Breaking Free

I heard the scuttle it made as it scurried past me. I tried to bend my knees more, conscious of my naked body sitting bare against the cold hard steel. Images of roaches crawling into the victims’ warm orifices and then eating their way out flashes through my mind.

I shifted myself repeatedly, in a bid to chase it away. The roach finally gave me a break as it ran out from my cage, disappearing into a crack within the wall.

My chains dragged on the steel bars of the small containment I am trapped in. Tired, I rested my weary wrists on my tummy. The metal handcuffs bore the weight of the heavy chains, clanging, metal against metal with every move I make.

Then, I heard him. I could smell him. Creak…. And the door opens. The stench of stale cigarettes and cheap whiskey permeated the hot evening air, mingling with the foul muskiness of the room I was kidnapped in.

He could barely walk straight. Is there a chance to escape?? 


It’s hard to believe that merely a few hours ago, I was just another overly troubled teenager with zit problems and stupid puppy love. Between drugstore mascara and sharing clothes, I had been persuaded by my best friend, Chloe, to join the biggest Summer party down by the coast where they had “Endless alcohol in Solo cups and free drugs”.

A wrong turn somewhere and the next thing I know, here I am, in an abandoned and dingy shed and where my cries are drowned out by relentless traffic. If that’s any consolation, at least I am sure I am still in the city, and not whisked off to a jungle – I have Hastenburaphobia. A fear of grass.

Given how uptight Chloe is, I live through every second knowing that somewhere out there, She has probably alerted my family and there’s a search party out there looking for me. That’s the light at the end of this grim, gruesome tunnel.

The light bulb above us dangled precariously as he almost tripped over the wire.

He slammed his almost finished Whiskey bottle onto the table, shocking me out of my thoughts. I could see the beard stubs on his chin going up as he twisted his lips into a knowing grin. I know what that meant.

My nipples started to get erect as I stiffened and my heart blasted rapidly against my chest. It’s really a fucking strange thing as to why would my body even react this way to non consensual rape. I could feel my vagina with its silky liquid lubricating its insides and my nether lips.

He fumbled for the keys, ambling around haphazardly. The huge padlock dropped onto the dusty floor with a loud thud. The cage was open. With one full sweeping notion, he scooped me out of the metal box and pushed me onto the floor. My hands were fighting hard against the cuffs. I could see the rust around them. I was doing my best to wriggle my way out.

I was in the compromised position, as how he wanted it. My legs were spread open, so wide I could feel my vagina blush. He could not stop clicking his tongue, making sounds of excitement and lust upon the view in front of him. His belt then came undone as he got out of his pants and onto his knees. He was ready to fuck me.

He bent forward, wanting to feed on my breasts. His coarse palms felt as though they were scraping against my skin. I could see noticeable amount of dirt on them – Is that sand? Are we close to the beach? 

Wriggle. Wriggle. I frantically fought the cuffs.

His stubby chin raked up a tender sore as he moved gingerly across my chest, lapping up the softness of my twin peaks like a cat. His tongue lashed around hungrily as he let out groans of frenzied pleasure. He grabbed onto my breasts so hard, and jiggled them to relish at my whimpered cries.

I wanted to resist him so bad, but it felt so good. My nipples were begging to be sucked on. Harder and harder, I wriggled my wrists against the cuffs. That was my brain’s only attempt at fighting this tantamount high building inside me. My body was no longer governed by my mind. Juices were seeping out from between my legs. My pussy was begging to be fucked.

With one hand and fondling my breasts, he plunged his fingers deep within my awaiting crevice. I moaned uncontrollably in a state of ecstasy that I could not deny. He was working hard against my g-spot and I could feel my vagina spewing liquid like waves that would make surfers proud.

Wriggle.. wriggle. I was subconsciously tugging at the cuffs whilst my body worked its way with his fingers to a towering orgasm. “AHHHHH!” I shrieked, my voice penetrating the otherwise stale environment. The climax peaked as I began to squirt. My legs started to tremble as my tiny frame was at the brink of collapse, as though unable to house an ejaculation that big.

Juices were everywhere as I squirted all over his shirt. He then took his Abercombie & Fitch T shirt off. “You fukin nasty whore”. He grinned.

Wait. A & F T shirt? Why is that so familiar? My brain tried its best to whiz to life, fighting the fervor that was still gushing through my body.

I could see his cock, standing so hard with the veins snaking all over it. I felt my legs spreading wider. I wanted him to fuck me so badly.

Is this some sort of a twisted Stockholm syndrome? Or am I really just a fucking slut as he coined I was?

With that, he rammed hard into me. It was almost like a kick start on an AED. My moans bounced off the walls before they were gradually drowned out by the ambient noises. It felt so good it was as though I could not breathe. He grabbed at my breasts as he rocked me harder and harder.

His face always seemed fuzzy before. As though from a dream. I furrowed my brows, amid my cries, trying to focus on his face. Trying to connect the dots.

Wriggle.. Wriggle Wriggle.  I tugged harder at the cuffs. I am so close to breaking free!

He pounded me harder, as though too caught up in the lewd delight that he was oblivious to my escape plan. My body jerked so hard, my breasts were flinging wildly in the air, nipples tender and needing to be abused.

“I am going to come soon, baby”. He groaned. His orgasm was close.

Wait. BABY???????? 

No time to think. This was my chance to escape. I just had to fight the pleasure that has latched itself onto me like a parasite. I willed my brain to think.

My hands started to be compliant as I gave the tug all I got against the rusty cuffs.

“CRACK”. The cuffs! They fell off!!! 

I stared at my hands. They were free. My brain was hauling into overdrive.

I was free???? Everything in my vision started to change.

“Aiden???” My eyes finally focused, as I zoomed in on my perpetrator’s face. He was still going at it, fucking me and grinning.

“Fuck yeah baby are you out of your high? Should have cut down on that fucking pill Lesly was dishing out.” Aiden was working up a sweat, and showed no signs of slowing down as I was still trying to put everything together.

I could feel his cock wedging itself snugly against my walls. With my free hands, I pinched at my nipples, scooping my breasts up with my palms. The lust builds up all over again, but this time, the run-down environment has melted away.


We were in a makeshift tent set up at the beach party. The cuffs were merely imaginary – It was a mechanism devised by my brain, a battle between the drug’s manipulation and my conscious.

I am the victor.

The effects is now no longer something I fight to subjugate. I could feel my brain giving me a little high five. It can now rest and flow with the euphoria it was trying so hard to control.

I threw my head back and pulled Aiden in close, now fully reveling in the high. “Come for me babe.” I whispered to him, shifting my body to fully envelope his shaft. Aiden grinned again, hands on my hips and shook me up in a hot, violent embrace. I could feel myself ready to squirt again.

The mind… is a powerful thing. 


inspired by Chambers. (Netflix)

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