Ebony and carnal desires

He was marched into the large palace, where pillars loomed into majestic view in their finest marbling and gold shimmer.

And there she was, perched on her divine throne, with two lions side by side. The carpet woven with gold seemed to stretch on endlessly as he made his way right in front of her, where he stood, clearly besotted with her heavenly beauty.

“Are you not going to kneel, before me?” She spoke, the words played like music on a well tuned harp. Her eyes were so beguiling, they sparkled like glowing amber. Her hair was slightly tousled, and perfectly ebony. Her skin was pale as the first snow, so fair that she glistened.

Her gown was a mere white silken cloth, fashioned into a dress held together by a braid. The scarce fabric revealed her ample bosom, which was still taut and ripe despite having no support beneath it.

The cleavage split beautifully like a carved divergent; a smirk snaked across her face as she caught him feasting on the sight before him.

Moments later, the words finally got registered in his brain. He bowed his head in embarrassment from having such a vulgar stare. The guards retreated as he dropped his knees to the sacred ground, right before her.

His head was still hung low.

“What is your name, mortal?” She stared down, clearly amused by his guilt of unintentional contempt, instead of taking offence.

“I… I am Edgar, your highness.” He spoke softly with a slight tremble in between.

“You can call me Vera.”

Edgar looked up slowly, as though afraid he was unable to handle the sight before him. The goddess stood up, drapes falling gracefully into place, shielding her modesty.

She reached out her left hand, waiting for him to offer his palm. Edgar rushed up the pedestal and helped her down the steps.

“Do you know why you are here, Edgar?” The goddess’s tiny hand rested on his outstretched one. He was trembling subtly, as though afraid with any greater force, his burly movements may shatter her like porcelain.

He shook his head in reply. heart thudding brutally against his chest.

Vera smiled, a smile so enchanting that even the grim reaper will drop his scythe.










My diamond baby :O

Hola darlings.

I have about 8 hours before my flight and here I am playing room escape games. I miss dem days of “I SWEAR I WILL CLICK EVERY SINGLE PIXEL ON THE SCREEN TO FIND THAT KEY.”

My diamond baby is one of the most well structured room escape games (other than the color chamber series) and it comes with a beautiful story. Don’t skip the intro.

If you would like to try it to kill time when you are missing your goddess, play it


You will be able to select the language when the popup box comes up. Don’t use walkthroughs if you can! But i got to admit la, I used the walkthrough for the very last part because I am totally 0% musically inclined. I remember it was my ex who helped me to listen to the music notes (in game) to tell me what was the score sheet that I needed to enter into the mechanism.

If you call for me, I will come to you from wherever I am… Even from my deepest memory. 


Here, this is how your goddess be lookin for the next 4 days. Chill and awesome as fuck. HA HA HA. No obviously I will be unglam and stuffing my face with food.

❤ good bye guys.

behold the goddess of MS paint.

Hi guys,

I just want y’all lil shits to know I AM THE PAINT GODDESS. YOU KNOW THAT DON’T YOU, PUNY PEASANTS. If you guys haven’t seen my awesome photo manipulation that beats photoshop and shits hands down you need to witness it today. Like right now.


This is a photo of my photographer Yama.


yama redone


No captions needed for awesomeness by your goddess… ❤


Did an underwater shoot yesterday and it was like travelling to hell and back like it’s an MRT everytime I had to dunk in for a shot. Chlorine blurred my eyes and I think my body was composed of 80% chlorine after everything was done. But it was amazing! And I really hope the photos will look as good as when we previewed it on the camera.


Btw, I am a fan of Obama so somehow this video is funnier than it should be. Damn dat video maker sure has lots of free time. HAHA.