If I could manipulate elements, time & space, matter, even;

I want not to save the world, but to put you in a little glass dome.

You can have it filled with crystalline snow that billows, dancing to the cold, singing with the howling wind. Fear not my love. Think not of it as fearsome as The Shining. I’ll make you feel warmth where the prick from ice would be. Fashion you a castle made of only the sturdiest from the frozen kingdom. Wolves will litter at your feet, for you to play or to kill. Crystal maidens will wait on you, presenting nothing but egregious robes and hot food. The nation will celebrate your beauty and my unyielding love for you, bitter like frost, undaunted.

Or even, laze eternally by the beach whose horizon can’t be fathomed. Endless waves, always sunny. I’ll conjure seashells of the finest, most exotic patterns, but none as amazing as you. I’ll make the mermaids sing of my love for you, in their hauntingly sweet melody. The crabs and lobsters, all sumptuous crustaceans line up to queue for their noble deaths upon a merry flame, served smoking hot on your golden plate. So that you, my queen, can have the freshest harvest still piquant of the roaring salty waves.

If you want it mythical, there’s nothing my imagination will stop at just for a smile across your porcelain face. Unicorns will prance for you, glistening in the sunlight with their majestic manes, sparkling like how they should be. The forest green and lush, sings a secret rhyme, wildflowers will wave at you with glee. Your footsteps will sprout endless cycles of spring – Of magnolias, roses, tall looming trees even. You will be the giver of life. Just like how you are, like my syncopated breath. I’d throw in a Snow White fantasy if you’d even just whisper for it. Rabbits, deer and the great grizzly bear; they will keep you company in happy banter. You will never be alone.

How about a New York city dream, the poshest penthouse in Manhattan. All that glitters awaits in a walk in wardrobe. Ceiling to floor windows that grant intoxicating view of the skyline, guarded by sweeping curtains of the finest silk and linen. Do you indulge in books? For I can bring stories of the entire universe to you. Everyday you can find yourself catapulting to a different time and place, all within the papyrus skimmed through your fingertips.  I can give you the entire city, if apple is your favorite fruit. A fancy car to tour the city, Maserati, Lamborghini or would you prefer a Ferrari?  I hope you like Need for speed.

The list would go on. But I’ll save that for later. Because its 5.58 and in 2 minutes you will walk in to the diner and pour me the coffee that I am waiting for… And I, will clutch the cup firmly, hoping for a brisk touch of your slender fingers.

Coming, leaving, letting go.

It soothes me. The sound of rain, pitter pattering against the pavement. The slight glimpse of a lightning flash, preparing your heart, to anticipate the hearty boom of thunder.

I used to be scared of it. But she was always there for me. Since I was young. She will take me in her arms, cradling me like a little baby. “Hush Hush. It’s ok. I am here. There’s nothing to worry.”

It’s weird though. How I couldn’t comprehend anything that came out of her lips. But I could feel the security she provided. The comfort that spread through like wildfire. Like an invisible barrier, shielding me from harm. Like light of heaven.

The storm is brewing like a witch’s cauldron today. I curled up more tightly in the make shift tent I found, under the bridge, deserted by some homeless man who probably found a cozier abode.

Reminiscence of my childhood is blurry. I can’t really remember much. I only know I was taken from my mother when young. Thrown into a filthy place where a man with the smell of stale cigarettes and cheap whiskey would constantly come to terrorize me and the others, young and petrified. Probably all taken from their mothers too.

And then I met her. She felt like the mother I never had. Or even, a lover from my past life? What do I even know about it? Somehow. It’s just a feeling.

She has the most beautiful smile you know? Always smiling. Well. Most of the time. Sometimes I know she would cry because Jake hits her. There was once I lost control and tried to defend her from his cruel, drunken blows. But I was still young and helpless. He threw me off with just one swipe from his tattooed, muscular arm. I recall banging into the kitchen door, wounded from the impact.

She would then plead for him to let me go. “He’s just a little boy. Let him go. Let him go please Jake.” From then on, when she looked at me with pleading eyes, eyes cried swollen, I knew I will only hurt her more if I tried to speak up. So I learnt to just hide in a corner, trying not to even make a whimper whenever he hits her again.

I miss her so much.

I drifted off to a slumber, before waking up by default. It’s the time of the day again. I raced to the tracks I knew too well, past the railroads, to the familiar house by the stream. I would have stayed on there if I could. But the place was taped up by some men in navy uniform.

I am waiting for her to come back. I think this is the 68th day since she’s gone. I know that she will! Because I love her so much. I am sure she will…..

Footsteps approached me. I maintained a defensive stance, eyeing whoever that was approaching me. It was a kind looking lady, accompanied by a rather handsome man. She held out some food in a paper bag. It was macdonald’s! The irresistible scent wafted so strongly through my nostrils. I tried to keep a stoic expression. But my stomach growled.

“Hey kiddo. It’s ok. I know you must be hungry. Please, take it.” Her hand was outstretched. I went forward to accept the food and devoured it ravenously. The pair sat together with me by the sidewalk.

“I am Jane, and this is my buddy Walter. We are here to help you okay?” She said gently, holding out her hand again, affectionately.

I started to cry. All that pain, all that longing. It came crashing down on me. Jane held me in her arms, just like how she would.

“Hey kiddo. I would like to bring you to see someone you will love to meet.” I nodded, and followed.

I got into their car, and Jane sat with me while Walter drove. I looked out of the window, my heart palpitating. Are they bringing me to see her?

We got out to a grassy place. The sweet scent of flowers delighted my senses as I followed them anxiously. We stopped in front of what appears to be a large stone.

Its her!!! That beautiful face. It’s a photo stuck onto the stone. I went forward to inspect the stone. A weird feeling washed over me. Somehow… I could sense her. I could feel that she’s around. But where???

I turned to look in bewilderment.

Jane knelt down, beside me. She cupped my face in her warm palms. And I saw a tear roll down her cheek. She’s crying.

“Kiddo… she didn’t leave you on purpose. You know that right? She’s an angel kiddo. She’s in heaven now because… Because heaven needs her help. And you are a good boy isn’t it? Surely you will allow her to help out?”

The words came to me in a blur. I could not really understand it. But I know the word “heaven”. She always told me that I came from there, and that one day we will be there together.

Can I follow her then?

“Look kiddo. She wants you to be strong. You gotta be strong for her okay? She wants someone to look after you. And one day when you are ready, she will be waiting for you.”

I glanced down, trying to register what Jane said. I looked at her beautiful photo once more… and I, I think I understood.

Weeks later, I was introduced to a new home. A kindly young man, probably not much older than she was, took me in.

“Hey boy! Wait here. Someone coming through the door any minute would be SO happy to have you.”

So I stood right in front of the door, slightly nervous. And waited.

I heard soft footsteps approaching. And the door swung open.

“SURPRISE!” The kindly man shouted happily. It was a woman, with a nice smell, and the same kind of dazzling smile that she used to have.

“Oh my god Gerald!!!! HE’S SO AMAZING. HE’S PERFECT!!!” She knelt down and reached out her hand.

“Bob, is that? Bobby?” My eyes grew wider at that familiar name. That’s right. That’s what she always called me!

The woman had tears in her eyes too. But she was still smiling. “Bobby, I promise to love you forever.

Coming… leaving… letting go. I will go to heaven and She’ll be there waiting. I’m sure.

With an excited yelp, I wagged my tail and jumped into her arms.

I love you too.



The red invite

So I woke up in the middle of the night with perspiration running down my temples. There were no shadows, for my room was pitch black. I reached out for the switch to my trusty nightlight. “Click”. Nothing happened. “Click” I tried again, and this time, light emanated the room with a warm glow.

Where there’s light, shadows follow. I saw him, in the flickering light, looking at me quietly from the corner. He was handsome, in an oddly displaced manner. There was just something about that perfectly sculpted body, that immaculate face that was just not quite right.

Oh yes, because his area of residence is about 30 feet under and that his skin glints in red.

I found myself unable to move, I guess it was his doing. As my hands and feet found themselves fastened to the bed by invisible chains, he leaped over from the door. Yeah, all in one stride. In one major kangaroo-ish jump. He sat on my bed, a overly good looking smile that turned into a grin, revealing a few jagged teeth. Not too sure what does his diet consists of, but I do not wish to know.

His hand stroked my cheek gently, and he whispered. with a voice that would star perfectly in any horror film ; You are beautiful, marry me.

I am not too sure that’s how marriage proposals should be done. With a final peck on my forehead, he disappeared, leaving just another red invite behind.

The floorboard creaked as I got up, the red envelope in hand. I wasn’t even bothered to open the letter, before dumping it into my closet that was already piling up with the rest.

Its funny, I feel strangely lonely in the morning when I wake up to prepare for work. But I brush all thoughts of him aside. Really? Fantasizing about someone of his sort, I must be going insane after the devastating relationship with Victor that I had 1 year back.

Work is such a boring, meaningless part of my life. I am employed as an Admin clerk for a Medium sized enterprise, and where making instant coffee is concerned, I daresay I’ve clinched the title as best coffee maker.

Few days after his ghastly appearance, an incident happened at work. My bitch of a manager, a rather slutty looking woman who has more cotton padding in her bra than the entire of a cotton field, decided it was all for good fun to ask me for a document that never existed.

After a few minutes of heated debate, I decided to relent because I was a god damn clerk. She then launched a lengthy and extremely bitchy berate loud enough for every other employee to peer from their cubicles. Then it happened.

He appeared out of nowhere, in a suit. A bespoke one with flashy cuff-links, shining in a glint of red. But he, for the first time, have I seen him in the color of flesh. He looked so alive.

The manager closed her mouth and stared as he continued walking over, incessantly. She muttered “Good morning, CEO”

I fought hard to maintain a stoic expression when those words left her lips. WHAT?

He then spoke, voice still the same raspy, eerie manner. “You are fired.” He then turned to the HR in charge, handed yet another red envelop and said “My personal recommendation”. Before exiting the door, (Which I assume he promptly vanished after that)

The in-charge unfolded its contents from the red paper with shaking hands, right after the bitch of a manager stormed out in a huff. In beautiful cursive, it was written “Lythen”

What? Me? That red dude is taking it too far. Well yes, did I forget to mention, he’s a master of deceit and an extremely adept shape-shifter. No one knows what’s up his sleeves next.

He appeared again in my room later that night, in his hands, yet another red letter, and now, with a bottle of champagne.

“Congratulations, my love. On your new promotion.” He rasped as he popped the bubbly with expertise. Two champagne glasses materialized by my bed stand.

“I knew it was you.” I whispered as I obediently took a sip. It tasted like nectar.

“Of course you knew, you were the only one who could see me as me, when I shape shift.” He replied with a zesty smile.

“But why so?”

“Because you are to be my wife, and its only right you are entitled to see beyond my disguise.” A cheeky smile glinted on his face.

I frowned. “No one said anything about being married here.”

“How about this? Let’s play a game. You can decide whatever game you want. If I were to get it wrong, I will never bother you again. However.. If I win, you have to be my wife.”

I raised my eyebrow in deep thought. Hmm… he is a really cunning devil, but I am not one who shies away from challenges. “Ok deal.”

I plumped up my pillow and sat upright on my bed. “Are you ready to play?”

He nodded, clapping his hands excitedly like a little child.

“I will pose 5 questions, you are to answer all of them correctly. Failing which, you lose!”

He nodded again, leaning in closer to me attentively.

First question: What vanishes in the day, but simulates the day at night?

He replied almost immediately and with confidence: “Easy, the moon.”

I gulped. “Okay that was just a teaser. Next question, what is my favorite color?”

He tilted his head as though in careful thought. “Hmm… your favorite color is beige. But you like your walls to be white, your clothes to be black, and your nails to be red.”

Blushing, I refused to admit he was already winning the game. “Well you played cheat. You probably know all the answers to the world if you had to.”

“No I didn’t. I am only observant.”

“Okay, third question, which is my favorite season?”

“Winter.” came the prompt reply.

Before I could react, he continued “Because you love christmas, and the snow. I saw you shopping online for a pair of winter boots even before the first leaf started to fall.”

I gave an indignant face. He pulled himself closer to me, with his slender fingers grazing my chin, “But my love, its always summer where I come from. I will have to make it snow just for you.”

I shrugged his coquettish advancement away. “4th question, why me, out of so many people?” Honestly, I just wanted to know. I am nothing special, just the average girl next door.

“Because you are fearless. No one could have reacted that calmly to how I always made my entrance.”

“It does actually help that you are handsome.” I replied honestly.

He smirked, trailing his fingers down my decolletage, gently pushing down the straps of my nightie. I found myself once again, unable to move, watching helplessly while he feasted on my breasts with his tongue, which was surprising warm and passionate. He clutched them tenderly, fingering and rubbing at the buds. I could feel heat working up from below the sheets, between my legs.

“Last question.” I reminded him, finding myself regaining control of my limbs. I adjusted my clothes back in place. He lied on my lap like a kitten, looking up with a satisfied face.

“Is it going to hurt?”

He sprang to his feet, digging me out of my bed and scooped me up in one strong, furious swipe.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t feel a thing.”

And then we kissed. He left after I told him I still want to go to work tomorrow. He evaporated after waving goodbye, leaving the same red invite on my bedroom floor.

For the first time, I opened it.

“Look into your wardrobe”.

I flipped my doors open. A beautiful wedding dress hung majestically, in a lovely shade of Crimson. Lace adorned the entire length of the back, and crystals littered the hems.

I went to the huge pile of red envelopes and began to read one by one.

“See you at work soon” Was the one he gave before he fired my manager whilst impersonating our CEO.

“Nice boots” For when the winter boots I ordered appeared on my doorstep.

“Are you sure about the hair” When I tried the long Bob haircut which didn’t really end well.

And the very first one…. it was abit dusty now, since it has been months.

“I saw Victor at the gates the other day. I am sorry for your loss. But I gave him my word that I will take care of you.”

I wept.