Hate mail LOL

Hello guys 😀

I just got my first hate-comment on my blog.

hatemail ftw

Thanks for your long, loving hate mail, for spending time to read (all ) my blogs. I don’t know why you are so angsty but hey, here, have my reaction:

kangaroo sitting

HAHAHAHA. I won’t be typical and say “If you don’t like me, fuck off from me!” Because we all know the best way to get famous is for people to hate you. So please, continue stalking me out of hatred and disgust. That internal conflict thrashing within you whilst you read my stuff turns me on.

It’s kind of like how we go like “OMG FUCKING DISGUSTING” looking at a maggot video but we can’t tear our eyes away from it. It’s that kind of shiok.

So…. 😉 I will just watch you drown in your own pity pool of antagonism with all your fellow antagonists. HAHAHAHA.

strutting smug like goddess


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