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Okay guys. More PICS, less talk. I think daaaas wat you guys like. I have a bunch of lazy readers. Shin Nihon is a Japanese BBQ beef heaven for all beef lovers like you and me. I wouldn’t call the price CRAZY, like you do not need to be a crazy rich asian to afford a slice. But it isn’t your casual chicken rice add rice $$$.

Two people + umeshu is about 700rm
(But luxurious cuts la)





I didn’t really like the casual dining layout of the first floor. Went up to the second floor. It was quaint and the interior exudes Japanese vibes. I really liked my seats as shown below.





(Pre lasik days. Sigh)

So this charcoal grill is really awesome like it’s small and cute and I really love food that’s bbq-ed over real charcoal. It has this good smokey taste that’s so awesome.


Didn’t realize it was CHOYA since everything was written in Japanese. So yeah well fuck but  its alcohol so just drink.


This is their “Taster menu” that consists of 4 parts of the beef. 1 PC for each pax. The ones on the black plate: Australian. White plate: Japanese.

If I may suggest, if you ever go, don’t take this taster platter unless you appreciate all different parts. I mean I am ok with it but I rather spend the money and my tummy space for something really fabulous and luxurious.

And, I always preferred the Japanese beef. Texture is softer, melts-in-ur-mouth and more fat content.

Australian beef is like a BUFF and strong super model… Japanese one is like, a MILF with heavy boobs and exercises by doing housework.




Tried their beef tartare as well. (Wagyu too)




I think it costs about 80-100 rm for the tartare I really do not remember. It was quite tasty and refreshing but I don’t recommend it if you scared of raw beef lmao.

Just a casual shot of me blowing.. meat.



DIZ MY BABY. It’s a whole slab of Japanese Wagyu beef. Look at that marbling. Yum yum.

I recommend spending your stomach space and moolahs on good stuff like this.




The staff will help you to grill the $$$ slab of goodness and cut it up into delectable bite sized pieces for you.




Can you see the fats at the bottom. I do not like the red sauce. I eat all of my meat with just the salt. So orgasmic.




I swear the beef don’t look photogenic here but it’s tasty as hell. Satan 10/10 approves.

Valeisky’s rating: 4.0/5

Yum Yum.

And btw, Happy new year to yall. Have you made your “I will lose weight” “I will cut down on smoking” and “I will save money” resolutions that no one ever fucking sticks to after 1 week?

Hot damn I made mine. And it certainly has “Pls work out 1x a week”.







Kimchi ?


FUCKING BAN CHAN. Or whatever its spelt in English. It means “side dishes” in Korean. They look so damn awesome isn’t it? Traditional beansprouts seasoned lightly with spring onions, sesame lotus roots, fermented veg, sweet and spicy fishcake strips, my favorite potato strips and of course, Kimchi.

Today, I am introducing you guys the Korean Restaurant that I have worked at when I was still a teenager, getting through school. I fell in love with the food, and the courage of the Korean boss. He was just an average salary drawing man back in Korea, with his wife and a son. With the intent to pursue his passion, he sold his house in Korea to come all the way to SG, to achieve his dream; to open his very own restaurant.

Everything there is imported from Korea, and most of the staff are Korean too. Expect nothing but quality ingredients, which makes the price even more reasonable than it should be.

We ordered my favorite, Army Stew, seafood pancake, a selection of Korean BBQ that includes Pork belly, ribeye, and pork chops and a special cheesy sweet sour chicken.


Here’s the friendly Korean boss (one of the shareholders) who has kindly offered to help us prepare the grill.

image3 image4


A quick snap of me and my favorite army stew!!


image5 image6

The pancake is a must try only if Mr Kim is the one doing the cooking! It’s crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. Packed with goodness! The ingredients are fresh and given sparingly.


My sister ordered this cheesy sweet sour chicken. It’s expensive in my opinion. 35$. It’s delicious. but I suggest do not add it if you are watching your budget. The army stew is only 30++ as well! So you imagine, this chicken thing is really overpriced. But I guess the main bulk of the price tag comes from the generous topping of cheese.


Everyone was so full but I wuz liek fuck dem bitches Im gon order one more tofu stew. HAHAHA. IT WAS AWESOME OK. ITS ONLY 10$ AND IT COMES WITH RICE (but of course I couldnt stomach the rice.)




We had Makkoli. Its Korean Rice wine. Tastes really nice. AND WHAT THE HELL ITS SO DAMN CUTE RIGHT THE POT AND LADLE. I had so much fun scooping the Makkoli into our golden brass bowls. I begged Mr Kim to bring me a pot and ladle back the next time he goes back to Korea.



A selfie with Mr Kim. 😀

SOz. ur goddess wasn’t wearing any makeup.


I hope that you guys can drop by when you have the chance. Lots of things have changed since then, and now he hired a cook who helps him with the cooking. So this is what I normally do when I go there –

I will ask if Mr Kim is around. if yes, then you should feel free to order all the stuff like pancakes, stir fried stuff etc. Otherwise, the soups will be great because its still cooked using his recipe.


Tofu stew
Military stew
Beef/Pork hotplate
Seafood pancake


This is the restaurant details 🙂

Korean Restaurant Joo Mak
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-01 Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

Tel: 6466 7871 / 8229 4055
Hours: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM / 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM