Being happy…

My peasants, your goddess is here.

Not entirely recovered, but getting better. I used to think we should never give up something that makes us happy, until that something or someone has given up on wanting to make you happy. At this point, as much as my heart wants to give benefit of the doubt to that particular someone, I know whatever I am hoping for will only end in extreme anguish.

But it may not be a bad thing. It will be the direction to steer me ahead through this storm.




I look fugly here. I had to plait my hair because it was the most convenient way to achieve wavy locks, and it will look styled when I am there working for the F1 after party. my god. I really look fugly.

Any girl to your liking this photo? Pay me matchmaking fee of 50$ and I will consider. HAHAHA





Cecilia, Gladys and I in our uniforms for our F1 work.

Look at my hair! Natural wavy look. No need to use styling iron. I am not a fan of heat treatment for my hay(hair).

So, speaking of the after party. The only celebrities I actually recognized were Estelle (the one who sang American boy which coincidentally is one of my favorite songs) and Gordon Ramsay. And I had the honor of putting the wristband on him. Whilst I was there trying not to appear overly starstruck, I diverted my attention to looking at the cute f1 racers who came as well.

And no. I didn’t know they were racers until I realized they had all the VIP treatment. 2 hot 2 handle, bro.


Have you ever just stared at your dog shitting. I did, and I particularly enjoyed making Lycan feel awkward whilst he was trying to poop with eyes staring intensely at him and a camera shooting away.

Don’t ask me why he doesn’t poop on the newspaper. Somehow, he saves the newspaper only for pee.



I think that was what he felt whilst shitting. HA HA HA don’t hate me… it’s too cute not to show you guys.


Worked at Cuddles Cat Cafe the other day. I really do enjoy the work there. It’s idyllic and very fun. Time passes quick to my astonishment and LIKE WHO, wouldn’t want to work in a cafe filled with furry animals, with a floor covered in plush carpet and wearing a yukata, looking pretty. WHOOOO????



Just imagine the overwhelming cuteness. Random cats running around and some sleeping happily whilst you walk past.




Drew some cats on the papers used to record the customers’ check in times.
My lousy art should not be questioned.




Full length photo of my yukata. You get to pick from a variety in the cupboard! Omg. Geisha dream come true.


I still have trouble remembering the names… I think this is called snowflake. I find it really amusing the way cats look at you like you are their slaves.






Please do drop by to visit me!

I will be working this Friday, 3rd October from 12.30-6.30.

The lovely cafe is situated at Scape, (right beside Cineleisure), level 2.
Charges are as followed:

12$ for each hour, 3$ for each subsequent 15mins following the 1st hour.
Food and drinks are optional, but sold separately.
Main meals are to be ordered from FISH TALES, a cafe downstairs and it will be delivered up to you for consumption within the cafe.
Bottled/ Canned drinks and snacks are sold in the cafe, all below 2$.
Japanese sweet treats can be purchased separately or in boxes.

You are allowed to take as many photos as you want as long as there is no flash. Feel free to hug, carry, pat and rub the cats.


Okay, time for some food posts:



I had this kimchi ramen whilst at work in the cat cafe. It costs 6.80 and the menu said:

Kimchi ramen, (contains pork) 6.80.

I ONLY FOUND 1, MISERABLE PIECE OF PORK. Come on now please change your menu statement to: (contains A small piece of pork).
I think it justifies the price better. Was really spicy tho. And cooked quite well, I finished the entire bowl.

BUT THEN AGAIN, what can go wrong with freaking instant noodles.


Went for a boudoir photoshoot with Yama. That lil rich ass booked Swissotel , spent a bomb and then I told him boutique hotels are cheaper, and waaaay more beautiful. Guess we should be seeing photos done at Studio M soon. Its my favorite boutique hotel 😀

If you are looking for a rendezvous with your loved one, I think you can consider Studio M. Get the better rooms. Its double storied, with beautiful stairs and seamless full glass windows. The beds are located on the “2nd floor” which is more like a loft. Extremely cosy.

Being a business hotel, the rooms are actually cheaper if you book the weekends. They have lots of promotions going on as well.


So yeah halfway through the shoot both of us got fucking hungry and then you know ITS FUCKING ROOM SERVICE TIME!!!
Like who the fuck can resist just making a phone call, and then food gets delivered right up to your face.



I had beef lasagna whilst Yama, being a Fan tong (rice bucket) as he is had nasi goreng EXTRA RICE. We ordered onion rings and wedges, as well as a chocolate mousse-esque cheesecake for dessert.




Hotel food… Overpriced and over-rated. the lasagna wasn’t to my liking, but the dessert and onion rings were alright. And thanks Yama for the treat 🙂

They gave this complimentary bread basket and me being the fucking butter whore peeked inside the basket to look for some dough to go with my butter:



behappy14 behappy15




I can’t believe i had the stomach for it. pun intended. HA HA HA.


Menya Musashi @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-16




Ambience: 8/10

I loved the feel and decor of the place. Traditional, yet snazzy.
They have 3 types of soup base, White, Red and Black.

White (Shoyu) Probably symbolizes the light, delicate flavor.

Red (Spicy) No explanation needed for this!

Black (Garlic oil) Flavorful, rich and bold.

I ordered the Black ramen with 4pcs of Chashu. It’s a set and it comes with side dishes of your choice. I picked the cold tofu.

behappy19Cold tofu drenched in sesame sauce.

The sesame sauce was awesome. Paired with the green garnishes, it was perfect.

Goddess meter: 9/10









I read many reviews that people found the ramen soup base to be too salty. I think they are unaware that ramen soup is meant to be this way. The flavors of the broth are strong and distinct, seeping into the ramen and with the slight density of the broth, every strand of the ramen is coated with a thin film of the viscous soup.

I liked the soup, you can feel the effort spent in the actual making and slow simmering of the broth. It was a strong taste, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt it went well with the noodles and chashu.

Quite disappointed with the noodles, I think maybe because the waiter did not enquire/we forgot to request that I wanted my noodles to be of hard texture. It is a common practice in Ramen shops in Singapore nowadays for the waiters to ask you how you like your noodles done. Because it seems that Japanese enjoy their ramen to be QQ and abit hard, whilst Singaporeans are believed to have a penchant for soggier, softer noodles.

The noodles I got was pretty soft and soaked through, there was hardly that “Chewy” effect when you sink your teeth into em. You can tell from the photos above.

Chashu was grilled, and the burnt bits were definitely to perfection. However, the meat was too hard, and there were no fatty parts. I always preferred my Chashu to have a little slab of fats over its edge. This however is probably just the style of the shop, and my own personal preference.

The egg was done quite well, and looks good. I am not a fan of eggs so… :’D can’t really comment much here. But its definitely soft and watery, which is enough to drive the egg lovers crazy.

I really liked the presentation, with the wooden tray in contrast with the beautiful porcelain bowl. The cutlery was also served horizontal, traditional Jap style. Chashu and everything was placed in an appetizing way. Good colors.

I’d say its definitely value for money, because it costs just alittle more than your average icky Ajisen (no intended hate here), comes with a side dish with actual promising quality.

Soup base: 8/10
Noodles: 5/10
Chashu: 6/10
Tamago: 7/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10


Yama’s pick:





You can tell by looking at the cha shu that the grilled parts are freaking awesome… but there’s no presence of any fats.

They are having this cute little promotion now, that if you spend 50$ and above you are entitled to a small lucky charm which has a samurai on it. I picked the red one.




I really hope this lucky charm will indeed bring me the luck I so desperately need.

Its the end of my ramen review, I would say, go and give it a shot if you haven’t. It’s definitely worth it.




I received this drawing as a present. Such art. many cute, so skill

The “kimono” drape/shawl/overcoat is like probably at the end of the hype right now but i just can’t freaking get over the one I just bought.

behappy26 behappy27


Its too pretty and I’ll upload a photo of me in it during the photoshoot soon.


Went to celebrate my dad’s birthday at ChompChomp, I almost asphyxiated from the smoke. Watched my sister eating the cockles so happily and I told her that her fingers look as tho she just stuck them into a vagina on period. But that didn’t stop her from consuming dem gross shellfish at an alarming rate.


behappy28 behappy29


Satan’s minions, i’d say.

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, I can’t upload the rest anywhere because its NSFW and I really do not wish to attract more perverts than I already am now.

black garters 3

Its super gorgeous because 1) can’t see my fuck face 2) isn’t too sleazy 3) black and white 4) shows my undying affection for drow ranger. 5) I actually look like i have some boobs finally.

In case any of you have yet to know, the tattooed words read : Pride of the drow.
Its taken from one of the phrases said by my favorite dota 2 character. Talk about virtual obsession….


Good bye guys. 🙂

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