behold the goddess of MS paint.

Hi guys,

I just want y’all lil shits to know I AM THE PAINT GODDESS. YOU KNOW THAT DON’T YOU, PUNY PEASANTS. If you guys haven’t seen my awesome photo manipulation that beats photoshop and shits hands down you need to witness it today. Like right now.


This is a photo of my photographer Yama.


yama redone


No captions needed for awesomeness by your goddess… ❤


Did an underwater shoot yesterday and it was like travelling to hell and back like it’s an MRT everytime I had to dunk in for a shot. Chlorine blurred my eyes and I think my body was composed of 80% chlorine after everything was done. But it was amazing! And I really hope the photos will look as good as when we previewed it on the camera.


Btw, I am a fan of Obama so somehow this video is funnier than it should be. Damn dat video maker sure has lots of free time. HAHA.



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