shitty lil weekend

HOLA GUYS~ after all that slogging in the sun I may have to head down to ICA to change my ethnicity soon. NO I AM NOT RACIST I AM JUST GOOD WITH COLORS.


cheez whiz yummy~



I am finally going to collect my delicious bottles of FUCKING CHEESE IN A JAR WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS LIFE SO BENT ON MAKING ME FAT. Just so you know, these cheeses are like common household snack equivalent of our margarine in Singapore. YET, its like a fucking snitch to locate in Singapore. Only tiny Pinoy shops sell them. And in limited quantities. Don’t worry babies mummy’s going to upload all the food porn I’m gonna make with dem cheez whiz.


cute dog


Your awesome goddess has finally managed to do something about lycan’s horrendous peeing spree. I am thinking it was probably attributed to the little talk that I had with him. It was a gloomy day. He peed at the cupboards and I sat him down, and had a conversation with him. I know, he didn’t understand anything I was saying, but I guess he understood what I meant. He hardly pees at the wrong places anymore. And quite a few times in the designated place, the toilet. Dogs are such intelligent things. And I wouldn’t want a life without him, even though he’s an annoying little shit. And ugly. Speaking of ugly Yama sent me this:

naked rabbit

I don’t know, its kind of ugly but cute at the same time. Especially that tuft of fur left around its mouth, looks like some hermit from lord of the rings or something. HAHA

Let’s talk about food. Knowing your goddess, her fussy palate simply just will not settle for terrible food. Because after all, those nasties are for you peasants.

smug haha



My mum bought this “white beehoon” for me and my sister the other day, and boy i’d tell ya over and over again, looks can be deceiving!


yummy beehoon


I know it looks like those crappy 2.50$ beehoon we usually see in those makeshift convenience stores, lumped together with the refried hotdogs, oily seaweed chickens and shit. It’s probably my terrible camera skills. But holy fuck, this man.

This beehoon is simmered in the broth of all the seafood goodness, soaking up every bit of natural sweetness. I like it especially because it is moist, every strand coated with a film of the rich flavourful broth and the chef is generous with his prawns and squids. I CAN’T PUT IT INTO WORDS. THE AROMA, THE FLAVORS, THE TEXTURES, simply ineffable.

Mum says there’s always a queue. Please do go try it if you have the time. I guarantee you some things are really worth the wait. 😉 (also order the ngoh hiong, sambal potato leaves and prawn paste chicken if you are eating there.)

Sembawang Jalan Tampang Coffeeshop


And as we all know, I hate dim sum. Especially har gao (it sounds weird) and siew mai and everything. It’s like a fully compliant dieting trip whenever I go for dim sum with my friends. Because I’d only have chicken feet, lor mai kai and hot tea. Not even porridge because I hate century egg.

So anyway, I do not know which nerve I must have snapped in my brain, but I actually allowed my sister to convince me to travel all the way to eat Swee Choon. According to her and a few people, it’s really popz, and really good.

And thus, our journey began, took 960 to Bugis, then 130, 5 stops to our final destination. (A pun really.)



Lol, my sis and her boyfriend waiting to get the queue number.



We waited for about a mere 10mins, about 30mins short of what I expected.



I had to upload this candid shot that my sister took of flappy bird and I because In my honest opinion, I finally have a photo where flappy bird looks more handsome than the other photos. Maybe because only half of his face was showing. HAHA. My hair was a mess and so was my face in the picture, tho.




We ordered like 95 bucks worth of dim sum. I think that was enough to feed 5-6. We ended up tabao-ing them home. Here’s your goddess’ review of Swee Choon:

2/5 stars.

Definitely won’t choose to go back there again! (Prolly because I hate dim sum)

The lor mai kai was bland and not moist enough. Spring Onion fritter tasted bad. (We wasted the whole basket) Liu-sar-pao was according to my sister, was not salty enough. Chicken feet, carrot cake, chee cheong fun and etc was average.

But I do recommend their signature spicy chicken, xiao long bao and watercress soup.




The whole “travel for great dim sum” fiasco had its grand finale by ending with us caught in a downpour with no cabs wanting to give us a ride. That was all too much to stomach. HA HA HA HA. (J and my punny conversations never could seem to go away.)


I guess dim sum all taste the same to me generally, but the ones I’ve had at KL seemed so much better. Must be due to the fact I felt the waiters walking around with a huge bamboo steamer containing a variety of dim sum for you to select was quite interesting and cute.


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 02 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 14 56 AM


Photo 1-9-13 11 15 27 AM


These are from KL. The Lor Mai Kai was unforgettable. It was tasty and “oily”. Chicken was tender as well. As you can see, Lor Mai Kai, and chicken feet (at the back). All that I ate, literally. Well, and I tried quite a few of the others, like fishcake and some dumplings. Quite tasty!

I want to go back there again 😥 Mainly, for this:

Photo 2-9-13 2 48 59 PM



Had two photoshoots on saturday, and I almost died. Woke up at 5.30 to prepare and head off to marina barrage. Nightmare place. I remember my sister brought me there once to fly kite and I turned into an Indian. I almost had to change my surname. But it was quite awesome this time round because we went to catch the sunrise!






Some of the previews that Jason has sent me. Your goddess almost died from trying to feign a sporty attitude, doing kicks and runs and pushups and shit. Holy. It’s only lucky I did some yoga last time. Yes, my eyelashes look so gorgeous in the first photo. They are so beautiful my eyes were transfixed onto those slender black lines on the photo for about 5mins before moving on.

Headed off to changi beach to meet up with Yama for the next shoot.




How? My make up skills got improve right? I look so radiant and sporty and as though I just had a good workout. AHAHAHA.


longweekend17 longweekend18

Being an extremely loyal and faithful west-side girl, I have never ever been to changi beach (nor knew of its existence) but it was so beautiful!

Rushed over to fort canning after that, Not to get married… but for my second photoshoot. It started at 11.30 and ended at 4. Can you imagine 😥 all the sun and blisters I got…



A snap of all the clothes needed to be modelled in! We only completed half that day. The blogshop owner, Tracy was an incredibly beautiful and friendly woman. Check out her shop here:

I feel most of the clothes are catered to the working office crowd, but hell some of the dresses are really pretty!




Poor Yama was up all night looking at me 😉 😉 😉 LOL. on his computer doing the edits to make sure I have flawless skin. (or I will obviously murder him)



This mini tweed dress is so classy! I think she will be launching her next collection soon. Remember to subscribe to her mailing list if you like the cuts 😀


Neek got me INECTO, finally oh sweet camel jesus. If you people have shitty ass hair like me, do give this brand a try. The leave-in hair treatment spray is a must to get! But of course it is not available in Singapore, Mustafa only sells the shampoo and conditioner which I highly recommend as well. Only 4.90 per bottle.

Bangkok is the nearest country that carries this awesome coconut brand. The spray is about 11 sgd per bottle. I used to wash my hair with Aveda which costed me a bomb. 148 for one large bottle of shampoo and 165 for the conditioner. Inecto is like so much cheaper and you can really feel the difference. Once I lay my hands on the spray and the cream I have the complete set.

Check out their official website:

I suggest you get the shampoo and conditioner + the styling spray which are available at mustafa first. If you ever go to bangkok, just give BOOTS pharmacy a visit; definitely need to buy the leave-in treatment. Your hair will feel soft and silky after a few days of application.

How I found out about the miracle spray is when J’s mum came back from BKK and bought him one spray to use. I touched his hair on one occasion and asked him if he changed shampoo because his hair was so soft! Like really, baby soft and it was incredible because he had just dyed his hair. So I expected it to be rough and frizzly. So he told me must be due to the new spray that he just started using a few days back. I only used it twice at his house and I can already feel the difference.

Oh, coconut. I love you.

I know, its a waste I am not a salesperson.



Being Kiasu I got Neek to buy me 4 bottles of the amazing spray and 2 tubes of the hair repair treatment. If anyone wants to buy one spray from me… Quote your price and I will consider! HAHAHAHA.



Good night guys. I hope you had a great weekend.



Your goddess is crowned potato queen :’D

Hello my peasants. You will be remotely shocked to know that during the finals of the MTB pageant, your goddess here has taken the crown.

pageant queen potato



Are you as shocked as me? My mouth was gaping wider than a porn star on a large **** and even till now on a Monday morning I have yet to recover from it.

Here are some photos of the other pretty girls taken by a pool of photographers.

land rover girls


Is that hot or what :’D



muc off nurses


At the booth on the first day with them sexy muc off nurses! 😀



lol pageant 8


Don’t ask me why I was standing in front… ITS BECAUSE I AM ONE OF THE SHORTEST THERE. thanks but no thanks to my mother’s genes. AHAHA.


pretty pageant girls

lol pageant 9 drumstick



Bevy of hot girls on your screen what more could you ask for right? Plus your goddess with her awkward pose and chicken drumstick thigh is in the photo 😀


Some selfies ~


cute poses

pretty girls



Anyway it’s a monday and Im going for my 3rd session of gold toning later~ Finally a rest day 😦

I just have this sudden urge to write a prose. Perhaps I will upload it later if I actually come around to finishing it. 😀



facebook page :O

Hello guys I have made the facebook page so that all the dota 2 comics that I draw in the future will be posted there. It’s also easier to just like the page rather than following me on this blog if you are not really into reading.

The link is here,

I am probably going to post lots of nonsense about dota there so I will appreciate if you can just like the page for me to help publicize a little. Of course I am not so hardcore following all the competitive teams and all. My comics are mainly about the game itself.




the pageant is tomorrow 12-2pm and I am so freaking nervous. Anyway, I am doing this blog and the fb page as a hobby, much like my ALAB comics, Im not sure if most of you know what it is, (friends from years back probably does!) In any case, its this:

It’s this little comic strip that I used to do when I was younger to show my hatred for ahlians/bengs after dating one of them and letting him ruin my life.


I’m pretty sure most of us will reach this point in life where you just lie on the bed and think : What the fuck do I want to do with my life? 

Yeah, I’m there right now. I do not know what do I really want to work as, that’s why I have been trying out different jobs. However, I feel that the life of a narcissistic, overly publicized life as a full-time model / events babe wannabe is wearing me out. I honestly do not enjoy adding strangers onto facebook ( Trust me there are alot of weird asses and perverts)

I have been rejecting all the lingerie/implied nude shoots because

1) Z doesn’t allow it,

2) if you use this to rise to fame you will be stuck in the wrong kind of light.

But I came across some really beautiful boudoir shots that I have been wanting to try. Will see how it goes.



I want to remake this shot

For now, I am just going to try and get through with the pageant and then think about where I want to go from there. It isn’t easy to do this freelance modelling thing when people around you are being the least encouraging.


Anyway I made this thing which I thought of randomly whilst preparing for my photoshoot at Chinese Gardens. BTW THEY HAVE LIKE FREAKING LIVE TORTOISE MUSEUM THERE! Anyone interested in going? 😀


photoshoot reality

The entrance fee for adults for the museum is only 5$. I think it’s going to be pretty amazing! I will definitely be going there. Will show you the photos soon as I get there.

I haven’t been to Chinese Gardens like, since forever. And other than the wide array of spiders, bees and ants, it’s actually a beautiful place.



Look, they even have mini versions of my favorite lizard.






Speaking of animals, Lycan has been peeing at random places over and over again. I’m not sure when this bad habit started… He has been housebroken by me since young. I am not very sure if its due to the fact that he isn’t neutered, and thus marking his territory. But since he often marks in the living room whilst I’m always in my bedroom its so hard for me to catch him in the act.

Gonna lock him in the toilet for 7 days now, my dad heard from a groomer that it’s like teaching a pup the basics all over again and as long as its ventilated and he has water and toys we shouldn’t consider it a cruel thing. So I am just going to stop being soft hearted for the better of our family. 😦

If anyone has any good tips on this please do let me know.


Play summoner’s war = also gamer?

I had a lovely time at The 7th Cylinder today. It’s a beautiful cafe for all dem motorbikes lovers.

Click on the photo to check out their facebook page 🙂


The 7th Cylinder

Cafe’s interior


I wore this extremely tiny pair of shorts for the shoot, which I found to be almost like an underwear. Super ahlian style.


im fucking fat


Its like the edges are merely 2cm away from my vagina. Not sure if it’s a great idea to wear it outdoors but hell I thought it’d look quite fitting for a motorbike shoot, right? I mean like megan fox and shit.

I know what you are looking at… my fats and probably the ostentatious wardrobe at the back. Even with my extreme OCD, it’s hard to keep everything neat when I’m running out of space.


no staring

don’t say it, yes, Its a PUSH UP BRA!!! wow!!!




don’t ask me. I don’t know what is what.


A shot of the photographer’s lenses (which he claimed was extremely shabby and cheap)

But really, what the fuck, I bet I could build an extremely good gaming desktop if I sold them. The 3rd one looks like a thermal flask ahmas use to store their herbal soup.

So anyway I was still learning #HASHTAGS and decided to input #foodporn. But really who invented this word. All I could think of was:

food porn 1

food porn 2


food porn 3








Ya…. I just had to do that before I go. You got to admit there’s actually a striking resemblance.

Good bye guys. ~~ Don’t masturbate too much to food porn now.


y u no like my photo

Hola my peasants.


First and foremost let me just start this post with, why the hell did you not like my pageant photo? I have been so annoying lately, asking people to like my photo. I really need someone to bitch slap me with a goose penis to remind me of greater priorities like, drawing dota 2 comics and doing my ab crunches.


But come on its my first ever pageant ain’t you guys gonna just support your goddess???? And honestly the bike festival look damn awesome. I would love to see them do those tricks like going over the humps and stuff. Like fast n furious bicycle version. Anyway if you are interested here’s the video:

I will be there on the 23rd August which is a saturday, if anyone cares 😥 from 12-2. Catch me wearing sneakers and ogling at handsome bikers. HAHAHAHAHA.

Ok before i finally start my post, HERE IS THE LINK TO MY PAGEANT PHOTO.

Please, click on the photo to like the photo. do not like the post ( you can like both LOL ) the photo is the one that has 170+ likes. So you’d know when you see the correct one. Hit like, and if you can help me ask ur friends to like la!!!


Okay la, enough of the pester. I won’t annoy you guys again with another pageant okay? HAHAHA.


Ya’ll know why they always say it takes time for people to rise up to fame… not everyone is an overnight sensation. That’s why we only actually watch and appreciate the Mv right now, 7 years after its release.




now i know why Jesus died for our sins.
Went to the Jeric salon yesterday to do my hair. It has been months and judging from how branded the shop is Im sure now you know why I keep so many months in between my visists. :’D poorgirl91.

soft brown dye

Before and after



Well then that’s 400 bucks into my crown of hay. Sorry I look shitty. I had no make up since it was also the date of my second Gold-toning facial treatment.

You know, one thing that really makes me want to revisit the place again (which im sure applies to many people) is when the person serving you actually remembers you, not just your name, but remembers what you two talked about, what are you currently doing in life etc and especially when they meet and serve new people every day.

On a side note, my smile is still terrible.




image (17)


HE FREAKING TOOK a photo of me when I was about to sneeze this is unforgivable.

I just got my punishment for drawing this:

yama kawaii



photo (1)



HAHAHAHA. Fuck i look like some troll.

But please always remember that your goddess is awesome and sexy. No matter how she may sneeze. ❤


Here, have some chio bu on your screen to help wash that grotesque image of me away.

image (4)


Felicia and I at LIVE, some club/bar at JB. Sorry, I am sans make up again.


I will do another post when I get back. Love all of you ~~


Ramen Champion :O

I went to Ramen Champion for dinner last night, for the second time and decided to try Buta God. The owner of the stall is really handsome I must say. :’D

But the banner is really,,, the most attractive of all.


photo 2


photo 1


Hi yes can I have a bowl of go to hell red hell ramen please. Yes absolutely I would definitely love to go to hell with no regrets.


photo 3


Well. apparently I wasn’t too brave about going to hell at such an early age so I decided to opt for their normal pork ramen… comes with fried gyoza and spring roll.


photo 4


But in my opinion, the taste wasn’t that fantastic. I know ramen’s soup was supposed to be salty but this is like as though its forged in the deepest altars of the salt gods. The soup base was more complicated than algebra and I didn’t finish it because my parents probably will have no money to pay for new kidneys 😥

I may consider going to hell the next time I visit the shop.



Please kill me I look so ugly 😥 Anyway in any case, please do help like this photo at the official page:

I think the event will be quite awesome! I mean with all the really fit and gorgeous guys that will be there 😉 😉 HAHAHA

I will not be contesting based on votes.. I mean if it was about popularity I think I might as well go order my coffin now. Hahaha.

But, I still love all of you 🙂




Another tribute to Robin Williams ~


Hi guys, let me add another tribute to the overflowing ones on your dash.

This is the first tribute I have written for an actor, and honestly I admit I did not watch too many of the films he starred in. But when I saw his photo popping up all over my dash I knew one thing for sure:


THIS WAS MY FAVORITE MOVIE WHEN I WAS LIKE SOME FUCKING SMALL KID!!! Its beautiful, its funny and it made me cry like mad. I’m sure it was to many other people too. Come on who can resist this lil green squishy thing.

Robin Williams kinda made me think of my grandfather and I really hope them both are off to a happy place now.
He will always be dearly missed by those who love him, and memories held close in the beating hearts of those who will live on his legacy.