My diamond baby :O

Hola darlings.

I have about 8 hours before my flight and here I am playing room escape games. I miss dem days of “I SWEAR I WILL CLICK EVERY SINGLE PIXEL ON THE SCREEN TO FIND THAT KEY.”

My diamond baby is one of the most well structured room escape games (other than the color chamber series) and it comes with a beautiful story. Don’t skip the intro.

If you would like to try it to kill time when you are missing your goddess, play it

You will be able to select the language when the popup box comes up. Don’t use walkthroughs if you can! But i got to admit la, I used the walkthrough for the very last part because I am totally 0% musically inclined. I remember it was my ex who helped me to listen to the music notes (in game) to tell me what was the score sheet that I needed to enter into the mechanism.

If you call for me, I will come to you from wherever I am… Even from my deepest memory. 


Here, this is how your goddess be lookin for the next 4 days. Chill and awesome as fuck. HA HA HA. No obviously I will be unglam and stuffing my face with food.

❤ good bye guys.

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