Stay afloat.

AAAAAAAA my bitches how have you been. Today is a special day because your goddess has finally resumed her blogging after so long. I have been writing this mermaid story but its only 3/4 completed. I will try to find time to finish it up.




Was lucky to be one of the models selected to work for the Panasonic Lumix event, and even further selected to be the model for the famous photographer’s photowalk where 10 interested people will follow him around and I will pose for them to snap pics of.

Anyway, as the post title suggests, I have been eating so much that I am able to stay afloat with my fat content.

Because WHY? too much of dem seductive foods.

Had the famous katong shopping center chicken rice. IF YOU HAVEN’T TRIED IT YOU SURE AS HELL NEED TO GO THERE RIGHT AWAY.





Let’s first talk about the rice. The rice is fucking fragrant, puffy, soft and moist. It’s oiled enough without being overly greasy.

The chicken is so damn tender that it must have danced ballet when it was alive. Soft yet firm, the skin is slightly cold and slips down your throat with beautiful grace. The highlight of this stall is that they sprinkle a generous topping of homemade fried garlic over the chicken. Bathe the chicken slice in the sesame sauce, with some garlic on top, then pair it with the awesome chilli.


Avoid the lunch rush because the queue tends to be long.

Katong Shopping Center,
level 1 (or is it b1.) Kopithiam.

Goddess meter: 9/10




Had my long awaited dose of the lovely 2pcs spicy ayam goreng from Malaysia’s Macdonalds. HOLY FUCK. DOUBLE THIGH. HOLY FUCKING CRISPY SKIN. GET INSIDE ME NOW. FULLY.


So I posted this top 5 buffet places in Sg that I wanted to try; I am trying sky 57 this thurs and the line next week probably. I had mixed feedback about carousel and 333 so I am still contemplating them. HAHA. Went to Melt and the one at Grand Copthorne before things got really busy.


MELT cafe, at Mandarin Oriental.


You probably read the other food blogs already, but its only accurate and trustable when its by YOUR GODDESS.



My Mr ex SMU + leo (reminding me of my ex) + lawyer + bukit panjang date.




The restaurant is really cozy and dimly illuminated to give you a warm and comfortable feeling. Probably a good idea if you are fucking ugly and want to bring the girl out on your first date.




This is like the much raved about highlight of MELT – the dessert section because  it looks like a fucking candy shop and just look at the flowing chocolate goodness trickling down the 5 tiers. 5 TIERS BRO. NOT 3. BUT 5.

The ice cream is home made. I tried the soursop one, AND IT TASTES LIKE YOU ARE EATING THE ACTUAL FRUIT, JUST FROZEN.





Didn’t have time to take all the food displays because I was so hungry. HAHAHA. I can never be a food blogger. But there was a huge variety of food of different cuisines and an outdoor BBQ area.




I literally lived for this chilled crustacean section. I had 4 whole lobsters and like dozens of crab claws. ITS the real crab claws! They deshell it so nicely for you that its like a chunky, meaty and crabby chupa chup. JUST PUT THE WHOLE CLAW INTO YOUR MOUTH LIKE YOU ARE THE EXPERT BJ QUEEN.

I am kidding. Of course you enjoy it slowly and daintily because you are paying 74++ fucking dollars. HOWEVER, be disappointed if you are an oyster fan. There are about as many oysters as the number of 1000 dollar notes in my wallet.



I started off with my favorite tablewater and cranberries accompanied by a selection of their cheeses. I am not that adventurous when it comes to cheese so I stuck to my favorites, Camembert and brie.




I tried their cold cuts, which is also one of my absolute to eat at any place that offers them. Salami, honey baked, seasoned tuna. Some potato salad which was quite okay, and i scooped abit of the anti-pasti. LOL. But well. Not my type. >.>




So yes, you deserve to visually digest this full sized image of the most orgasmic food taken by my shitty iphone because I love you guys. Scallops still in their shells, whole lobsters neatly halved for easy eating and the irresistible claws. The scallops were ok. Lobsters are (well i am fucking bias) great, just a little too taut because its boiled. Still yummy. But the crab claws omg………………. So fucking tasty and sweet.



Had the pumpkin soup like… 3 bowls because I am a sucker for soup and this shit is fucking delicious. They have 4 kinds of soup. Pumpkin, Miso, thai tom yam and Chinese herbal chicken.




Mussels simmered in broth. Quite good.




I tried abit of each of the grilled veggies. Well. No comments. HAHAHA




Lobster from the outdoor bbq bar! Its softer and more flavorful. They offer lamb chops which were really tender and delicious, as well as steak and chicken chops.




Rice noodles in lobster broth. Accompanied by fish cakes, kai lan and fresh lobster meat. The soup is really fantastic. Holy fuck.




This is the selection of desserts that Kai wen took. We did not try the fondue because well I am really fat. The desserts are not bad, as according to him.




Kai wen had strawberry ice cream, which was really nice because its not the artificial kind that we always eat. The strawberry icecream from MELT was a little sour and tasted exactly like strawberry. It wasn’t too creamy nor too sweet either.

I had my soursop ice cream as mentioned. I sprinkled apple crumble pie bits into the bowl because i am on a death mission to die from heavenly indulgence.

Goddess meter for MELT:

Ambience – 7.5/10
Price – 7.5/10
Variety – 8/10
Quality – 8.5/10
Presentation – 8.5/10

Verdict: I will definitely go there again if I can. And I suggest you to bring the bae there. But she really has to be able to eat alot. Because even a potato like I am was unable to finish trying the entire selection of cuisines.


Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Cafe Brio’s buffet dinner.





Sibei fucking blurred. My photo capture skills are as good as my meepo micro skills.



Cheese selection



Anti pasti



They have this roast beef section which was not too shabby, quite nice.



My favorite potatoes. I only ate one because it fills me up fast.




They have a cute little sushi shack where the chef will prepare the fresh sashimi for you. Tastes like normal sashimi. Nothing fantastic.





My favorite in the entire buffet. But that’s probably because I really love soup. I had 4 bowls. This is the traditional chinese Crabmeat with corn soup. It was tasty but of course can’t beat those from genuine Chinese restaurants.



I tried one bowl of their potato and leek soup which was not bad, just that it’s fucking potato man. No one pays so much to eat potatoes.



A photo of my date for the night. Yes, hes also a leo. Don’t ask me why everyone around me JUST have to be a leo when I am trying to get over it.




They have a Chef standing by to prepare the pasta of your choice. Aglio Olio, bolognese and cream. The pasta is al dente. Quite nice. But the sauce wise nothing special.

The crustacean section pales a lot in comparison to MELT. There are oysters though! No lobsters, sadly. They do have the usual scallops and mussels, pictured above.




Laksa! I tried the one at Hotel Rendezvous, and it was good. This one is not bad too! Just that the veg they put was pretty weird. Not like what you’d see in a normal laksa. Gave one small shrimp. LOL





I WAS LIKE “OMG YES LOBSTERS”. Not at the chilled section but they had creamy lobsters. And it tasted funny. I mean the sauce. Lobster was pretty small and I only had abit.


Their dessert selection was okay. They had a scoop it yourself ice cream thingy and I took chocolate, a cone and some dried fruits. Normal taste. Like what u’ll eat from the 1dollar ice cream stand.




Just another photo of the crabmeat soup LOL.


Ambience: 5/10 (Very family style)
Price – 4/10 ( The usual price is 68++. Melt is 74++. do the math!)
Variety – 4/10
Quality – 6/10
Presentation – 7/10

I would not go back there again, sadly. I don’t think it’s worth the price 😦

Will update on The Line and Sky 57. May probably go for Carousel too.


Went out with the boys. I forced them to wear this really adorable bib at YOOGANE at bugis junction. Honestly the food is great! Now I know why there’s always a queue. BUT DON’T, DON’T EVER ORDER THE first two dishes. The spicy chicken with octopi. 21++$ and its a fucking small portion with no rice, nothing.

The fried rice with cheese is super worth while and delicious. Also try their cheesy omelette. It’s amazing. (well actually its just egg and cheese. can’t go wrong)








Here. Have a photo of our handsome sebastian eating a 3$ macaroon because you can.




Stopped by bakerzin to have my favorite cake. The only cake in this whole wide world that I actually fantasize about. I remember J buying the 1.5kg one for me on my birthday, and a bouquet of roses. Oh well. Let’s not think about that. Because boys come and go but cakes stay in your tummy and make you feel happy forever.

Ok, maybe only until you step onto the weighing scale D:


We went to Santouka at Central for ramen. I remembered going there like 3 years back and it was alright.


lp66 lp67


However, the staff (one of the zhabor) had really bad service attitude and it already ruined my impression. I ordered Shio, (salt) whilst Zax ordered the spicy one and the rest had Shoyu (soy sauce). The shoyu one is the best, 2nd photo. Mine is the 3rd photo.

I find Ipudo tastier.

I saw another ramen store near it, called Marutama. Heard people raving about it. I will definitely go try it one day.


Had mango Margarita by the jug afterwards at Cafe Iguana. I really love their complimentary salsa and thin crispy chips! It costs 10$ to refill the bowl so no thanks. -_-

It was a place of reminiscence for me as well because J and I had coronas, and I an additional LIT. It was one of our first few dates and well. I would die to just relive that first few dates again.







Let’s all just take a look at Ky with his cha soba before we end the post. Because its a beautiful ending.




“Why not just wait? Wait patiently because you deserved the pain.” He asked.
She shook her head, her eyes tinged with hurt as she whispered:

Because love is letting go.



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