Sims 4 Ver BUG.

Hello guys. I know my website is usually my random boring laments about life.

But this post can actually literally save someone’s life if you are about as dumb as me when it comes to tweaking game settings/glitches/computer tech stuff.


So basically, with this new patch Sims 4 has to introduce their latest EP, cats & dogs, I encountered a problem in game.

Error 122 and Error 102.

If you are reading this, you probably experienced the same thing as me. After i removed households to make room for my own creations/ restaurants, I get this blue filter flickering across the loading screen when I am trying to replace the current lots with new ones, or when I have deleted a family and I am trying to load another family to play. The game then kicks you to the “Manage Worlds” view and displays the error message:

error 102

Its either 102: (Live Mode) or 122: (Build Mode).

I read a fuck ton of forums, and apparently people are suggesting its because of all the mods you have in game. However, I do not think so. I have tried to remove them and it still doesn’t work. What I can conclude is that as like alot of other games’ updates, they can get very glitchy…. especially SIMS. Who still remember how fucked up Sims 3 was?

What I can suggest right now is, make a few restore points right now first. You can still play from the older savepoints after restoring. However, AVOID deleting people, moving households, building new houses on new lots etc. You can still play Live mode. I tried it and it works fine. I read somewhere that Switching households fucked things up too.

I have yet to try it.

So anyway, there are alot of talk on this right now so I am sure Maxis gonna fix it soon. What I am here to talk about is, basically, being the hasty and angry bitch I was, I was so furious at first that I DELETED ALL MY SAVES. 



The main page goes back to that HUGE ASSED “PLAY” BUTTON. There’s no load game, and new game.

When I pressed on the PLAY, it directed me to the CAS screen, as like when I first started playing.

If you have ever done the same stupid thing as me and you are literally crying your ass off like me just now, and desperately searching forums but no one seemed to be as stupid so none of the threads showed anyone doing it, Fret not. I am here to show you what you can do to get your beloved save back.


If you did not delete your saved games, and simply just want to restore your saves,

simply go to the main screen, click Load game, see that little green button at the bottom right? Click it and try to restore a save point.

restore saves




I am on Windows 10, and I DO NOT USE ONEDRIVE. SO all I did was this, (After trying not to cry and desperately exhausting all means to find a solution)

Firstly, if you can’t really read all the gibberish that the saves are named as, I suggest you just MAKE A NEW GAME FIRST. Like, go into CAS, make a sim, and then save the game.

Go to your directory as I have highlighted below. If yours is empty (Because you just deleted all of your saves) Don’t panic first. Do as I have said above. Create a new save file.

My photo here is only after I recovered mine successfully. Mine was blank as a sheet at first too.

If you have made a new save as said above, you will see something like that above, but shorter. probably only 1-3 files. Take note of the 0000000 something. The last digit.

Then, Go to the PROPERTIES of this folder as shown below.

A pop up appears. Go to “Previous Versions”

You will see a folder that shows “saves”


If you click open, another pop up will appear. It shows you A LIST OF SAVES.


Go through the files and hover. It will show the dates. Before everything fucked up on 13/11, I had a few saves from 25/10/17. SO I knew that was the safe one.

Go back to the pop up shown above. Click RESTORE, bottom right.

There will be a prompt saying you can’t undo it. Click Ok.


And then go to the “LOAD GAME” at main screen again. You should be able to see your last few saves before you deleted all of them.


I hope this helps guys. Sorry, it isn’t the best guide cuz I ain’t no IT savvy gal. Just a regular, old fashioned and retarded person who only knows how to play the game and download a fuck ton of mods but have absolutely no idea what to do when shit hits the fan.

Let’s hope the glitches are fixed soon! 🙂



sims 4 u?




Hello peasants.

So as alot of you already know, having seen this photo I posted on Facebook that I finally acquired my long awaited sims 4 game. Quite late, since the official launch was in early September.

Let’s see. I have come a long way; being an absolute Sims fan. I still remember my first PC game was the original Sims 1, in its cute little CD box. I got it from the Popular bookstore right below my house. The music really brings back memories.

You can listen to them here, my sims 1 fans.


image (11)


I collected every one of the expansions! But lost most of them after lending them away and not getting it back. 😦

As you can see on my left hand, only 3 is left. Thus I got my aunt to buy the complete collection for me and shipped it to SG 😀
Same goes for my sims 2 and 3.. all sitting in a snug corner of my bedroom now.


Here is my game review for sims 4 and I hope this review will come in handy for anyone who (may have same sentiments as me and looking for agreement) or has intentions of buying the game.


The Sims 4 Game review by your awesome goddess:


sims 4 premium edition


I did not manage to get the Collector’s edition which includes the USB in shape of the classic plumbob. It was sold out. So I got myself this Premium edition, which includes a handbook that gives you a little insight into the game. The edition also includes some extra “in game items”. Mine is priced at 96.90. The Collector’s edition is at 120 with everything the same, just with an extra Plumbob usb.

The standard edition is 64.90. Like wtf? It’s an extremely huge difference to me and honestly the items are not that fantastic. But ok fine. I am a fan. Just take my money.

Pre game mechanics:

I am sure everyone remembers the long ass wait when loading their sims 3. Especially with my 1gb of custom content and super slow pc, the wait can take about 8-10mins. You even get to play the little object hunting game whilst waiting.

This is how the loading for sims 4 looks like:


They have really cleaned up the look. There’s nothing.  No fancy colors, no pictures, nothing. Just a huge ass plumbob with some swirly pattern and the usual loading texts. But the thing is, it only takes 1minute, (excluding the maxis ea intros) and I am already at the neighbourhood. Super fast. Like wew.

Main game:

Once the screen loads, you will come to this:


No, dont expect your camera pan taking you on a tour around the neighbourhood, showing you the sims jogging or the cars going by like in sims 2. It’s fine without it, to me, since I always skip the panning. However, this is all that you will see as long as you are at the main screen.

A NEIGHBOURHOOD WITH NO COLORS. Where is the life? Am I looking at a blueprint? Or???  So yeap, the makers really did alot of CLEANING. Toggle between neighbourhoods at the top left-hand. Edit your town or create sims on the top right.




So you will finally see abit of color when you hover over the neighbourhood. It’s divided into a few pieces. And then zoom into the house you want to play. I feel like I am playing an interactive architectural game more than anything.


User panel:




Your controls are pretty much the same, `, 1, 2, 3 and page up/down etc. This picture shows what you will be handling to play your game. The action queues are now at the bottom left, and your sims general toolbar is at the bottom right. As you can see, I clicked onto the motives tab. The annoying thing is that the motives tab will auto close when you go into buy mode. And then you have to click on it to expand it again.

The time and date is smack in the middle, at the bottom, and fucking tiny. It’s quite hard for me to read it. Game options, general settings at the top right.

Extremely clean UI. You now don’t have edge scroll, but you can right click to move about in the game, left click to rotate.


Buy/build mode:




I liked the build mode in sims 2 the most. For sims 4, every building option is made clickable from the house picture at the bottom left. Which I find quite annoying because it took me awhile to find which bloody part of the wall is FOR THE WALL option????

They now have this pre-made furnished set to limit your creativity. You can choose from different themes.

By the way, if you love water, be prepared to cry; Sims 4 have no swimming pool. Yes, even if you have 592482842848248 simoleans you still can’t have a bloody pool in your backyard.

You can’t rotate the object manually anymore. You have to left click like a retard to get the item facing the direction you want. I am still struggling with the buy mode as it seems I really have difficulty using the new UI for it.


Sim features:



Remember the good ol days where your sim will answer the telephone on the wall or use it to dial for pizza; There is no more telephone in the buy mode. Everything is now done with your cellphone, simply click on the cellphone icon at the bottom left and pick your poison.

Oh ya, that leads to another thing. Gone are the days of your fancy ferraris, lamborghinis and porsche, the days of running like an idiot to the nearest subway or flagging a taxi. Now, all you gotta do is click travel, and then the game brings you back to the colorless neighbourhood screen and asks you to choose your location. Then poof, your sim will magically be transported there.



Your sim is still able to learn cooking etc via tv. Most of the fundamental stuff on running your sims’ lives are unchanged.

however, you can no longer stretch your sim’s motives bar for just that little bit more. If he’s gotta go, hes gotta go. I find it fucking stupid because my sim woke up in the middle of the night yelling that he’s hungry, when the motive bar was only at yellow, not even red!

I had to make him cook some food, only to see it wasted because he was already full after… 2 bites?

Look at the bottom left, your sim will now display his emotions, with the current emotion in big block letters in case you are an idiot and can’t read facial expressions. The “aspirations” are now in form of bubble thoughts and you can choose to burst da bubble by clicking X. The moodlets are still here, just that I find some extremely ridiculous as well.




Your conversation’s progress with the partner is now at the top in the center. It will show you how the recipient is feeling. And you can now talk about everything even when seated on the couch. So you no longer have to stand up, make the recipient stand up just to tell a joke. That is a good thing, however,

Now every fucking tom dick and harry can join your conversation. If you are at a park playing chess with your girlfriend, don’t even think about having a nice conversation with her, because all the aunties uncles even children will come and join in. And no, you can’t refuse to talk to them.

My date suddenly disappeared when we were at the park. Literally disappeared. I didn’t even see her walking away. Is that a bug? Or did the overly enthusiastic park uncles scared her till her pixels turn transparent.




You can still have your date to stay the night. the girl did not sleep the entire night, even though they already woohooed. No, there is no more cheesy animated scene for having woohoo for the first time. They just walked to bed and disappeared under the sheets. Pretty boring. I know the game is rated 17+, but what’s so rated about two people walking to the bed and covering up with sheets? Since porn is already every where online, how about teach your younger players how to actually have sex. I’d definitely not agree to the sex if I was that girl.

She cleaned the counter for me and sat on the computer chair all night.

For all you romantics out there, there is no restaurant to bring your lover out to on a friday night. No more bumping into that cute boy whilst getting your groceries.

There’s only a park, (with nothing to do except chess and fishing), a library (like why the fuck would I want to go there.), a museum (geez… sounds fun) and a pub, (nope, not as exciting as aquarius in sims 3.) where everyone joins in your flirty conversation with the girl you’re trying to pick up and a gym.




Remember what i mentioned about having no taxis and cars. So how do you go to work now that there’s no carpool? Your sim literally disappears into thin air. 

And you can no longer choose how you want his work performance to be as like in sims 3, so slackers, be disappointed. And all the bootlickers, too bad! You can’t even monitor his motives bar. Its like it just freezes right there.

How unrealistic… and we are in 2014.



I guess that’s one of the only things to show off about buying a new graphic card just for sims 4….



The graphics are beautiful. But maybe it’s just because I have a good card.






They’ve cleaned up the CAS as well. So yeah basically that’s all that you will see in game. The making of the sim is to be applauded, because gone are the days of annoying shadows under the cheekbones, oddly shaped boobs and misaligned jaws. Just touch and push, like clay.

BUT!!!! You now only have 3 traits. And they are extremely limited. Like how does 3 traits even define someone???

Hi, I am friendly, I am good, I am neat. Is that it????? 2014???? Not even horoscope!


So yeah, we have come to the end of my review. I am extremely upset by all the things that the creators have abolished, because it doesn’t feel like a sims game anymore. I am no longer playing 4, back at 3 now. However, I will encourage you to purchase it if your laptop/computer is not high end. As Sims 4 can definitely run smoothly on your system.

Thank you! I hope this helps. Please do feel free to ask me any questions.


Here, have a photo of lycan begging for attention: