Wat did I just write.

Whilst you are riding on her sorry plight,
claimed recognition to your selfless rights,
She was on her knees graveling in the dirt,
fabric of her love worn till her heartbeats slurred,

Sordid exchange with those plastic damsels,
“For work” She smiled and dismissed those gestures,
Cradled the sleeping baby against her breasts,
Could she still long, for her body caressed?

Pack your things, my lovely child,
A lover like that is no worth your while.
Never now, in this age, will such love be scorned,
It needn’t be for two, that the baby be born.

We were all masochists, and victims of love,
but the child’s new life, is a reason for mirth.
Reach, and anchor your feet to the ground
Close that chapter, and the door to his house.


On a side note, babies are so not my thing. But I wrote this hoping someone who’s facing this situation now can find the strength she seeks –

A woman should never live for a man. The man should live like he’d die for her. Some people stay in bad relationships because they are afraid. Let fear fuel you, but in such, you should be scared that you will never be happy if you stay. Don’t be scared you will end up all alone if you leave.

Because that is never going to happen. To all single mothers!!! (to be)
Don’t ever settle for less than what you are worth. Your child will thank you for it.

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