Mere illusions.

Have you ever missed someone so much, that in your bed at 3am, that longing keeps you wide awake. Your body is immobilized by the encapsulating pain of their absence. Recollection of their touch sent tingles down your palm, to your fingertips, of which that electrifies you with sardonic emptiness.
You cannot erase, how well you remember, the ridges of their bodies, the distance of their heads away from the edge of the pillow you shared.
You cannot forget… how much they loved you. the only thing that remains unchanged now, is the familiar ceiling, the shrouding darkness, and the cycle of waking up to realize things will never be the same anymore.

Hola, peasants. 🙂

Your goddess has been having insomnia. My eye bags are like 50 shades of black.

Anyway, bad things aside, have you guys made your shitty lil new year resolutions that no one really bothers to stick to after awhile?

I will be going Taiwan soon. Don’t miss me too much okay? If anyone needs me to buy them something (I’ll be going taipei) let me know in advance. I am leaving on the 8th.


This is a screenshot I took whilst playing sims 3. I loaded every expansion pack I have + about 600mb of custom downloads, and it still runs smoothly. The game has originally set the graphic settings to high, but said it failed to recognize the graphic driver. I am not surprised… 970m is really new 😀

I am soooooo happy to be a hermit and just seek refuge in my virtual world on this beautiful laptop and just create the stories I always wanted to have in my life but will never get the chance to have.


Stay safe and enjoy this awesome start of the year okay? I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one. I read this wallet fengshui article on facebook (forgot who shared it) and I realized I have already been following the fengshui rules leh. Truth to be told I am not a millionaire yet, but okay la, at least not losing money. HAHAHA.

Here’s the tips if you wanna try your luck to get rich 😉

1) Wallet has to be black, (to get richer) or brown (to save more money).

2) Never use blue or red/orange! Blue = liquid = spend money like water. LOL. red/orange = burning = burning ur money

3) Don’t use odd shaped wallets. The best will be elongated ones so that your notes will be straight, not folded.

4) That being said, its all because you have to respect your wallet & the money inside if you want fortune to respect you in return.

5) How to respect your wallet? Don’t dirty it, or leave it lying around. Always put it in a safe and comfy place. (But of course you don’t need to make a bed with blanket for it la)

6) Always treat your money with love and care by making sure they are sorted out properly and arranged in an orderly fashion (eg, all facing the same direction, and by numerical value order.) I have always done that because I have OCD ;D

7) Don’t clutter your wallet with shits like receipts of how much money you spend, bills that indicate how much debts you incurred, expired membership cards and etc.

8) I have always followed this one – Put more cash in your wallet, and it will “Grow” more cash. Don’t always have like, less than 5 dollars in your wallet. My parents used to say, wealth is “Attracted” to people with fortune. I have always made it a point to have at least 300 dollars in my wallet that can’t be touched, and an additional 100$ in my cards’ pouch.

Have fun guys!