Hello guys, please bear with me.


I have been delegated the task of babysitting *ahem pun intended little kids and one of them have been extremely disobedient and thus, I have decided that the most practical and fitting punishment for PONTENG (skipping classes) shall be to write a standard secondary 4 essay of 350 words and above.

This is the title

“Write about the time when you told a lie that changed something in your life.”

Being the student counselor and role model that I am, I shall set a good example and write one as well. Don’t you guys just think your goddess is the MOST AMAZING EVER. OMG.

It was midnight when it happened. He was kneeling there with the overstated bouquet, ring in hand and a look of overwhelming love. I imagined him spending way too much time planning it, wanting to make it perfect. Andy always had the perfectionist in him and the proposal was going to be no exception. I looked into his eyes, those mesmerizing brown eyes, framed by the fine wrinkles created by his frequently laughing character.

He looked dashing in his stiff white shirt. The buckle of his Giorgio Armani belt that clung around the slim waist shone softly, reflecting the glimmering lights of the candles that laid scattered on the floor. It was an ineluctable answer. It was supposed to be a definite yes. Tears snaked down my face.

“I am sorry Andy. I can’t marry you. I realized I just don’t love you that way.”

I turned and took to my heel. I ran, not wanting to deal with the consequences of that lie. The lie of colossal properties. I did not want to see him freeze in that sudden anguish that I put him in. I did not wish for my determination to disintegrate upon watching his heart break and in turn change my mind about the lie.

That was then, in the entire 26 years of my life, did I realize it takes so much courage to lie. To lie to someone that you love with all your heart. I ran and ran until I reached the busy street, hailed a cab and took to a nearby pub.

Beer in hand, I killed my phone whilst wrestling internally to fight off the unfolding of my heart, cracking at the seams.

“Look here, Charlotte, it is not of my intention to castigate you, to put you down. However As you know, our family is a prestigious household name from the upper class society. Andy’s father has a reputation to maintain and as his mother, I simply cannot risk having a child born under illegitimate circumstances to have any marital association with him. Have I not been nice enough to allow the both of you to go on your little dates? But marriage is out of the question. What will people think of our family? For his own good as well, Charlotte, I hope you will not see him again.”

Insobriety seeped through my pores. Is my life what I thought it to be? As like a Korean drama re-enacted in real time? I wanted to direct that searing pain somewhere. I wanted to hate my mother for giving birth to me out of wedlock, the unwanted fruit of some random playboy. But abhorrence is a strong word. And my mother was a great woman. All these anger and hurt… they asphyxiate me incessantly. I have no one to tell to.

But I knew she was right. I had to let him go. He was the prodigy of his house; the talented musician, 5 times winner of the National debate, school president with a Harvard first class honors. What about me? Just the typical… you know, the unwanted child of someone’s passionate mistake.

I always thought TV dramas were written by overly creative (and sometimes sadistic) people. Now however, I beg to differ. I began to believe that all such tragic stories actually took place in real life, to some people, somewhere. Except that now, I am the main character of one such sad story.

Andy tried to beg me a few times after that, in which I had to rope in my random colleague to complete my Korean drama act of being my new love interest. His pain and disbelief gradually turned into bitterness, and soon, I watched as the love of my life walked out, bringing so much of my heart with him. Then, he never looked back.

It hurt like mad to see his spiteful messages and to see his maid return me all my belongings from his house. I was like poor Cinderella that had reached the last strike of the clock at midnight. My fairytale was over. My life was never the same again. For a start, I learnt that loving someone, sometimes, simply meant letting him go.

That was 2 years ago. The last I heard, Andy was happily married to the daughter of a famous oil tycoon. Did I regret saying that lie? Now that I think about it, no, I did not. How could I have even endured being constantly put down by his family? I guess everyone lies, for better or for worse. What matters is whether or not you can live with the consequences.

And I did. Gratifyingly and happily, ever after.

785 words.

Sorry, I am so rusty. By the way, in case you guys don’t know, I will be flying to HK in 2 days. So let me know if you need me to buy anything for you. Y’all know I love you. ❤

So anyway… look what I found in Dom’s drawer, that feisty kid.

image_4 image_5


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