Random Epiphany.

4 6.png


Yes I know you are wondering why the fuck its so hideous. Its because I drew it in 3mins on Paint program. It’ll look good with a border but I cant be… Bordered

HAHAHAHA. Laughing at my own pun 😀

I want a change in my life. Some sort of Change. And I will do what I can to achieve it. If you are feeling low, just remember that we are all basketballs dropping at different speeds. And we will all bounce back up.

If you smash the ball down harder, It’ll come back up stronger. And I dont even play basketball FFS. And I failed my physics. But that’s how it works right? *Grimly recalling Physical education classes from 15 years back*

Jiayou! Let’s make the end of this year a beautiful one even though most of us did not fulfill any fucking new year resolutions. ITS OK YOUR NEXT CHANCE IS COMING IN LIKE, 1 MONTH.

Love you guys.

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