Hello my little pumpkins. How was your month of March? Mine went past pretty fast LIKE OMG. I am officially gone from my company. 😀

I have two months of holidaying to do and hell am I looking forward to it so much. HEHEHE.





Went to bangkok with my (ex) colleagues and I finally fulfilled my dream of staying at

Grande Centrepoint, Terminal 21.


It’s absolutely gorgeous. Very expensive though. I only went because I was making use of my staff discount for the very last time. LOL. It’s about 700 SGD for 3 NIGHTS per ROOM, without breakfast included. This is before discount.

And we had to share a king sized bed because there’s no more twin. BUT YOU KNOW THE BED IS SO HUGE AND COMFY IM NOT COMPLAINING.





Comes with a large fridge, microwave and even a small wet pantry area. Overhead cabinets are filled with cutlery and utensils.



Sad to say, I spent quite alot of time in the toilet because I had bad diarrhea. Lesson learnt, do not eat dubious looking sashimi at buffets. It’s quite ironic because I eat so much street food and I didn’t get anything bad from that.


First meal was at Terminal 21. (Duh its right beside) It’s this shop on the floor that has the food court.. Can’t remember the name. J’s mum brought us there a long time ago and I remembered it served decent fare.

I always wanted my future kitchen to look like this:



Some highlights of the restaurant. Must order! Fried fish and beef. Very tasty.

A couple of us went to the Train market at night. GOD DAMN. The last time I went was met with the heavy downpour remember? This time round I spent all my time eating LIKE FUCK ALL THE GLORIOUS FOOD.



The watermelon dessert is must try. And that little snack at the bottom right; seafood with quail eggs in some sort of a weird takoyaki form IS SO DAMN DELICIOUS THAT I ATE EVERYTHING ALTHOUGH IT WAS MEANT TO BE SHARED.


I feel alittle sad bidding goodbye to my colleagues but well :’D It’s time to move on in search of greater happiness.


I went to Pratunam to look for my favorite street stall selling the boat noodles. THEY ARE STILL THERE.



This stall is one of the best ones I have had in that region. Z likes to order the chicken one because it comes with a generous slab of “Blood”. I always preferred pork with a truckload of chilli and repent for my sins in the toilet later.

And of course my favorites:




THIS STEWED PORK THING IS TOO GOOD. I want to bathe in that large basin of brown, salty and glorious stew. I don’t care. I would sleep overnight in it too.

HAHAHAHA. Only 1.50 SGD btw.

Ended the 3rd day stuffing my face with shabu shabu and splurged alittle on this nice little Umeshu. My favorite Japanese wine. HAHAHA. For pussies. Whatever.




Went to marshmallow!

The bad thing about staying in Asok is there isn’t a wide stretch of night market stalls just below your residence unlike staying in Pratunam. We had to take a taxi/ BTS to NANA for the more “happening” bars. We chose Marshmallow because I insisted the free falling glass windows too hipster and I want to go inside and be instagram worthy. But in the end the music was too good so I didn’t take much photos. LOL

They had an in house dj and played a good mix of old school RNB (Those with those street rap songs IDK, what genre is that?)

The prices of the drinks are not too bad but I read online Marshmallow is considered one of the more high-class bars. One lychee margarita is about 8$. Nothing beats the Mango one I had at Cafe Iguna. HAHAHA. But the plus point? They have shisha! Only 15$




My current mood:

lil shit

HAHAHAHA. My next stop: Philippines, Boracay. I will flood you guys with photos of that place just because. XD

Anyway did you guys hear that I got a 24hour ban on my twitch BECAUSE I WAS REPORTED FOR PORN / EXPLICIT CONTENT. Seriously brah, wtf?

middle finger for u 2


Anyway I will be doing a full day stream again (THIS TIME WITHOUT FUCKING ZUMBA BECAUSE ITS PORN) one of the days this week. Keep a look out!

Meanwhile on my paint job:

For gamer girls // When your boyfriend is sweet :

bae loves u 1


Good bye guys. I still have a review for this amazing scrub that I have yet to do. I think I will make it into a video format for the next update. See ya!






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