Inner Strength

I guess the only part of my life that is going well right now, is the fact that my heart is still beating and I wake up to realize I am breathing.

And also, maybe, one more point to be happy about is that I drew perfect eyes today. I’m sorry. Moodless face on.


I remembered reading this essay about Grass; its will of survival and the strength it possesses. The higher Chinese essay was repleted with tough words. But it contained this particular phrase that somehow seemed to be etched in my mind even till now.

“Can you imagine, such a tiny blade of grass that can be easily bent in strong wind, can withstand a human stepping on it. This grass, has such a strong will to live that it stretches its roots far far into the ground, to stand up firmly, strongly, against all the elements.”

And so from then I realized life, simply is the most beautiful thing. And all living things are made to cherish it. So must I.

I need to let go of pain. Especially the people who caused it.

Also, that annoying hater who conscientiously reads all my blog posts wishing that I die somehow. I won’t be replying you anymore because it’s not worth it. I hope you go do something more remarkable with the time spent.

Well, Good luck to myself. Your only best friend, is one looking back at you in the mirror.

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