I hate people??!?!

Following the tragic news of how Aui_2000 was kicked by EG for no reason, (like seriously who the hell even uses the word “Kicked” In the official news) That’s extremely rude and humiliating for anyone.

He tweeted “I hate people”.

I think it reminds me of how fucked up people can be. I was talking to someone on steam last night and due to his personal reasons(I am trying to be less mean here) he said this “Other people told me how ragey and bad tempered you are but I chose to believe you are actually not that bad”

Why, thank you. 

I do admit I scream at people alot in dota. He added “It seems both games I played with you, you just cannot get along with my friends.”

All I replied was “Maybe its just your friends.”

I only have one goal in mind, and that’s to have a good game.

If I am screaming, instead of evaluating why am I fucked up, please re-evaluate your own friends. 

This scenario can be replaced with simpler examples for everyone to see clearly.

fucked up f

As more people are requesting me to add them into friend’s list, I am just going to make it very clear:

The reasons why I scream at you:

  1. You are a major douchebag and everyone on the team can’t stand you but just cant be bothered to tell you. But i will. It doesn’t mean they are nice and I am not. It just means I am verbal and expressive and direct. THIS APPLIES TO ALOT OF TOXIC PUB GAMERS who enjoys insulting people by calling them motherfuckers, noobs, or idiots. That is derogatory and I cannot just sit around and let you scold me or any of my friends that.
  2. You are the last to pick and yet did not consider what the team needs (usually a support role) and decided to go ahead with your own selfishness to play whatever you want (normally a carry) and causes the team to have 3 carries, 1 solo mid and 1 hero which don’t know where to go. And 1 carry (normally me who randomed first) ends up playing support. So you will see a random drow ranger with wards and dust
  3. You are not good at dota, but stubborn and refuses to listen to commands. (from anyone)
  4. You picked/randomed a support but refuses to help buy wards and instead, chooses to go for your own items without thinking maybe it’s more beneficial for your fellow support to get their main item first.


That being said, its so simple isn’t it? All these reasons contribute towards one thing and that’s : You selfishly made the game less enjoyable for the remaining 4 people

All these rooted from one thing, and that is IN the dota community, a huge percentage is still male dominated. Filled with egoistical,selfish and ill-mannered males.

I make noise not because I wish to stoop to your level (as some would like to argue) I am just verbally informing you of my displeasure although I know you will still be clueless and continue living your life as the imbecile you are. But that’s ok with me. At least I told you.
So all these being said, back to what the guy has said last night. I pick my friends wisely. And that’s why no such nonsense ever occurs when I play with them. It’s just your friends, really. They are the toxic pub gamers that every one hates.

So If i have accepted your friend request… Please keep these in mind.


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