had at KL seemed so much better. Must be due to the fact I felt the waiters walking around with a huge bamboo steamer containing a variety of dim sum for you to select was quite interesting and cute.


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 02 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 56 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 15 27 AM


These are from KL. The Lor Mai Kai was unforgettable. It was tasty and “oily”. Chicken was tender as well. As you can see, Lor Mai Kai, and chicken feet (at the back). All that I ate, literally. Well, and I tried quite a few of the others, like fishcake and some dumplings. Quite tasty!

I want to go back there again 😥 Mainly, for this:

Photo 2-9-13 2 48 59 PM



Had two photoshoots on saturday, and I almost died. Woke up at 5.30 to prepare and head off to marina barrage. Nightmare place. I remember my sister brought me there once to fly kite and I turned into an Indian. I almost had to change my surname. But it was quite awesome this time round because we went to catch the sunrise!






Some of the previews that Jason has sent me. Your goddess almost died from trying to feign a sporty attitude, doing kicks and runs and pushups and shit. Holy. It’s only lucky I did some yoga last time. Yes, my eyelashes look so gorgeous in the first photo. They are so beautiful my eyes were transfixed onto those slender black lines on the photo for about 5mins before moving on.

Headed off to changi beach to meet up with Yama for the next shoot.




How? My make up skills got improve right? I look so radiant and sporty and as though I just had a good workout. AHAHAHA.


longweekend17 longweekend18

Being an extremely loyal and faithful west-side girl, I have never ever been to changi beach (nor knew of its existence) but it was so beautiful!

Rushed over to fort canning after that, Not to get married… but for my second photoshoot. It started at 11.30 and ended at 4. Can you imagine 😥 all the sun and blisters I got…



A snap of all the clothes needed to be modelled in! We only completed half that day. The blogshop owner, Tracy was an incredibly beautiful and friendly woman. Check out her shop here: http://www.eleventh.com.sg

I feel most of the clothes are catered to the working office crowd, but hell some of the dresses are really pretty!




Poor Yama was up all night looking at me 😉 😉 😉 LOL. on his computer doing the edits to make sure I have flawless skin. (or I will obviously murder him)



This mini tweed dress is so classy! I think she will be launching her next collection soon. Remember to subscribe to her mailing list if you like the cuts 😀


Neek got me INECTO, finally oh sweet camel jesus. If you people have shitty ass hair like me, do give this brand a try. The leave-in hair treatment spray is a must to get! But of course it is not available in Singapore, Mustafa only sells the shampoo and conditioner which I highly recommend as well. Only 4.90 per bottle.

Bangkok is the nearest country that carries this awesome coconut brand. The spray is about 11 sgd per bottle. I used to wash my hair with Aveda which costed me a bomb. 148 for one large bottle of shampoo and 165 for the conditioner. Inecto is like so much cheaper and you can really feel the difference. Once I lay my hands on the spray and the cream I have the complete set.

Check out their official website: http://www.inecto.co.uk

I suggest you get the shampoo and conditioner + the styling spray which are available at mustafa first. If you ever go to bangkok, just give BOOTS pharmacy a visit; definitely need to buy the leave-in treatment. Your hair will feel soft and silky after a few days of application.

How I found out about the miracle spray is when J’s mum came back from BKK and bought him one spray to use. I touched his hair on one occasion and asked him if he changed shampoo because his hair was so soft! Like really, baby soft and it was incredible because he had just dyed his hair. So I expected it to be rough and frizzly. So he told me must be due to the new spray that he just started using a few days back. I only used it twice at his house and I can already feel the difference.

Oh, coconut. I love you.

I know, its a waste I am not a salesperson.



Being Kiasu I got Neek to buy me 4 bottles of the amazing spray and 2 tubes of the hair repair treatment. If anyone wants to buy one spray from me… Quote your price and I will consider! HAHAHAHA.



Good night guys. I hope you had a great weekend.



Play summoner’s war = also gamer?

I had a lovely time at The 7th Cylinder today. It’s a beautiful cafe for all dem motorbikes lovers.

Click on the photo to check out their facebook page 🙂


The 7th Cylinder

Cafe’s interior


I wore this extremely tiny pair of shorts for the shoot, which I found to be almost like an underwear. Super ahlian style.


im fucking fat


Its like the edges are merely 2cm away from my vagina. Not sure if it’s a great idea to wear it outdoors but hell I thought it’d look quite fitting for a motorbike shoot, right? I mean like megan fox and shit.

I know what you are looking at… my fats and probably the ostentatious wardrobe at the back. Even with my extreme OCD, it’s hard to keep everything neat when I’m running out of space.


no staring

don’t say it, yes, Its a PUSH UP BRA!!! wow!!!




don’t ask me. I don’t know what is what.


A shot of the photographer’s lenses (which he claimed was extremely shabby and cheap)

But really, what the fuck, I bet I could build an extremely good gaming desktop if I sold them. The 3rd one looks like a thermal flask ahmas use to store their herbal soup.

So anyway I was still learning #HASHTAGS and decided to input #foodporn. But really who invented this word. All I could think of was:

food porn 1

food porn 2


food porn 3








Ya…. I just had to do that before I go. You got to admit there’s actually a striking resemblance.

Good bye guys. ~~ Don’t masturbate too much to food porn now.


Favorites from the recent shoot

Ohoho yes I am doing one more post because it seems so silly to have just one lonesome post on the newly published website right? D:

These are a few favorites from my most recent photoshoot, done by 3 awesome photographers at Botanic garden.













Its the size of your palm and it moves in the speed of light if anything touches its web. Kill me. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH PART OF IT IS CUTE. I CANNOT FIND THE REASON.

Do you know of some bitch that you hate? mum or sis hogging your computer? save this photo and put as wallpaper. they wont get near your computer ever again! BEST SOLUTION.


So… anyway. i’m gonna do eyelash extensions on Wednesday prior to my upcoming photoshoot for the blogshop “www.eleventh.com” and I am really excited! Hope the blogshop owner won’t be too unhappy with the photos hehe.

Yama has planned both a geisha and an underwater themed shoots for me, keep an eye out for the photos. I think they’d be really really pretty.