Birthday Hype

Hello everyone sorry I am blogging about my birthday only after 1 month of the actual day. STILL HYPING ABOUT IT BECAUSE I’M AT THE AGE OF WEDLOCK AND I NEED A HUSBAND.

AND ALSO IF U CHINESE. my birthday fell on CNY day 3 this year.

X2 ANGBAO. BUT IF I GET MARRIED MUST GIVE ANGBAO INSTEAD OF TAKE. So better cherish all dem angbao whilst I still can.

I drew Lady and the Tramp to celebrate CNY. So talented y’all.

Just in case you ain’t as old as me and did not have such an awesome childhood and do not know what Lady and the Tramp is, Here’s a pic.

Image result for lady and the tramp

If you have never watched this animation before, please do. It’s so good. And also, the Tramp looks like Lycan. 😀

Yes, we form a heart shape in this pic with lycan. Sums up the things I love in life.
Thank you all for those lovely presents… I love every one of them.

One of my birthday treats this year includes a night’s stay at an AirBnB at Johor, AT DANGA BAYYYYYYYY. 

It’s really pretty and I just had to show you guys the pics of the room. Gave me some room decor ideas.

It’s a studio apartment kind but I’m really impressed with the kitchenette cuz you know I love cooking and was pleasantly surprised that the area is spacious enough to whip up a storm.




I love the white brick surface, it’s my dream to have white brick walls in my future house. (Wifey instincts sets in) IF I WILL EVEN HAVE A HOUSE 😥

Look at that space of the kitchenette!!! And I love the concept of counter top dining. Its EXACTLY what I want for myself.




My favorite part of the room; This shelf here. So hipster but really dreamy! I always spend alot of time decorating my Sims’ houses with all these quaint little decor cuz they just look too good.

They have a cute little book for you to write your “I WAS HERE” lol.




What can I say, the place is really gorgeous. This particular airbnb isnt the one with the sea view, But the actual Beach is a mere stone throw away.








J brought me to eat the famous abalone noodles for supper the night of our stay. Its really good! But there are many stores around… God’s tongue says this stall is the best. I have tasted many. I DONT KNOW WHAT’S THE ADDRESS JUST LOOK FOR THIS RED BOWLS. HAHA



The location is great, near to SG and near outlet shopping 😉
Yes….. outlet shopping is good.

And legoland. Didn’t get to go tho because your goddess is scared of turning black.

If you guys are interested to check out Danga bay, feel free to check out this Air BnB! Totally instagram-worthy.


Anyway to summarize this post as well as my entire birthday month:



THIS PHOTO SAYS IT ALL. Will be back with my Bintan Trip post, and review of the Canopi.

Gracias muchas everyone.

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