Birthday Wishlist :D

I am turning 28 soon. Is this real life 😥

Posting from a bad place…. feeling terrible recently. Demons in my head are getting me so dazed.

Here’s my birthday wishlist, please do not get me soft toys and decorative stuff mi amigos, I will wrap it and gift it back to u on your birthday HAHAHA.

Thank you to all my honey buns who always make it a point to do gift exchanges with me and bother to celebrate this not-so-happy day with me. Better enjoy the last two years of having the digit “2” in front.

Do not ask me when am I getting married. D:



L’Occitane Repairing Oil and Heat-protective control mist. 46+40, $86


Image result for loccitane hair oil


Image result for loccitane heat protecting mist

I’d be lying if I say these are a waste of money. Like hell, they are worth every single cent. Especially the mist. If you are a frequent user of hair dryers, this is the cult product. (Have been making full use of the Dyson dryer my sister received from us as a gift rather religiously.)

L’Occitane Almond supple skin oil. $75


Image result for loccitane almond supple skin oil

I cannot get over the smell of this. It’s fucking awesome hahaha.


L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing shampoo, conditioner + Almond Shower oil ECO-Refills. 45+49+54, $148


Image result for loccitane repairing shampoo and conditioner eco refills

Image result for loccitane almond shower oil eco refill

Need to repeat again that L’Occitane does magic to your hair.


APPLE Airpods. $238


Image result for apple airpods price

Not very sure why I want them. But I guess it’s fun.


APPLE 3M lightning to USB cable, Power adapter and 3 pin – Multi plug x2 (Get from Challenger). 60+25, $85 


Image result for apple iphone cable 2m

Image result for apple iphone cable 2m

Image result for multi plug


Olivia Burton Marble Florals, Silver Mesh, OB16MF09, $205

OLIVIA BURTON LONDON  Marble Floral Mesh, Rose Gold & Silver OB16MF09 – Big Dial Round in Silver , Rose Gold and Silver - Front view

Steam credits 200$ 😀



NO 7. Hermes Midsummer night’s dream silk scarf 36 x 36 600$


hermes scarf.png



Louis Vuitton Heart bag, New wave in Red. EST 3.6k 

lv heart bag

I need me this baby for all reasons.

Louis Vuitton Sully PM, in Beige Rose Creme. $3,600


sully pm lv

This is absolutely feminine and classy. I could die.

*NEEEEED* Chanel Boy Long Zipped wallet, Lambskin & Gold-tone Metal, $1500


chanel boy wallet

Chanel Pouch, Lambskin & Gold-tone Metal, Black. $3,490


chanel pouch

*NEEEEEED* Chanel’s Gabrielle hobo bag. Beige & Black. $6310


chanel gab

My absolute want.

chanel braid boy small

Would die for. Am not really able to focus and think properly because of my deteriorating health condition. Sorry. So it’s a really short list with only a few items that you can actually buy. Hahaha.


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