Malaysia, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Desa Sri Hartamas No:26-G, Jalan 24/70A,

Okay guys. More PICS, less talk. I think daaaas wat you guys like. I have a bunch of lazy readers. Shin Nihon is a Japanese BBQ beef heaven for all beef lovers like you and me. I wouldn’t call the price CRAZY, like you do not need to be a crazy rich asian to afford a slice. But it isn’t your casual chicken rice add rice $$$.

Two people + umeshu is about 700rm
(But luxurious cuts la)





I didn’t really like the casual dining layout of the first floor. Went up to the second floor. It was quaint and the interior exudes Japanese vibes. I really liked my seats as shown below.





(Pre lasik days. Sigh)

So this charcoal grill is really awesome like it’s small and cute and I really love food that’s bbq-ed over real charcoal. It has this good smokey taste that’s so awesome.


Didn’t realize it was CHOYA since everything was written in Japanese. So yeah well fuck but  its alcohol so just drink.


This is their “Taster menu” that consists of 4 parts of the beef. 1 PC for each pax. The ones on the black plate: Australian. White plate: Japanese.

If I may suggest, if you ever go, don’t take this taster platter unless you appreciate all different parts. I mean I am ok with it but I rather spend the money and my tummy space for something really fabulous and luxurious.

And, I always preferred the Japanese beef. Texture is softer, melts-in-ur-mouth and more fat content.

Australian beef is like a BUFF and strong super model… Japanese one is like, a MILF with heavy boobs and exercises by doing housework.




Tried their beef tartare as well. (Wagyu too)




I think it costs about 80-100 rm for the tartare I really do not remember. It was quite tasty and refreshing but I don’t recommend it if you scared of raw beef lmao.

Just a casual shot of me blowing.. meat.



DIZ MY BABY. It’s a whole slab of Japanese Wagyu beef. Look at that marbling. Yum yum.

I recommend spending your stomach space and moolahs on good stuff like this.




The staff will help you to grill the $$$ slab of goodness and cut it up into delectable bite sized pieces for you.




Can you see the fats at the bottom. I do not like the red sauce. I eat all of my meat with just the salt. So orgasmic.




I swear the beef don’t look photogenic here but it’s tasty as hell. Satan 10/10 approves.

Valeisky’s rating: 4.0/5

Yum Yum.

And btw, Happy new year to yall. Have you made your “I will lose weight” “I will cut down on smoking” and “I will save money” resolutions that no one ever fucking sticks to after 1 week?

Hot damn I made mine. And it certainly has “Pls work out 1x a week”.







Food gracious me

I swear I feel like I am the world’s laziest person ever whenever I see the gigantic gap of the days in between each post.

I have been having too much fun every day after leaving the terrible office life that its getting criminal. So here I present to you my food findings just, you know, to make you envious and wishing you’ll have some time off to slack.

Its surprising how some people have this concept that people who “throw letter” (tender resignation) before finding another job are just being lazy and try to make up excuses. My standard reply to people like that, I tell them “Being unemployed is a luxury in Singapore. Bitch, I’m luxurious.”

You gotta admit, its true. HAHAHAHA. When I was stuck in the office job, I always go to work 35 mins earlier, and leave later than stipulated. And every single day I am desperately crawling towards the weekend. Some people like that routine and stability, but I can’t.


Anyway yes I have been trying to cram in as many activities as I can into these 2 short months before the review (for my next job) date is due, end May. I mentioned in my previous post that I will be going to Boracay BUT WHAT THE FUCK the plane timings are so weird and they don’t cater flights every other day.


So yes sadly I changed it to Phuket. Boracay will have to wait till I find a PH boyfriend. ;D

My first stop will be Melaka this weekend. So, wait for me 😀


So yes some goddess reviews. I love to eat but I am not hipster enough to do cafe hopping all the time (because most of these  places ulu as fuck and I only got my legs and an ezlink)

The hugely raved Spathe (Yes I did my online homework)

8 Mohamed Sultan Rd #01-01, 238958



The exterior looks like some taiwanese eatery that sells pork buns and stuff. HAHAHA.

I love the interior though. Bricks. I just have this really unexplained fetish for all kinds of bricks. LOL.


Yes, I just wanted to take a selfie with the brick wall behind. JUST HAD TO.


It’s a simple menu with just a few choices. I, obviously took the most gluttonous one which was the heartiest full American breakfast and eggs done scrambled. Paired it with a strawberry lime cider.

I personally prefer Rekorderlig to Kopparberg.



The highlight was the scrambled. It was done really really well. I still can’t really figure what did they put inside. But I’m sure there some sort of cooking cream/ milk kind of dairy. How else is it so moist and creamy!?!?!?!? :O

Everything else was so-so. The bread was the most O.O I didn’t touch it after one bite. The mushrooms were also really rich and creamy, and bacon was really salty thus if you add everything up you feel abit sick halfway through the meal.


And of course we just had to have it served on some sort of a hipsterish wooden serving board.

I R8 it 7/10 for decor, 6/10 for value, and 7/10 for food.


Just in case you guys have not realized it Sherlocks is here to inform he discovered that your goddess really likes brunches. All day breakfasts ; the creamy scrambled eggs, the smell of freshly brewed tea and coffee + daily made bread with snowy butter. GOD DAMN FOOOD. WHY AM I SO FAT, I JUST WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING.

The exercise that you need to do after that….

i cant do this

But who cares right.


My next stop:

Fourty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, 163078

One of the really super ulu places. Thank god my friend drove. But even so we had to find it using GPS.



I really really liked the decor of this place. All the little ornaments reminded me of the little trinkets that i will download in my sims 3 to spruce up the place. Everything there had a rustic feel and that’s my favorite.

I was seated right in front of the daily made goods. Looks really pleasing.

I ordered fresh orange juice with OF COURSE, THE BREAKFAST PLATTER. My friend ordered eggs Benedict with steak and potatoes.


I prefer this one to the one at Spathe because I like my food to be comfort-ish. (Like, wet and sloppy). They have the beef sauce here which I really love as it seem to wonderfully complete the otherwise rather dry food items.

Loved the sausage, bacon was not too salty. Tomatoes were well grilled, you can still taste that charcoal.Mushrooms and scrambled were good, however the ones at Spathe were creamier and more flavorful.

And as for the flatbread/ pita.. it was O.O as well. I didn’t eat it after one bite. SOUNDS FAMILIAR. LOL. I think it would have been better if the dough was spread out thinner or maybe just hotter. This one was cold and the spread given was too little.

I wouldn’t have minded just traditional bread slices or a bun.


Eggs Benedict was really good. Steak was nice, bun was soft and well toasted. The eggs…. Well I daresay it was done to perfection. Both eggs were round and beautifully shaped. Just the right temperature.

Potatoes were extremely delicious.


I R8 8/10 for decor, 8/10 for value, 8/10 for food. It is definitely worth a visit. DESPITE IT BEING AT SOME REALLY RANDOM PLACE IN SINGAPORE. Just when you think Singapore is really small……


After brunch, obviously it’s time to show somewhere to bring your girlfriend to for a fancy dinner. You know, just to show that you really love her and all.

I finally got to try Morton’s.

Morton’s, The Steakhouse
6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, 039797

It’s located inside Mandarin Oriental. And yes it’s pricey af.




This is the Morton’s bar, famous for their cocktails.




I swear you could feel your wallet crying when you step into the restaurant.

flippin money
You can find their full menu on their website as well.


My friend and I shared a Signature cut new york strip 20 Oz. He had shrimp alexander for starters whilst I had a crab cake.

Our meat was accompanied by sauteed mushrooms with spinach and mashed potatoes. MY ABSOLUTE FAV.

Restaurant was dimly lit and I was shooting with my shitty Iphone so yes I had to artificially brighten all the photos. The ambiance was good. We had some obnoxious Singaporean guy making alot of fuss next table but other than that it was all good.

The shrimps were fresh and FREAKING ASS HUGE. LIKE REALLY.



JUST LOOK IT CAN FILL UP THE ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BREAD ROLL PLATE. I’M NOT SHITTING YOU. But then again for such a hefty price I kinda expected the prawns to get up and dance jazz.

My crab cake:


It was tasty, but the one I had in HongKong “The steakhouse” is much much better.

One half of the steak, medium rare; accompanied by mash with sour cream, a thick slab of butter and bacon. And of course, the spinach with mushrooms.




It was good steak. I felt it was well prepared. It was balanced, and done-ness was on point. My chef friend said it wasn’t well rested after searing which resulted in alot of juice but hell I liked it anyway. As you know, I like stuff wet 😉

Potatoes were so sinful you’d be in heaven after a taste. Spinach was good but a tad too salty.

My friend had Crème brûlée for dessert which I opted for an extremely light one. Fresh strawberries with whipped cream. It doesn’t get any better than this.

It was really delicious.


Give this place a try if you are just like me, REALLY LOVE YOUR STEAKS. And if you have extra to spare.

I R8 9/10 for ambiance, 9/10 for food.


Ok that’s enough of food for now.

ate too much meme.jpg

I went to Aeon ( My regular Korean doctor for my laser ) to do a much hyped Hydro facial. The trial price was affordable. It was really good. *UPDATED as of 6/8* They no longer offer the trial due to overwhelming response but it is really good guys. I highly recommend it.


They use a suction kind of tool to extract dirt instead of the old fashioned metal stick (remember my previous post I told you how the metal stick caused all the scars that I have till today)


So this suction method is actually painless and scarless. Which is what you want. Weather is so bad recently so this hydro facial really worked so well. Just look at my skin. Shiny and fresh. HAHAHA.

If you are interested in the trial, please do drop by the clinic at


9 Scotts Road #06-02/03 Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza, 228210

This is their official website: http://www.aeonmedical.com.sg


If you are interested in the laser or any other services, you can quote my name or just name my blog Voir Valeisky and they will give you a good price.

I bought a CC cream from them. 45 Dollars. Ok for sensitive and oily skin.

Before and after: (Sorry lighting is fucked as usual)

It sorts out the discoloration and uneven skin tone + gives extremely good coverage.


So yes, I promise I will blog about my Melaka trip as soon as I am back. I PROMISE. OMG NO, YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH IN ME.


Here, have some pics of me and lycan if you miss me whilst Im gone.




Bye for now guys. Love ya.




I hope you guys read my Sea Nymph story! I have the best feedback from a reader and that’s none other than CKY2. After reading my story he said : “Is it wrong that all that I imagined was Dragon Knight making some sweet love to Naga Siren”

My life is now complete. HAHAHAHHA




Did you know, when I was in University, I had to endure a 1.5 hour bus ride every day to Queenstown. I know some people have it worse than me, but really. Look at this map. 5 stops to Sixth Avenue, just change a bus and i’d be there in 15mins. JESUS.



3 Pickering Street, #01-31 Nankin Row


I finally had the chance to taste their yummy crustacean goodness for myself. Mr Lawyer took me out on a date!

The bar is smaller than I thought, but tastefully decorated. It is cozy and modernistic.


Good food stays on your mind longer than you’d actually realize it. Even till now, I cannot stop reminiscing about the taste of dat lobster roooooooooll. We ordered a salad because they ran out of all the hot appetizers and soups. DON’T ORDER THE SALAD.

We had lobster roll set, the spicy one, with burnt cheddar (extra cost). Comes with greens and chips sprayed with truffle oil, the Nope salad and the crustacean bowl.




JUST    LOOK     AT     THAT              OMGGGGG

Crustacean bowl:


This is supposedly one of their popular items. Mr lawyer mentioned it used to taste better though. In my opinion it was good for sharing, it’s not too good to have it all by yourself because the rice is kinda like sushi rice, so it’s really filling and the dish is sweet, not savory. I believe the sweetness comes from the seafood broth? and maybe some special sauce that I don’t know. But because of the overwhelming sweetness and sushi rice, it will only taste orgasmic for the first few spoonfuls.

But dat lobster roll tho. I can’t wait to go back there, hopefully the soups and appetizers will be available 🙂

Goddess rating: 4.5/5!

Very value for money. They use generous amounts of lobster (goes by weight). The lobster roll set is 22++

I definitely recommend this. You have to try it especially if you are a staunch shellfish lover.

But make reservations!!!


I went on a food trip at Geylang 😀 Well.. not really a food trip. But I just made random stops to feed myself. Like hell, I did not even know where are all the “Famous stalls” at. Let’s not forget I am a road idiot. So i just to random coffeeshops. DAMN. :O I FOUND SOME AMAZING STUFFFFFFFF

FT14 FT15

I walked into this random kopitiam and they served the old fashioned cai fan omggggg. My favorite potatoes, salted veg (reminds me of my ahma’s one) and steamed egg.

Along the main road between Lorong 8 and 6 there’s this dim sum place. I really hate dimsum but damn, their porridge is delicious. And dat crabmeat dumpling…. bigger and juicier than Din Tai Feng’s one. EXPLOSION when you stuff the whole thing into your mouth. It’s quite big so I had to nibble alittle bit first. I think it’s quite famous? I don’t know the name lOLLLL

But i saw many OLs and those office uncles coming to eat for lunch.

Had a good chicken rice too. Somewhere along Lorong 23. In this super plain and japalang coffeeshop. The rice, so fantastic bro. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC I WAS TOO HUNGRY SORRY.


I have been eating so much recently. So fat, but who cares. D: Life is too short to be kate moss! How can you give up on truffle fries? On Macspicy? On FUCKING PORK BELLY???? HOW CAN YOU NOT EAT ROAST DUCK AND DEVOUR ALL THE CRISPY SKIN? HOW TO NOT BUTTER YOUR ENTIRE PANCAKE TILL THE YELLOW GOODNESS FLOWS DOWN LIKE A WATERFALL OF CHOLESTEROL?

This is proof that I have been eating like a starved beast. I went to IKEA and like we all know no one really goes there to buy furniture. Its the fucking meatballs man.


Z didn’t eat much SO I HAD like 10 MEATBALLS, THE WHOLE PLATE OF SALMON, MUSHROOM SOUP AND 2/3 OF THE CURRY CHICKEN.  See he didn’t even finish his rice.

Eh it’s really awesome the curry. Omg.

Anyone wants to go Ikea to eat? Please BRING ME



It’s freaking 80rm per person. FOR BLOODY KIDS. For that price you thought there will be red carpet and Magical talking cats but Hell it was the worst waste of 80rm ever.



And the merchandise is like … A freaking t shirt that says “Hello Kitty” Is priced at 280 RM. PLEASE BRO. Will the shirt give me the figure of Miranda Kerr or what?

FT10 FT11 FT12 FT13

The only few decent looking statues.

If you are thinking of going there, ABORT MISSION. It’s really not worth the trip and money!!!! ABORT ABORT ABORT.


For you guys who have been reading my blog since the first post when I moved to this current domain, should know that I did Gold toning treatment for my face at Aeon Aesthetic Clinic, (at Pacific Plaza). Those of you who have seen me before and after the treatment, Im sure all of you agree that my skin has improved greatly!

I used to have really really bad skin previously because of hormonal imbalance. So what the gold toning does is, it helps to soothe the redness left by pimples and scars. The picture below, on the left, is how my face was after being ravaged by a ferocious pimple outbreak. So as you can see, the picture on the right, that’s taken about 3 weeks back. The redness has is gone, like 100%. All that’s left are the holes left by the scars.

aeon before after 1

I blogged about my gold toning experience. If you have not read it, and would like to, simply go to my archives 🙂

So anyway, I just went to do the VIVA laser on my face this Monday. What the laser does is to help rejuvenate your skin, giving it radiance, lightens scars, decreases the deepness of the holes as well as tighten your pores. Currently at home recuperating now. I will be doing a post about my experience there by this week. If you are convinced and will like to give it a try, just simply quote my name (my Chinese name. Hahaha) and the friendly doctor will give you a discount 😉


I am not sponsored by the clinic to write this review. I am not paid in any way. This is solely for my own personal benefit and I am only sharing it because as like all good things to be shared, I want the best for you guys as well as for the doctor because he’s a fantastic guy.

Stay tuned! 😀 😀 😀

shitty lil weekend

HOLA GUYS~ after all that slogging in the sun I may have to head down to ICA to change my ethnicity soon. NO I AM NOT RACIST I AM JUST GOOD WITH COLORS.


cheez whiz yummy~



I am finally going to collect my delicious bottles of FUCKING CHEESE IN A JAR WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS LIFE SO BENT ON MAKING ME FAT. Just so you know, these cheeses are like common household snack equivalent of our margarine in Singapore. YET, its like a fucking snitch to locate in Singapore. Only tiny Pinoy shops sell them. And in limited quantities. Don’t worry babies mummy’s going to upload all the food porn I’m gonna make with dem cheez whiz.


cute dog


Your awesome goddess has finally managed to do something about lycan’s horrendous peeing spree. I am thinking it was probably attributed to the little talk that I had with him. It was a gloomy day. He peed at the cupboards and I sat him down, and had a conversation with him. I know, he didn’t understand anything I was saying, but I guess he understood what I meant. He hardly pees at the wrong places anymore. And quite a few times in the designated place, the toilet. Dogs are such intelligent things. And I wouldn’t want a life without him, even though he’s an annoying little shit. And ugly. Speaking of ugly Yama sent me this:

naked rabbit

I don’t know, its kind of ugly but cute at the same time. Especially that tuft of fur left around its mouth, looks like some hermit from lord of the rings or something. HAHA

Let’s talk about food. Knowing your goddess, her fussy palate simply just will not settle for terrible food. Because after all, those nasties are for you peasants.

smug haha



My mum bought this “white beehoon” for me and my sister the other day, and boy i’d tell ya over and over again, looks can be deceiving!


yummy beehoon


I know it looks like those crappy 2.50$ beehoon we usually see in those makeshift convenience stores, lumped together with the refried hotdogs, oily seaweed chickens and shit. It’s probably my terrible camera skills. But holy fuck, this man.

This beehoon is simmered in the broth of all the seafood goodness, soaking up every bit of natural sweetness. I like it especially because it is moist, every strand coated with a film of the rich flavourful broth and the chef is generous with his prawns and squids. I CAN’T PUT IT INTO WORDS. THE AROMA, THE FLAVORS, THE TEXTURES, simply ineffable.

Mum says there’s always a queue. Please do go try it if you have the time. I guarantee you some things are really worth the wait. 😉 (also order the ngoh hiong, sambal potato leaves and prawn paste chicken if you are eating there.)

Sembawang Jalan Tampang Coffeeshop


And as we all know, I hate dim sum. Especially har gao (it sounds weird) and siew mai and everything. It’s like a fully compliant dieting trip whenever I go for dim sum with my friends. Because I’d only have chicken feet, lor mai kai and hot tea. Not even porridge because I hate century egg.

So anyway, I do not know which nerve I must have snapped in my brain, but I actually allowed my sister to convince me to travel all the way to eat Swee Choon. According to her and a few people, it’s really popz, and really good.

And thus, our journey began, took 960 to Bugis, then 130, 5 stops to our final destination. (A pun really.)



Lol, my sis and her boyfriend waiting to get the queue number.



We waited for about a mere 10mins, about 30mins short of what I expected.



I had to upload this candid shot that my sister took of flappy bird and I because In my honest opinion, I finally have a photo where flappy bird looks more handsome than the other photos. Maybe because only half of his face was showing. HAHA. My hair was a mess and so was my face in the picture, tho.




We ordered like 95 bucks worth of dim sum. I think that was enough to feed 5-6. We ended up tabao-ing them home. Here’s your goddess’ review of Swee Choon:

2/5 stars.

Definitely won’t choose to go back there again! (Prolly because I hate dim sum)

The lor mai kai was bland and not moist enough. Spring Onion fritter tasted bad. (We wasted the whole basket) Liu-sar-pao was according to my sister, was not salty enough. Chicken feet, carrot cake, chee cheong fun and etc was average.

But I do recommend their signature spicy chicken, xiao long bao and watercress soup.




The whole “travel for great dim sum” fiasco had its grand finale by ending with us caught in a downpour with no cabs wanting to give us a ride. That was all too much to stomach. HA HA HA HA. (J and my punny conversations never could seem to go away.)


I guess dim sum all taste the same to me generally, but the ones I’ve had at KL seemed so much better. Must be due to the fact I felt the waiters walking around with a huge bamboo steamer containing a variety of dim sum for you to select was quite interesting and cute.


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 02 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 56 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 15 27 AM


These are from KL. The Lor Mai Kai was unforgettable. It was tasty and “oily”. Chicken was tender as well. As you can see, Lor Mai Kai, and chicken feet (at the back). All that I ate, literally. Well, and I tried quite a few of the others, like fishcake and some dumplings. Quite tasty!

I want to go back there again 😥 Mainly, for this:

Photo 2-9-13 2 48 59 PM



Had two photoshoots on saturday, and I almost died. Woke up at 5.30 to prepare and head off to marina barrage. Nightmare place. I remember my sister brought me there once to fly kite and I turned into an Indian. I almost had to change my surname. But it was quite awesome this time round because we went to catch the sunrise!






Some of the previews that Jason has sent me. Your goddess almost died from trying to feign a sporty attitude, doing kicks and runs and pushups and shit. Holy. It’s only lucky I did some yoga last time. Yes, my eyelashes look so gorgeous in the first photo. They are so beautiful my eyes were transfixed onto those slender black lines on the photo for about 5mins before moving on.

Headed off to changi beach to meet up with Yama for the next shoot.




How? My make up skills got improve right? I look so radiant and sporty and as though I just had a good workout. AHAHAHA.


longweekend17 longweekend18

Being an extremely loyal and faithful west-side girl, I have never ever been to changi beach (nor knew of its existence) but it was so beautiful!

Rushed over to fort canning after that, Not to get married… but for my second photoshoot. It started at 11.30 and ended at 4. Can you imagine 😥 all the sun and blisters I got…



A snap of all the clothes needed to be modelled in! We only completed half that day. The blogshop owner, Tracy was an incredibly beautiful and friendly woman. Check out her shop here: http://www.eleventh.com.sg

I feel most of the clothes are catered to the working office crowd, but hell some of the dresses are really pretty!




Poor Yama was up all night looking at me 😉 😉 😉 LOL. on his computer doing the edits to make sure I have flawless skin. (or I will obviously murder him)



This mini tweed dress is so classy! I think she will be launching her next collection soon. Remember to subscribe to her mailing list if you like the cuts 😀


Neek got me INECTO, finally oh sweet camel jesus. If you people have shitty ass hair like me, do give this brand a try. The leave-in hair treatment spray is a must to get! But of course it is not available in Singapore, Mustafa only sells the shampoo and conditioner which I highly recommend as well. Only 4.90 per bottle.

Bangkok is the nearest country that carries this awesome coconut brand. The spray is about 11 sgd per bottle. I used to wash my hair with Aveda which costed me a bomb. 148 for one large bottle of shampoo and 165 for the conditioner. Inecto is like so much cheaper and you can really feel the difference. Once I lay my hands on the spray and the cream I have the complete set.

Check out their official website: http://www.inecto.co.uk

I suggest you get the shampoo and conditioner + the styling spray which are available at mustafa first. If you ever go to bangkok, just give BOOTS pharmacy a visit; definitely need to buy the leave-in treatment. Your hair will feel soft and silky after a few days of application.

How I found out about the miracle spray is when J’s mum came back from BKK and bought him one spray to use. I touched his hair on one occasion and asked him if he changed shampoo because his hair was so soft! Like really, baby soft and it was incredible because he had just dyed his hair. So I expected it to be rough and frizzly. So he told me must be due to the new spray that he just started using a few days back. I only used it twice at his house and I can already feel the difference.

Oh, coconut. I love you.

I know, its a waste I am not a salesperson.



Being Kiasu I got Neek to buy me 4 bottles of the amazing spray and 2 tubes of the hair repair treatment. If anyone wants to buy one spray from me… Quote your price and I will consider! HAHAHAHA.



Good night guys. I hope you had a great weekend.