a lloyd of mosquitoes.

Hi guys your goddess Is almost near the end of her crazy work week. 😀

I will be doing the same event at Cineleisure on 1,2,3 of May, and Jcube on 8,9,10th. Please do pop by to have a photo taken with me if you happen to be free 🙂

I have been down with a terrible stomach flu so please forgive me, this post won’t be my usual long and naggy one. (is that like a good thing? are you hoping i will always have stomach flu in this case? HAHA)

IV bought me a lovely belated birthday present. He got it from Japan. Oh my… I am a very very lucky girl. You know what, who the fuck cares what people want to say behind my back? (Reminds me of A’s brother in the past.) In the end, I am the one smiling happily with my presents in hand. Hateful words mean nothing.. especially on the internet xD

Its my dream bag! I have been staring at it for ages. Its the Samantha Thavasa Lady Azayle in light pink. OH MY GOD WHY ITS SO BEU TI FOO

st1 st2 st3

It has a freaking hidden slot for idk what u wanna put into (Look at the picture above) at the base of the bag. Maybe a secret credit card or some condoms LOL :’D




IV threw in some Japanese goodies for me as well. So adorable. HAHAHA.

YES tell me that you are in love with that bag too. Miranda Kerr has one! But yeah well fuck having the same bag doesn’t make me any step closer to being as hot as her. Damn.


Anyway yes I forgot to add that Mr Lawyer brought me to this lovely restaurant in the middle of nowhere that sells excellent cantonese food. Doesn’t agree with my sick stomach but who the fuck cares. MINCED MEAT OK. Please don’t ask me why are his eyes always semi closed I DON’T KNOW. It’s his signature pose. 5.4 jiu shi bu yi yang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA HES GOING TO KILL ME NOW.

I did a photoshoot at Lloyd’s Inn. Its at Killiney Road near Somerset 313. (It’s near LKY’s house)

Had some yoghurt before that and saw the little boy in front of me eating like… I don’t know if he was even trying to fit the spoon into his mouth. HAHAHA ITS SO ADORABLE OK SORRY I SNAPPED A SECRET PHOTO OF YOU. BUT I AM NOT A PEDO I JUST THINK ITS CUTE. DON’T REPORT ME TO THE POLICE. 

st7st8I can’t wait to receive the photos. The photographer and I had lots of fun. He was looking at the stethoscope and clipboard that I bought. And he said “No shit, nurse game so serious” HAHAHAHAHA.

We got the Patio room because the skyrooms were fully booked. It’s like those minimalist + earthy room design and it’s beautiful.

st9 st10 st11 st12

I really loved the outdoor toilet that has a touch of Nature. Abit hot la, but still very serene and calming. But really, the mosquitoes.. abit last warning. Maybe cuz it rained that night.

There’s nothing better than the photographer saying “Okay… you are allowed to keep the room” and then you wave goodbye to him, strip, shower, don the comfy bath robe and roll around on the soft bed. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

My life is complete.

st14Okay la, Not as complete without free breakfast right!? Lloyd has no kitchen thus they gave a breakfast voucher that allows you to pick either free traditional Chinese kaya toast + eggs + hot drink or top up 7 to have a fancy Angmoh breakfast at Freshly Baked. Its a shop at Dublin road.
Of course I chose the latter la. Z had some odd looking muffin with scrambled eggs, Emmental cheese and smoked salmon. Dat cheese tho… Feels weird with the bunz and all. And coffee instead of wine. HAHAHA.

st15 st16

I had the classic American breakfast, but I chose sausages instead of bacon. Like… you know, I love sausages. I MEAN PLS DON’T THINK OF IT IN THE SEXUAL WAY WHAT THE HELL LIKE I GENUINELY LIKE TO EAT SAUSAGES. LIKE, GERMANS, SPICY ITALIAN (I DON’T MEAN IT THAT WAY I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING”

Sometimes I think my peasants… You guys are really evil. I am such a pure soul. You guys tainted me.

I just want to say thanks to SW for buying such expensive Persimmons for me.. my favorite fruit. I don’t understand why the box so big, and only two tiny fruits inside.


Feel free to buy me more of them guys. I love it very much. DONT COME AND ASK ME “Wanna taste my fruit?” HAHAHAHAHA.

I’ll update again this week. ❤ Take care guys

the weather is hot.

Not as hot as me but ya’ll know its quite the contest.


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