Rejuvenate with Rejuran :D

Hola mi amigos

ESTOY TAN FELIZ Porque alcance mi meta para Febrero. I worked hard and pushed harder. Well, everything except the working out and keeping fit part. Ugh. Cannot stop eating potatoes.

So this post today is for beauty-fanatics out there, don’t think my pervvy fans will like this much. Sorry, lewd posts coming your way before 1st week of March okay?



It is basically a treatment of multiple jabs into your face to trick your skin into thinking there’s severe damage and forces your body to work hard to “regenerate” skin cells. The results?

Radiant skin that has lesser fine lines, scars, pores and radiates a baby-like softness and glow.

You can read about it here:

Aesthetics Central Clinic is my favorite choice as usual – Located right at the Central, Clarke Quay. The nurses and doctors are friendly and the prices are reasonable.

After you are done acknowledging all the paperwork, the nurse calls you into the treatment room to apply numbing cream. Please note that this procedure is known to sting quite abit because you will get

40-50 jabs on your face.

I have a super high threshold for pain thus I only needed numbing cream. Some people need oral medication and even nerve blocks. So please do not be garang if you aren’t. Just eat and do everything you can if you are scared of the pain.



Waiting in the holding room for the numbing cream to set.


You are not allowed to have any make up remaining for the procedure, but I do not need any around my eyes so I left my eye make up on.

The white stuff you see is the numbing cream. It smells like corn.



Dr Ryan is my usual go-to in the clinic cuz he is very detailed in his explanation of how things work and I really appreciate that. He was shocked at how I can tahan all the pain. Well, this treatment was an invitation by the clinic manager who’s a friend of mine. So I figured friends are worth going thru the pain for 😛

You lie down, he eases you into the procedure, and it begins.

If you are scared of needles, this is definitely not a good idea because the pain does not go away or numbs with the multiple jabs. Each time feels the same – Stinging, and quite painful.

The only difference is some areas hurt more than the others.

Notice the dildo at my lower jaw area? The nurse uses that as a distraction for you so that you will focus less on the actual injections. ITS NOT ACTUALLY A DILDO BUT YES YOU MAY USE IT AS ONE. It has one hell of a vibration.



Yes I reserved a larger image for you to relish in the bloody sight. Ha Ha Ha




I had the time to snap a quick pic. HAHAHA



My face right after the treatment:




After 3 hours:



After 1 day:



NOT EVERYONE HEALS THE SAME, I am considered super fast. Some people will get redness that don’t reside for many days. So make sure you scheduled your work perfectly to allow the healing.

You need to note that for the complete wholesome effect of Rejuran, you have to do it:

Once every month for 3 consecutive months,
1 more time 4 months later,
and 1.5 years once subsequently for maintenance.

It costs approx 399++ at this clinic for FIRST TIME TRIALS.

You may consult the Clinic managers who will work out a suitable budget and ideal skin treatment for yourself.

I will upload more photos after I have completed my “3 consecutive months” injections. However, I do advise in my own opinion, women who need this treatment more are those of matured age like in their 40s and above.

If you have a budget, I recommend Venus laser (for skin problems) or nose threadlift (really good). I have a post on my nose threadlift done in this clinic in the archives.

You may read it here.

The nose threadlift is approximately 1200 SGD. But the effect is there, its natural looking and it stays on for months. The good thing about it? Your skin cells releases DNA around the threads, giving it the extra bridge even after the threads are gone. So after a few times (You may do it once annually), you do not even require it anymore because your DNA has structured itself in your nose bridge, giving it the defined look without the help of the threads.

Feel free to call the clinic or email me if you have any inquiries.


For my pervvy or wanderlusty fans, my Banjaran Hot springs review is coming up next. So if you want bikini pics, stay tuned. HAHAHA.



For Nosy people, Nosy business here!


Good evening my darlings.

SO, I’m sure facebook followers of mine have recently noticed a photo I uploaded, mentioning I am on my way to try out a non invasive surgery.

M presented this to me as a birthday present (extremely late but still appreciated) and introduced me to this great clinic which his friends have patronized and found to be great. I went to the clinic and asked for recommendations. Guess which I chose?

Yes you got it. It’s time for me to learn to be NOSE-Y like all dem bitches.


Getting into the high ridges, brah. I have seen a lot of my friends trying it out, and honestly, despite myself never having been a fan of plastic surgery, the “non invasive” and “non permanent” terms came across as extremely attractive.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is an old time fad. It’s like a Kardashian. Looks good, ain’t really practical, but very controversial.

“微整容” or “Minimal facial enhancements” as they call it, grew seemingly popular. Many celebrities/popular social media influencers turn to it as a more feasible idea because Plastic surgery is simply just too passe. And besides, there’s just simply no way out if someone calls you plastic because. U are.




8 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central, Office 1. #11-90


Having played too much Sims 3 I really love to appreciate great interior design. And the clinic really did a fantastic job with the lovely warm hues off the earthen color palette. The staff were also extremely friendly.

Have you ever been to those beauty shops/clinics where the staff appear to be super judgmental and bitchy? THAT FUCKING ANNOYS ME.

But TCS staff despite being all female (You know your goddess don’t click with girls xD) they were really really friendly and made me feel welcome.

I explained to them that I came here through my friend’s recommendation and would like to see the doctor for his advice on what should I do to make myself HOTTER AND PRETTIER SO I CAN KILL EVERYONE WITH A STARE INSTEAD OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.


consultation 2


consultation 1

consultation 3

They carry their own line of skincare that they use in their clinic.




My Doctor is called Ryan. He’s extremely handsome and cool. HES 40 OVER BY THE WAY. DAYUM SON LOOKIN FINE. His skin is fucking flawless.

Well to nobody’s surprise, he told me that he does the skin enhancements on himself. And does it on his wife too. (*disappointments…)


b4 surgery 1

So Ryan told me Nose threadlift OK. V Popular choice, and he will even help me to add a tad bit of botox on my forehead cuz he said I frown too much.


b4 surgery 2

Sorry, I look like a fucking bobo. Sitting on the bed waiting for numbing cream to be applied on my nose.

b4 surgery 3

No Filter, no make up. (Except for eyebrows. DO NOT LEAVE HOUSE WITHOUT EYEBROWS.)



Ok, so basically there are no photos for this, but I am gonna fucking type it out for you guys to imagine it in your own twisted ways. HEHEHE.

SO, firstly, its gonna fucking hurt but I am a masochist so that’s fine by me. INJECTIONS go in and I tell ya that needle stings like a hornet. Then, Ryan made a hole at the tip of my nose. That’s where the threads would go into.

Once the numbness from the syringe sets in, the threads goes in. TWO LONG THREADS, one along each side of the nose. And 1 more at the bottom, like dis <——> to support the nose, to make it look more perky.

The pain…. is bearable for me but I can tell you, even a Norwegian warrior is going to cry. Tears rolled down from my eyes but it’s a natural reaction because your nose is really sensitive especially at your philtrum (the indention between your nose and mouth) AND THE GOD DAMN HOLE IS JUST RIGHT NEAR IT AT THE TIP OF UR NOSE.

Then a few jabs of botox on my forehead, and tadah! I am good to go. Lololol.

Faster than sex bro.



aft surgey 1

aft surgery 2

The nose bridge looks really sharp. And you can already see the bruising on my nose. Second pic, the red dot in between my nostrils is the Hole that I am talking about.

You gotta take good care of it. DO NOT CONTAMINATE IT as it will cause infection. No make up, no fingers, no nosing around dirty affairs. NO PUN INTENDED 😛


Below: Botox marks.

aft surgery 5aft surgery 6

I have really serious frown lines on my forehead because I squint alot since young. And yes I frown alot when playing cancer SEA dota games.

ARNIKA tablets given to me to reduce swelling and promote healing!

after surgery 2.3


Feeling all numb and flaky I said my goodbyes to the friendly staff and went for lunch.



30 mins after surgery

aft surgery 4


Day 2 to Day 8


If you notice the first two pics, My eyes are actually swollen. YOU WILL NOT GET THE SWELLING FROM THE THREADLIFT. Your nose will also swell abit. Just look at my koala bear nose. I look like I ran away from the zoo.

The reason why my eyes are swollen is because I am allergic to the antibiotic. LOL. FUCKING UGLY BRO.

Plz dont unfollo. plz.

After recovery, it looks really natural and it doesn’t hurt! and don’t worry you can do your pig snout, or go fighting, its fine your nose won’t drop off.






I tried to recapture the photos under the same light and in same environment. LOL. IN AN UBER IN THE AFTERNOON.

Talk about effort bro.

I tilted my face a little more so you can see clearer. Look at dat ridge…. higher than the Wall donald trump wants to build.



You can visit their website here:

For anyone interested to go over and take a look, or even just ask a few questions, Please do ask away! They are really friendly. 😀

*Disclaimer: I have explained to the clinic that I like to blog and I will be featuring my journey on my website. Although I am not directly affiliated with them, you may mention my name when you pay them a visit! 🙂

You can also drop me a message at if you are keen to try it but have more questions.

I’m always willing to help out a fellow girl WHO IS SICK OF LOOKING LIKE A POTATO.