Favorites from the recent shoot

Ohoho yes I am doing one more post because it seems so silly to have just one lonesome post on the newly published website right? D:

These are a few favorites from my most recent photoshoot, done by 3 awesome photographers at Botanic garden.













Its the size of your palm and it moves in the speed of light if anything touches its web. Kill me. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH PART OF IT IS CUTE. I CANNOT FIND THE REASON.

Do you know of some bitch that you hate? mum or sis hogging your computer? save this photo and put as wallpaper. they wont get near your computer ever again! BEST SOLUTION.


So… anyway. i’m gonna do eyelash extensions on Wednesday prior to my upcoming photoshoot for the blogshop “www.eleventh.com” and I am really excited! Hope the blogshop owner won’t be too unhappy with the photos hehe.

Yama has planned both a geisha and an underwater themed shoots for me, keep an eye out for the photos. I think they’d be really really pretty.


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