Being happy…

My peasants, your goddess is here.

Not entirely recovered, but getting better. I used to think we should never give up something that makes us happy, until that something or someone has given up on wanting to make you happy. At this point, as much as my heart wants to give benefit of the doubt to that particular someone, I know whatever I am hoping for will only end in extreme anguish.

But it may not be a bad thing. It will be the direction to steer me ahead through this storm.




I look fugly here. I had to plait my hair because it was the most convenient way to achieve wavy locks, and it will look styled when I am there working for the F1 after party. my god. I really look fugly.

Any girl to your liking this photo? Pay me matchmaking fee of 50$ and I will consider. HAHAHA





Cecilia, Gladys and I in our uniforms for our F1 work.

Look at my hair! Natural wavy look. No need to use styling iron. I am not a fan of heat treatment for my hay(hair).

So, speaking of the after party. The only celebrities I actually recognized were Estelle (the one who sang American boy which coincidentally is one of my favorite songs) and Gordon Ramsay. And I had the honor of putting the wristband on him. Whilst I was there trying not to appear overly starstruck, I diverted my attention to looking at the cute f1 racers who came as well.

And no. I didn’t know they were racers until I realized they had all the VIP treatment. 2 hot 2 handle, bro.


Have you ever just stared at your dog shitting. I did, and I particularly enjoyed making Lycan feel awkward whilst he was trying to poop with eyes staring intensely at him and a camera shooting away.

Don’t ask me why he doesn’t poop on the newspaper. Somehow, he saves the newspaper only for pee.



I think that was what he felt whilst shitting. HA HA HA don’t hate me… it’s too cute not to show you guys.


Worked at Cuddles Cat Cafe the other day. I really do enjoy the work there. It’s idyllic and very fun. Time passes quick to my astonishment and LIKE WHO, wouldn’t want to work in a cafe filled with furry animals, with a floor covered in plush carpet and wearing a yukata, looking pretty. WHOOOO????



Just imagine the overwhelming cuteness. Random cats running around and some sleeping happily whilst you walk past.




Drew some cats on the papers used to record the customers’ check in times.
My lousy art should not be questioned.




Full length photo of my yukata. You get to pick from a variety in the cupboard! Omg. Geisha dream come true.


I still have trouble remembering the names… I think this is called snowflake. I find it really amusing the way cats look at you like you are their slaves.






Please do drop by to visit me!

I will be working this Friday, 3rd October from 12.30-6.30.

The lovely cafe is situated at Scape, (right beside Cineleisure), level 2.
Charges are as followed:

12$ for each hour, 3$ for each subsequent 15mins following the 1st hour.
Food and drinks are optional, but sold separately.
Main meals are to be ordered from FISH TALES, a cafe downstairs and it will be delivered up to you for consumption within the cafe.
Bottled/ Canned drinks and snacks are sold in the cafe, all below 2$.
Japanese sweet treats can be purchased separately or in boxes.

You are allowed to take as many photos as you want as long as there is no flash. Feel free to hug, carry, pat and rub the cats.


Okay, time for some food posts:



I had this kimchi ramen whilst at work in the cat cafe. It costs 6.80 and the menu said:

Kimchi ramen, (contains pork) 6.80.

I ONLY FOUND 1, MISERABLE PIECE OF PORK. Come on now please change your menu statement to: (contains A small piece of pork).
I think it justifies the price better. Was really spicy tho. And cooked quite well, I finished the entire bowl.

BUT THEN AGAIN, what can go wrong with freaking instant noodles.


Went for a boudoir photoshoot with Yama. That lil rich ass booked Swissotel , spent a bomb and then I told him boutique hotels are cheaper, and waaaay more beautiful. Guess we should be seeing photos done at Studio M soon. Its my favorite boutique hotel 😀

If you are looking for a rendezvous with your loved one, I think you can consider Studio M. Get the better rooms. Its double storied, with beautiful stairs and seamless full glass windows. The beds are located on the “2nd floor” which is more like a loft. Extremely cosy.

Being a business hotel, the rooms are actually cheaper if you book the weekends. They have lots of promotions going on as well.


So yeah halfway through the shoot both of us got fucking hungry and then you know ITS FUCKING ROOM SERVICE TIME!!!
Like who the fuck can resist just making a phone call, and then food gets delivered right up to your face.



I had beef lasagna whilst Yama, being a Fan tong (rice bucket) as he is had nasi goreng EXTRA RICE. We ordered onion rings and wedges, as well as a chocolate mousse-esque cheesecake for dessert.




Hotel food… Overpriced and over-rated. the lasagna wasn’t to my liking, but the dessert and onion rings were alright. And thanks Yama for the treat 🙂

They gave this complimentary bread basket and me being the fucking butter whore peeked inside the basket to look for some dough to go with my butter:



behappy14 behappy15




I can’t believe i had the stomach for it. pun intended. HA HA HA.


Menya Musashi @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-16




Ambience: 8/10

I loved the feel and decor of the place. Traditional, yet snazzy.
They have 3 types of soup base, White, Red and Black.

White (Shoyu) Probably symbolizes the light, delicate flavor.

Red (Spicy) No explanation needed for this!

Black (Garlic oil) Flavorful, rich and bold.

I ordered the Black ramen with 4pcs of Chashu. It’s a set and it comes with side dishes of your choice. I picked the cold tofu.

behappy19Cold tofu drenched in sesame sauce.

The sesame sauce was awesome. Paired with the green garnishes, it was perfect.

Goddess meter: 9/10









I read many reviews that people found the ramen soup base to be too salty. I think they are unaware that ramen soup is meant to be this way. The flavors of the broth are strong and distinct, seeping into the ramen and with the slight density of the broth, every strand of the ramen is coated with a thin film of the viscous soup.

I liked the soup, you can feel the effort spent in the actual making and slow simmering of the broth. It was a strong taste, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt it went well with the noodles and chashu.

Quite disappointed with the noodles, I think maybe because the waiter did not enquire/we forgot to request that I wanted my noodles to be of hard texture. It is a common practice in Ramen shops in Singapore nowadays for the waiters to ask you how you like your noodles done. Because it seems that Japanese enjoy their ramen to be QQ and abit hard, whilst Singaporeans are believed to have a penchant for soggier, softer noodles.

The noodles I got was pretty soft and soaked through, there was hardly that “Chewy” effect when you sink your teeth into em. You can tell from the photos above.

Chashu was grilled, and the burnt bits were definitely to perfection. However, the meat was too hard, and there were no fatty parts. I always preferred my Chashu to have a little slab of fats over its edge. This however is probably just the style of the shop, and my own personal preference.

The egg was done quite well, and looks good. I am not a fan of eggs so… :’D can’t really comment much here. But its definitely soft and watery, which is enough to drive the egg lovers crazy.

I really liked the presentation, with the wooden tray in contrast with the beautiful porcelain bowl. The cutlery was also served horizontal, traditional Jap style. Chashu and everything was placed in an appetizing way. Good colors.

I’d say its definitely value for money, because it costs just alittle more than your average icky Ajisen (no intended hate here), comes with a side dish with actual promising quality.

Soup base: 8/10
Noodles: 5/10
Chashu: 6/10
Tamago: 7/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10


Yama’s pick:





You can tell by looking at the cha shu that the grilled parts are freaking awesome… but there’s no presence of any fats.

They are having this cute little promotion now, that if you spend 50$ and above you are entitled to a small lucky charm which has a samurai on it. I picked the red one.




I really hope this lucky charm will indeed bring me the luck I so desperately need.

Its the end of my ramen review, I would say, go and give it a shot if you haven’t. It’s definitely worth it.




I received this drawing as a present. Such art. many cute, so skill

The “kimono” drape/shawl/overcoat is like probably at the end of the hype right now but i just can’t freaking get over the one I just bought.

behappy26 behappy27


Its too pretty and I’ll upload a photo of me in it during the photoshoot soon.


Went to celebrate my dad’s birthday at ChompChomp, I almost asphyxiated from the smoke. Watched my sister eating the cockles so happily and I told her that her fingers look as tho she just stuck them into a vagina on period. But that didn’t stop her from consuming dem gross shellfish at an alarming rate.


behappy28 behappy29


Satan’s minions, i’d say.

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, I can’t upload the rest anywhere because its NSFW and I really do not wish to attract more perverts than I already am now.

black garters 3

Its super gorgeous because 1) can’t see my fuck face 2) isn’t too sleazy 3) black and white 4) shows my undying affection for drow ranger. 5) I actually look like i have some boobs finally.

In case any of you have yet to know, the tattooed words read : Pride of the drow.
Its taken from one of the phrases said by my favorite dota 2 character. Talk about virtual obsession….


Good bye guys. 🙂

Changing tides.

Hello peasants.

I am sorry for the lack of updates. I promise a great one will be coming by the end of this week. I thank you all for being here for me. I will be honest, I haven’t been in the best state. Being an avid reader of horoscope, for this Aquarian/ Picses you are facing, yes, I have been trying my best to regret nothing and live like I am ape shit. As cliche as it sounds, it’s fucking bullshit.

I am at the edge of the cliff, with no more resources left to burn. Everyone makes mistakes. And you will tell me “You are still young! Go out there and make some more! The more mistakes you make, the better person you will be.”

And the thing is I really do think that statement is true. However I also feel that all mistakes should be corrected and everyone deserves a second chance.

In all the failed relationships I have had, many of which whom’s hearts I have broken, some which had me utterly down the gutter; I can safely say I have matured over the years, but still…. making mistakes.

At this quarter life crisis mid-point right now, I look out of my living room’s window at 3am in the morning when everyone’s sleeping. Tears will stream down my face as I try to breathe in the soothing cold air. And then as I exhale, I will frown to myself saying “Amber, you need to be strong. You have been through sicker shit than this and you are fucking alive. Tomorrow when your eyes open, you will realize you are still here. The shit’s still there and ain’t going no where until you clean it.” (you can try telling urself that too. that shit really works.)

And then I will go back to my bed and force myself to lie still for hours like I am dead until day breaks. It’s almost ironic. Feigning death to face life again.

And so I will. I will get through this no matter how hard it is. I am already halfway there, I can feel it. Watch this spot. 🙂

I love you guys.

sims 4 u?




Hello peasants.

So as alot of you already know, having seen this photo I posted on Facebook that I finally acquired my long awaited sims 4 game. Quite late, since the official launch was in early September.

Let’s see. I have come a long way; being an absolute Sims fan. I still remember my first PC game was the original Sims 1, in its cute little CD box. I got it from the Popular bookstore right below my house. The music really brings back memories.

You can listen to them here, my sims 1 fans.


image (11)


I collected every one of the expansions! But lost most of them after lending them away and not getting it back. 😦

As you can see on my left hand, only 3 is left. Thus I got my aunt to buy the complete collection for me and shipped it to SG 😀
Same goes for my sims 2 and 3.. all sitting in a snug corner of my bedroom now.


Here is my game review for sims 4 and I hope this review will come in handy for anyone who (may have same sentiments as me and looking for agreement) or has intentions of buying the game.


The Sims 4 Game review by your awesome goddess:


sims 4 premium edition


I did not manage to get the Collector’s edition which includes the USB in shape of the classic plumbob. It was sold out. So I got myself this Premium edition, which includes a handbook that gives you a little insight into the game. The edition also includes some extra “in game items”. Mine is priced at 96.90. The Collector’s edition is at 120 with everything the same, just with an extra Plumbob usb.

The standard edition is 64.90. Like wtf? It’s an extremely huge difference to me and honestly the items are not that fantastic. But ok fine. I am a fan. Just take my money.

Pre game mechanics:

I am sure everyone remembers the long ass wait when loading their sims 3. Especially with my 1gb of custom content and super slow pc, the wait can take about 8-10mins. You even get to play the little object hunting game whilst waiting.

This is how the loading for sims 4 looks like:


They have really cleaned up the look. There’s nothing.  No fancy colors, no pictures, nothing. Just a huge ass plumbob with some swirly pattern and the usual loading texts. But the thing is, it only takes 1minute, (excluding the maxis ea intros) and I am already at the neighbourhood. Super fast. Like wew.

Main game:

Once the screen loads, you will come to this:


No, dont expect your camera pan taking you on a tour around the neighbourhood, showing you the sims jogging or the cars going by like in sims 2. It’s fine without it, to me, since I always skip the panning. However, this is all that you will see as long as you are at the main screen.

A NEIGHBOURHOOD WITH NO COLORS. Where is the life? Am I looking at a blueprint? Or???  So yeap, the makers really did alot of CLEANING. Toggle between neighbourhoods at the top left-hand. Edit your town or create sims on the top right.




So you will finally see abit of color when you hover over the neighbourhood. It’s divided into a few pieces. And then zoom into the house you want to play. I feel like I am playing an interactive architectural game more than anything.


User panel:




Your controls are pretty much the same, `, 1, 2, 3 and page up/down etc. This picture shows what you will be handling to play your game. The action queues are now at the bottom left, and your sims general toolbar is at the bottom right. As you can see, I clicked onto the motives tab. The annoying thing is that the motives tab will auto close when you go into buy mode. And then you have to click on it to expand it again.

The time and date is smack in the middle, at the bottom, and fucking tiny. It’s quite hard for me to read it. Game options, general settings at the top right.

Extremely clean UI. You now don’t have edge scroll, but you can right click to move about in the game, left click to rotate.


Buy/build mode:




I liked the build mode in sims 2 the most. For sims 4, every building option is made clickable from the house picture at the bottom left. Which I find quite annoying because it took me awhile to find which bloody part of the wall is FOR THE WALL option????

They now have this pre-made furnished set to limit your creativity. You can choose from different themes.

By the way, if you love water, be prepared to cry; Sims 4 have no swimming pool. Yes, even if you have 592482842848248 simoleans you still can’t have a bloody pool in your backyard.

You can’t rotate the object manually anymore. You have to left click like a retard to get the item facing the direction you want. I am still struggling with the buy mode as it seems I really have difficulty using the new UI for it.


Sim features:



Remember the good ol days where your sim will answer the telephone on the wall or use it to dial for pizza; There is no more telephone in the buy mode. Everything is now done with your cellphone, simply click on the cellphone icon at the bottom left and pick your poison.

Oh ya, that leads to another thing. Gone are the days of your fancy ferraris, lamborghinis and porsche, the days of running like an idiot to the nearest subway or flagging a taxi. Now, all you gotta do is click travel, and then the game brings you back to the colorless neighbourhood screen and asks you to choose your location. Then poof, your sim will magically be transported there.



Your sim is still able to learn cooking etc via tv. Most of the fundamental stuff on running your sims’ lives are unchanged.

however, you can no longer stretch your sim’s motives bar for just that little bit more. If he’s gotta go, hes gotta go. I find it fucking stupid because my sim woke up in the middle of the night yelling that he’s hungry, when the motive bar was only at yellow, not even red!

I had to make him cook some food, only to see it wasted because he was already full after… 2 bites?

Look at the bottom left, your sim will now display his emotions, with the current emotion in big block letters in case you are an idiot and can’t read facial expressions. The “aspirations” are now in form of bubble thoughts and you can choose to burst da bubble by clicking X. The moodlets are still here, just that I find some extremely ridiculous as well.




Your conversation’s progress with the partner is now at the top in the center. It will show you how the recipient is feeling. And you can now talk about everything even when seated on the couch. So you no longer have to stand up, make the recipient stand up just to tell a joke. That is a good thing, however,

Now every fucking tom dick and harry can join your conversation. If you are at a park playing chess with your girlfriend, don’t even think about having a nice conversation with her, because all the aunties uncles even children will come and join in. And no, you can’t refuse to talk to them.

My date suddenly disappeared when we were at the park. Literally disappeared. I didn’t even see her walking away. Is that a bug? Or did the overly enthusiastic park uncles scared her till her pixels turn transparent.




You can still have your date to stay the night. the girl did not sleep the entire night, even though they already woohooed. No, there is no more cheesy animated scene for having woohoo for the first time. They just walked to bed and disappeared under the sheets. Pretty boring. I know the game is rated 17+, but what’s so rated about two people walking to the bed and covering up with sheets? Since porn is already every where online, how about teach your younger players how to actually have sex. I’d definitely not agree to the sex if I was that girl.

She cleaned the counter for me and sat on the computer chair all night.

For all you romantics out there, there is no restaurant to bring your lover out to on a friday night. No more bumping into that cute boy whilst getting your groceries.

There’s only a park, (with nothing to do except chess and fishing), a library (like why the fuck would I want to go there.), a museum (geez… sounds fun) and a pub, (nope, not as exciting as aquarius in sims 3.) where everyone joins in your flirty conversation with the girl you’re trying to pick up and a gym.




Remember what i mentioned about having no taxis and cars. So how do you go to work now that there’s no carpool? Your sim literally disappears into thin air. 

And you can no longer choose how you want his work performance to be as like in sims 3, so slackers, be disappointed. And all the bootlickers, too bad! You can’t even monitor his motives bar. Its like it just freezes right there.

How unrealistic… and we are in 2014.



I guess that’s one of the only things to show off about buying a new graphic card just for sims 4….



The graphics are beautiful. But maybe it’s just because I have a good card.






They’ve cleaned up the CAS as well. So yeah basically that’s all that you will see in game. The making of the sim is to be applauded, because gone are the days of annoying shadows under the cheekbones, oddly shaped boobs and misaligned jaws. Just touch and push, like clay.

BUT!!!! You now only have 3 traits. And they are extremely limited. Like how does 3 traits even define someone???

Hi, I am friendly, I am good, I am neat. Is that it????? 2014???? Not even horoscope!


So yeah, we have come to the end of my review. I am extremely upset by all the things that the creators have abolished, because it doesn’t feel like a sims game anymore. I am no longer playing 4, back at 3 now. However, I will encourage you to purchase it if your laptop/computer is not high end. As Sims 4 can definitely run smoothly on your system.

Thank you! I hope this helps. Please do feel free to ask me any questions.


Here, have a photo of lycan begging for attention:





Hi peasants

sorry your goddess has been a little less active on her blogging. I know its time to bless you all with my bullshit. Life has been quite busy for me, which is good. I did a couple of shoots, have a few more lined up and something that I’m really looking forward to: F1! 

I got into the list of models they will be using for the exclusive after-party for the F1 event. It will be held at amber lounge.



I have absolutely no idea what i’m supposed to do / will be doing /end up doing but I’m excited as hell and it’s no thanks to my events agent. I bet she really pushed for me to get in. >:D

Went to a make-up workshop (which was just direct selling) by some taiwan people. Although they are friendly, I felt they could have put in more effort on the actual teaching of make-up application. I have been to Mary Kay’s before, and the standard is there. You really learn how to take care of your skin as well as how to put on make-up.




This is a photo taken whilst we were set to remove our blackheads from our noses during the taiwan workshop. My sister (2nd from left) actually won the entire bottle of facial product for being the one with the most blackheads in class. IMO I felt damn paiseh for her. If it was me I would have burrowed into a hole and died sobbing.  However the entire class was filled with kiasu aunties whom were the least mindful of how embarrassing such a “contest” is. They were more jealous, if anything. Like, HELLO, FREE BOTTLE OF FACE CARE WORTH 20 BUCKS.

By the way, is it just me or my arm looks distorted. Like dislocated. LOOOOOOL




I did my first actual event (after so loooong) by accident. I wasn’t meant to be the girl doing the event but because the original model couldn’t make it on the last day of the event and my friend asked me. It seems this really needs a FAT ASS STROKE OF LUCK HUH!!! HAHA.

Anyway it was to man a Rexona booth at NTU, and my lovely cousin actually came from her South Pine to North Pine (where I was) just to support me and take a selfie! She’s an angel.

But really, why are the guys in NTU so fucking hot? not to mention, its mini China in there. I’m not being “countryist” now… because the China people are quite friendly. But really, mini China.

I took alot of the free Rexona anti antiperspirant roll-on bottles home. Because I am an auntie. WTF. It’s damn useful sia. I have never used it before in my entire life. It’s like wtf some magic gel or what. When I reached home after an entire day, my underarms so dry and fresh YOU WILL PAY TO LICK IT. okay kidding. kidding about the dry and fresh. HAHAHAHAHHA

Wait, did you get the joke???? Sometimes I wonder if I’m beyond lame for comprehension.

Another selfie with two of the other booth girls.





It was BBQ night on 6th Sept with the bae and his colleagues. That was like Mini Malaysia. HAHAHA. But they were all down to earth and friendly. Something I think scores them a point over Singaporeans. We Singaporeans are too coddled by our government and the indulgent way of life that some of us become extremely spoilt and air-headed.




Well…. I guess we all needed to see a guy wearing a pomelo as a cap.


Mid-autumn festival

I miss those days with my grandfather where we will go down to the park beside his house. There’d be lots of mooncakes, goodies and tea. Then he will help me light up the traditional paper lantern and I will walk around the park with my sister and my two young cousins. My grandfather will be sitting on the chair he brought down and have some beer whilst actually looking at the moon and then talking about PAP. lol.

Time really flies. The elder of the cousins are already in JC now, being a smart ass bitch that she is. Younger one is taking.. Os? I wish my grandfather is still here. Things just ain’t the same anymore because all the special occasions are no longer celebrated. I even stopped going to the house (even tho my grandmother is still there) cuz when I enter his room sometimes it feels as though he’s still there. Maybe in the breeze. And then I will cry like an idiot because I miss him.

and I have been a failure. wait. What have been. Still is. D:



I went to Chinese garden with the bae and my sister and her boyfriend. To look at fucking tortoises and turtles and get raped by spiders. But it was super fun and I was a pig being barbecued over a slow cooker.




Lol a shot of them before we tuck into our picnic food. Some pinoys were at another table having a blast with tablecloths and shits. They were laughing and singing. Wtf why all Filipinos sing so well? I think all of them can go take part in Singapore Idol and emerge champion on first episode.

The tortoise and turtle museum is really an experience. If you haven’t been there and running out of ideas to bring the bae to, bring her/him here! Its only 5bucks per entry. Just shell out 2$ and you get some crunchy kangkong for the tortoises to munch on. THEY ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY. Kinda reminded me of lycan.

I love reptiles so… FUCK YEAH TORTOISES.


tortoise done1


It’s fucking shiok to see them stretch their tiny heads (okay.. not so tiny for this one.) and then reaching out to eat the kangkong AND THEN THERE IS THIS CRUNCHING SOUND. WHAT THE FUCK THE CRUNCHING SOUND IS LIKE AS THO ITS DAMN TASTY.


The heart of the museum looks like this. The pond in the middle has a long bridge so you can walk across it. AND THEM FUCKING NARNIA IN THERE. THE TORTOISES they walk around like “DIS MUH PAD, BITCH”.


This little thing was like staring at us and like “Feed me now, fags.” LOL and to think I almost stepped on him. CUZ I DIDN’T EXPECT THEY BE WALKING AROUND LIKE ITS AMERICA.

Which is actually a lovely practice because at least the tortoises can exercise and not feel like they are in captivity. However dem other breeds are kept locked up in tanks/their own enclosure.

No prize to guessing why the Alligator snapping turtles have their own enclosure. Imagine they walk around as well. Omg.


nightmare snapping turt
LOL wtf. I think we can make a movie out of that.


If you think that tortoises are slow and stupid, you are soooooooo wrong, mate.







It’s like Africa there when we fed them… I don’t MEAN TO BE COUNTRYIST. I’m just saying its actually quite sad to see them fight for the kangkong.  I thought they are not fed on purpose so that the visitors can experience the feeding.

We ended up buying a whole bunch more. That was when the woman at the counter revealed that they actually feed them too. JUST THAT THEY ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY. And I was just like Bro u guys all lil greedy shits like lycan. But too cute and I just cant.

mad but not mad



This big one has a large enclosure for himself. He looks lonely and I wonder if he will have a mate soon. I guess it isn’t good to live too long huh?



tortoise done2




This is my favorite tortoise in the museum. I think there’s two of them. Either that, or he has been following me and walking like he has boots of travel. Hes huge and he gets to roam around like the other greedy bitches in the pond. He was munching happily on the grass when I spotted him and then offered him the fresh kangkong.

As you can see in the last picture, the close up. IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL. He just kept coming closer and closer. I think he wanted a pat. So I did. He was so adorable.

More photos of him!






We went up to look at the turtles in the tank and HE CAME!!! He walked over and crawled up by himself. HAHAHAHA. Fuck, he was so adorable I wanted to take him home.





I think I am going to add that to my bucket list; owning a tortoise like this. I want to have a grass patch outside my house so that he can run around. Hell, he can even join me on the couch to watch TV if he wants.

There’s a theft of a baby African Star Tortoise at the museum. Like what the fuck bros. Anyway I have more pictures but I dont want spoil too much of the fun. I strongly encourage you to go if you have time. because tortoises are great animals too.


doge on tort




In case you guys don’t know, YES, I did a bike shoot at Pearl Centre’s Carpark on the same day that a body was found in the same carpark, only levels above us. Eerie part, I did a photo with the same background as the crime scene.



DID I SPOOK YOU GUYS OUT. But well. I still feel okay. Just sorry for that man, whatever happened to him. The carpark is quite grim tho. But fuck, who cares. the bike is hot and the end results of the photos are awesome. Yes, its mainly because your awesome goddess is in them. HA HA HA HA.

haolian strut


Some behind the scene:





Outfit for the shoot


My make up was apparently too light… Time to dress up like wayang next time there’s flash.




The Ducati Desmo RR was so fucking powerful that I heard it from like streets away. But it’s hot like a bitch, not just figuratively but literally. Burning. perfectly depicts the “Most beautiful impractical things”


I took a selfie by accident when I was touching up my lipstick. LOOOOOL






Bike owner (hes actually a bike dealer) took some photos whilst the shoot was ongoing. He’s a really nice and friendly guy. So are the photographers! Very polite and funny.









I look like a fat slut… 😥 But its okay. I will always have you peasants to love me right?


I want 2 crai

Hello guys its your goddess blogging in the dark at 2 in the morning feeling like shit because she’s fat and her tummy won’t magically disappear in the morning.

So ya the story goes my personal friends got to know about me winning the pageant and like doing more photoshoots lately and they have been SO SUPPORTIVE THAT I JUST CAN’T.


I want to fucking murder all of you.


freaking nanda
liam meme


Yama showed me some of the photos for the blogshop again OMG its so lovely. YOUR GODDESS LOOKS SO GOOD IN THAT DAMN DRESS Y’ALL BETTER AGREE.





This is the dress that I got from Tracy, but mine is black. ITS SO FREAKING NICE I TELL YOU I WORE IT TODAY.





When the wind blows and the chiffon splays at the slit and flutter gracefully, you’d feel like motherfucking America next top model bro.



Soz there was no wind when I took this picture.. next time I bring a huge ass fan out for my photos ok?

So being an ugly bitch that I am I still have yet to find that perfect foundation for me which suits my current skin condition as you know, I am eating isotretinoin and it dries up my face. I saw this on advertisement:


lancome foundation


If you do photoshoots and there is flash, sometimes if you use normal foundations/finishing powders that reflect you are gonna look like a fucking diamond in the sky. And I can’t emphasize more than enough on the importance of a good foundation that suits your skin and actually matches your skin tone.

In case any one of my readers is a girl (Which will truly surprise me IN A GOOD WAY) and does not know this, Your goddess has an advice for you. always get professional help before you buy your foundation. Know your skin. Are you pink tone or yellow tone? I am yellow tone, whilst my sister is pink.

Pink tone means your skin is naturally rosy, you can see it just by looking at your arms. Its like as tho you look like you perma had a good workout and your skin’s pink in health and all. I am a fucking yellow kunt so everytime before I purchase the foundation I will always make sure the one im buying is yellow tone. Else I will look like a rubbish bin. I learned this from a MUA from M.A.C cosmetics. I have seen alot of girls who used powder too light for their faces. But I don’t dare to tell them cuz I ain’t no expert. I’ll just try not to look but I feel bad for not saying since I made that mistake and I dont want people to do it and omg how.

So it basically just felt like this

trying but i just cant



So in all, me being the resourceful and cheapo auntie that I am I got my mum to help me get some samples of this Lancome Teint Miracle which is supposed to “look great in all sorts of lighting”. sounds sibei incredible. Your goddess shall offer to experiment with it and let you know if shit’z good.


Talking about good shit I had a good shit today, and ate some really good food (that will still end up as shit, but good shit. That’s how good shit comes about. It’s a chicken and egg theory.)

It’s Koh’s grill and sushi bar at Wisma Atria, 4th floor, smack right in food republic.

Credits to Chiam Hui Y’s blog


It’s already super popz so I do not need to write much as there are awesome reviews everywhere. Here’s your goddess’ tips on having a pleasant dining experience there:

1) always go during off peak hours, like 2-4pm or you will definitely rate 0 for service and 2/5 for quality because its so crowded you may need an oxygen mask.

2) the best time to order sushi is when the chef (wearing white) called Patrick is the one making it. He is friendly, and has a photographic memory. I always get extra roe when I order my sushi 🙂

3) Remember to try their shiok maki, obviously. I prefer the first gen. Its 16.80$ for the full plate, (8 pcs) they sell 4 pcs too.

4) Have their grill, because its authentic charcoal grill! Tasty charred bits without being over the top. (If you go during peak hour, I think you can expect a chao ta fish.)

5) Make full use of their lunch menus, they have amazing value deals. (Thus, go during off peaks, before dinner for the $friendly meals)


koh's grill and sushi bar bento set 1

This is the bento set 1, priced at 10.90$ Mine costs 13.90 because I changed my rice to cha soba. In honest opinion, their cha soba is not that fantastic, but if u top up a dollar, they give u a quail egg. Which is priceless because it really enhances the flavor of the cha soba. It has 5 pcs of juicy fresh salmon, some fruit and a tasty grilled saba.


shiok maki first gen
I posted this on my insta, just thought you may want to look at it again. I am not kidding when I said its orgasmic. Because you may actually give up having sex for awhile after tasting this. Remember, stuff that shit into your mouth in one bite. Do not pick out the avocado. I hate avocado but, without it, it’s like….. IT’S LIKE LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF AN ECCHI COMIC. A HOT GIRL WITHOUT NIPPLES. TRUST ME.


Look at that. Just look at it. It’s freaking gaowei to look at it. There’s nothing there. There’s NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. So please. if you take out the strip of avocado THERE IS NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. Not shiok anymore without something stuck inside…… 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

HAHAHAHA OK ENOUGH OF MY SEXUAL INNUENDOES it’s already 2.40 I need to stop being cranky.




Lamborghini aventador

This is a Lamborghini Aventador. There’s some display thingy like near DFS. I am pretty sure I need to work 500 lifetimes to get just one rim of the car but well.. looking is free ;’D


wooooow hot people


I am addicted to grapefruit recently. It’s so delicious. You should eat citrus because its so pulpy and yummy. Vitamin C, lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones, AND IT HELPS YOUR BALLS IF YOU HAVE PROSTATE CANCER. it repairs the dna in your balls!!!!!!! Not that I have balls, but wtf its rated one of the healthiest fruits. And if the goddess thinks its good, IT IS GOOD, you lil shits.



So before it hits 3am and ju on comes out of the closet to scare me, I just want to thank Albert for the cheese whiz hand carried from Philippines! I will be posting the recipes you can do with cheez whiz and then laugh at you BECAUSE BITCH U AINT GOT NO CHEEZ WHIZ.


cheez whiz and lycan


thanks albert



My enormous forehead… omg. I remember people always call me luo han fish 😥


Ya, don’t tell me. I am surrounded by shitty friends.





Anyone interested? He’s an I.T programmer so boy can he clock you like a computer 😉 😉 😉 LOL I SOUND LIKE MARRIAGE AGENCY I DON’T MEAN IT SORRY ALBERT PLEASE I STILL NEED YOU TO BUY CHEEZ WHIZ FOR ME. HAHAHAHA



And…. I really wanted to put in my best for the upcoming shoots especially for some of the remaining clothes which I have yet to help Tracy model so after throwing away both pairs of my shoes 😥 that day I had to go get new ones!


every girl needs these shoes


Every girl needs these shoes! The wedges costed a bomb D; BUT, as a person who can absolutely never be a financial advisor I’d say its a good investment. HA HA HA.

Speaking of good investment I went to NSC today and spent 600. 418 dollars worth of medicine and the remaining to listen to the SENIOR consultant (means cost more) talk about 3 sentences to me AND PAY THEM TO TAKE SOME OF MY PRECIOUS BLOOD WTF DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE.



nsc medicine


Guys guys, so please I am poor girl 91. I can offer to clean your room for 50dollars. GOOD BARGAIN SINCE ITS THE GODDESS.


Let me end this crankiness with 3 photos:

ty neek for inecto


Cuz its always good to see your goddess with her garbage expression, hugging all her inecto products. Feel free to touch my hair in a few days time. Thanks to Nicholas for helping me get all these. (Y)








Feeder…………….. 😥


Good night guys. ❤ Well actually good morning. And remember, if you like what you read and you want to BE ONE OF MY PEASANTS please do subscribe to the mailing list. Just put in your email! 🙂