I want to live in Taiwan forever.

Hola, your goddess is back safe and sound + fat from her Taipei trip.

I will sort out the photos and then you guys have to promise you read the fantastic post till the end, word by word if you ever want to go Taipei during the winter okay?

For now, typing is diffcult because I have put a cone on Lycan and he isn’t too happy about it. Thus he decided the best way to exact revenge is to make full use of the conical properties of the plastic and nudging his way in between my laptop and me. I CANT FUCKING TYPE.

Current position:


Look at that motherfucking face. HAHA
I managed to make a video. Pardon my manly voice. I have yet to recover from my cough.



Anyway there’s something that has been bothering me for very long and I just want to speak up for myself as well as people who are just like me. Being particular about the quality of service you get does not make you a bitch. I have received a few comments from people, even some of my own friends and my ex (can you believe it. even my own friends say that about me) that I am very bad tempered/bitchy towards certain service people.

And it pisses me off because they think its okay for the service crew to be bad tempered but I on the receiving end is bitchy for expressing my unhappiness in return? As like how every hypocritical human being is, no one remembers that I am the one who gives the extra tip, I’m the one who makes the service crew smile, the one who says my “please” and “thanks” . I am the one who helps the kid take more flyers to ease his job. I am the one who writes the compliment letters and the one who clears her own tray at the eateries.

All these? It comes naturally because I am in the service industry as well. When you enter a shop, or is about to engage a service, in simple analogy, it’s like approaching a large dog.

If the dog wags its tail, paws at you playfully, it gives you the signal “Welcome welcome! Please hug me.” and then you will obviously be like “omg… so fucking cute. I want to keep him.”

But if the dog starts growling even before you can talk, what will be your natural reaction? Fear, anger, confusion. “Why is the dog behaving this way? I am not even here to hurt him.” Then one thing leads to another, you will be less inclined and less open to embracing more interactions with the dog. You may even be on defense mode in case you get hurt. 

In my entire life as a service crew, I have encountered nasty customers. However, at the end of the day, no matter what comes out of that service engagement that went wrong, I can safely say that “Look, I have given it my best. I smiled, put on my best behavior, tried to compromise. But it was rejected.” Most of the nasty customers made the quarrel something personal, and of deep insult, such as (you have no brains thats why you work here instead of working as a lawyer or doctor, i paid for your service so you are supposed to allow me to scold you stupid and useless, i am in a bad mood thus i am allowed to vent it on you and make things inconvenient for you and the other customers)

However, I can proudly say that I have received many compliments from customers that I have attended to in my 4 years of life as a service crew. I’m just going to once again say the cliche tagline, “It always starts with a smile”

Someone told me this:  “Oh please, the poor waitress has been working since 9am till now, shes tired. Give her a break. It’s ok for her not to smile nor be friendly to you”

Really? I worked 10-10.30 every day last time and I can still say “Hello! Welcome to _____ ! What would you like to have? ” I have flown to Perth and back in the wee hours of the day, meaning I haven’t slept in the past 20 hours and I can still say “Hello sir what can I get for you?” I can still help the poor China aunties and uncles to fill up their CIQ forms one by one till I got scolded by my senior for being overly helpful.

Alot of Singaporeans wonder why we are being replaced by foreigners. From my personal point of view, I believe Singaporeans are too spoilt. Because you are simply not bothered to give it your best. You think you are better than the others. You think the shop you work at is too popular and thus people will still beg you for the product even if you are alarmingly rude. Mind you, I have seen so many China/Malaysians/Philippines service crew that are always smiling and ready to offer their apologies when needed. Because they really need the money, maybe. But if that drive for money can result in such fantastic attitude at work, I will definitely hire a foreigner if I too am the employer.

This is your job. When you are doing it, give it your best. I think its absolutely wrong to make up excuses such as “they are tired” “if you are them you will also be like that” “you are being sensitive”.

Z always make fun of me when I lose my temper at him. He’d say “Walao, why when you talking to the customers at work or when you are talking to the waiters and waitresses you are always so sweet, then when talk to me all the vulgarities come out.”

I think that statement speaks for itself. HAHAHA.

Okay I have finished ranting. In conclusion, I just want to remind you guys that there is nothing wrong with expecting good service from the people serving you. Because this is part of their job scope, not a bonus. And this comes from me speaking from a non-hypocritical point of view. In all benefit of the doubt, you can always feel free to drop by the restaurant I work at to see it for yourself.

Will update with the taiwan post in a few days 😀

facebook page :O

Hello guys I have made the facebook page so that all the dota 2 comics that I draw in the future will be posted there. It’s also easier to just like the page rather than following me on this blog if you are not really into reading.

The link is here,


I am probably going to post lots of nonsense about dota there so I will appreciate if you can just like the page for me to help publicize a little. Of course I am not so hardcore following all the competitive teams and all. My comics are mainly about the game itself.




the pageant is tomorrow 12-2pm and I am so freaking nervous. Anyway, I am doing this blog and the fb page as a hobby, much like my ALAB comics, Im not sure if most of you know what it is, (friends from years back probably does!) In any case, its this:


It’s this little comic strip that I used to do when I was younger to show my hatred for ahlians/bengs after dating one of them and letting him ruin my life.


I’m pretty sure most of us will reach this point in life where you just lie on the bed and think : What the fuck do I want to do with my life? 

Yeah, I’m there right now. I do not know what do I really want to work as, that’s why I have been trying out different jobs. However, I feel that the life of a narcissistic, overly publicized life as a full-time model / events babe wannabe is wearing me out. I honestly do not enjoy adding strangers onto facebook ( Trust me there are alot of weird asses and perverts)

I have been rejecting all the lingerie/implied nude shoots because

1) Z doesn’t allow it,

2) if you use this to rise to fame you will be stuck in the wrong kind of light.

But I came across some really beautiful boudoir shots that I have been wanting to try. Will see how it goes.



I want to remake this shot

For now, I am just going to try and get through with the pageant and then think about where I want to go from there. It isn’t easy to do this freelance modelling thing when people around you are being the least encouraging.


Anyway I made this thing which I thought of randomly whilst preparing for my photoshoot at Chinese Gardens. BTW THEY HAVE LIKE FREAKING LIVE TORTOISE MUSEUM THERE! Anyone interested in going? 😀


photoshoot reality

The entrance fee for adults for the museum is only 5$. I think it’s going to be pretty amazing! I will definitely be going there. Will show you the photos soon as I get there.

I haven’t been to Chinese Gardens like, since forever. And other than the wide array of spiders, bees and ants, it’s actually a beautiful place.



Look, they even have mini versions of my favorite lizard.






Speaking of animals, Lycan has been peeing at random places over and over again. I’m not sure when this bad habit started… He has been housebroken by me since young. I am not very sure if its due to the fact that he isn’t neutered, and thus marking his territory. But since he often marks in the living room whilst I’m always in my bedroom its so hard for me to catch him in the act.

Gonna lock him in the toilet for 7 days now, my dad heard from a groomer that it’s like teaching a pup the basics all over again and as long as its ventilated and he has water and toys we shouldn’t consider it a cruel thing. So I am just going to stop being soft hearted for the better of our family. 😦

If anyone has any good tips on this please do let me know.