one way ticket to a deviant muse

balloon girl

They always say to pursue your dreams because passion is what keeps us alive. Yet hypocritically, people who chase their dreams are often labelled deluded, or impractical.

But it’s true isn’t it? As the world ages, it seems our dreams are harder to reach. Like a distant star, like a fleeting cloud. We’d always be that little child, with stubby legs, trying to chase the runaway balloon. I want to hold on to my dream. I want to catch the last bit of the string that’s attached to the helium orb. I want to stray from the pathway illuminated by safe streetlights and proverbial road signs along the way.

I want to trudge through that thicket of thorns, of twisted fate. But time isn’t on my side 😦
A woman’s beauty is exquisite because its ephemeral.

It’s tiresome to brave through everything that strains me. Mentally, emotionally, physically. How long more can I withstand the castigation? I need a pillar of strength. But now that I am older I finally realized something. More than often, the one you need is hardly the one you want. 😥

If you think about it, Love is expensive. 

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