different today.

little christmas mouse

Its the Christmas season guys!

I don’t know about you ; I’m no Christian, but this season makes me happy for absolutely no rationale reason. I think its because I endorse the spirit of giving.

Work has been coming along well for me. I am getting the hang of things and getting accustomed to hating Sundays… more than ever. But because I have started to integrate event jobs into my busy schedule, sometimes I just feel like my brain is no longer functioning halfway through the day.

Sucks to be earning money only to consciously remind yourself its not for you.


Can you imagine if we have snow around here? I would die for a piping hot bowl of tomato with fresh basil soup cooking over the fireplace. Nestled in a cozy nest on the couch with Lycan huddled against me.

I like the sound of the crackling fire, the smell of logs and the merry sizzle of warm bacon in the frying pan.

Wait, we don’t need Christmas for bacon. HAHAHAHA.

I found time to watch KRAMPUS. Makes me want to love Christmas even more. Hehe.

Here’s a Christmas wishlist… I know my sister and a few of my close friends need it. I have been known to be quite “hard to buy a present for”. But why really? Is it because cute young virgin boys are non existent anymore? HAHAHA.

  1. Ted baker iphone 6S plus cover (Pink)
  2. Gudetama lunchbox with canvas carrier
  3. Kate spade Saturday Classic Mint green hand bag
  4. A random cute little zip pouch that is soft and can fit ez link + lip balm + eye drops
  5. Ted baker pencil case (pink or coral)
  6. Maxi – contact lens in grey (monthly) 450 L 500 R
  7. Maroon knitted drape/ throw-over
  8. 2 blocks of fresh mozzarella cheese
  9. toast box food vouchers XD
  10. A razer abyssus mouse

Why the fuck did I even put in 2 blocks of cheese. WELL I LIKE TO EAT CHEESE. At least its easier to get than most of the others… I think.

Happy holidays guys 😀

its different today.

although we are still the same.
Because for once
even if it’s just a split second
I told myself not to love you.

I wiped the tears off my phone
and said to myself
if you don’t love me,
I will.

So I stopped trying
to call the line that’s already dead
and I stopped staring at your
Strategically Idle status on the screen.

and I started writing.


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