Your goddess is crowned potato queen :’D

Hello my peasants. You will be remotely shocked to know that during the finals of the MTB pageant, your goddess here has taken the crown.

pageant queen potato



Are you as shocked as me? My mouth was gaping wider than a porn star on a large **** and even till now on a Monday morning I have yet to recover from it.

Here are some photos of the other pretty girls taken by a pool of photographers.

land rover girls


Is that hot or what :’D



muc off nurses


At the booth on the first day with them sexy muc off nurses! 😀



lol pageant 8


Don’t ask me why I was standing in front… ITS BECAUSE I AM ONE OF THE SHORTEST THERE. thanks but no thanks to my mother’s genes. AHAHA.


pretty pageant girls

lol pageant 9 drumstick



Bevy of hot girls on your screen what more could you ask for right? Plus your goddess with her awkward pose and chicken drumstick thigh is in the photo 😀


Some selfies ~


cute poses

pretty girls



Anyway it’s a monday and Im going for my 3rd session of gold toning later~ Finally a rest day 😦

I just have this sudden urge to write a prose. Perhaps I will upload it later if I actually come around to finishing it. 😀



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