Now or never

hawk group photo

So, I had to deal with the pain of watching a teammate leave and needing to ready myself on welcoming a new one.

In case you do not know, These are the boys from HAWK GAMING. Currently tier 2 and based in KL, Malaysia.

Although I am just their “babysitter” cum Team analyst but these boys are just so endearing and I have grown to like each and every one of them. However the position 5 player has proven to be more favored by me because he says and does the sweetest things for me.

You know the law of life. The one you like the most just happens to be the one you will lose. Ha ha.

I remember on the team retreat, we were acting touristy and all, wandering into the souvenir shop where they sold some local products. I saw a coconut oil and it was freaking priced at 69.90. I only found out when I asked the cashier and thus left it at the counter cuz AINT NO BODY WASTING SO MUCH MONEY FOR SOME DUBIOUS CLEAR LIQUID THAT MAY NOT HAVE ANY HEALTH PROPERTIES AS ADVERTISED.

Went out of the shop, and suddenly he came up to me, holding the overpriced bottle in his hand. “Take it. You always treat us dinner and buy things for us. This is the least I can do for you.”

God did my heart melt into an entire soppy mess. And the part I love the most? He respects and actually take the feedback I give about their games into actual consideration and ACTION. Not just games. literally the life advices I always dish out because I am a naggy old aunty.

This post is dedicated to you CSL. The team and I wish you all the best with your career.
And as for I, I wish you can now find a balance in your family commitments and your passion. Remember to keep your promise to drop by whenever I am around!. And, yes blessings to find a girlfriend. 😛

*Yes I picked the photo where I am standing right beside him because if not whats the point. XD


Will be updating with an interesting post of my San Francisco happenings. Stay tuned guys.

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