Went out with him that night. And then he popped the question. And I told him I don’t know yet. As you know, although it has been months since Z has left my life. I am still afraid.

Im running out of playing cards. And I thought about how I always wanted to get married early. I think it’s so hard to find someone that falls in love with you every day. But well yeah. I see glimpses of what I want in a man, in this guy. Why is it that the heart and the mind will never agree amicably?

It has been long since someone waited hours for me without complaining, says sorry even when it wasn’t his fault, always was there when I got into a mess. Kisses my forehead and tells me that I look beautiful every single day. How long has it been since I felt this way?

But I am afraid. Because things hardly ever go my way.

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