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Hola pitches I am back~

Yes I went to catch Pitch Perfect 2. Like WTS… reminds me of J. It was still a decent movie, albeit the cheesy lines… But you know you can’t complain when Anna Kendrick floods most of the screen time with her unworldly beauty.

So… I went to Macau recently. Call me ignorant but it was my first time there. I never found the need to take my wanderlust down to a place filled with casinos; Because I don’t gamble.

Ironically I went to Macau to take part in the GCE exhibition as part of an event job under the grace of an old friend. If you are not ambitious like me, who believes I’ll never be rich enough to make it to Las Vegas, you should certainly find time to give Macau a go. Its beautiful. Not completely unexpected, but will still awe you.


Let me take you on a pretty visual journey of my short trip there. YAY MY STORY BEGINS.

macau 1

Once upon a time, your goddess had to lug her extremely heavy VS luggage along with her ROG (4.3kg excluding charger) and still have to look dainty in order to complement her ST bag. She took public transport to the airport. It was a journey of sweat and blood.

macau 3

I know right… Leather skirt, cropped top with a gaming lappy mashes up with a totally irrelevant soft pink bag. And a pair of staggeringly high stilettos.

macau 2

Goodbye kiss to my baby. He dat poor thing. Only spent close to 4 days with me in the entire of May.

I couldn’t resist toast box’s laksa. I felt guilty after the first spoonful of delicious gravy because I had a pre ordered meal on board. I took tiger. Well… direct flight + excellent timing. Why not!

macau 5 macau 6

macau 4

I mean no offense to Tiger Air, but really, the food sucks. Not only is the packaging damn terrible… Do you know those silky tofu that you can buy from NTUC that comes in this white plastic box with ridges and a transparent film on top. Just imagine this costs you about 9 bucks on board the flight. No tofu, but Contains barely edible rice and cardboard that tastes suspiciously like vacuumed dried chicken.



macau 7

You know there’s this movie where someone got mistaken for a celebrity and then embarks on the “celebrity” life. I felt like that the moment I stepped out of the arrival gate. There was a man waiting for me. In a suit and tie. Holding a beautiful signboard. Not those makeshift paper scribbled in dried sharpie. But a proper board, with my name printed out firmly and surely.

Amber Tan.

What? Is that for me?

I pretended not to look fazed as T (my friend) did mention pick up will be arranged. No, it wasn’t mistaken identity. I knew I was staying at Banyan Tree. The man had the BT logo on his chest. He looked at me politely and took my luggage.

macau 8

LOL i probably seemed like some crazy stalker to passerbys whilst i snapped this.

Ok are we going to board some kind of Hotel catered mini bus or what.


no it wasnt.

macau 9

It was a freaking Mercedes Limo. What in the actual fuck.


macau 10

They had bottled water by the sides and fresh wet towels spritzed with a hint of the iconic tea tree scent. Truly BT.

“How was your flight, Ms Amber?” The chauffeur asked in such an impossibly polite way I almost teared up.

macau 11 macau 12

Is this how Paris Hilton travel every day. Man, how many people get to actually experience this in their lifetime?

macau 13

I caught sight of Galaxy. Its kinda like this Trinity of multi billion enterprises. If memory did not fail me, I think its 3 companies and their sister groups joining forces to create the mega wonder called Galaxy. And I will be staying, in the Banyan Tree Villa.

Trust me, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But according to T, the employer who hired me is a high roller at the Galaxy, and thus the Villa is complimentary. Not sure how high he rolls but….


The villa: 

macau 14 macau 15


The living room is almost half of my house. Everything is elegantly set, with an oriental touch. Glass windows separates the space from an outdoor private pool, mezzanine area and jacuzzi. The sofa seats are comfy and welcoming. Room was delightfully lit to a soft warm glow.

A welcome snack/fruit cage (supposed to be a platter but its in the shape of a cage) + complimentary wine adorned the coffee table. THEY FUCKING HAVE FASHION TV OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Master bedroom

macau 21

An opulent bed nestled in the middle of the room. It was a King sized bed with intricate thread-counts and earth colored pillows. Everything was tastefully made to complement each other.

Massage room

macau 22

Kinda looks like coffins from here HA HA HA OMG. Apparently when you are earning too much money and refuse to mix with dem mortals, you can call for In-room massage services. AND GUESS WHAT. the stay comes with 4 complimentary 90mins massages. I wanted to take all 4 but I had time constraint >.>


Mini bar

macau 23 Bottled water, espresso shots, arrays of TWC teabags, chocolates, wines, take your pick!

Master bedroom’s toilet


macau 20

Because yes, just in case you are shy (or kinky) and want to do nude sauna in private.

A shower area overlooking the pool. Floor tiles of cool marble, and perfectly smoothed stone walls.

macau 19


macau 17 macau 16

I did get permission to use the jacuzzi and sauna. OH MY GOD. THAT WHOLE BIG TUB TO MYSELF. With the bubbles and oscillating jet sprays. All that was missing.. were a couple of naked, feisty, cute young virgin boys. HA HA HA HA

My room (Guest bedroom)

macau 24

I assume its for 2, but it fits 4. As usual, beautiful sheets and a comfortable glow. Two queen beds. Guess which one I took. HAHAHA. BUT FUCK I CAN LIE HORIZONTALLY ACROSS BOTH BEDS IF I WANTED TO.

Its my toilet on the left of the cupboard. But I just had to take a photo of the door. Because its so gorgeous. Reminds me of those Gu Dai China shows. Lolol.

macau 25 macau 26

They have two types of bathrobes. One lightweight and silky, the other cottony and thick. Comes with matching bath slippers.

The toilet is heaven. To nobody’s surprise, I spent most of my free time in the toilet.

macau 75

The entire villa has this moat concept used in those medieval castles. Beautiful pool tiles covered the moat and gave the “Your fucking room is on top of water” feel. You can bathe naked (duh) and stare out at the placid water. It’s serene and peaceful. I like water. just not when its trying to drown me.

macau 73 macau 74macau 76

Hell yeah did your goddess SOAK THE SHIT OUT OF THE BATH TUB.

Just in case you are lazy to clean yourself, fret not! Neorest is here. With a gentle push of button, you can now have a stream of warm water to help sanitize  your ass. Want it higher? no problem. Harder? Sure!!! How about with rhythmic pattern.

Finally, make your ass feel right at home by blasting it dry with a warm “Ass dryer”. The toilet bowl is equipped to blow em dry. Never had the habit of flushing? Don’t worry. Once the bowl detects you are leaving, it flushes and then the lid goes down on its own.

macau 71

I can safely say it was the most conducive shitting environment ever.

Outdoor pool

macau 27 1 macau 27 2

It rained pretty much all the time so i hardly had the chance to swim outdoors. But I did squeeze in a few laps here and there and also got the chance to dip in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Pity I was unable to fulfill my kinky dream of stark swimming and lazing in the Jacuzzi with dem jets teasing my nips because IMAGINE THE BOSS WALKS IN. I WILL GET FIRED and/or IT BECOMES A REAL TIME PORN MOVIE.

Just kidding. He had his wife/gf with him so it was all cool.

I was in a red bikini 😀

The Jacuzzi was really really beautiful, in the heart of the outdoor space, encased completely in glass with water so clear, you can see the merry stream of bubbles going up. It was my favorite thing in the whole villa (second to the toilet bowl)  I lied there for quite abit, enjoying the heat in the middle of a rainy day.


I included a short video lolol.

The Venetian

this is another hotel chain, supposedly built to mimick Venice because the owner’s wife is in love with the architectural design there. He has another one in Las Vegas. This one is larger than the one in Las Vegas!. Freaking awesome man. For those of you who actually paid attention to your social studies book in secondary school just like me, you will find remarkable resemblance to those pictures in the textbook.

macau 30 macau 31 macau 32

Its like you are teleported to another era. The whole place is mesmerizing. Gold IS the primary color. The high ceilings are decked with intricate paintings that told stories.


macau 41 macau 42 macau 43

The courtyard too is not spared from the erudite detailing.

macau 36 macau 37 macau 38

For history lovers, Im pretty sure you know what this mock-up is. It is the mini version of the actual tower, St Mark’s Campanile. It was used as a watch tower in Venice, Italy and considered one of their landmarks.

The designers really did put in their best effort to make imitation of the real Venice down to the T! But I am pretty sure the water in Venice isn’t as clear, and neither are the buildings as new and shiny. I would love to visit them one day, however.

I had my first meal of the trip at the Venetian. It was Portuguese.

macau 39 macau 40 T was with me to pass me my pass and work brief so he brought me to this restaurant. It’s pork knuckle with mustard and Portuguese fried rice. It was my first time trying the cuisine but well I guess my tastebuds weren’t a fan. Still delicious tho.


Galaxy at night~

macau 45 macau 44

macau 29

One of my favorite restaurants was actually the one at Banyan Tree called Saffron. Staying in the villa entitles free daily breakfast there for up to 4 guests. Being a cheapo aunty obviously I went there to settle all my breakfasts hehehe.



macau 52

macau 46

macau 47 macau 48

macau 49

macau 50

macau 51

I really loved the spread. The array of food choices varies daily except for the few staples such as cereals and fruits. What makes it fantastic is that both the western and eastern food are done equally well. And the ingredients are all really fresh and wholesome. I had many bowls of porridge and 3rds of fruits. Just look at how well matched the fruits are. Colorful and certainly whets anyone’s appetite.

They have a huge table of decanters filled with all kinds of Freshly squeezed juices. Yummy~

And yes I did knock myself out with the Cheese board and cuts of ham. The smoked salmon is also one of the most memorable. Different from those usually found in salads and hotel buffets, this smoked salmon is perfectly smoked with just a tinge of salt. Thus, you can eat slice after slice without feeling like your kidney has died.


Well. You didn’t think I was just there to be a princess right. Your goddess still has to work~

G2E Asia

macau 53

Many gaming giants were there. I saw a local company and also our well loved Konami. lol

macau 54 macau 55

Just in case you are wondering, its an automated Baccarat dealer.

Here’s a clip of how it works. LOL.


macau 56

I felt the 4 power ranger colored girls looked pretty odd on the screen. But the red one is hot tho.

macau 57

Its a digital world now man. Even the girls are merely just recording and streaming it online. It actually does beat sitting at the table dealing for hours.

macau 58

The machines are free to play as to give potential buyers a feel of how it works. I love playing plants vs zombies so as to nobody’s surprise I actually slacked there for quite long spinning LOL.

(It was actually just that the admin girl filled it up wrongly.) HAHAHA.

macau 72



Wynn hotel:

This is a beautiful and classic hotel with a touch of elegance. There’s a bigger one in Las Vegas. Sadly, the owner has passed 😦

macau 60

macau 66 macau 67

Had lunch at their noodle house. They are famous for their duck.

macau 61 macau 62

macau 63 1 macau 63 combi

The roasted duck pancake was only average much to my disappointment because the waitresses forgot about it and thus it was cold when served. However the BBQ pork was just too good. I slurped up everything.

One part of the Wynn’s gallery had this beautiful but strange looking thing.

The ceiling as pictured here, is extremely detailed carvings of the 12 zodiacs.

macau 64

Right below it, is something that looks like the tip of a globe, but looking at the suggestive lines, I suspected it will open up.

macau 65

And it did! It was a performance that occurs every half hour. Its actually just a golden dragon on a moving platform but it was so majestic that everyone was snapping away.

BEING AN AUNTY YES I RECORDED IT HAHAHAHA. The atmosphere when you are there, wow. You cant feel it from the video tho. Just hear the Prcs making sound effects. HAHAHA


Dinner at Wynn,
Ristorante Il Teatro

macau 78macau 79

its a pretty sassy Italian fine dining place. Boss decided to give us a treat. Thus a few of his workers went, T was there too. and whilst some took the cosy booth seats, I was asked to sit by the large glass windows overlooking a super huge fountain. They said “Its your first time here. You need to sit there.”


macau 77

But there weren’t any GAGS-ish prank. It  was how I watched the best water performance of my life. It was so beautiful!!!

Turn up your speakers. The song is in synchronization with the water jets. It gets exciting at around 0.32!

I was so enthralled. Captivating bro. I want to go and lie in the middle of it. The boss added I was very lucky because that was the best performance out of the few that the hotel has. HAHA.


SO OK BACK TO THE DINNER. The food there was… well fine dining. HAHA.

This was my favorite dish. Generous and well seasoned Foie Gras with pear sauce. ITS FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

macau 80 1 macau 80 2

I had mushroom soup. For my main course, I ordered short necked clams with queen scallops risotto. It was really tasty and the rice was skillfully simmered. However, the only disappointment was that the dish was too salty. I couldn’t finish it. I finished 3 glasses of water just to get to half of the plate.

macau 81macau 82macau 80 3Their complimentary sweet; a gummy and a chocolate with nut inside. I really loved that little board. Wanted to smuggle it home. LOLOL

This is the link to the restaurant, in case you wanna bring your date there. Btw, its not cheap. D:

Feel free to bring me there too. LOL. I DONT MIND BEING A LIGHTBULB.


macau 83

Wuz dotaing there. Well nothing can stop the goddess from her feeding sprees… NOT EVEN 4.3kgs.

macau 84

Yes whilst spending time in the glorious toilet before going to work I realized the lighting was so good and it made my skin look perfect. I HAD TO TAKE A SNAP Oh myyyyyyyyy.

Do i look like I am balding or wat.


Hotel Okura, Yamazato restaurant.

It turns out T managed to close a deal so he decided to bring me to this really nice restaurant Okura, which is within Galaxy itself, right beside Banyan Tree.

He said he has only been there once with his girlfriend but it was so good, he wanted to bring me there since it was my last night at Macau.

It was my favorite out of all my food escapades there. The food was too good and makes you reminisce about the flavors and textures long after its digested.(and excreted) HAHA.

The lift lobby at 28th feels like you have been encapsulated into space. The walls are glittery.

macau 92

Really good sashimi. Salmon belly, tuna and yellowtail. The lady told me that the flowers can be eaten. And so I tried it. HAHAHA.

macau 91 macau 89 macau 88

Very good grilled codfish.

macau 90

I thought nothing of sushi. As you know, I hate rice. And it looks fairly decent in the photo right? BUT IT IS SO GOD DAMN DELICIOUS. The chef did not use a shit load of rice. It was all packed with fish, soft shell crab, etc.

It was so good. I really loved the soft shell crab one with the roe on top.

Here’s more information about the restaurant.


I was really really happy when I was there. Felt good to spend a few days in ephemeral luxury. HAHAHA. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and will be planning a vacation there soon. Its worth it!. (btw the SASA there is fucking cheap)

See you guys soon. I am about 70% done with my mermaid story. Its abit too long. Trying to cut down on my avid imagination that transforms into lengthy descriptions.

I love you and thanks for supporting my blog 🙂
(even the hater who consistently reads and leaves his hateful comments)