Guys, 2015 is coming. Let’s just tell ourselves that we will have no ragrets even though we really made alot of shitty ass mistakes. At least we didn’t get a huge mistake tattooed on our chests. See? Some people have it worse than us 😉 😉



rog1OSEA 2014

I look like a retard. Don’t mind it. But hey I mean I was offered the rarest opportunity to like, learn about sea steel and hydrohammers and hydraulics okay.


Here’s a drawing for reference. HAHAHAHA. It’s actually pretty interesting, I read all the brochures from IHC whilst I was working at the booth with the Caucasians there. I made so many cups of coffee in that 2 days I worked, I think I can now work at Starbucks for double pay.






I did a shoot at studio M and L was kind enough to get the executive room! The view is amazing and well yes it did bring back some memories. I hate myself for only remembering the happy ones. If I too remember the bad ones as well just like he did maybe I can move on completely instead of weeping around like a scotch brite sponge that’s too soaked up.



HAHA. IKR. My description is fucking accurate and relatable.

Anyway if you guys are planning to bring the bae to somewhere nice for an overnight ( I kno watchu wanna do in there 😉 )
Then you should give Studio M a try if you haven’t. It’s actually cheaper on weekends instead of weekdays because it is a business hotel.

Bring your bae there and show her YOU MEAN BUSINESS 😉 😉 😉

Book early, get 25% off. They have a festive sale right now as well. 25% off, with buffet breakfast for two. Don’t get the patio one. Get the deluxe and above. Your bed will be on the second floor. Which is better … right? You can do her from the door, to the tv, to the stairs, and then finally, on the bed. I’ve got it all mapped out for ya!




One of the photos taken during the shoot. No, I wasn’t actually naked. It’s photoshopped la. Why else do you think I will have cleavage???? HAHAHAHA.




Z bought me this whilst I was at work. And he’s so nice to buy the extra cheese :’) He told me this last night when I was still trying to get over the sadness: Cherish the ones in front of you…

Lol. It’s actually funny to hear it because its in Mandarin. And even funnier because lycan walked past when he said that.


The only one who will love me forever 🙂 ok, at least until he dies. or sees an insect. HE WILL RUN AWAY AND LEAVE ME IN THE LURCH.


Mr lawyer and I ordered 6 crabmeat+pork dumplings and 6 pork ones. So the crab ones arrived first AND THEY FUCKING CAME WITH THIS







Speaking of food, I am pretty sure I am a certified food art-ist now.




So anyway question for you guys.





😉 HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. please still continue to love me. PLZ.



Anyway before watching Mamma Mia, IV has suggested that he want to bring me to try Sky 57. YES I AM A LUCKY GIRL I KNOW.

SKY on 57

 (By celebrity chef Justin Quek)


In the lift on the way up to 57. Pardon my make-up. I tried using kohl on the undereye AND I WON’T DO IT AGAIN. I look like I am 38 married with kids in this photo.



To be honest what’s so fantastic about this view? It’s all just skyscrapers. Lmao. And yes, because Singapore needs us to remind her that shes fucking old, 50 years old grandma. I sure as hell think my mother will violently burn me alive on a stake if I ever so proudly announce her age publicly with a word art on the river.




The restaurant is tucked away at the corner of level 57. It was raining that day, so it was quite a pity.



I did not ask IV how much was the bill, but I assume it should be about 200+ for two of us, without any drinks. For that price, I kind of expected gold plated cutlery or a rare fire breathing orchid on my table. HA HA.


IV did the ordering being the foodie that he is. Basically, Chef’s signature.


For starters, we had a cappuccino Mushroom soup. It was good, (once again, I like to drink soup so my opinion may be biased) So you just drink it like how the queen’d do her tea. Sip it with an air of elegance and British dignity, savor the flavorful mushrooms and yes! It is just like cappuccino with a light froth and easy on the palate.





Then we had the much raved about Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. My verdict? well it’s really very err,,, duck. You can say it ruffled my feathers. HA HA HA. did anyone get it >.>

But I have to say, the dumpling’s skin is extremely soft, and the filling is warm with a good broth. I’d say the skin definitely beats Din Tai Feng’s one hands down. DTF’s one gets really hard if you don’t finish eating the dumplings fast enough.

Sorry. I just read DTF as Down To Fuck. Let’s not abbreviate that anymore. LOL

And do we want to know how much does 5 pieces of dumplings cost? Nope, we don’t. HAHAHA



For my main, IV got me the Baked miso black cod with lime and ginger butter because I love fish. And Cod is one of my favorite fish.

Verdict? I give 9/10 for the fish. There’s hardly any fault to pick with the fish. It’s a superb cut, fresh and plump too. The size is just right, not too tiny to make you think it’s stingy, but not too big that you can’t finish it.

However, I am not a fan of the sauce because it becomes a chore to eat after awhile since it is tangy and has a sweet after taste. And everything is soaked in the sauce. So you have sweet lime flavored fish and vegetables swimming around on your plate.

Sauce: 3/10
Presentation: 4/10

It really looks unappetizing as the specks of green floating around in the thick yellow pool + 2 strands of veg + some chopped veg (those that you feed ur kids) + raw greens on top just makes for a really overcrowded image that confuses your brain how the dish may taste like instead of delivering a clear, welcoming message.

I finished the fish by scraping the sauce off it actually. The fish is really excellent. I hope the Chef can come up with newer fusion options although I don’t think I can ever afford going there again. Maybe, if I marry a rich man with one foot in his grave. HAHA.



IV had the pan roasted Sakura Chicken Supreme. So as you can see, the presentation again is really cluttered. Maybe its just my OCD kicking in.

So err… I am not a Chicken fillet/breast person (unless its women’s breasts) thus I can’t give a fair verdict about the taste. I had some of the Chicken and to be honest it tastes extremely ordinary like those you can get from your 3$ chicken rice stall at the kopitiam.
We went out to take a look at the view after dinner, but only for a short while as we were already late for our show (thus couldn’t afford to have dessert)



No one was out sitting around and sipping on their 20++ glasses of wine as it was raining. But the view is breathtaking because now the boring sky scrapers light up like christmas trees.





Great view really. 8/10
Value for Money (How does this even apply here lol)
Creativity: 7.5/10
Taste: 6/10
Presentation: 4/10

I guess you can say I am a kampong girl who don’t know how to appreciate fine dining, but nonetheless IV and I had a good time chatting and he was so worried I wouldn’t like the food. However, he doesn’t know that its not the food but the company that matters 🙂



It turns out IV is a true ABBA fan! He knows most of the lyrics and we were singing along to the fantastic show. They are no longer showing anymore however if they come back to MBS again you really have to give the show a go.

Our tickets were the standard ones, 168 each. Ouch. HAHA.

The cast is amazing, great vocals and extremely good acting. It was funny, emotional and at the same time easy to understand. But if you are planning to bring your ah gong ah ma who can’t really understand slang then better not because there are no subtitles… obviously. Its a play. hahaha.

Everyone was grooving along and dancing at the end. It was a nice feeling because everyone around us was so happy.



IV bought me a pack of sweets from my favorite confectionery company to nibble on during the show. My favorite is TANGY BLISS where the jellies are sour on the outside, and has a gooey surprise center. Why is it my favorite? Because my favorite flavor is Lime, and in TANGY BLISS, its a 50-50 of orange and lime. So normally, I will eat all the lime and leave the orange ones in the fridge for my family (mainly my sister) LOL.



IV bought us the Mamma Mia booklet to keep as memory 🙂


Here, have a blurred image of your goddess in her electric blue maxi in front of a gigantic tree.



My dog is the reason why I am not ranked 1 in the world for laziness.




I CANT BELIEVE I AM FINALLY GETTING MY HANDS ON THIS BABY. The newest! Asus Rog G751. Touted one of the best on the market now, with desktop equivalent performances. The Asus JY model features the new 980M Nvidia graphic card, 4GB DDR5 with 16 gb of RAM + 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD.

I realized the specs differ on different websites. but this info I have is found on the Asus product guide.

What’s amazing is that it has dual fans with impeccably designed heat vents to make sure this gaming monster is always kept cool to the touch and not to mention it fucking looks like a Ferrari on the exterior.


Sadly, I did not get the JY because its 2.9k. Even though most of the money for the laptop is kindly sponsored by one of my lovely peasants, (will dedicate the post to him once the laptop is here) I decided that the extra 700$ from my own pocket will murder my bank account.

I got the JT model, which is the 2nd tier of the Asus gaming series. Basically everything is the same as the JY model, except that its running on the 970M graphic card (but still awesome) only 3gb DDR5, 8Gb ram and fucking 8gb SSD.

But after much contemplation despite the gaming freak in me calling out nastily for me to just punch digits into the ATM and get the JY, I decided not to because I am not playing battlefield nor Assassins creed nor anything that’s really extremely hardcore graphic dependent.

I’m fucking playing dota 2 for fuck’s sake. It’s not like with the JY model the walrus punch in game will become 3D and hit me in the face. HAHAHA.

This is how poor people console themselves and to always be contented with what they have. NO RAGRETS BRO.

And i am already a very lucky girl to be given a sponsored gaming laptop 🙂

Here, have a photo of it and grovel upon its presence.

My life will then be complete. OMG 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




Mr lawyer is going to kill me for this. BUT ITS JUST TOO ADORABLE AND I HAVE TO POST IT.



Almost as adorable as the blue tongue skink that I want to buy. However the main problem that I am facing is that there is no space in my tiny bedroom. I used to have all these happy fantasies of staying with J and keeping an assortment of pets in his spacey front yard. Haha.

Now that I know they can only ever be fantasies I guess its time for me to start putting my sims 2 building skills to use and draw up plans to buy a bed frame and a new cupboard which can substitute the mammoth 2nd cupboard (mind you, I have 3 cupboards in my room and 1 tub of clothes in the storeroom) and leave space to hold the tank for my skink.

Sigh. Given the fact that I intend to have a gigantic sulcata, a snake, 2 dogs, an iguna and a bird on top of my skink, I guess no guy’s gonna marry me and no girls are going to visit my house. 😥



And nope. I am not your usual party-goer clubber siao EDM fan. I worked for RIPCURL during zoukout as their dunking model and it sure as hell wasn’t all that glamorous. Like really, the guys were all just trying to get me wet.


LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL no plz don’t think otherwise. HAHAHA.


Managed to find time to take a photo on the 2nd day. Are you wondering why my make up still looks immaculate even having submerged in the freezing water over and over again for 4 hours?



Okay, the fact aside, fret not. you can also look as fabulous as your goddess.

I am just using a CC cream which i bought from Watsons, called Visual Therapy by 1028. I think its a korean brand.

Then, I used the Colorstay concealer by Revlon. It is really lasting and delivers the long hours of locking as promised.

I complete the foundation by dusting on a nicely scented face powder which has no brand. HAHAHA. Its also from Watsons, priced at about 22$ usual price. It comes in 4 types, Matte&natural (the one i am using), Radiant, For acne and Youthful.

Comes in a compact round casing with a beautiful and smooth gliding puff.

I strongly recommend the eyeliner I am using. It stays on and its a gel type one for people like me who can’t handle precision point liquid liners. A huge range of colors too. I am using the GELPRESSO, korean brand and also can be found in watsons. Usual price is about 20+.

I used brown, for my upper lids, and silver for my lower.

My lipstick is also by Revlon, the very popular Revlon Colorburst, which Emma Stone was the Brand Ambassador for.

Brow pencil is also lasting, from the Body shop.



This was taken on the first day, and I did not put much make up because I thought I may end up looking like this:

And yes. Her boobs damn sexy. LOL. She’s Jesslyn, the other model who was working with me.



For those of you who couldn’t manage to get a ticket. Here’s a photo of mine. You can print it out and hang it on your wall.



And yes, also have a photo of what you missed. I wish Zoukout had the Mambo Jumbo tent. I guess that era of good music is dying off already.


Some things were just not meant to last. :(
And I need to remind myself that every day.

Goddess of paint two

I’m sorry for this sudden post. I just need to remind you guys that your goddess has unlocked the next level of her paint skills. JUST LOOK AT THE FUCKING GEM IT LOOKS SO FUCKING REAL.


crystal maiden xmas worded





this is the original in dota 2:

true gem dota 2



I am so pleased with myself right now, i think i am kanye west. HAHAHAHA


Plz no carry


Hello everyone. Your goddess has been missing for so damn long. I BET YOU MISSED HER LIKE CRAZY.
Don’t worry, shes safe and sound and in 1 piece. 😀 or you want her in 2 piece?


Yes, I am in a better mood now. 🙂

I guess all I really want to do right now is to look forward to the legacy airlines interviews, and then do the part-time job that I love whilst still keeping up with my freelancing. And yes, people have been asking me to stream. I am still hesitating as its alot of work for a computer idiot like me. I only know how to PRESS THE ON BUTTON. and then suffocate the computer by holding the on button when the com hangs. That’s about it.

And what if I stream and no one watches it 😥 Afterall, I am no dendi. Will you support my stream? 😀




Anyway something bad happened to my dear slut. He’s bald now 😥

So the story goes one fine day I was cuddling him to zzz, took some photos of him as usual and then gave him a good rub WHEN I FOUND A FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING LARGE TICK. It was burrowed into his neck and lycan was oblivious. OH MY HIGH HEAVENS AND GREATEST ULTRA UNIVERSE.

Can you believe it. I slept with a tick. I SLEPT WITH A TICK AND I CARESSED IT THINKING IT WAS FUR OH MY


wadat1 wadat2



LOOK AT THE MONSTROSITY. So anyway yeah I panicked like a loving mum and sent him to the groomer’s which also happens to be the world’s most unscrupulous shop ever. Spent a bomb. The groomer made me buy two tick-and-flea sprays. One is 39.90. One is 47.90. She told me, the 39.90 is to spray the floor. 47.90 is to spray Lycan. I went home and checked the labels. FUCK. THEY ARE BOTH MEANT TO SPRAY DOGS.

So that’s the story of how I bought two sprays that carries the same application purpose. Here are his bald photos.

wadat4 wadat5 wadat6

I know, dat cone looks retarded. LOL. poor lycan.


Did the SMRT imob event recently. Hell yeah it was quite fun! Too bad people who work for the event can’t participate in the contest. Else i’d definitely want to win that amazing huawei phone and use it just to take photos. LOL



My favorite lychee martini! Was working for cable car (the pub behind centerpoint) and after my work ended, the nice bartender made me a special lychee martini with 4 LYCHEES! Yay 😀


What’d you say about red lipstick? I used to love wearing it alot. Suddenly found the urge to wear it again. Despite dat stick of awessomeness reminding me of my former shitty cabin crew life. HAHA.

First shot taken at mambo jumbo! Went with yama and his friends. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO FUN. Altho there were disgusting guys trying to stick their tongues down some drunk girls’ throats but hell, who cares.

wadat9 wadat10


Red lips always look good on a girl!

Its sad to think that music from the 80s and 90s are fading out and that now everyone’s into EDM. I love the feeling of the mob dancing in sync to the music together. No sleazy grinding, no whorish moves. Just plain, fun and clean dance. I love britney spears and modern talking to bits. 🙂

I remember in secondary school, my friends used to laugh at me when I told them my favorite band is modern talking. They asked me what era am I from. I used to wonder is that the reason why I was never part of the cool kids. Now, I think I am ashamed  to be embarrassed of what I love. Let the 80s live on!


Anyway, I just really have to emphasize on my blessed life with my nonsensical family members.


My sister believes my dog vomited from whining too hard.




Don’t, I repeat, don’t ever take the double bicycle with my mother because it will be you doing 2 persons’ work. HAHAHA

I was damn sad the other day because I cooked carbonara pasta for dinner, and kept some cooked pasta and mushrooms in the fridge with plans of making a tomato based pasta the next day for lunch. TO MY DISAPPOINTMENT, my mum threw the pasta away having mistaken it for some mouldy noodles that has been kept for ages in the fridge.

But YES. OUR FRIDGE ALWAYS HAS A MIRACULOUSLY BOUNTIFUL SUPPLY OF EXPIRED FOODS. so the next time you come, and want to grab something from the racks, check the date. smell it. look closely. Because my sister and I have had waaaaay too much of the spoilt milk, cheese, meats, soured leftovers and MOULDY GRAPES,ORANGES, CHILLI SAUCE THAT CHANGED COLOR


wadat13 wadat14


Cooked instant noodles in the end 😥

Welcome to my home. HAHAHA


But okay la, enough of gross (but true) stuff. Here are some yummy food I ate the past week.


Smoked salmon salad in balsamic vinegar


Savory omelette rice with smoked salmon and half tamago

Had them at the Japanese cafe in 313, lvl 3/4 can’t remember.Quite expensive, and only average in tastiness.






Seafood paella


Garlic pork with mash.

Had my usuals at marche and now that I think about it, although the paella is really tasty, its super bo hua since its 19 bucks for a serving. Siao.

Eh, someone piqued your goddess a few days back. He said “models nowadays are so superficial and only know how to cover in thick make up and stand around like a vase, take selfies and act pretty.” I beg to differ, you obnoxious, shitty man.


wadat19 wadat20


fav expression




Being happy…

My peasants, your goddess is here.

Not entirely recovered, but getting better. I used to think we should never give up something that makes us happy, until that something or someone has given up on wanting to make you happy. At this point, as much as my heart wants to give benefit of the doubt to that particular someone, I know whatever I am hoping for will only end in extreme anguish.

But it may not be a bad thing. It will be the direction to steer me ahead through this storm.




I look fugly here. I had to plait my hair because it was the most convenient way to achieve wavy locks, and it will look styled when I am there working for the F1 after party. my god. I really look fugly.

Any girl to your liking this photo? Pay me matchmaking fee of 50$ and I will consider. HAHAHA





Cecilia, Gladys and I in our uniforms for our F1 work.

Look at my hair! Natural wavy look. No need to use styling iron. I am not a fan of heat treatment for my hay(hair).

So, speaking of the after party. The only celebrities I actually recognized were Estelle (the one who sang American boy which coincidentally is one of my favorite songs) and Gordon Ramsay. And I had the honor of putting the wristband on him. Whilst I was there trying not to appear overly starstruck, I diverted my attention to looking at the cute f1 racers who came as well.

And no. I didn’t know they were racers until I realized they had all the VIP treatment. 2 hot 2 handle, bro.


Have you ever just stared at your dog shitting. I did, and I particularly enjoyed making Lycan feel awkward whilst he was trying to poop with eyes staring intensely at him and a camera shooting away.

Don’t ask me why he doesn’t poop on the newspaper. Somehow, he saves the newspaper only for pee.



I think that was what he felt whilst shitting. HA HA HA don’t hate me… it’s too cute not to show you guys.


Worked at Cuddles Cat Cafe the other day. I really do enjoy the work there. It’s idyllic and very fun. Time passes quick to my astonishment and LIKE WHO, wouldn’t want to work in a cafe filled with furry animals, with a floor covered in plush carpet and wearing a yukata, looking pretty. WHOOOO????



Just imagine the overwhelming cuteness. Random cats running around and some sleeping happily whilst you walk past.




Drew some cats on the papers used to record the customers’ check in times.
My lousy art should not be questioned.




Full length photo of my yukata. You get to pick from a variety in the cupboard! Omg. Geisha dream come true.


I still have trouble remembering the names… I think this is called snowflake. I find it really amusing the way cats look at you like you are their slaves.






Please do drop by to visit me!

I will be working this Friday, 3rd October from 12.30-6.30.

The lovely cafe is situated at Scape, (right beside Cineleisure), level 2.
Charges are as followed:

12$ for each hour, 3$ for each subsequent 15mins following the 1st hour.
Food and drinks are optional, but sold separately.
Main meals are to be ordered from FISH TALES, a cafe downstairs and it will be delivered up to you for consumption within the cafe.
Bottled/ Canned drinks and snacks are sold in the cafe, all below 2$.
Japanese sweet treats can be purchased separately or in boxes.

You are allowed to take as many photos as you want as long as there is no flash. Feel free to hug, carry, pat and rub the cats.


Okay, time for some food posts:



I had this kimchi ramen whilst at work in the cat cafe. It costs 6.80 and the menu said:

Kimchi ramen, (contains pork) 6.80.

I ONLY FOUND 1, MISERABLE PIECE OF PORK. Come on now please change your menu statement to: (contains A small piece of pork).
I think it justifies the price better. Was really spicy tho. And cooked quite well, I finished the entire bowl.

BUT THEN AGAIN, what can go wrong with freaking instant noodles.


Went for a boudoir photoshoot with Yama. That lil rich ass booked Swissotel , spent a bomb and then I told him boutique hotels are cheaper, and waaaay more beautiful. Guess we should be seeing photos done at Studio M soon. Its my favorite boutique hotel 😀

If you are looking for a rendezvous with your loved one, I think you can consider Studio M. Get the better rooms. Its double storied, with beautiful stairs and seamless full glass windows. The beds are located on the “2nd floor” which is more like a loft. Extremely cosy.

Being a business hotel, the rooms are actually cheaper if you book the weekends. They have lots of promotions going on as well.


So yeah halfway through the shoot both of us got fucking hungry and then you know ITS FUCKING ROOM SERVICE TIME!!!
Like who the fuck can resist just making a phone call, and then food gets delivered right up to your face.



I had beef lasagna whilst Yama, being a Fan tong (rice bucket) as he is had nasi goreng EXTRA RICE. We ordered onion rings and wedges, as well as a chocolate mousse-esque cheesecake for dessert.




Hotel food… Overpriced and over-rated. the lasagna wasn’t to my liking, but the dessert and onion rings were alright. And thanks Yama for the treat 🙂

They gave this complimentary bread basket and me being the fucking butter whore peeked inside the basket to look for some dough to go with my butter:



behappy14 behappy15




I can’t believe i had the stomach for it. pun intended. HA HA HA.


Menya Musashi @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-16




Ambience: 8/10

I loved the feel and decor of the place. Traditional, yet snazzy.
They have 3 types of soup base, White, Red and Black.

White (Shoyu) Probably symbolizes the light, delicate flavor.

Red (Spicy) No explanation needed for this!

Black (Garlic oil) Flavorful, rich and bold.

I ordered the Black ramen with 4pcs of Chashu. It’s a set and it comes with side dishes of your choice. I picked the cold tofu.

behappy19Cold tofu drenched in sesame sauce.

The sesame sauce was awesome. Paired with the green garnishes, it was perfect.

Goddess meter: 9/10









I read many reviews that people found the ramen soup base to be too salty. I think they are unaware that ramen soup is meant to be this way. The flavors of the broth are strong and distinct, seeping into the ramen and with the slight density of the broth, every strand of the ramen is coated with a thin film of the viscous soup.

I liked the soup, you can feel the effort spent in the actual making and slow simmering of the broth. It was a strong taste, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt it went well with the noodles and chashu.

Quite disappointed with the noodles, I think maybe because the waiter did not enquire/we forgot to request that I wanted my noodles to be of hard texture. It is a common practice in Ramen shops in Singapore nowadays for the waiters to ask you how you like your noodles done. Because it seems that Japanese enjoy their ramen to be QQ and abit hard, whilst Singaporeans are believed to have a penchant for soggier, softer noodles.

The noodles I got was pretty soft and soaked through, there was hardly that “Chewy” effect when you sink your teeth into em. You can tell from the photos above.

Chashu was grilled, and the burnt bits were definitely to perfection. However, the meat was too hard, and there were no fatty parts. I always preferred my Chashu to have a little slab of fats over its edge. This however is probably just the style of the shop, and my own personal preference.

The egg was done quite well, and looks good. I am not a fan of eggs so… :’D can’t really comment much here. But its definitely soft and watery, which is enough to drive the egg lovers crazy.

I really liked the presentation, with the wooden tray in contrast with the beautiful porcelain bowl. The cutlery was also served horizontal, traditional Jap style. Chashu and everything was placed in an appetizing way. Good colors.

I’d say its definitely value for money, because it costs just alittle more than your average icky Ajisen (no intended hate here), comes with a side dish with actual promising quality.

Soup base: 8/10
Noodles: 5/10
Chashu: 6/10
Tamago: 7/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10


Yama’s pick:





You can tell by looking at the cha shu that the grilled parts are freaking awesome… but there’s no presence of any fats.

They are having this cute little promotion now, that if you spend 50$ and above you are entitled to a small lucky charm which has a samurai on it. I picked the red one.




I really hope this lucky charm will indeed bring me the luck I so desperately need.

Its the end of my ramen review, I would say, go and give it a shot if you haven’t. It’s definitely worth it.




I received this drawing as a present. Such art. many cute, so skill

The “kimono” drape/shawl/overcoat is like probably at the end of the hype right now but i just can’t freaking get over the one I just bought.

behappy26 behappy27


Its too pretty and I’ll upload a photo of me in it during the photoshoot soon.


Went to celebrate my dad’s birthday at ChompChomp, I almost asphyxiated from the smoke. Watched my sister eating the cockles so happily and I told her that her fingers look as tho she just stuck them into a vagina on period. But that didn’t stop her from consuming dem gross shellfish at an alarming rate.


behappy28 behappy29


Satan’s minions, i’d say.

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, I can’t upload the rest anywhere because its NSFW and I really do not wish to attract more perverts than I already am now.

black garters 3

Its super gorgeous because 1) can’t see my fuck face 2) isn’t too sleazy 3) black and white 4) shows my undying affection for drow ranger. 5) I actually look like i have some boobs finally.

In case any of you have yet to know, the tattooed words read : Pride of the drow.
Its taken from one of the phrases said by my favorite dota 2 character. Talk about virtual obsession….


Good bye guys. 🙂

I want 2 crai

Hello guys its your goddess blogging in the dark at 2 in the morning feeling like shit because she’s fat and her tummy won’t magically disappear in the morning.

So ya the story goes my personal friends got to know about me winning the pageant and like doing more photoshoots lately and they have been SO SUPPORTIVE THAT I JUST CAN’T.


I want to fucking murder all of you.


freaking nanda
liam meme


Yama showed me some of the photos for the blogshop again OMG its so lovely. YOUR GODDESS LOOKS SO GOOD IN THAT DAMN DRESS Y’ALL BETTER AGREE.





This is the dress that I got from Tracy, but mine is black. ITS SO FREAKING NICE I TELL YOU I WORE IT TODAY.





When the wind blows and the chiffon splays at the slit and flutter gracefully, you’d feel like motherfucking America next top model bro.



Soz there was no wind when I took this picture.. next time I bring a huge ass fan out for my photos ok?

So being an ugly bitch that I am I still have yet to find that perfect foundation for me which suits my current skin condition as you know, I am eating isotretinoin and it dries up my face. I saw this on advertisement:


lancome foundation


If you do photoshoots and there is flash, sometimes if you use normal foundations/finishing powders that reflect you are gonna look like a fucking diamond in the sky. And I can’t emphasize more than enough on the importance of a good foundation that suits your skin and actually matches your skin tone.

In case any one of my readers is a girl (Which will truly surprise me IN A GOOD WAY) and does not know this, Your goddess has an advice for you. always get professional help before you buy your foundation. Know your skin. Are you pink tone or yellow tone? I am yellow tone, whilst my sister is pink.

Pink tone means your skin is naturally rosy, you can see it just by looking at your arms. Its like as tho you look like you perma had a good workout and your skin’s pink in health and all. I am a fucking yellow kunt so everytime before I purchase the foundation I will always make sure the one im buying is yellow tone. Else I will look like a rubbish bin. I learned this from a MUA from M.A.C cosmetics. I have seen alot of girls who used powder too light for their faces. But I don’t dare to tell them cuz I ain’t no expert. I’ll just try not to look but I feel bad for not saying since I made that mistake and I dont want people to do it and omg how.

So it basically just felt like this

trying but i just cant



So in all, me being the resourceful and cheapo auntie that I am I got my mum to help me get some samples of this Lancome Teint Miracle which is supposed to “look great in all sorts of lighting”. sounds sibei incredible. Your goddess shall offer to experiment with it and let you know if shit’z good.


Talking about good shit I had a good shit today, and ate some really good food (that will still end up as shit, but good shit. That’s how good shit comes about. It’s a chicken and egg theory.)

It’s Koh’s grill and sushi bar at Wisma Atria, 4th floor, smack right in food republic.

Credits to Chiam Hui Y’s blog


It’s already super popz so I do not need to write much as there are awesome reviews everywhere. Here’s your goddess’ tips on having a pleasant dining experience there:

1) always go during off peak hours, like 2-4pm or you will definitely rate 0 for service and 2/5 for quality because its so crowded you may need an oxygen mask.

2) the best time to order sushi is when the chef (wearing white) called Patrick is the one making it. He is friendly, and has a photographic memory. I always get extra roe when I order my sushi 🙂

3) Remember to try their shiok maki, obviously. I prefer the first gen. Its 16.80$ for the full plate, (8 pcs) they sell 4 pcs too.

4) Have their grill, because its authentic charcoal grill! Tasty charred bits without being over the top. (If you go during peak hour, I think you can expect a chao ta fish.)

5) Make full use of their lunch menus, they have amazing value deals. (Thus, go during off peaks, before dinner for the $friendly meals)


koh's grill and sushi bar bento set 1

This is the bento set 1, priced at 10.90$ Mine costs 13.90 because I changed my rice to cha soba. In honest opinion, their cha soba is not that fantastic, but if u top up a dollar, they give u a quail egg. Which is priceless because it really enhances the flavor of the cha soba. It has 5 pcs of juicy fresh salmon, some fruit and a tasty grilled saba.


shiok maki first gen
I posted this on my insta, just thought you may want to look at it again. I am not kidding when I said its orgasmic. Because you may actually give up having sex for awhile after tasting this. Remember, stuff that shit into your mouth in one bite. Do not pick out the avocado. I hate avocado but, without it, it’s like….. IT’S LIKE LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF AN ECCHI COMIC. A HOT GIRL WITHOUT NIPPLES. TRUST ME.


Look at that. Just look at it. It’s freaking gaowei to look at it. There’s nothing there. There’s NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. So please. if you take out the strip of avocado THERE IS NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. Not shiok anymore without something stuck inside…… 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

HAHAHAHA OK ENOUGH OF MY SEXUAL INNUENDOES it’s already 2.40 I need to stop being cranky.




Lamborghini aventador

This is a Lamborghini Aventador. There’s some display thingy like near DFS. I am pretty sure I need to work 500 lifetimes to get just one rim of the car but well.. looking is free ;’D


wooooow hot people


I am addicted to grapefruit recently. It’s so delicious. You should eat citrus because its so pulpy and yummy. Vitamin C, lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones, AND IT HELPS YOUR BALLS IF YOU HAVE PROSTATE CANCER. it repairs the dna in your balls!!!!!!! Not that I have balls, but wtf its rated one of the healthiest fruits. And if the goddess thinks its good, IT IS GOOD, you lil shits.



So before it hits 3am and ju on comes out of the closet to scare me, I just want to thank Albert for the cheese whiz hand carried from Philippines! I will be posting the recipes you can do with cheez whiz and then laugh at you BECAUSE BITCH U AINT GOT NO CHEEZ WHIZ.


cheez whiz and lycan


thanks albert



My enormous forehead… omg. I remember people always call me luo han fish 😥


Ya, don’t tell me. I am surrounded by shitty friends.





Anyone interested? He’s an I.T programmer so boy can he clock you like a computer 😉 😉 😉 LOL I SOUND LIKE MARRIAGE AGENCY I DON’T MEAN IT SORRY ALBERT PLEASE I STILL NEED YOU TO BUY CHEEZ WHIZ FOR ME. HAHAHAHA



And…. I really wanted to put in my best for the upcoming shoots especially for some of the remaining clothes which I have yet to help Tracy model so after throwing away both pairs of my shoes 😥 that day I had to go get new ones!


every girl needs these shoes


Every girl needs these shoes! The wedges costed a bomb D; BUT, as a person who can absolutely never be a financial advisor I’d say its a good investment. HA HA HA.

Speaking of good investment I went to NSC today and spent 600. 418 dollars worth of medicine and the remaining to listen to the SENIOR consultant (means cost more) talk about 3 sentences to me AND PAY THEM TO TAKE SOME OF MY PRECIOUS BLOOD WTF DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE.



nsc medicine


Guys guys, so please I am poor girl 91. I can offer to clean your room for 50dollars. GOOD BARGAIN SINCE ITS THE GODDESS.


Let me end this crankiness with 3 photos:

ty neek for inecto


Cuz its always good to see your goddess with her garbage expression, hugging all her inecto products. Feel free to touch my hair in a few days time. Thanks to Nicholas for helping me get all these. (Y)








Feeder…………….. 😥


Good night guys. ❤ Well actually good morning. And remember, if you like what you read and you want to BE ONE OF MY PEASANTS please do subscribe to the mailing list. Just put in your email! 🙂

facebook page :O

Hello guys I have made the facebook page so that all the dota 2 comics that I draw in the future will be posted there. It’s also easier to just like the page rather than following me on this blog if you are not really into reading.

The link is here,

I am probably going to post lots of nonsense about dota there so I will appreciate if you can just like the page for me to help publicize a little. Of course I am not so hardcore following all the competitive teams and all. My comics are mainly about the game itself.




the pageant is tomorrow 12-2pm and I am so freaking nervous. Anyway, I am doing this blog and the fb page as a hobby, much like my ALAB comics, Im not sure if most of you know what it is, (friends from years back probably does!) In any case, its this:

It’s this little comic strip that I used to do when I was younger to show my hatred for ahlians/bengs after dating one of them and letting him ruin my life.


I’m pretty sure most of us will reach this point in life where you just lie on the bed and think : What the fuck do I want to do with my life? 

Yeah, I’m there right now. I do not know what do I really want to work as, that’s why I have been trying out different jobs. However, I feel that the life of a narcissistic, overly publicized life as a full-time model / events babe wannabe is wearing me out. I honestly do not enjoy adding strangers onto facebook ( Trust me there are alot of weird asses and perverts)

I have been rejecting all the lingerie/implied nude shoots because

1) Z doesn’t allow it,

2) if you use this to rise to fame you will be stuck in the wrong kind of light.

But I came across some really beautiful boudoir shots that I have been wanting to try. Will see how it goes.



I want to remake this shot

For now, I am just going to try and get through with the pageant and then think about where I want to go from there. It isn’t easy to do this freelance modelling thing when people around you are being the least encouraging.


Anyway I made this thing which I thought of randomly whilst preparing for my photoshoot at Chinese Gardens. BTW THEY HAVE LIKE FREAKING LIVE TORTOISE MUSEUM THERE! Anyone interested in going? 😀


photoshoot reality

The entrance fee for adults for the museum is only 5$. I think it’s going to be pretty amazing! I will definitely be going there. Will show you the photos soon as I get there.

I haven’t been to Chinese Gardens like, since forever. And other than the wide array of spiders, bees and ants, it’s actually a beautiful place.



Look, they even have mini versions of my favorite lizard.






Speaking of animals, Lycan has been peeing at random places over and over again. I’m not sure when this bad habit started… He has been housebroken by me since young. I am not very sure if its due to the fact that he isn’t neutered, and thus marking his territory. But since he often marks in the living room whilst I’m always in my bedroom its so hard for me to catch him in the act.

Gonna lock him in the toilet for 7 days now, my dad heard from a groomer that it’s like teaching a pup the basics all over again and as long as its ventilated and he has water and toys we shouldn’t consider it a cruel thing. So I am just going to stop being soft hearted for the better of our family. 😦

If anyone has any good tips on this please do let me know.