Losing Grip

Death is secondary.

I know like Christmas is long over. It almost feels as though I haven’t been blogging for a year. HA HA.

Thank you for all these lovely gifts. Yes Yes I love all of them to bits and all of these are put to great use. Gracias mucha



So guys I went to Montigo. Well as you know, your goddess is in poverty so naturally it was my virgin experience. GOD. So beautiful.

I want a house like that. Minus the inaccessibility, minus the ants, minus the cost.



OKAY. I love wordpress abit more now because they have that mosaic option that dumps all your photos into one picture so no one has to scroll endlessly. Not smart enough to be able to allow you to arrange which photos goes which part of the mosaic tho.

I love the bed. Want to bring it back with me. I WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN LAZING IN THE POOL I WUZ LIEK A MERMAID. JUST IMAGINE you open that fucking glass door and you step out to embrace a god damn lapping pool, in discretion You could be like naked and only the glass panels are judging your body. In that hot weather, you soak up all of that cooling chlorine, IZ AWESOME.

Yes Sorry that photo was just me trying to show you how “sporty” I look. HAVEN’T BEEN DOING ANY SPORTS UNTIL THEN, SO LET ME JUST SHOW OFF MY SPORTY LOOK.

Finish your stay with a really fantastic buffet breakfast. You guys know thats my favorite meal of the day right. Nothing like waking up to bacon, omelettes and toasted bread.



SO MUCH SO AS YOU CAN SEE MY LOVE FOR GOOD ENGLISH BREAKFAST. It was so good. DO YOU EVEN KNOW how much skills you need to make that perfect omelette? I tell ya bro, your goddess is so good, she can turn the chicken cannibal by feeding it some OF ITS OWN.

A perfect omelette is packed with that solid, real egg substance. No crumbly bits, no overcooked (chinese styled ones) parts and definitely, a smooth smooth appearance. Almost like machine pressed.

When you pry it open, only the cheese drips just a little; not too much. This signifies that the egg has been cooked through and no messy raw eggy liquid is left. BUT, its still moist and tender inside.

I forgot to buy onions and parsley tho.



I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING EVERYTIME I SEE THIS. Satirical but fuck. Mean jokes are funny because people need a break from humanity. From people who leave comments like “THIS IS NOT FUNNY MY AUNT GOT CANCER”. ??? like ???. You go google every joke and leave a comment like this? Jesus christ. My mum is ill too but we laugh it off CUZ IT DOESN’T MAKE THINGS WORSE.


SO ANYWAY, here is my wish list. Please do let me know what you intend to buy. I KNOW IT SOUNDS LIKE A TRANSACTION BUT, this is to avoid people getting the same stuff without knowing like the previous few times :’D

Thank you all my lovely people. I will bless you with the power of great sarcasm and the ability to fuck someone hard with their clothes on.


  1. (MY ABSOLUTE WANT) Brahms doll (from the horror show The Boy)
  2. $200 Jeric’s salon voucher / cash
  3. Samantha thavesa large card and coin purse in saffiano leather.
  4. Loccitane hair repair oil and spray
  5. Razer star gazer
  6. Samsung ssd 1 tb (building my desktop)
  7. An aghanim’s scepter necklace
  8. Pandora’s “my princess” ring, size 8
  9. Witch doctor’s drum roll frog
  10. 50$ steam credit
  11. Tumi’s backpack in black with gold zips
  12. Muji’s packing cubes and travel duffel
  13. Victoria secret’s medium flat pouch in lace
  14. Drow ranger’s monarch bow
  15. Saffiano leather card holder for lanyard
  16. Victoria’s Secret silken floral scarf
  17. Stream donations to pay my bills 😉

Considering the fact that I chalked up quite abit as well being Santa Claus on Christmas, is it time to get pampered alittle?


Goodnight guys.

I made a pun today. I named my excel file which keeps crashing as “NEW SHEETY DOCS”.

I love my idiosyncrasy for absolutely random and stupid stuff.



Losing grip.

I laced my fingers against yours,
in that hot summer.
The strawberry milkshakes
and a million heartbreaks.

When our bodies entwined,
my heart pulsated and detached,
further from me, closer to you.
It was like electromagnetic field.

I tried to untangle myself
from this horrid mess,
my heart strings they chimed
still unbroken, by time

Your name to my ears,
still grants a bleed
You have gone too far, too far
but i’d die again, to be right where you are.

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