Ramen Champion :O

I went to Ramen Champion for dinner last night, for the second time and decided to try Buta God. The owner of the stall is really handsome I must say. :’D

But the banner is really,,, the most attractive of all.


photo 2


photo 1


Hi yes can I have a bowl of go to hell red hell ramen please. Yes absolutely I would definitely love to go to hell with no regrets.


photo 3


Well. apparently I wasn’t too brave about going to hell at such an early age so I decided to opt for their normal pork ramen… comes with fried gyoza and spring roll.


photo 4


But in my opinion, the taste wasn’t that fantastic. I know ramen’s soup was supposed to be salty but this is like as though its forged in the deepest altars of the salt gods. The soup base was more complicated than algebra and I didn’t finish it because my parents probably will have no money to pay for new kidneys 😥

I may consider going to hell the next time I visit the shop.



Please kill me I look so ugly 😥 Anyway in any case, please do help like this photo at the official page:

I think the event will be quite awesome! I mean with all the really fit and gorgeous guys that will be there 😉 😉 HAHAHA

I will not be contesting based on votes.. I mean if it was about popularity I think I might as well go order my coffin now. Hahaha.

But, I still love all of you 🙂