Mid July


Who would have thought, Mid July, in lazy summer air, I watched you leave. But I needed to find myself, and you needed the quiet you grew up with. Take care~ our story will always be neatly written, line after line, with a tinge of melancholy, well kept in my scrapbook of memories. 


It has come to my attention some faggot keeps posting my photos in Sammyboy forum. Whoever that is doing it, I hope your mother burns in hell. If you want to share photos cuz you a perv, then please ask me first. Even though my photos are PUBLIC, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU OWN THE PHOTOS. I NEED YOU TO HAVE SOME BASIC COURTESY. 

I have created a sammyboy account and I will go do some detective work. I am not happy at all. So from now on, all my photos that I upload will be watermarked.


This B&W photos are for you guys over at my blog. Thanks for reading and being so supportive all the time.

I will be releasing two more, one for my instagram followers and one for my fb followers. Both will be watermarked in the most hilarious way. Keep a look out!

Schedule kinda packed for me this week, I have some stuff to do and I need to be a peon on a few days. I will try to find time to draw my mermaid picture before I upload my short story onto the blog. Please be patient! I am open to anyone who can volunteer to proofread my story and give opinions. Just contact me or drop me a comment here 🙂


So just so you know, i went to a cruise. I will be uploading the photos onto fb soon. But no photos of me la. HAHA. Wait, Its more like kena forced to go on a cruise. Its bloody hell expensive. However admittedly despite there being nothing to do except sleep and eat, I enjoyed myself. Reminds me of the days with my grandfather. 😀

cruise 1 cruise 2

We got the more expensive rooms. Comes with a little living space and window that looks right out to the corridor. Alot of Indians on the ship. Every restaurant on board serves Indian food. I am not complaining, I like the cuisine.

Is it just me? Or are the beds really comfy. I couldn’t wake up in the mornings.

Had Sakae Teppanyaki the other day. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG Its my favorite although its expensive like fuck. My all time favorite used to be the one at the food junctions.. especially the one at Wisma. Its like so Taiwan-ish. But its now replaced by this company called He Niu. I don’t like it. The one I liked was tasty and affordable.

Sakae is so overpriced.

cruise 3 cruise 4

If you know any good teppanyaki place, let me know!!!

Stay tuned to my blog for my short story. Love ya ❤



Recent photo from a shoot. I really love the shadows and textures of this one so i made it black and white. Kinda like my signature. hahaha.

So in case you guys don’t know, I am learning diving!!! ITS DAMN FREAKING AWESOME I AM GOING TIOMAN THIS WEEKEND OK. Stay tuned for my diving trip update.

I love all of you.


So this guy sent me a photo of his penis. I have no idea why.


LOLOLOLOL.  Sorry i made you guys look at it. >.> BUT REALLY

Favorites from the recent shoot

Ohoho yes I am doing one more post because it seems so silly to have just one lonesome post on the newly published website right? D:

These are a few favorites from my most recent photoshoot, done by 3 awesome photographers at Botanic garden.













Its the size of your palm and it moves in the speed of light if anything touches its web. Kill me. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH PART OF IT IS CUTE. I CANNOT FIND THE REASON.

Do you know of some bitch that you hate? mum or sis hogging your computer? save this photo and put as wallpaper. they wont get near your computer ever again! BEST SOLUTION.


So… anyway. i’m gonna do eyelash extensions on Wednesday prior to my upcoming photoshoot for the blogshop “www.eleventh.com” and I am really excited! Hope the blogshop owner won’t be too unhappy with the photos hehe.

Yama has planned both a geisha and an underwater themed shoots for me, keep an eye out for the photos. I think they’d be really really pretty.