just another sad love story

I had a dream last night. it was a happy dream. Isn’t it sad how happy dreams will make you wake up feeling sad, whilst you are glad as fuck when you wake up from an unhappy one? They say that dreams are depictions of things you want the most, locked away in the darkest depths of your subconscious. So true. So anyway randomly and nonsensically the dream led to many thoughts and then to terrorblade. So, I was trying to look for cartoons of terrorblade on google to find some inspiration to draw. and then i realized: tb search 1

they are cute as fuck. and then there is this:

tb search 2      


WHY IS TERRORBLADE so artistically and beautifully drawn. #emoheroeshatebeingcutiefied.


So anyway that aside I thought when terrorblade first came out in dota2 and I was so obsessed with him cuz he’s so handsome. Like, so dark and so strong and all~ ya’kno. So I was introduced to the movie that was beautifully made by warcraft 3 characters! its 64mins long, so if you haven’t watched it and you have the time, please do. It’s quite nice and surprisingly touching. 😥


The video has a sad ending 😦 I cried. I CRIED OVER PIXELS MOVING ON A SCREEN! YES!   Thus, I have decided tb and mirana need a better love story.


terrorblade, mirana, dota2

married life

Forgive my tb drawing… It’s the closest I can get with reference to the images that show up on google :’D   I wrote a poem few weeks back. I know it will never reach the eyes of the intended, but I guess I should just post it up anyway :’)

I still remember, the way to your house, the warmth of the sun through the windows, As you buried your head in my blouse< I traced the shape of your brows to your nose.

It’s getting easier to be harder now, to let us go, as you’ve gone on the train with a stoic goodbye, I was left by the tracks crying I love you so, You left nothing but a suitcase of memories behind.

As I unpacked to neaten, my life got messier; the façade was broken and crumbling from overdrive, As the bag got lighter, my heart sank heavier, I wanted to be dead, but pride kept me alive.

How do I struggle, and learn to erase, to forget our Saturday suppers and bad puns, to wipe my memories of your beautiful face –

How do you pen the exact pain of losing someone?

  Oh the scales of emotions on this post just tipped real quick now. ITS OK I AM ALIVE AND KICKING COME ON. ITS FINE!!! 😀 By the way in case anyone cares, I missed mambo jumbo at Zouk again. Bloody people everywhere.

behold the goddess of MS paint.

Hi guys,

I just want y’all lil shits to know I AM THE PAINT GODDESS. YOU KNOW THAT DON’T YOU, PUNY PEASANTS. If you guys haven’t seen my awesome photo manipulation that beats photoshop and shits hands down you need to witness it today. Like right now.


This is a photo of my photographer Yama.


yama redone


No captions needed for awesomeness by your goddess… ❤


Did an underwater shoot yesterday and it was like travelling to hell and back like it’s an MRT everytime I had to dunk in for a shot. Chlorine blurred my eyes and I think my body was composed of 80% chlorine after everything was done. But it was amazing! And I really hope the photos will look as good as when we previewed it on the camera.


Btw, I am a fan of Obama so somehow this video is funnier than it should be. Damn dat video maker sure has lots of free time. HAHA.



bitches on period

In view of my upcoming period I remember this incident where I had to chase a bus and it was like dem NIAGARA FALLS SPEWING FROM HEAVENS.

So, to help you guys understand better as to why girls behave like they have been bitch slapped into a whiny whore when we are on our period here is a picture for you.





yes, dont tell me. I know, this picture is really informative.


I thought of this a long time ago, but never actually got down to draw it until today. hehe.



the reason why luna’s base ms is 320


I will probably come up with a facebook page instead to post all these drawings so that its easier, you can just like the page and the pictures i post will just show up on your news feed.


credits to amazon

I am looking for this. like everywhere that is possible for me to get it within 2 weeks and without paying like 9238183818381$ for it. OR I WILL DED. this cute lil piece of green shit.

K2 just showed me the video of !Attacker, the moderator of Reddit/dota 2 with 6.9k mmr. His AP is sick! but really the only thing i was actually looking at is his AP set and the custom X mark and torrent. I mean really dont you think his AP looks like hes wearing a bunch of crow feathers:

ap crow


Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyhw8zjupQs&list=UUfsOfLvadg89Bx8Sv_6WERg

Searching for the tidehunter toy got me reminiscing about the days when I had to scrimp to get that bloody blink dagger. life of a support holy fuck. Now they are using tidehunter as a carry jesus christ.


lame cartoon i drew



HAHAHA. good night guys 🙂

Favorites from the recent shoot

Ohoho yes I am doing one more post because it seems so silly to have just one lonesome post on the newly published website right? D:

These are a few favorites from my most recent photoshoot, done by 3 awesome photographers at Botanic garden.













Its the size of your palm and it moves in the speed of light if anything touches its web. Kill me. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH PART OF IT IS CUTE. I CANNOT FIND THE REASON.

Do you know of some bitch that you hate? mum or sis hogging your computer? save this photo and put as wallpaper. they wont get near your computer ever again! BEST SOLUTION.


So… anyway. i’m gonna do eyelash extensions on Wednesday prior to my upcoming photoshoot for the blogshop “www.eleventh.com” and I am really excited! Hope the blogshop owner won’t be too unhappy with the photos hehe.

Yama has planned both a geisha and an underwater themed shoots for me, keep an eye out for the photos. I think they’d be really really pretty.


Fresh start, literally. My first gold toning treatment!

Hi guys, I know I have moved from blogspot.com, But isn’t that a great start? I decided to give wordpress a shot, but hey, not because it reminds me of J! Hahaha.

So, in case you haven’t heard, being the vainpot that I am (do you honestly believe this statement), I dropped by Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Center for a look!

Background story: I went to the airline interview of my dreams (as like many other people’s dreams) and the interviewer at skin check round politely told me she has to reject me because I have open pores and acne scars.

I mean come on, they place this ridiculously large spotlight on the floor that shines up at your face. Even if your make up is as thick as Assault cuirass + shivas + meka + frost shield, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE YOUR FATE. so yeah I got rejected. For those whom are close to me, you guys’d know that I suffered a relapse of extremely bad break-out which escalated when I got my job as a cabin crew in one of the LCCs due to the make-up, stress and jet lag etc. So all the acne has subsided now thanks to the fact that I am back on the killer pill, isotretenoin.

For those of you with acne, fret not. It’s not the end of the world, and it will go away. I totally know how you feel. I hated when people stared at me like I am some kind of cockroach. And especially my ex colleagues from the airline, going all “OMG, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE” that kind of thing. U know, i know. and guess what? Don’t hate yourself for it. Go to a clinic, or go to skin center (as I did) and follow the skin care regime that they give you. Avoid too much fried food, and avoid balachan. (the asian chilli paste) You can still eat them, just cut down on it. Drink a fuck load of water every day and always use sunblock. ALWAYS! if you feel your sunblock is sticky and ur skin can’t breathe, change your sunblock. I recommend this one:



Clarins UV PLUS HP Spf 40 +++


It feels lightweight upon touch, and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Anyway the one I am holding now is the tester as I got a couple of the testers for free when I purchased the actual product. hehehe. Remember to buy sunblocks with the +++ , cannot kiamsiap and get the +, or ++. MUST BE +++. if you can find one +++++++++ even better. Im kidding. HAHAHAHA but really. +++.

and also, buy the natural spring water spray can, the small one and just spray your face with it when you are out. But use tissue to gently wipe off any sweat, oil or grease before doing so. Do this periodically if you are out for a long day. I use the Avene one!

Fun fact from, me la of course (HAHAHA): If you have rash or kena bitten by mosquito, you can spray this miracle water on the affected area and it will really feel better. I swear, bro. You can also spray it on after doing your make up to set your make up in place.

So, end of my very long and naggy story;

I am lucky enough to have a sponsored treatment so as to nurse my skin and transform it into the baby smooth skin that is the object of envy amongst women. I found this Aeon clinic through peiling’s blog from Agneselle, I’m sure many of you know who she is.



My first appointment was to go through a skin analysis, where you just have to let this machine capture photos of your face and it will then tell you what composite does your skin have. So i’ll skip that shit since many famous bloggers have already done so in great details. So anyway, the friendly doctor speaks immaculate English and is extremely polite and soft spoken. After analysis, he helped me to determine the best solution to help me achieve the flawless look I want within the stipulated time frame that I gave. 3 months!

Current problem I face:

Acne has resided and under control due to oral medicine, however, scars are seen on forehead, sides of brows and lower cheeks.
Unsightly holes and open pores are very obvious under light (thats why i failed the interview!) and can’t be perfectly concealed even with make up. The holes are made by a terrible beautician when I was younger and the holes will NEVER RECOVER! Take note of this so please, please exercise caution when you sign those facial packages next time. 

My given solution:

Laser gold toning, 5 sessions, 1000$ (after discount!)
Calming facial, 5 sessions, 1000$ (to be paired after the gold toning)

The above mentioned is to help reduce the redness from the acne scars. This will take about 1.5 months.

Then comes the other laser which is ViVa i think, not very sure as I need to wait until the 5 sessions are finished.
estimated cost: 1.2k.

This is to finally, smoothen out the holes and open pores by setting my face on fire… really. It will be a painful process, but it will ensure that my face has no, or lesser holes. 🙂


Laser Gold toning, session 1!



Me without make up before the treatment. I brushed this up alittle cuz my face looks black. holy fuck.




Waiting area



A cup of tea, and a magazine, overlooking Scotts Square.

Notice the magazine! The clinic and the friendly doctor is featured on HerWorld. He sat next to me on the couch and talked about, random stuffs. Everyone in the clinic is really friendly and I didn’t feel the least bit awkward. Hehehe.

I did not take the photos of me doing the laser because I am #foreveralone and thus had no one to help me take the photos. Anyway you’d feel a prickly sensation on your problem areas if you have sensitive skin like me but that’s about it. The calming facial was so calming that I fell into a deep slumber and woke up with my bladder about to burst.



Drinking the tea after the facial. (with my bladder still at full capacity)

But really this tea is fucking cute please just take a moment to appreciate this:



Cute teaset with overly adorable tea bag.

Here are some sibei ugly and graphic photos of my face, please do not scream. These are taken after the treatment and after I FUCKING RELEASED ALL THAT GLORIOUS GOLDEN SHOWER INTO THE TOILET BOWL.


image (6)

note the scars on my cheeks

image (7)

Left side


Front view, can’t see anything here cuz the lighting in this toilet is good. LOL

So as you can see, I look ok if you look at me from the front. So next time you see me, you know where to stand right? HAHAHAHA.

This is the end of my gold toning session 1, I have one due two weeks later. Remember to hit the follow if you want to know my progress and if you enjoy reading my nonsense. I will really appreciate it! 😀