Christmas wishlist 🎄

It has been a terrible year. But it has also been an amazing one. My boundaries have been pushed to extreme edges. Not sure if I liked it that way, but I am certainly looking forward to the new year. I want to carry the New changes with me in a proud embrace; and work on making next year erupt with fireworks.

I dont think I’ll ever get to fulfil my wishlist this year due to all that crap that has happened. But I will work towards it. Slowly… but surely..

1. 1 year’s supply of Vofina

Probiotics for women

Stress has been causing pH level down south to go haywire.. and doc mentioned the long term usage of Yasmin will cause this side effect as well, but mentioned its nothing serious. Found this vofina on the one care store and really want to give it a try.

2. 6 months supply of nightshred and CLA from innosupps

I know it seems like im turning into some hipster vegan loving pills swallowing Gwyneth Paltrow but trust me I still love my Macdonalds and pig trotters and chicken skin so no worries there I haven’t joined the other side. Just that I never had quality sleep since young and now that Im on the expressway to 40s its really time I start watching my calories and organs 😂 and nightshred works like a fucking miracle.

3. Iphone 14 Pro max, Space black, 256gb

Literally the most cliche and overpriced thing ever but I am too used to the iphone. As much as I hate the poison Apple is feeding, I just cant seem to get used to the clumsy interface of android phones.

4. ROG Strix G733Z-WLL140W

There’s no finer beauty on which i wish to play my sims5 on. Still waiting for the game’s release. God damn. I have to say sims 1 is still the most amazing of all time. I kind of wish EA will work on reviving it and bringing back the elements of sims 1 that made it so enthralling.

5. A washer & dryer combo 😂

There’s simply no better way to admit I have aged than to include a god damn home appliance in my wishlist. Yes… this would really be the stuff dreams are made of. A washing machine that also dries your clothing. Holy. Its definitely a yes for somebody as lazy as me.

6. Two pairs of Chanel earrings

Decided their bags are overpriced and over used by China ktv girls so well let’s just stick to the earrings. 🥲

7. L’occitane refills

My all time favorite. Always found it hard to choose between the delicious body soaps. But Rose for the day and almond oil for the night will be my choice for 2023. Hoping that the year will be a bed of roses. ☺️

8. Dog adoption and a lizard pet

To complete my happy family ☺️❤️

That concludes my simple wishlist for this year. 😂 Merry Christmas everyone. Once I get my new laptop, i’ll be writing my stories again 🙂