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This is a photo of me holding some tea. I look like a tai tai according to my sister but I am definitely not one. More like taitai’s maid.

Hello guys. 😀

Your goddess is back. I am sorry I disappeared again. As you all know I have consigned my freedom to become slave of the harsh, crude, soul draining working society.

My daily life consists of trying to become unfeeling and extremely polite + formal, and also a constant struggle to not snack too much because I am fat.

It is pretty much an overwhelming change for me and I can’t say I look forward to it, but I feel there’s only two ways you can reach a goal, 1) its your passion (and we all know how hard it is to find that nowadays) 2) you have no choice because you will starve.

And the latter is always everyone’s choice. We fall into that monotonous, proverbial and lackluster recidivism. People tread in their tiny circles holding prada bags, dining in Michelin star restaurants, sip on overpriced cocktails indulging in senseless gossip that does nothing beneficial to their minds nor health.

bkk 2

Im sorry I’m ranting again 😦

I just don’t want to become that kind of person. Here’s a nice and happy photo of my latest vacation. I won’t be having another for a long long time.

Is everyone doing fine? 😀

Will be making cheesy garlic bread, shepherd’s pie and my long delayed- basil minced chicken. :’D will upload them in my next blogpost! Stay tuned 😉

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